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USS Ingersoll (DD 990) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ingersoll (DD 990). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 430 crew members registered for the USS Ingersoll (DD 990).

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Kline, DavidEW 21990 – 1993OB01Great fun, except ship getting hit in P.I., running aground in Sri Lanka, and Collision at sea. Besides that just awesome
Bowes, AlHM2(SW)Jan 1990 – Dec 1994AdminPI, Singapore and the infamous collision....never made it to Australia
McGahey, Justin,(mick)E-1 MASTJan 2, 1990 – Jun 20, 1992M.P. MER2Miss all you guys, it was real, I dug the wreck,get ahold of me I have some contacts, if I could go back for a day, think of the times. I miss you all.
Stello, HarrySTG2(SW)Jan 5, 1990 – Aug 18, 1993
Masicampo, EmersonDKC (SW)Jan 8, 1990 – Apr 8, 1995S-4Best Destroyer on the fleet back then. It's my honor to serve under this mighty ship. Many fun memories.
Shakir, MalikMS/E-4Jan 16, 1990 – Jan 16, 1994SupplyIts yo boy Allred back in here
O'Brien, Steve O'BrienSTG3Feb 1990 – Jun 1993Combat SystemsI wonder if they ever found all the porno mags I hid in Sonar 3 before they sunk the slut. Good times, good times.....
Lightner, JohnFeb 1990 – Aug 1991
Kirkland, ScottGMGSNFeb 15, 1990 – Oct 15, 1992CGJust wanted to say. THANKS FOR NOT LEAVING ME IN THIALAND :-)) !!!!!
Lightner, John profile iconE-4 IC3Feb 17, 1990 – Aug 20, 1991Repair ICJust wanted to say whaz up to all those who served onboard DD-990 from 2/90-8/91, Lights still Bright.....
Perkins, TimICFNMar 1990 – Jun 8, 1993ceHello shipmates. I had a great time onboard. Singapore collision on my 21 birthday. Turned positive by being in singapore 2-21/2 mo.s
Stafford, JohnDS2(SW)Mar 18, 1990 – Sep 6, 1994CEWhat a trip! Good times and good people.
Glunt, DaleDS3Mar 22, 1990 – Jul 24, 1994CEYou would think that was a lifetime ago, would like to hear from all of you...please send emails.
Eastman, StephanieGSM2Apr 1990 – May 26, 1992My husband, GSM2 Tinagon Terry Eastman was a crew member who died while serving aboard the Ingersoll. Our son is now 17yrs old and we still miss him everyday. I was so sad to see that this ship was decommissioned. Feel free to email us!
Hunt, JerryDC2Apr 5, 1990 – Feb 5, 1995RepairSpent almost five years on this boat, had many good and bad times! Was on board for the ship wreck and the largest at sea drug bust ever! Would love to hear from friends!
Riebold, StephenDS2May 1, 1990 –CE
Braden, William a.k.a B.J.YN3/NOW YNCMay 20, 1990 – Oct 10, 1994NXThis was a time that you will never forget how sailors onboard come together as a TEAM. I will tell you that we had the Best Softball Team in Pearl. I do know that 2 months of Singapore is too much especially for the wallet of an E4.
Pettys, DavidSTG3Jun 1990 – Aug 1993CA
Garfield, AlfredQM1Jun 1990 – Jul 1991NavI,ll Never forget 3 days at Midway Island with no power
Bacon, ClaytonGSEC(SW)Jun 1990 – Jun 1994MPGreat place to serve even if it was with No Ka Oi (No Can Do) shipyard. Had a great time and served with a fun crew.
Smith, Craig ( Boo Boo)OS2 ( SW)Jun 17, 1990 – Dec 17, 1994OI
Sherrick, JohnSTGJun 19, 1990 – Jul 21, 1994CA
Bitanga, GilbertMS2Jul 10, 1990 – Jul 20, 1994S-2It's wonderful to see old shipmates posting, glad that you are still around. Ingersoll was my foundation, my first ship. Good times!!!!!!!!!
Bryan, PatrickSTG3Aug 1, 1990 – Oct 23, 1993CAI did find the porno mags... I left them in the port side torpedo magazine..!!
Masicampo, Emerson (The Chief)DKC(SW)Aug 18, 1990 – Apr 18, 1995S-4Shipmates, miss the great fun & ya'll. Proud to be onboard the best spruance class. Departed sad 'coz she's my last ship as I retire the next 4 years ashore..but her send me off honor.
Sparaco, Tony Or AnthonyPN3Aug 21, 1990 – Aug 20, 1994ADMIN PN 3 Left ingersoll in 93 and moved to Cali in 95 in reserves back to school... who can forget the wreck in Malacca straights. Had a blast and lots of friends. Singapore had beautiful women. Rember the bar fight in singapo
Hankerson, Larry (Hank)E-3Sep 13, 1990 – Sep 1994odI work at the VA Hospital in Indianapolis IN. I am doing good..
Schmit, Denny/schmittyBM3Nov 2, 1990 – Jul 31, 1994DeckHad a awesome time , miss all the guys . We damn sure tore that ship up in that crash
Thomas, FrancisRMSNDec 20, 1990 – Aug 5, 1993OSMuch Love to all my friends on the 990. 125 street, Ross Pilow, Vann, Mason, Bell, My dogg Maurice Rich
Root, JamesBM31991 – 1993OD
Simpson, DouglasQM21991 – 1994
Marchetti, "Mad" MikeHT21991 – 1995repairGO NAVY!!
Mowdy, JeffSK21991 – 1994Supply
Meindl, MikeBM31991 – 1993Firstjust discovered this site-good to see some old familiar names again. Married Valencia in '93 and trnsfd 2 SD-left the US in 2000 and now living in Australia.Visited TGIF in S'pore a few yrs closed down
Dry, CurtisEMCM(SW) retired1991 – 1996Executive Assistant
Drollinger, BrentFC31991 – 1993CM
Barish, SeanBM31991 – 1993OD(1st Division)Just found this(2015). Hello to my shipmates & esp. those of 1st Division! Learned a lot & had some fun times. Thank U's to BMCS Venable, BM1 Brown, Schmity, Larry(Hank), Bishop, Cisneros & many others. Good people all.
Leathers, MikeEw11991 – 1992OI
Sparks, Dan / SparkySH1991 – 1993SupplyWhat a great crew and friends Hey looking for some help trying to find Doug a passenger on the ship during the ACCIDENT...can’t remember last name... Together drinking all the time at TGIF...bunked across from me supply
Dyke, JeffOS2Jan 1, 1991 – Apr 25, 1994OI
Schneider, ThomasEN2(SW) / GSM2(SW)Jan 1, 1991 – Jan 1, 1994Aux.
Thiele, DanSTG2/STGCJan 1, 1991 – Sep 30, 1994CA
Thiele, DanSTGCJan 1, 1991 – Oct 30, 1994CAServed aboard from 1991-1994. INGERSOLL was probably my favorite ship of all I've served on. The collision at sea sucked, but the people onboard were great.
Rich, MauriceGSE3Jan 2, 1991 – Jan 1, 1994MP
Barber, Archie "Arch"E-5/FC2Jan 15, 1991 – Nov 5, 1995CGDale McInnes & I were a "one/two punch" when it came to CIWS MT 21 & 22, taught me everything I knew about the system. Ship was great until the collision in '92 w/ Matsumi Maru #7 in the Straits of Malacca. Then CDR Sapp took over &
Beardmore, JaySK3Feb 1991 – Jul 1994S-1ANY BODY FROM SUPPLY SEND ME AN EMAIL.
Batayola, FilSKC(SW)Feb 16, 1991 – Feb 8, 1994S1Enjoyed my tour and all liberty ports. The best ship in the west.
Motter, MarkOS1(SW)Apr 1991 – Aug 1994OIWould Like to hear from some of the old crew. Hanging out here in Buckeye Country.
Brown, LarryBM1Apr 10, 1991 – Jun 10, 1994OD2nd Division LPO I had the best "scurvy dogs" of the whole Pineapple Fleet in my crew.
Board, JamesFC2Apr 20, 1991 – Jun 25, 1995CM
Riebold, StephenDS2Jun 1, 1991 – Aug 1, 2004CEFun times...
Vann, ShawnJun 5, 1991 – Nov 5, 1994Hello to all my old dogs!!! and to the one's that are not here!!! I had a great time on here, I wouldn't trade another ship in the world for this one. Holla Big Vann
Meeker, ChrisHTJul 1991 – Feb 1993PI was awesome, Singapore was better. Got married there and still married now. What's up to the crash crew. Still look at pictures and tell stories. Donnie and Charlie where you guys at? email me livin in Eri
Costello, KevinE-6/ET1Sep 1991 – Sep 1994CEWhat a wild and wooly tour. All of the issues yes but all of the good times also. Great crew, great times.
Weeks, RobieFCCSep 1991 – 1994CMExcept for the collision, there were alot of good people on board. Hope you all are doing good. Thanks for the memories.
Ruting, WilliamGSM2/GSMCNov 1, 1991 – May 1, 1993MPMember of the crash and smash cruise of 92, friggin' matsumi maru #7 get outta our way! were bigger! or were we? and then welded to the pier for how long in pearl "92-93" made us all alcoholics. Better off with Neptune in Davey's locke
Gindt, BradleyIC3Nov 1, 1991 – Nov 1, 1993ENA

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