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USS Harry W. Hill (DD 986) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Harry W. Hill (DD 986). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 419 crew members registered for the USS Harry W. Hill (DD 986).

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Ward, DavidENFN1993 – 1995A
Latham, JasonSTG1(SW)1993 – 1998CA DivisionI look back on those days as some of the best days in my life. I miss all my crew members. Those were some great times!
Walden, SamoriE2Jan 1, 1993 – Feb 7, 1995Electrical
Martin, BrettLTJan 3, 1993 – Feb 24, 1995Combat Systems /EngineeringWhat a great ship to have your first afloat tour. The friendships that I made on her last today. Great Ship and Great People!
Mitchell, KarimOS2Feb 1993 – Jul 1996OI
Lubbers, ChanceHT 3Feb 1993 – Jan 1995I had a lot of fun and learned some much from every one. Thank you from the bottom of my
Mitchell, Karim (Mitch)OS2Feb 1993 – Jul 1993OI/O1I had a really good time on the Hill. Great time in Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong. I mad some really good friends. I got out and became a Phila cop for 8yrs. I am now a Technical Operations Supervisor for Comcast.
Mitchell, KarimOS 2Feb 28, 1993 – Jun 12, 1996OIWhat's up to OI division. To all those shipmates I served with, we had a hell of a time. Special what's up to Rod, Sean, Chris, Pee, Omar, Sherm, Dorien We held it down over seas. Homies for life
Maxim, NickYNSNMar 7, 1993 – Mar 1, 1995Nav/AdminWestpac 94 was legit, so many ports, so many crazy stories...
Rowan, ScottFNJun 1993 – Oct 1994"A" gangWas onboard a short time, but STILL have great memories. Best time of my life. :)
Castellano, Don "Cazman"PS1/E6Jun 9, 1993 – May 26, 1998Admin
Coverson, JeremyE-3/FiremanJun 22, 1993 – Jun 22, 1995ElectricalThese were some of the best years of my life. To all those sailors that remember me, I would like to hear from you. As I look back on those years I can say that it was a pleasure serving the United States with all of you
Coverson, JeremyE-3/FiremanJun 22, 1993 – Jun 22, 1995Electrician's MateWhat's up to all of my Shipmates that remember me. It was nice to serve in the U. S. Navy with you guys.
Reynolds, TommyBM2 ReynoldsJun 27, 1993 – 19971st DIVGreat ship Great Crew, Miss hanging out with friends that I made there. Miss my buds Nate Dean, Travis Murphy, Dan Rosenfeld and the rest of the crew onboard at that time.
Latham, JasonSTG3Jul 1993 – Jul 1998CABest ship ever. Wish I could go back. I'm still in and I have 2 children (boys). living in Washington and loving all the hunting and fishing! Miss that crew!
Beelow, Terry J.OS3Aug 1993 – May 1996OIWas my second ship, a great ship, 2 deployments, both WESTPACs.
Christenson, JohnLCDRSep 1993 – Mar 1995XOGreat to see you love HWH too! I run by HWH's grave at USNA often I now live in the house he lived in Norfolk in 1926 I was the Commodore in 94 when we sank her off Hawaii She went down gracefully by all surface gunfire! Rdml John C
Stroud, JohnE -3 GSMSep 1, 1993 – Jun 21, 1995Forward Engine RoomI would not trade my time on the Hill for anything. I was around for the 94 West Pac. I am living back in Illinois working as a project manager, Married and have 1 kid. I would like to hear from old friend, drop me a line!!!!!!!!!!
Brassard, ErikBM3Oct 1993 – Feb 1997ODO1
Rodrigues, Ryan (Hot Rod)SH3Nov 3, 1993 – Apr 19981st S-3Started out in deck and struck SH. Reenlisted after the HWH decomm'ed and crossed over to HM. Currently serving in Yuma, AZ with the Marine Corps' VMA-211 as their Doc.
Price, EricE3Nov 16, 1993 – Aug 14, 1995DeckI met some great people while onboard. West pack was a ball. Now im married with three sons working as a network admin for the goverment in DC living a great life.
Elliott, GregOS2Dec 1993 – Jun 1, 1997OI
Elliott, GregOS2Dec 1993 – Jun 1997OI01What is up... Jeremy, Clint, Marc, Jade, Mitch, Cowles, Carpenter, Wolf and all the other Guys. Glad to here everyone is doing good. I'm a Commercial Pilot and I have a Cattle Company back here in Texas. Look back and it was nothing but a Party...
Taylor, PatrickEW2 (SW)Dec 1993 – May 1998WeaponsWhat's up fellas!!!!! It's great to see everyone doing well. As for me I'm a Federal Agent for the US Treasury Dept. Pretty scary huh? I'm lovin life and I miss all the great friends I made on the HWH.
Clark, JeremyOS2Dec 26, 1993 – Jun 23, 1997OperationsFirst and last ship I was on. Anyone Know where QM Jeremy Novak is at? It's a shame they sunk the HWH. RIP.
Cowles, JeremeyIC31994 – 1997CEGreat times and great people. Left the Nav & graduated college all the while working as a correctional officer. I now work as a parole hearing officer for the state of Idaho helping to decide if a prisoner should receive parole. Wishing everyone well
Carpenter, EddieIC31994 – 1997CEThis was my first ship and I had a great time. The crew was great and the IC shop was a blast.Hello Clay, Joey, Jake, Jeremy, and Gordon!
Molina, JadeRM21994 – 1997OCO2Hello to all my fellow shipmates. I often times miss you guys. Have 3 kids, own and operate my own Sport Performance Training Center in CA. Love to hear from you.
Paul, LiamBM1 (SW)1994 – 1997Deckthe Biz what's up... Hey slack jaws in Deck where did you run and hide?
Speelman, David Speeldoggsm31994 – 1997engeniering
Ackerson, JudgeRM31994 – Dec 1995CommunicationsHey Shipmates! Not sure how many of you remember me, but I really would like to catch up with some of my old friends.
Redden, ChuckLTJan 1994 – May 1997CE,OI,NAV/ADMINIt was a great ship and a great crew. Things I remember "Rich is in the rack"; "Lt. Long. . .213"; "Obrist is going to hurt someone"; "Oboza, you're in fleet-a-hot!"; "They used a crane to get Hoppe onboa
Van Note, VaughnLTJGJan 1994 – May 1996MPGreat memories on this tin can. Hard work, but I learned everything I ever needed to know here.
Evanek, JoeE-3Jan 1994 – Jul 1995Supply- CookGreat times aboard the Hill. I loved San Diego and miss the laughs we all had when we were out on West Pac. I did not realize how influential that part of my life would be; Thanks for the GREAT times.
Baker, JakeIC3Feb 1994 – Aug 1997CEFirst and only ship during my 4 years. Had a blast. The IC shop ruled. Whats up Jeremy, Joey, Clay, Gordon!
Rosenfield, DanBM3(SW)Mar 1994 – Nov 1996OD01Interesting ship/division to say the least. Had some good times and some bad times, but only good memories. I am a Tomahawk FC now, so the Navy is even better now!!! Hey Curry!! Email me!!
Moore, Jasone-1Mar 1, 1994 –Mess DeckWould like to talk to old buddies.
Schilling, Jody EllisDC2Mar 10, 1994 – May 28, 1998ER01First day on the ship was in Bahrain. 26 hr flight to it. this was a great ship for my first 4 yrs in the navy. 3 cruises and alot of friends. still in today made chief in 02.recruiting in Mmiami until jan 05
Mata, AlvaroFC2Mar 24, 1994 – May 18, 1998CF
Mata, AlvaroFC2Apr 8, 1994 – May 15, 1998CFHello in Silicon Valley in High Tech. Married and have two wonderful boys...wish you all the best of luck. Adding this contact with my updated Email.
Willams, Garland (Big Will) (slim)HT3Jun 5, 1994 – Jun 4, 1996Had a good time. Played on the Hill Top B-Ball team (the tightest squad on the base). Ran with cool cats like Hambone, Vaughn, Old School and a couple of the Sks /sorry forgot your names dog.
Vaughan, EricQM3 / QMSNJul 1994 – Sep 1996NAV/ADMINWhat a great time I had. Still think fondly of all you guys. Curry, Lamoureux, Rosenfield, QMC Senger, LT. Hoppe & LT. Redden. It's a small world......... Hope to see some of you again.
Suggs, Rasheed (Shug)MMSSN E-3Jul 18, 1994 – Jul 19, 1997SUPPLYHIT ME UP YALL AT 615-481-5435. IM LOOKING FOR ALL MY BROTHERS
Padgett, MarkOSCJul 22, 1994 – Oct 25, 1996OI
Kane, Harry/hurrikaneOS2Aug 1994 – Dec 1997OINICE TO SEE EVERY ONE'S POST. SEND ME AN EMAIL.
Montoya, AlIC3Aug 19, 1994 – Feb 18, 1996CE
Smith, MichaelGSM3Sep 13, 1994 – Aug 15, 1997MPMiss all the friends I made on the Hill, some of my best memories were made there.
Oliver, RayFC1Oct 1994 – May 1998CFHad a great time on a great ship. Finally made Chief in'99 after I left. Retired in 01. I now work for PHD NSWC so I'm still in touch with the navy and the ships. Saw video of the ship being sunk during RIMPAC. If you need something contact me.
Fullilove, DorienSN (SW)Oct 1994 – May 19961st and NAV/ADMIN1st and only ship in my 7 year career. While on board I received my (SW) as a Seaman and struck HM. After the 95-96 Deployment I went to A school and was sent with the Marines. The Hill was by far my best tour. I have friends to this day that I t
Kexel, DrewDS2Oct 1994 – May 1998CEHey everyone! Hope all is well. In Albuquerque managing an IT dept for an insurance co. I know, surprising for sure. For those in the know, I am the proud owner of the last BS log as well as the OZ soap. Hey CE, CG, and CF!
Ptaszenski, Chet profile iconGM/3Dec 1994 – Apr 1998COMBAT SYSTEMSWas the best boat in the fleet during her time!!!! Lots of great times with great people......
Todd, LamoureuxEW3Dec 29, 1994 – Aug 15, 1997First/combatThis only ship that I was on. Completed one westpac (1995). Had some great times and lots of great memories, Met ALL SORTS of characters, I certainly wont forget any of them...

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1979 | 1980 – 1982 | 1983 – 1985 | 1986 – 1988 | 1989 – 1990 | 1991 – 1992 | 1993 – 1994 | 1995 – now

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