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USS O'Bannon (DD 987) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS O'Bannon (DD 987). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 528 crew members registered for the USS O'Bannon (DD 987).

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Hiatt, PatrickEW3 SW1992 – Jan 2, 1996OE/ OPSparticipated in a major overhaul in Charleston. Afterwards worked primarily on the AN/SLQ-32 v 3A , shipboard security team and became ESWS on first deployment in the Gulf. found a few shipmates and lots of pics
Kenney, GeorgeMS1 {SW}1992 –supplyFirst cook to ever received SW
Shirley, LelandBMSNFeb 1992 – 1995unLeland Shirley passed away Feb. 25th 2017. He was living in Gilroy Ca at the time. He was a wonderful and well loved person.
Shedd, Charles / ChuckBM3Feb 1, 1992 – Oct 1, 19931stGood memories and alot of fun times. Would like to hear from old shipmates.
Middleton, JasonGSM 2Feb 1, 1992 – Oct 1, 1995MThere is still no feeling like laying in the nets on the helo hanger and watching the stars on a moonless night. I'm a GSM in the civilian world. I live in Missouri with my wife and three kids.
Cantu, Jose (Paco)GSM 3Apr 1992 – May 1993EM01-EngineeringMy first ship. Sure miss her. Shame to her of her de-com. God Bless You All. Paco.
Van Wert, Mike (Werty, Vanny)OSCS (SW)Apr 1, 1992 – Apr 30, 1994OIRet. fm O'Bannon Chasnavalshyd. Outstanding North Atlantic Cruise, Russia and other ports. Served with CDR. (Stretch) Phillips, a great CO. A good basketball player &STGCM and FCCM Cmd Master Chiefs & Gino from Philly with the Vette. Great
Heyrman, CarlFC1(SW)Jun 1992 – Aug 1996CFGood times to be had by all! Life is what you make of it and "OB" taught me about life. Miss my friends from the navy. Retired in sunny Florida!
Hassig, MichaelSM1(SW)Jun 6, 1992 – Oct 30, 1995OperationsRetired in 1995 before the first female members came on board.Had a great time,
Fayard, WallyE-3Jun 23, 1992 – Jun 23, 1994a-gangGreat Ship!!!!
Boger, ScottSTG2/E-5Jul 1992 – Sep 1997CAGreatest Division on the ship. Now a Chief up in Norfolk.
Cox, BillyGSM3Aug 1992 – Apr 1996Engineering
Harless, BradET3Aug 30, 1992 – Sep 30, 1992?Was TAD to the ship late 1992 from MOTU-10 in Charleston, SC.
Rios, PeteGSMFNSep 17, 1992 – Aug 21, 1993MP
Koller, MattFC2Nov 1, 1992 – Dec 20, 1994WEAPONS
Blessing, TroyOS21993 – Jul 1996OPS
Stauffer, FrankMR21993 – 1995Rgreat ship sorry to see her go. Had a great time the whole time I was aboard. Now living back in Canton Ohio.
Blessing, TroyOS21993 – 1996OI
Cutts, DavidGSM2Jan 1993 – Jan 1995M-
McDonald, DavidSK2Jan 3, 1993 – Dec 6, 1996S-1
Hendricks, StevenRM3Jan 15, 1993 – Jun 20, 1994Coms
Spede, JoeLTFeb 1993 – Jul 1995EC
Peppler, ChitoLieutenantFeb 1993 – Mar 1996CF, OIGreat memories, wonderful times. Amazing Sailors
Fonner, DavidFC2(SW)Mar 5, 1993 – Mar 8, 1998CF/CGAlot of memories!!! 92-94 overhaul in Charleston, SC. Persian Gulf Deployments in '95 and '97. She will be missed!!!
Staley, JamesRM1Mar 7, 1993 – May 7, 1995CommunicationsSome of the best people I've ever met
McGill, JamesE3Mar 22, 1993 – Feb 28, 20051stlisten I had great time on the O'. I would do anything to ride her again
Sorrow, JasonPN2Apr 1993 – Oct 1994Administration (executive)I remember a valve I polished outside the personnel office with red cool aid juice and found out it was used as target practice resting at the bottom of the ocean... I spent hours-anyway, hope you are well shipmate!
Huesman, Chad (Big Red)OS 2Jun 1993 – Feb 1998OIMan I shure do miss senior chief Sprinkles!! O.K. not really but, I did have some awsome times and made great friends.
Romero, LeoSKSNJun 1993 – Mar 1998Supply
Nichols, Ken (Nick)SH2Sep 1993 – May 1998S-3Had a great time on the O'Bannon.
Sims, ReginaldE4/SH3Sep 1993 – Jan 1999S-3
Tharpe, Neil "Eddie"OSSNSep 9, 1993 – Jan 31, 1996OI
Baerga, CarlosDK1Sep 10, 1993 – Feb 10, 1998S4Many good times. The big Blade.
Vines, DannySN/RM3/IT1Oct 1993 – Jul 1997OC01What great Times. This ship showed me what life was all about being a young SR. Great Times.
Faundez, Roque " Maverick "ICFN / E-3Oct 7, 1993 – Nov 26, 1995CSE4I had great time on the old DD987,good memories and good friends I left behind,enough adventures to write a book,like the mooning insident with Boyer and the ship's van back in '95 walking around Naples,Jerusalem,Haifa,ST.Martin.Now Im in NJ
Gagnon, MarkSNOct 15, 1993 – Feb 4, 1995deck
Michi, RichardSNDec 27, 1993 – Sep 6, 1995DECKO'B was a Great Ship, just remembering the good times had on board & on our Mid-East cruise with the likes of SN Fandez, Sn Roll, Gagnon, Butler, and all the rest of Deck Division. The Mooning By BMSN Boyer of the Waffle house, the list goes on..
Furness, JasonDKSN1994 – 1996SupplyGood ship..better crew...hit me up at for Crusty, Alex Ionescu, Clint Collard, and Mike "the Jew" Epstein!!! Shoulda sank it b4 they sold it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Townsend, WalterGSM11994 –m
Locklear, DonnieE-4/RM31994 – 1996OpsGreat Ship!
Smith, SmittyRM31994 – 1998RadioGood old days.
Currin, ChrisOS2Jan 1994 – Jul 1997OIStill in Jacksonville. Couldn't get enough of the government work though; I'm at Immigration now. Some great times with y'all, wouldn't trade them for the world. Well...maybe.
Brodzky, JohnGMG2Feb 1, 1994 – Mar 28, 1997CSG1
Bledsoe, ToddEW2Mar 1994 – Jul 1997OEJust looking up old friends. EW1 Rick Schmidt, EWC Kim Smith, EW2 Maise, EW1 Babcock, EW3 Stoeffler, EW3 Feinout, OS2 Cory Neilsen, OS2 Chad Huesman, OSC Neely, OS2 Armstead, DC3 Micah Venard and many more. My email:
Brown, Scott profile iconSTG2Mar 1, 1994 – Feb 15, 1998CAOK ship... GREAT CREW! My first and LAST! Gout out in 98 and went back to college. I did software development for a while and I just started my own Real Estate Investment firm. Let know how you're all doing. I'm at
Luper, JoeSK2Mar 11, 1994 – Apr 1, 1998S-1Great Crew most of the time. I am still an SK in the real world though. I work as a parts manager in Chandler Az. Trying to get in touch with Scott Boger. E-mail me at
King, Mike profile iconGMG2May 19, 1994 – May 19, 1997CSG1O'B was a great ship... Soo many good times... Those who remember me , stay in touch .. email -
Lindner, RobertSK3Jun 1994 – Jan 1998supply
Burch, DerekGSMCJun 1994 – Nov 1998MPGod Bless all who served!
Phillips, HughBMSNJul 25, 1994 – Jul 24, 1997DECKThe great O' Bannon. Oh the fun. Can't remember half of it. Webb, Collard, Boyer, Ionesque, Gouing, Crisp, Hayflick, Barnes, and the rest of the gang....WHATS UP?
McManus, DavidE3/GSMJul 26, 1994 – Jan 26, 1998ENG
Crisp, AndyE1Aug 1, 1994 – Dec 30, 1999DECK
Grisby, Charlie (Gris)ITCS(SW)Sep 1, 1994 – Feb 10, 1998OCCompleted two major deployments Med/I. O. /Persian Gulf. Mar 1995 - Aug 95 and Jul 97 - Jan 98
Carew, MohammedE-5Sep 22, 1994 –Supply
Williams, ChrisGSMCNov 11, 1994 – Feb 28, 2000MShe was a fine ship. I have a lot of found memories.
Broughton, AllanFC2Dec 1994 – Jun 1998CFSurvived 2 MEF cruises before going to instructor duty at Dam Neck for Sea Chicken.
Yancey, DanielSH2Dec 18, 1994 – Aug 22, 1996S3

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