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USS O'Bannon (DD 987) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS O'Bannon (DD 987). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 528 crew members registered for the USS O'Bannon (DD 987).

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Atkinson, Urbano "Irby"EW11978 – 1982Plankowner
Bonazelli, VinceDS21978 – 1983CSPLANK-OWNER
Sanders, ScottOS21978 – 1981OPSCrazy times! Hi to Collins, Murph, Wags etc. Lots of good memories. Remember the personnel inspection when we put our shoes on the wrong feet?
Matthews, AndrewFN1979 – 1981
Spanswick, Ken "Spanky"YN21979 – 1983
Robinson, CpSTG31979 – 1981ca
Collins, RichardOS21979 – 1983OPSPlank Owner - From pre-com to pipe off, and every where in between, the memories still remain. Yo to Fitz and Saye, and all my operations brothers. And to all my other shipmates, it was a truly the best of times.
Wilkerson, JohnSTG21979 –Plank owner.Good to see some of the original sonar crew on the site.We had some good times.Rudy remember the late Arby's runs in Norfolk?Hope you guys will e-mail me som we can remenice.
Miller, DennisMS21979 – 1981SupplyThought it was the best ship in the Navy, great crew. I finished out the Navy in the Reserves and retired with 21 yrs 9mos. I also just retired from Anamosa State Penitentuary after working there for 25.5 yrs.
Rankins, Scott profile iconMS21979 – Apr 1981SupplyPlank owner. Great ship. Special to be the 1st crew. Norfolk, Pascagoula, Charleston, the Carribean, and off to the Med. great crew! shout out to Dennis Miller, great talking with you! Rick Janney & Carl Militello??
Nichols, Darrell (Nick)HT31979 – 1980RLooking for old shipmates
Comer, WesleyHMC1979 – 1982X Division MedicalI was the Plankowner Independent Duty Corpsman. I left the ship for Physician Assistant training. Graduated and Commissioned in 1983 Retired 01Apr1996 with 28.5years service
Jones, MichaelRM3/RM2Apr 10, 1979 – Oct 1, 1983OPERATIONS/COMMHad a ball. As a plankowner, did some time in Pascagoula too (sigh). Anyone know where RMC Jernigan retired?
Carroll, Donaldms2May 15, 1979 – Nov 1981supplyshout out to Ben Ramsey, Nate jackson, rich, dos reese mitch, Thad,Bell and all the cool people that I traveled through life with on the O bannon.Ben I remember The rum factory in haiti.I was very sad when I found out
Ferguson, DennisSNMay 20, 1979 – Sep 20, 1981BMoriginal plank owner, blue nose, boarded ship in pascagoula ms shipyard. wheres mike minchillo. great crew and great times.
Benkert, RudySTG2Jun 1979 – Jan 1983CSAPlankowner. Came on board as part of the Pre-Comm crew in Norfolk. Good to see some familiar names on the list, it brings back a lot of memories. There were a lot of good times in good places with good people.
Rooney, JimEN2Jun 20, 1979 – Aug 28, 1982Engineering
Wagner, Ronald / WagsFTG2Jul 1979 – Mar 1983CF"Born to be Wild". Best time of my life. The places we saw, the things we did. Plank Owners Rule. John U. E-mail me. John R. are you out there ? Simmers, nod if you can hear me.
Clarke, LarryGSE1Jul 10, 1979 – Oct 1, 1981MPPLANK OWNER. Retired 1994 GSCS (SW)
Hannah Jr, Frederick CarlDK3Jul 15, 1979 – 1981SupplyWould like to connect with any plank owners
Boutilette, TimGSM3Aug 1979 – Jul 20, 1984MPPLANKOWNER It was the best of times... It was the worst of times! I'll never lose my pride for the OB. Noth Atlantic, Med, WATC, Carribbian, Unitas.Libya '81, Blue Nose, Shell Back, Order of the Ditch. The Fastest, and the Finest in the Fl
Baugher, JeffreySTG1Aug 1979 – Aug 1981CAPlankowner. Great to see so many of the original crewmembers listed! Benkert, Bristow, Reynolds, Robinson ... what a great bunch of guys! Too bad they decommissioned the old lady! She was a good ship!
Stahr, Jr, ThomasIC3Aug 1979 – Jun 1984engineeringHad a great experience as a plankowner. I was possibly the last plankowner to leave the ship's crew. What a great way to see the world!
Jackson, StephenOS1Aug 1979 – Oct 1984OperationsPlankowner - One of the best times of my life and some of the best guys to work with. I remember the beaches of St, Thomas and the drinking we did and the fun we had. Just wanted to touch base with some of the old crew.
Pearsall, Jr., WilliamYN1 (SW)Aug 1, 1979 – Dec 10, 1982AdminGreat time on board. Retired in 94 as a YNC
Zellous, Alvin "Zee"IC3Aug 19, 1979 – Jun 29, 1982electricali am an original plankowner, and had some great years onboard, a lot of the cruises i was on i would do them again with the crew we had
Harrison, DanielE-2Aug 20, 1979 – Sep 17, 19821stI was an original Plank Owner. After being commissioned we headed to our home port in Charleston South Carolina. I only made one six month cruise (Indian Ocean) I left to become a parachute rigger in 82. I got piped off on the ship on my last day.
Saye, MikeRM2Sep 1979 – Jul 1983CommunicationsMeet a lot of good people while aboard the Obannon. Had a great time on the Med and S. American Cruise. Hello to all my former shipmates. Hello to Barry Fitzgerald and Rich
Fairchild, PeterGSM1Sep 1979 – Aug 1984M DivisionFour great years!
Grantham, FrankE3Sep 1, 1979 – Jul 1, 1980OperationsI was one of the first crew members (PLANK OWNER)and was part of the loadout precomm crew. I left the ship for the last time from Cuba when I was MEDEVAC'D out and was not able to return. Not sure about the dates yet. Were is Calvin Corby?
Ulmer, JohnSKSep 23, 1979 – Mar 17, 1983SupplyHad some great times. Got into lots of trouble, missing ships movement in C.R. Would like to hear from all who paritied with me. Wags, Red Muff, Bob Cat, Ralph, Gus, Steve G., Frank C. Shorty, Mike L. Bernie, Jonny Wad, and other P.Owners
Fitzgerald, Barry (Fitz)SM3Oct 1, 1979 – May 30, 1983operationsDid not stay in the Navy, but it was certainly a worthwhile experience. Jarrod, get a life!!
Fitzgerald, Barry (Fitz)SM3Oct 1, 1979 – Jun 1, 1983OPS
Robertson, JoelRM1Oct 27, 1979 – Jul 20, 1983OCPlankowner - Remember RM1 (JB) Brett, Chief Jernnigan, RM2 Jones, RM1 Tiessen, RM1 Noonan, and a whole bunch of others. Qual'd ESWS onboard. Many memories. Great Ship and crew.
Ramsey, RamzRM3 RM2Nov 3, 1979 – Apr 6, 1981CommunicationsWith the tragedy in Haiti it made me think about the time we docked in Port Au Prince and what a great time we had there at the rum factory and the Copacabanna.
Eaton, JeffSTG3Dec 1979 – May 1981CSAWhat a life it was in the Navy on that ship! I have many memories of the crazy stuff that we did. What's up Bristow! Arrrrgh!!! I hope you are doing well, e-mail me! If any of you people remember me-let me hear from you.
Murphy, Edward TerryOS2Dec 1979 – Nov 22, 1982OIPlankowner;some of the best years of my life. The wonder years, I wonder what happened half the time because we had so much fun on the beach. Great crew and the best ship in the Nav.
Helton, IraGSE1 (SW)Dec 1979 – Jan 1982MPreComm crew. Enjoy learning the ship and meeting the crew. It was a great and important time in my career. Thanks to all I served with.
Christy, SteveFTM3Dec 1979 – Mar 7, 1983CFSome of the best, and some of the most educational years of my life . Served with a lot of really good people and remember a lot of really interesting times . Wouldn’t trade it for anything .
Johnson, Mitchell (Mickey)STG2Dec 1, 1979 – Jun 13, 1983CSAPlank Owner. Served on the best Spruance Class of the Fleet. Great to see a couple of shipmates on the roster Eaton and Bristow.
Murdock, MichaelGSM2Dec 1, 1979 – Dec 24, 1980MPCommissioned her and transferred after 1 year. Returned in 1986 to do second tour.
Ramey, BrianSH2Dec 7, 1979 – Aug 6, 1981SupplyRetired from U.S. Postal Service in 2003. PlankOwner and BlueNose. Ran the ship store.
Davis, Gerald ESN BMDec 15, 1979 – Oct 9, 1980ODSHE is the best Ship in the NAVY. And a Good Crew Gerald Davis PLANKOWNER.
Harris, VerlinHT2Dec 15, 1979 – Mar 6, 1983R
Reynolds, RickSTG2Dec 15, 1979 – Mar 13, 1983CAPlankowner. Great ship and great times. Always wondered whatever happened to C.P. Robinson III. Eaton,remember you as one crazy SOB. Bristow, not suprised you now live in Chile. Have you seen Clepper? Chief Smith, never did get my plankowner plaque.
Bristow, Marion ( Butch )STG2Dec 17, 1979 – Jan 31, 1983CA ( Sonar " Stonar Tech " )Plank Owner - Retired/Disabled from Naval Intel.Served on the best piece of pig iron in the Navy . Hi Fitz .. Wuz up .Now reside in Chile .

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1979 | 1980 – 1982 | 1983 – 1985 | 1986 – 1987 | 1988 – 1989 | 1990 – 1991 | 1992 – 1994 | 1995 – 1997 | 1998 – 2000 | 2001 – 2003 | 2004 – now

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