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USS Ingersoll (DD 990) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Ingersoll (DD 990). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 430 crew members registered for the USS Ingersoll (DD 990).

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Cogbill, RoosterOS31984 – 1987OIThere were good times (Austrialia) and bad times (water hours comes to mind) but we had a great crew. Too bad she was used for cannon fodder.
Danesi, David/dizzzBM31984 – 198701 Operations DeckSure do miss those UNREPS on sunday!! Wouldn't change a thing. It was great serving with you guys.
Hazel, JimEM21984 – 1986EHow many times do I have to register on this frickin' thing? Just so my old buddies know, I'm still alive. Thanks for remembering me Crowbar. Good to see Pup, Gink and Hydro are still around too.
Totilo, MarkET2Jan 14, 1984 – May 14, 1987Combat Systems
Shubert, Russ "Scotty"DC2Feb 1984 – May 12, 1988'R' DivisionGreat times and bad times. Worst memory..Cleaning too memory...good friends Ford, Fenton, Hughes, and Giggey...Still living in Southern California, married with three kids...
Demar, CaliforniaRM3Feb 1984 – Jun 1986opsHey guys finally found a site , to see who keeping up, enjoyed West Pac and sailing, worst time Diego Garcia when we lost our rotter Big jerry get a hold of me
Seitz, PeterFTG2Mar 1984 – Aug 1987
Cole, RobertE5 - Medically Retired ArmyMar 6, 1984 – Oct 16, 1988SonarServed again from 2010-2014 Army, hurt in Afghanistan and medical retired.
Bacon, SteveBM2 (SW) RETIRED 2004 US ARMY CWO3Apr 6, 1984 – May 8, 19881stGreat Memories of an exceptional crew. Did find Chief MacDonnel for any of you old farts. Drop me a line.
Brown, DavidEN3,2Apr 20, 1984 – Dec 1, 1989A-GANG, EA041st ship! Memerable wespacs, 1988 will stay with me forever( Austrailian bicenntenial)Good friends (and bad ones), making rate, losing rate, enjoying lasting friendships etc.....
Kasper, Fast EddyOS 2Jun 1, 1984 – Dec 7, 1988OperationsShould of stayed in Cali with Tom, now chillin in Cleveland
Fernandez, Joao Aka(Ponche-1Aug 1984 –deckI was young dumb and full of ------ when I let personal issues cloud my judgments while on board but it was a very memorable time the westpac the trips to washington, canada. dry docked in san pedro then the move 2 pearl
Heissner, MikeRM2Sep 1984 – Mar 1986OPS
Wagner, CharlesFC3Dec 20, 1984 – Oct 20, 1987Combat
Brown, GregSTG31985 – 1988SonarHate to hear she's now a reef. Would've gone to battle on the old girl today, if I were called.
Sandoval, John1985 – 1987
Lackey, SeanBM21985 – 1989
Brown, GregSTG21985 – 1988SonarJust looking to see if any of the old ASW crew are still around.
Pubins, ScottE-41985 – 1987supplyi was the first ship serviceman to graduate from barber school,i also worked in the laundry. unfortunately i went ua for 29 days after family problems and was kicked off ship to a court martial,i stayed in and transfered to USS leftwich 984
Johnson, RonSK21985 – 1988S-1My only ship in my 8 years in the Navy. Had a lot of fun. Hated dry dock in San Perdro though. Shout out to Bacon, Pubins, Robbins, Alveraz and Dekins. Also Giggy and Garcia from engineering.
Mario, TimmyHTFN1985 – Nov 1986Repair/Damage ControlMiss my old buddies!...most all on the list! Shubert, Butts, Duff, Kilmonis, Bo, Vickers, Gigs, Hughes...etc. After dry dock at Todd a deck hatch fell on my head during GQ and was on a plane 3 days later!.. LuvUall
Cavagnaro, SteveSMFeb 1985 – Feb 1986OPSDid not spend much time on 990 but have very fond memories during my time there.
Jenkins, PeteSTG2Feb 1985 – May 1988CA
Cole, RobertSTG2Mar 6, 1985 – Oct 16, 1988CA
Toth, GaryRM1May 10, 1985 – May 10, 1987Ops/OC
Olmsted, KeithEN2Jun 1985 – Jul 1987eng .a-gangwhere's Smitty and Vilamore ?
Green, TonyMSJun 1985 – Mar 1988SupplyNoticed alot of familiar names. Wish I could have made the WP '88. Did have some good times and well alot of bad ones. If any of you remeber me (the pain in the @#! cook) drop me a line.
McDevitt, DennisQM2Jun 5, 1985 – Dec 11, 1987NX
Kissel, KyleBM3Jul 22, 1985 – Aug 20, 1987Deck
Odette, EricSM1Sep 1985 – Sep 1989ocI had a great time on ingersoll. Did a lot of growing.
Robbins, JackQM2Sep 3, 1985 – May 3, 1989NXAustralia's Bicentennial
Williams, JerryMSOct 5, 1985 – Oct 5, 1986SupplyTo some of my old Navy friends.. How's life? I hope to hear from you soon. Yes Tony I remember your butt LOL. I was only on board for a short time but I do remember some of it being good.. and some not so good..
Muhr, LeonardENFNNov 1985 – May 19, 1986enginering
Ritchey, DanFC21986 – 1989CMRemember WESTPAC 88', the westpac of a life time!
Gaines, RandyGSM1986 – 1989EngineeringWest Pac 88, Hawaii, San Diego, Ford, Fenton and who can forget Shubert. Living in Washington D.C. married with two kids. I am still an Engineer, However, now I dont get my hands as dirty. I miss ENG1 and all those dark spots.
Campbell, KenSTG11986 – 1990CAYou're kidding me, A REEF! WTF!. Great times. Home Port Pearl Harbor, HI. WESPAC 1988 (Summer Olympics Seoul Korea, Australia Bicentenial)
Ford, EricDC2Jan 1986 – Jul 1989Engineering
Johnson, RodneySNJan 1986 – May 19881st DivisionBeing in Deck Department was rewarding but tough, especially when we were in San Pedro, in the yards. I owe my entire US Navy career to BMC (SW) Calvin F. Sandlin. He showed me how to become a Great Sailor.
Weise, Jonms 3Jan 1, 1986 – Apr 20, 1986supplywhats up shipmates?..I was only on for a few months before I got into a car wreck.. I ended up at naval hospital long beach before being sent to Virginia on an aircraft carrier,,hit me up..especially Jerry w..9088680319
Stephens, VernonBM3Jan 15, 1986 – Sep 9, 1989DeckWhat's Up boyz. I was pleased to see and rememer many of you. I had a great time serving with you.
Stahl, PaulE-5Feb 11, 1986 – Nov 19, 1988Combat Sys
Byers, MichaelDS1Mar 1, 1986 –Combat SystemsRecently moved back to California and was looking up old shipmates and found this site. Old friends looking to play golf contact me 800 815 4454
Norton, BarryCTM1Mar 9, 1986 – May 7, 1989OT01The deployment to Australia was almost a payback for the yard period from hell.
Byers, MichaelDS1Apr 1986 – Dec 30, 1990Combat SystemsI Miss the old Crew, if any of you are in the area of central Ohio. Get in touch with me at: I have been in the Golf Business the last 10 years, after 12 years of IT work.
McDonnell, JohnOS2May 5, 1986 – Apr 3, 1989OperationsIt was the best of times/the worst of times. Aussie Bicenntenial cruise made up for the worst. Did old "Taz" ever make Admiral??
Federspiel, JeffGSM1Jul 1986 – Dec 1989MP / Oil KingAustralia was the best. Broken down in Midway changing an engine by flashlight.
McKinney, MikeE3Jul 1, 1986 – Jan 1, 1988EngineeringReally enjoyed the ship and my fellow shipmates!
Richardson, CarlOS2Aug 1986 – Aug 1989Operations
Garcia, CarlosBM2Sep 1986 – Aug 19881STGood fun and good friends were made. Right Chicken Hawk.
Robinette, LeeSTG2Sep 1986 – Oct 1988Sonar
Allaire, DouglasEW1Sep 1986 – Apr 1987
Webb, CurtisSM2(SW)Sep 1986 – Mar 1990OCAustralian Bicentennial Naval Salute! What a party that was! Met some great guys on this ship. Hope all are doing well.
Meno, JoeEMC(SW) RETSep 20, 1986 – Feb 1, 1991EEnjoyed my tour onboard.....
Bracewell, ChadE4/MS3Dec 1986 – Sep 1990S2/Supply
Fenton, Shannon / FenrodSH3 (SW)Dec 1986 – Aug 1990Supply
Mike Herr-smith, MikeHT3Dec 30, 1986 – Oct 21, 1989Egn.

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