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USS Harry W. Hill (DD 986) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Harry W. Hill (DD 986). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 419 crew members registered for the USS Harry W. Hill (DD 986).

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Lunde, MichaelSTGC1989 – 1993CA
Kaplan, DanielRM/E21989 – 1992
Munday, TimFC21989 – 1992FOXGreat times on a great ship. Miss all the guys I served with! Kind of bummed my ship is at the bottom
Cody, Robertgmg2 CODY1989 –mess deck
Rouse, Tyrus(Toothpick)SK31989 – 1991SUPPLYi had my most fun aboard this ship i miss the people i met aboard here i would love to hear from them especially sturgis big dave jeff etc
Sarvey, CarlBM31989 – Sep 6, 1990Deck BM
David Wright, EdubEW3Jan 1989 – Mar 1991OIO2My first ship and one of the best. Top Cat, Sturgis and Toothpick the best drinking buddies I ever had.
Poppe, ArtJan 31, 1989 – Jan 31, 1992OS3I was aboard during operation desert storm, had a blast, some of the best parties, and all around fun. Miss the people that made it that much fun!!!!!
Zeeryp, Nathan (Zip)SM2Feb 14, 1989 – Feb 14, 1995OC02Spend 5 years on the boat that at first seemed so huge and at the so small. Had a fun and hope to hear from some of you. I am currently in the Michigan National Guard unit in Cadillac, MI.
Macdonald, CraigSTG 3 (SW)Mar 1989 – Mar 1991CADry dock time in the P.I., enough said
Smith, RobGSM2May 1, 1989 – May 22, 1992EngHad A Blast, Living In NY Now.
Knoll, GregOS2Jun 15, 1989 – Jul 10, 1996OII did a tour in Japan on a command ship, hated it. I didn't even take the 2nd class exam. once I got to The Hill i realized what the REAL Navy was about. Any time underway was heaven. longest serving sailor on to date.
Abarca, RayE3Jul 25, 1989 – Sep 16, 1993"A" gangremember the big ass gear we drew on the Aux 1 level 1 floor!!! Where's Chief Guy!!! Hey Fortenberry! So did that bruise ever heal from your 3rd crow??
Lemke, RonDC2(SW)Aug 1989 – Aug 1991RepairGreat Ship, Great Crew! Thanks.
Lemke, RonDC2 (SW)Aug 1989 – Aug 21, 1991RepairA great ship, a better crew, thanks gentlemen!!!
Griffith, WebsterGSM3Aug 2, 1989 – Mar 1, 1991EngineeringSend me to"A""school, "C" school then turn the ship into a damn target.Well it was fun and I learned alot, made a lot of friends, you too Fortenberry. Now after 4 years college I am an RN, with a family of 5.
Russo, DonE-3Aug 10, 1989 – Aug 10, 1993Deck DivisionHad a great time on the HWH. First time I heard that they sunk it. What a bummer. Had a great time overseas, alot of drinking. Now living in Inglewood, CA.
Earl, RohnE-6Aug 25, 1989 – Nov 30, 2009MPLooking for an old friend from the Shiloh
Gelito, Jose AlEM3Aug 27, 1989 – Sep 30, 1994OD and E DivisionGood ship, great crew and memorable deployments. Does anyone have any extra USS Harry W. Hill challenge coin? Currently station here in SWFPAC Bangor, Wa.
Hutchison, MerleET2Sep 1989 – Mar 1994CE CSE4Operation P.I. Drydock. Westpac 90-91. Too much BEER!
Barley, BryanPC2Sep 1989 – Sep 1993Nav/AdminWas the best time of my life and was very sad to hear she got decommissioned. Anybody have good contact info for OS2 Knoll, or GMG2 Hampton, or GMG2 Hatch, plz let me know! Thanks
Deleon, RmichaelE4Sep 1, 1989 – Sep 1992SupplyGreat times and would do it again
Wells, Jason J.GMM2 (SW)Oct 1989 – Sep 6, 1992CAGreat Ship. A lot of great memories.
Vega, AlexDK3 (SW)Oct 1, 1989 – May 1, 1993SupplyHey guys! Great times and memories onboard the "Happy Harry". Retired as PSC and now work with the Social Security Administration. Currently married and have 3 beautiful daughters. I now reside in Fontana, CA.
Woodward, BruceBMCNov 1989 – 1990ODHiya folks, great to find this
Flores, MelGSM3Dec 1989 – Jun 1990Engineering
Fortenberry, TerryGSM 31990 – 1992
Bess, WillieRM1/RMC1990 – 1994OC/Radio ShackWhat a wonderful ship and crew. One of the best Comm Gangs I had ever served with. Even with that wild crazy Stephen Burkes, And the rest of wild and crazy Crew
Famador, AlanGSM21990 – 1997MPWorked in Mer ! ,2 and severd as Oil King my last year on the Hill. Met wife on 3rd WESPAC in Bahrain. Miss all the travels ,escapades and friendships that I made does seven years. the will be missed
Eaton, DanMS31990 – 1992SuppyTo many days in Subic Bay! Hope all for Desert Storm ride are doing well.
Cable, Timem31990 – 1992ElectricalLooking for an old buddy William "Bill" Jeffers. Em3 we were there on the west pac where we hit the Supply ship on the way to the gulf during desert shield.
Bess, WillieRMC1990 –Oc2Great shipmates
Levy, AndrewMS3Jan 3, 1990 – Sep 12, 1994SupplyLooking back it was a great time. Still Married to the girl I meet at the rose festival back in 92. We have 2 kids and life is good!
Palmer, RichardET2Mar 23, 1990 – Jul 13, 1994CEMy first ship. Great crew. I was ready to leave, but hind sight is always twenty-twenty. Looking back, it is the best ship I have been on. It is sad to me that they sunk her.
Trahan, EdwardIC3Apr 1, 1990 –CommunicationsWhat a fun & unique West-Pac tour. Like runing into our supply ship flooding our sonar dome, 3 months in drydock in the P I then we blew a generator and had to go back, 1 day to see Hawaii and 1 on watch! Great times!LOL
Dunn, Matthewe-5Apr 1, 1990 – Nov 15, 1994supply
Hurlbut, DongsmfnMay 14, 1990 – Mar 18, 1991mer 2awesome ship the short time i was there
Guzallis, AndyEN2May 15, 1990 – May 15, 1995MPi had agreat time on board the HWH i was probably the only 2nd class Engineman to be allowed to run the Engineroom and did a dam good job, ill savor my pics and memorys and our ships band doing the underway replenishment details hang on
Barton, KevinFCSNJul 1990 – 1991WeaponsDid a nice tour of the Persian gulf. Desert Storm on that ship. Sad she isnt still around. Would love to find anyone else who was on it the same time I was.
Gilmer, DonaldFCSN (SW)Jul 1990 – Feb 1992CFMy first ship, I'll never forget the time on board. It totally shaped the rest of my life. Would love to attend a reunion. MS3 Matt Dunn, give me a shout on email. Was an honor to serve with everyone on board!
Mendoza, LuisE5 MS2Jul 22, 1990 – Jul 21, 1994supplyandrew levy, remember de leon?O, ALSO SONIC BOOM... THE HILL WAS THE SHIP TO BE ON. I HAD A GREAT TIME WITH ALL OF MY MS SHIP MATES... CONTACT ME IF U GET A CHANCE.
Buck, Steve "Doc"HM2(SW)Sep 1, 1990 – Nov 14, 1992NAV/ADMINGood times, long hours,good friends. Wish you all well! I'm now a trauma nurse in Oregon.
Akin, KrisFR - HT2Sep 15, 1990 – Jun 26, 1993R -Operation dessert shield, dessert storm, dessert watch, and the best operation dry dock in P.I. R-Div had the best crew...
Riggs, PatrickFC2Oct 1990 – Oct 1992Fire ControlOperation Desert Storm then operation P.I. Drydock enough said.
Frey, TobyGSE4Oct 1, 1990 – Nov 26, 1991EngineeringThe novelty of "The Fleet" wore off quickly with the endless drills and short trips to shoot at San Clemete Is. I must say Eng. got screwed every time liberty was given. I wish I had chosen another rate. I was mostly miserable. The crew was coo
Ellerbee, RobertDC2 (SW)Oct 8, 1990 – Mar 5, 1994RepairThe Hill was my first and last command. I enjoyed the the people that I served with. Sorry to hear that it was sunk. It was a good command and I would not trade one day that I served aboard.
Ortiz, SteveBM3Oct 10, 1990 – Oct 10, 1992
Ball, TonyGSE2Oct 12, 1990 – Feb 27, 1995miss both westpacs during the time I was on the Fuzzy w. Mound now in living in illinois with the wife i married on west pac 91 in the P.I. Miss all you all and gsm2 scot hardman from utah
Ferraro, DougDS2Nov 1990 – Aug 22, 1994CE
St.romain, Kristopher "Gator"stgsr-stg3Dec 1990 – 1994cagivem hell harry! wish i could catch up with u all! working fo the corps of engineers back in louisiana. if i could turn back the hands of time. div wit 1 girl datin wit 1 3yo son. contact me!

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