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USS Deyo (DD 989) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Deyo (DD 989). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 652 crew members registered for the USS Deyo (DD 989).

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Eaton, AndyE 31982 – Oct 1985
Adams, DonOS2(SW)1982 – 1984OI
Harper, LeeEM31982 – Oct 14, 1983DeckHad some long cruises on the Deyo. Wish I could find some of my old ship mates, especially David Boles.
Ewing, Joe Jrtm31982 – 1983weps/tmthink about my crash crew brothers all the time. the crash crib,church's chicken,nco club,someplace else,basketball games. let's do it again brothers!!! CRASH CREW!!! HI YOU!!!
Knue, EdEN2Jan 1982 – Aug 1983A Gang
Cooper, CoopBMSNJan 1, 1982 – Feb 2, 1984First DivisionAll I rember about the Deyo is BM1 Coffee and BMCS Bloom
Newlin, CharlesBMCSWJan 7, 1982 – Nov 10, 1985FirstShe was my first. far from being my last. It's hard to believe she is gone.
Allison, JohnQM1(SW) RETIREDFeb 1982 – Jul 1985NavigationWe won every award you could muster. At that time, she was the finest ship I served under. Through my whole career, I never had the pleasure of serving on a finer ship, or working with a better crew.
Sheridan, JimSTG2Feb 1982 – Dec 1984Was suprised to hear she was decommissioned - Feel old now lol - Great ship, Great crew, Great memories
Higgins, JeffFTG1/FC1Mar 1982 – Oct 1985CFFun Times! Still have daydreams about a riot with coasties in Gitmo, certain houses of ill repute in Panama, off-base trailers in Charleston, steaming late into the night in Portland, ME., Robertwentworth62@gmail.comHT3Mar 12, 1982 – Jun 10, 1986RepairHay I finally signed on and I had a great time with you David Grubb from big stone gap VA and dejesus and all the other guys and had a lot of fun in Portland Me A d now I'm back in Maine call my at 207 381 7632
Jones, JosephCWO-2Mar 15, 1982 – Jun 1983Combat SystemsOne of best commands ever served on. Great bunch of guys!
Chandler, MikeOS 2Apr 1982 – May 19, 1986OI
Hughston, ScottEN2Apr 2, 1982 – Feb 1, 1985A GangGood times onboard the USS Deyo back in the day.
Byrd, KennyGMTSA - GMM1May 1982 – Nov 1988CAI had the honor of serving aboard the Deyo twice. between Nov. 85-Aug.86 I was in school and then I was stationed on Deyo again. The DEYO crews I served with were the best in the fleet. She will ALWAYS be the finest ship in the Navy. "DAAAAYOOOOOO
Caton, JeffreyFC-1Jun 1, 1982 – May 16, 1986CFWe had the best of Times and even received a Cost guard Operations Ribbon for Drug ops in 1984. We worked both cost. I will never forget George, Kevin Simpson, Jeff Higgins, and Kenny B
Bowen, JimOS1-OSCJun 1, 1982 – Jun 1, 1986OIONE GREAT SHIP
Cohen, Randy "et1"ET1(SW) RETIREDJul 1982 – Dec 1985CEIt was more than a command it was a family.Was proud to have served with the best.
John, KlatteGSMC(SW)Jul 1982 – Jul 1987MServed with a great crew in engineering department, Especially with Ken Mcknight Dana Forcier, Danny Borkas, Eric Simpson, Rodger Nadeau, Sienor Chief Freeman, Tony Revetti, Pete Margliotti. Sorry to she such a great ship was put to rest
Alachnowicz, MarkGMG3Aug 1982 – Jun 1987GMBest time i had in Navy, will never forget the friends i made starting with the Gipper, Kevin, George, Downtown Feddie, and everyone else. the DEYO was the best
Brown, Fred /downtown Freddie BrownSN/GMG2Sep 12, 1982 – Oct 17, 1987ops/cs"On the road again" "DeeeYo" "Glory Days" for sure, best wishes to all and most of all to smitty, corkey, bmcs bloom, the gipper, kevin, george, glenn, al, brian,and my mess crank pot scrubber partner kenny
Martin, TomCTOSN/CTO2(SW)Oct 1982 – Dec 1985OTThe Deyo became my home, and every crewmember my friend. Many great memories.
Myers, StevenFCCS(SW)Nov 1982 – May 1985CFThe Best Ship I have Ever Served on. Best Crew Too. She will be Missed.
Hawkins, AlexENC RETIRED1983 – 1991A / MThe greatest ship with the greatest crew. What the real NAVY is all about. Work hard, play hard.I retired in 2002.I still think about times on Deyo often. Would be glad to hear from any Shipmate.
Guay, MikeCTM11983 – Jul 1987OTI still think about those days everytime I hear "(Gone to) Carolina in my Mind" by James Taylor.
Hickey, Jeffrey1983 – 1984
Bobby, HornSTG31983 – 1985SonarMy first ship! I met the DEYO in Rota Spain
Farris, TerrySR TO YN2Feb 22, 1983 – Nov 16, 1985OD/Admin-NavMy first ship and command in the Navy. Great times and great people.
Falk, David A.EW3Mar 1983 – Jul 1985OI
Yates, RalphET2(SW)Mar 1983 – Jun 1986CE
High, Darrell / JohnnySH2Mar 1983 – Feb 1987S 3Had a ball " Its a fine Navy Day" cell 803 759 0085
Fisher, RandySN-GMT2 (Retired GMC in 04)Mar 15, 1983 – Apr 15, 1986Deck Ape and then ASROC GMThe first of 5 boats for me. This old ship and all of our crew is why I decided to be a Lifer and literally traveled the Globe. Drop me a line if you want to know more. FaceBook me: Randy Fisher, Wapakoneta, OH
Baird, BruceDK3Apr 17, 1983 – Nov 10, 1985SupplyGreat Ship and Great Crew
Baird, BruceDK3Apr 17, 1983 – Jul 19, 1985SupplyMy one and only ship. I loved my time onboard the Deyo with all of my ship mates. Especially Randy Fisher, GMT3, Big Al, Jim Shirk and all the rest.
Boyette, MartyGSM1Apr 21, 1983 – Jun 1, 1988M DivisonLooking for other ship mates during my time.
Bisacca, JamesRM3 James W. BisaccaApr 22, 1983 – Apr 2, 1986ocMy first ship in the Navy, Miss all the guys comms/radio. Some of the best Radiomen/Sailors I ever worked with or for, and I'm retired now after 20 yrs. All the stuff I hear about the Navy now, those were the Glory Days.
Aleff, DanSTGC (SW)Jun 4, 1983 – Oct 10, 1985CA
Justice, CharlesLIEUTENANTJun 6, 1983 – Feb 11, 1985OTSmart ship & sharp crew.
MacDonald, MikeCTRC(SW)Jul 1983 – May 1986OT
Fisher, MikeENS/LTJGAug 1983 – May 1986OI, CG, CF, ODThe First ship of the Banana Republic.
Foran, LarryCTO3Aug 1, 1983 – Sep 1, 1985OTGreat time on board the bannana boat. Venezuala was a blast!!
Twitty, TonyIC2Aug 10, 1983 – Aug 10, 1986E DivGreat Command and Great Captain: Captain Katz
Childress, DarrellRM2 (SW)Sep 1983 – Oct 1985OCSome really good times, sorry to see her go; look forward to reunion. Let me know when there is one planned.
Coburn, GarySM1Sep 1, 1983 – Mar 1, 1985OCI was an SM! looking for a few old shipmates
Hall, John WayneOS2Nov 1983 – Mar 31, 1987OIMet some of the best friends and people that I have ever had the priviledge to know aboard this ship.I am Proud to have been a part of the history of this great ship. It changed my life forever.
Jackson, MikeOS2Nov 6, 1983 – Aug 7, 1987oisome of the best times of my life were spent aboard the 1988 i went into business for myself and retired due to bad health in 2003. i hope that all of my old friends have led a blessed life as i have. god bless all & best of luck.mj
Hall, John WayneOS2Nov 20, 1983 – Mar 31, 1987OILoved my brotherhood aboard DEYO...looking to contact Ensign Simpson, in 1987 at least, I left ship in 1987, live in Louisville, Ky and looking to retire in a few years.
Hall, John WayneOS2Nov 21, 1983 – Mar 31, 1987
Fargo, EdwardFC2-FCC(SW)Dec 6, 1983 – Dec 26, 1987CombatGreat Ship, Great Shipmates. We worked hard, we played hard. Too many great times to remember. I want to wish my fellow shipmates a great life. I learned allot from them. I think I still have a headache from that over proof rum!

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