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USS Thorn (DD 988) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Thorn (DD 988). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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Capt. R. E. Pearsall, USN (ret.), Commanding Officer of DD 988 from 1982-1984, is currently working in conjunction with the USS THORN DD 647 Association (who successfully "sponsored" DD 988 into the Fleet) to petition the Navy through the Congress to commission a new THORN. They are targeting the last of the unnamed DDG 51s so time is very limited and they need your help to get letters in the mail to Congress. Below you find the necessary documents:

Instruction Letter         Petition Letter

There are 663 crew members registered for the USS Thorn (DD 988).

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Reaves, KenSH31986 – 1990S3I was basically a pain in the butt to anyone of rank. Good times drinking and drinking.
Griffith, Douglas "Bubbles"STG11986 – 1989CAGitmo, north atlantic cruise, med cruise. Fond memories of "O.B." Briggs, Timmy Barnes, Tim Jones, Hartman, Rascoe, Gills O'Hara, Bags, Branham, Chief Hart, Massah Ed, Raybo, Rick White, the whole Sonar gang
Cross, EugeneEN31986 – 1989A GangHate to hear that the Thorn is no longer in action. Had a blast and made some great friends with lasting memories!
Parker, ScottDS21986 – 1990Combat SystemsTwo Med cruises ( one with a terrorist bombing), a couple trips to Gitmo (one with a shipboard fire), and some Caribbean drug interdiction cruises…good times! @Sapto
Lewis, KevinSH3Mar 5, 1986 – Nov 22, 1987SupplyWe in the veterans community proffer the following advice to the military: We've upped our standards, so up yours...
Broadhead, AlEN2Apr 1986 – Apr 1990A1st Ship. Made my best friends in the Navy off Thorn. Capt Martin was a great CO. I retired last year as an ENC. She was probably the toughest ship to tame, but rough seas make great sailors. Get in touch at
Brian, WeilerGSM3Apr 2, 1986 – Oct 8, 1988MPUnlike a lot of people that responded I hated the ship and I'm glad it's sunk. It was by far the worst command, worst crew and worst boat I had ever been on. Thank God it was my first boat. The rest of my time in was great. Got out in 94.
Martin, JackCAPTAINApr 18, 1986 – Jul 30, 1988COWould go back and do it all again in a heartbeat---if one horrible day in Barcelona could be erased! The good memories of a great crew far outweigh the not so good. I wish the best to all old shipmates.
London, JoeBM2(SW)Apr 28, 1986 – Jun 2, 2001ODBest ship and crew on the east coast.
Pauley, DanGSMCMay 15, 1986 – Jun 20, 1990MPMy first ship as a Chief. Steep learning curve. Lost a crewman in the terrorist attack in Barcelona. LOOKing for contact information on Strong's little girl. Please contact me if you know.
Whitt, AnthonyHT2May 22, 1986 – May 5, 1990
Neumann, Pete (Dod)HM3May 30, 1986 – Jul 31, 1987Pretty cool seeing some of your names again! The Northern Wedding was fun, as was hanging out in the Caribbean. I regret getting out as I did in a cloud of smoke and all but serving on the Thorn was an honor and something of which I am proud!
Venn, DanielIC2Jun 1986 – Nov 1991Ethose were some good sorry the THORN is gone
Herrington, Joseph (Jay)OS3Jun 1, 1986 – Jul 17, 1988OI I came on in Gitmo. Davey Reieder, Jeff Little,(from peckerwood point)arch, mahaffy, the ET Crosby, Vogel, MS3Warneke, putz, rivas, it goes on. Moots? Its where I learned to "skate". E-mail me hard chargers! or call 918-85
Rick, JeffDC2Jun 15, 1986 – Mar 13, 1988HT
Ashworth, T-rexET2Jun 19, 1986 – Sep 27, 1989Combat SystemsItalian Arnold, Joe #1 Giants Fan, and all the rest of the guys...time for one more party.
Whitt, AnthonyHT2Jun 22, 1986 – May 5, 1990 Repair
Fox, MalcolmET2Jul 1986 – Nov 1990Combat SystemsGreat times. Mother Mauceri remember chasing down Klun afish. Johnny and Rex it was fun. Schmitt, Farman and Smurf I really enjoyed taping and torturing you guys.
Ferreira, JohnET2Jul 1986 – Oct 1990CEWhere to begin. Great memories of a lot of great times with good friends. Good to see so many famiiar names. Would love to hear from old shipmates.
Parker, Roger / PeterEN2Jul 5, 1986 – Oct 25, 1990A DivisionGood times
Rudd, RonET3Jul 11, 1986 – Jan 4, 1989Comba Systems
Joslyn, NelsonFC2Aug 1, 1986 – Aug 1, 1991Combat Systems
Stidham, JoSNOct 2, 1986 – Nov 4, 1988deckgreat times great people best ship on the seas thorns crew and ship lived up to her name,drury lets get drunk vomit and talk........shoot some pool for a beer,and you know that i do fredrick
White, Davegmg2Oct 2, 1986 – Oct 2, 1989GMHope all you are well. I am living in Massachusetts now and just found this site looking forward to hearing from some of you.
Burks, DavidCTO1 Retired CTOCM(SW)Oct 10, 1986 – Nov 20, 1986OTI was TAD
Noud, Gene Avoid The Noidht 3Nov 1986 – Jun 1989er01rest in peace Ron Strong,I miss you my friend. Christmas has lost its wonder and fire works make me jump a bit some times. I some times wonder how your daughter is as i talk with mine ..
Capati Jr., RogelioE-5/ EM-2Nov 20, 1986 – Sep 26, 1990Electrical ShopI remember the med-cruise twice, and i will not forget the happy days during that time, Regards to all crue of DD 988 during this year, I'm base here at Guam, as an Engineer of DPW. email address.
Hunt, ChrisstgsnDec 29, 1986 – May 22, 1988sonarMy time ended much too soon with the Thorn, young kid and homesick I didnt survive coming back after Med cruise and Barcelona. Nice seeing familiar Sonar names here.
Rascoe, TracySTG21987 – 1990CSA3The best of times with one hell of a crew. STG's ruled.Remember the early days of wars and initiations into the division. Rick White, Sped, Bags and all the other cool Bros I'm honered. No others compared to me. The "Black Kn
Rankin, Edward (Ed)NC1 RETIRED NCCS1987 – 1990AdminTotal enjoyment as Thorn's Command Career Counselor. I enjoyed running Thorn's MARS radio station. I know it brought allot of pleasure to the entire crew. I am retired living in Atlanta, Ga Thanks for the pleasure
Trouerbach, EricSTG31987 – 1989CCTo the greatest Sonar crew in Navy history, I miss those days, For those who didnt know our Freind John RIPLEY Cockerham (Rip)past away in 2002, I am posting today in his memory, He was a great Sonar tech and great freind.
Cummings, Sean (Bo)os21987 – 1991OIstill alive and well.shout out to Bob and Rick
Mires, Bill profile iconGMM11987 – 1992CAGo ASROC
Nichols, TedMS31987 – 1990SUPPLYGreat times and fun ports.Lots of pictures taken, especially two weddings I attended.
Rascoe, TracySTG21987 – 1990CSAThe Mighty Thorn was the best crew of the 2-Sprucans I served aboard @ Charleston. I'm still serving through The American Legion and would love to hear from any of you which I was so honored to serve with.
Nichols, Ronald profile iconGM1987 – 1992NAI don't know if I filled this out correctly, my father passed away Sept 1st, 2019 of cancer. He always had a smile or a big grin on his face when he talked about his days in the Navy.
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Petrill, ScottRM 3Jan 1987 – Sep 1987opsThe detailer sent me to Thorn so I would have to go to the med before I got out. Ship could not pass fleet-ex so I went home couple weeks before med.
Pelelo, BobE3Jan 1987 – Aug 1990MPGood to see some old friends on here.
Hill, Darren profile iconHT 2Jan 1987 – Sep 1991RepairIt was a very educational experience for me. I made a lot of friends and enjoyed two med cruises with all of those guys. Repair division was always in trouble for something even if we didn't do it. But it was all fun .
Dickinson, ArthurBM3Feb 1987 – Aug 24, 1992deckgreat people and great times
Kidwell, CarlE-4Feb 22, 1987 – Feb 23, 1991SupplyHere to find old friends
Jones, Mark "Jonesey"DC 3Mar 1987 – Aug 1990RGreatest learning experience of my life! Great friends & great memories. I am now living in sunny Graceville, FL married for almost 12 years with 3 kids (9, 6, 3)two girls & a boy. E-mail:
Walker, GeorgeCTTCMar 1987 – Aug 1990
White, RichardSTG3Mar 1, 1987 – Jan 1989CAHello All! Doug, Gills, Chris, Bags, Tracy, Tony D, Stephen, John Ferarra, and all the others. I have such great memories. It is funny how even the tough times are remembered fondly. Drop me an email -
Clune, Eamon-PatrickSTGSA STG3(UNOFFICIAL)Apr 10, 1987 – Sep 25, 1987CICBest SONAR crew in the U.S. Navy! Tiger Team was a blast! Salutes to Lt. Carroll. Greetings to Chief Hart, Tony DeJesus, Trowerbach, The Irish-Mexican et cetera. USS THORN: Birthplace of the BLOG.
Denardo, AnthonySTG1Aug 1987 – Mar 1990CA
Robinson, Dennis / RobbieMAC/MACSAug 1987 – Dec 1990One of the Best commands that I served on.
Stephens, TerrySTG3Sep 1987 – Apr 1989CA (ASW)I remember ET2 Fox, DS2 Farman, when I left, and GMM3 Schmidt we played lots of games, and guys, I remember the time you left me in ordinance tape in the forward passage! FUN!! Also remember SN Quinton, from deck dept.. we used to go out together a
Bolam, HowardCTOC(SW) (RET)Sep 1987 – Jan 1991OTGreat ship, good times, better people. I see you here Henry, I'll be in touch. Have contact info for CTMC Ford. Will be at Decom w/few others from that period. Hope to see other old friends there.
Konyn, EricOS2Sep 1987 – Dec 1990OI2003 I ran into OSC Moore at an outdoor show, I had no idea he lived in Ohio, I moved here in 1993. Life is funny like that. seeing all these names brings back a ton of memories, as with all things, only the good memories remain. Hiya guys!
Hodge, DeanSTG2Sep 1987 – Dec 1989CSAI miss the camaraderie, teasing Terry Stephens, Doug Griffith, and arguing with Clark Castle. I wonder what happened to C. Hunt. who knows?
Popovich, MikeGSE3Sep 1, 1987 – Jun 24, 1991EngineeringGreat Ship, Great Crew. Wow, did we spend some time at sea! Absolutely shocked to learn that The Thorn is gone.
Griner, PaulYNSN-YN2Sep 6, 1987 – Jun 2, 1992NX/AdminWish I could do it again.
Radke, ChuckOS3Oct 1, 1987 – Feb 29, 1988opsWas great time, met great people.
Davis, GeorgeRMCOct 16, 1987 – Apr 1, 1990OCWent on Thorn as a boot Chief and left as an LDO Ensign. Retired as a LCDR 6190. Thorn was great except for Christmas Eve in Barcelona Sp.
Henderson, Lee"Hindu"GSM3Oct 21, 1987 – Mar 15, 1988MPOn board TAD for 87-88 med cruise.Made some friends for life.R.I.P.Ronald Strong-think of you a lot.Anyone with info about Ron's wife and child please e-mail me. "HINDU"
Martin, KevinGSM1Nov 1987 – Nov 1989MPWhat a great ship she was, what a great time we all had. I really miss you Ron, You are always in my Thoughts! God Bless your Family.
Simpson, JackRMCM (SW)Nov 1987 – Sep 1989CMD/MCGreat ship, excellent crew. Ready to do it again. "Its a great day to get underway"
Cole, RobertOS2Nov 1987 – Jun 1991OIHi to all! Shout back at you Sean and Rick!! Contact me Long live the "eat ups"!!

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