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USS Deyo (DD 989) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Deyo (DD 989). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 652 crew members registered for the USS Deyo (DD 989).

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Hulbert, DennisEN21990 – 1991
Rogers, Lee (Master Blaster)1990 – 1992This is the ship I remember most I had a great Firecontrol team and their efforts made my advancement to Master Chief a sure thing. I have retired to Texas and am enjoying life Yes Tesch I am still a little dusty
Patterson, Eddie "patt"SH 31990 – 1992supplyGreat ship , Good people, Lots of fun times
Romanow, SteveFC31990 – 1993Fire ControlGreat bunch of guys. Second Tesch's praise of SC Rogers.
Aguero, KellyDC2(SAR)1990 – 1994Eng.
Dupree, KevinFC31990 – 1992combat Systems
Cloud, JimGSM31990 – 1992EngineeringPigrider here, just looking to find anyone that was on during the time I was. Give me yell!
Lutz, BretGSM51990 – 1993GSM
Vero, AlPN21990 – 1992X
Jackson Jr., LarryYN3Jan 1990 – Jun 1993Administration
Ferguson, Jim "Ferggie"STG3,2 AND1Jan 1990 – Oct 2003CABest ship in the fleet! Would love to hear from both crews I served with (1990-1993 and 2000-2003)
Lewis, RichDS2Jan 1990 – Jun 26, 1994CEWow, just found this board... Some of the best 4 1/2 years of my life. Had some good times.
Coyle, Thomas profile icone-6Jan 1, 1990 – Dec 31, 1996repairWas in charge of D.C.PO. training and Shipboard Damage Control Training under Cheif Cox - (lol).
Cerf, JamesET 3Jan 12, 1990 – May 28, 1992CEGreat time on board. What's up? Shuler, Snearly, Coates, Galito, and the whole Repair 8 gangsters. Med cruise 91, San Juan, Gitmo, Panama Canal, Aksaskaras Turkey, Naples, France. Holla
Marino, ShawnMA2Jan 29, 1990 – Jan 29, 1992Operations
Campbell, Timothy D.OS2Feb 1990 – Aug 1993OS
Bronson, GaryOSC(SW/CC)Mar 1, 1990 – Dec 20, 1996OICame aboard as an OS1. Made OSC in '94. Mighty "Destroyer Deyo" was quite a lady. I am priviledged and honored to have served upon her.
Hudson, DwainFC2 (SW)Mar 11, 1990 – May 20, 1994CF / CSF2I can't believe it, she's gone. She was a fast 1. What a time & what memories. I made alot of friends not only in Combat Systems but many other departments as well. Shot out to CSF2, the Seasparrow/TAS gang, Grant, Simpson, Ski & Smitty.
Oliver, KenET2(SW)Apr 1990 – May 18, 1994CEShipmates!!!Shout to my boys Lech, Snearly, Shuler, Sauer, Renwick, Coates, and all the rest. I sure won't forget all of the good times.
Davis, DavidYNSNMay 1990 – Feb 1993Destroyer Squadron FourI found that there was no other place on Earth I would have rather been! The challenges, the opportunities, the sea!
Fleming, CharlesGMG 3Jun 7, 1990 – Jun 6, 1992GunsI still have lots of memorys of this fine ship and the Med cruise of 91.
Shera, StevenRM2(SW)Jul 1990 – May 1994OC
McDow, MarkBM2Jul 1990 – Jul 1992ODUSS always gone but it was a good time
Smith, AlanCTR1(SW)Aug 1990 – Mar 1992OTChief Johnson we all forgive you. Peace be with you!
MacK, RexEW3Sep 15, 1990 – Jan 15, 1994OTMet at lot of interesting and memorable people and had great time traveling the world, filled me with numerous life long memories. Proud to have served aboard and alongside many of you. RIP Kevin Rux, can anyone get me some more info?
Stevens, ByronOS2Nov 1990 – Jul 1994OIGreat ship I was disappointed to hear that they sank it. Lots of long days and nights med- 91 and med 94 but, looking back on it some 18 years laters I wouldn't change a thing.
Abrams, SteveSTG 3Nov 11, 1990 – Oct 1991SonarLeft too soon
Nelson, RobertBMSN1991 – 1992OperationsThe best ship I ever served on. She was an incredible experience.
Uata, ThomasBM1991 – 1993OpsGot to travel a lot and worked alot. Had a great time!
Hirst, DaveSM1991 – 1993opswas there for a short time but had a good time...except spending 29 days in naples italy after the bravo fire...Jimmy Jewell if you read this Bama stil stinks and Bear Bryant is a chump....
Morris, JoeOS21991 – 1993OPSMade a couple good friends, would like to hear from them sometime. Was the worst command i ever had, but it all was great at the next. retired a few years ago but still working.
Hutcheson, Tommy (Hutch)SH21991 – 1994Supply I sure miss the good times!! Keep in touch!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adkins, CraigETCM(SW/AW)Jan 1991 – Dec 1993CEThe best command I had in my 20 years. Some of the best memories of my service (also some challenges thrown in). I miss the guys a lot. Let me hear from you!!!!!
Nudi, PeterGMG 3 (SW) SARJan 1991 – Jan 1994GunsHey Now! Great to see the old roster, alot of familiar names here. hope you guys are doing well...say a prayer for Rux ...he was killed on the Cole in case you didnt know....if your ever in NorCal. look me up for sure peace to all!
Galito, ChipETCS(SW)Mar 1991 – May 1994CELooking at the crew list brings back great memories. Great times and some not so great, but I'm glad that I was part of the crew.
Wenger, Brian/ SuppoLtMar 1991 – Sep 1993SupplyWe had great dept and crew. Baltops 93 was one of my most memorable navy memories.
Webster, MarkMSCS E-8Mar 1, 1991 – May 1, 1994SupplyPrior to transferring off the ship I was assigned as the LCPO of Supply. Lot of great freinds and shipmates
Abraitis, TomGSM1Mar 15, 1991 – Mar 15, 1996GS
Currie, DarrylAW1(AW/SW)Apr 1, 1991 – Sep 29, 1992Helo DetSummertime in the Med. GREAT PORTS! Especially Aksaz Karagac. It was fun trailing the Kuznetzov! Bad parts: the FIRE. I will never forget the conflag, and the month long clean up. Kudos to the DC guys, for saving the ship!
Hughes, RichardGMG1May 1991 – Dec 1995CGI would like to contact GMG2 Jon Johnstone A.K.A. Uncle Fester.
Howard, ChrisSNMay 1991 – Feb 1993BOATS
Howard, ChrisBMMay 1, 1991 – 1993BM
Strachan, RichardEN3May 14, 1991 – May 9, 1996A- GangSome of the best memories I ever had and some of the greatest people ever.Sad to see her no longer around.
Shutler, StephenFC2Jun 1991 – Jun 1995CGGreat crew made the ship what it was. Never a dull moment. Proudly serving USS BackPorch.
Speck, EdwardOS1Aug 1, 1991 – Jul 29, 1995OI
Krineski, Chris (Ski)ET2 (SW)Aug 9, 1991 – Sep 24, 1996CEI really miss hanging out in Repair 8.
Schwartz, TimHT2Aug 20, 1991 – Nov 4, 1994R-DivHey Shipmates! She was a great ship. Lots of friends, cruises, training and memories. I would like to stay intouch. Where's HTC Laney, or Billy? Drop me a line!!
Leaming, BobGMG 2Oct 1991 – Jun 1995CGWhat a great time. It is amazining how quickly you can forget the day to day BS, and just remember the good times.
Walters, JohnGMM2Oct 1991 – Sep 1992CSMy last ship before I got out. Made some really good friends. Deyo was a lady. Hate she had to die.
Burke, JohnRmSnOct 1991 – 1993OPs
Hyatt, DavidSNDec 1, 1991 – Sep 3, 1993BM / MSBrian email me I lost your contact info!!! Others feel free to email me too - I cant believe they sank the Deyo! Bastards.
Wilson, Scottgsm2wilsonDec 1, 1991 – 1995eng roomHad a good time and learned a lot! Anyone wanna give me a shout I'm at
Pyeatt, JamesSKSNDec 4, 1991 – Sep 11, 1994s1there were good times and bad times
Stewart, BuddyDS2Dec 10, 1991 – Mar 6, 1994CESad to see she was decom'd. This board is pretty cool, I've aleady gotten in touch with one ole shippie. Hope everybody from CE div is doing good. Peace my brothers.
Robert, FrancisET2 (SW)Dec 12, 1991 – Jan 12, 1995CESad to hear she's gone. I miss all the good times there, and the great guys I worked with.

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