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USS Harry W. Hill (DD 986) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Harry W. Hill (DD 986). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 419 crew members registered for the USS Harry W. Hill (DD 986).

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Carnevale, Christoher (Carne)GSM1(SW)1983 – 1988MPServed aboard for almost six years. Some of the best years of my life. Good Friends, great bunch of guys.
Cummings, Scott "Stains"FTGSN1983 – 1985FOXSome wild times. Came aboard in PI. Some very important life lessons as well. Fantastic WESPAC's! Overall great memories. Miss a lot of the guys. Miss Her too. Only ship I served on. I would love to hear from the crew from 82-85. kscooter@hotmail.
Carnevale, Christopher (Carne)GSM1(SW)1983 – 1988Main Propulsion (MP)Had to create a new entry to change my email address. GREAT MEMORIES!! Some of the best memories and friends of my life. Would I go back and do it again? Maybe..
Thompson, TonyOS2(SW)1983 – 1985OPSGreat seeing this side of the world and being stationed in SD. Bad decisions tossed me out after many years of Honorable Service but I will never forget all the shipmates I served with. 3rd of Spruances I served aboard
Garcia, OsvaldoFNJan 1983 – Apr 1987E-DivI started in MP Div. then moved to A-Gang and after taking the IC3 tests I finish my tour in E-Div. Great first ship.
Stoot, Sr., Paul A.SHJan 3, 1983 – Aug 27, 1985SupplyWhat A Blessing! Just to be alive and say Hello to all my Shipmates! I love you All and Look Forward to Reconnect to some of you. Aka. Bird
Moore, VernFC1Jan 31, 1983 – Jul 1, 1987CF
Harber, Reginald HarberEN2Feb 1983 – Jun 1985ATHIS WAS THE BEST DAM SHIP IN THE NAVY
Reed, JesseBM3Mar 1983 – Feb 19851STThis was my first ship. meet alot of good men. Lots of fun and good times. Reach me on facebook or SAJEREED @
Stoot, PaulE3Apr 1, 1983 – Sep 11, 1985SupplyWhat a time I had on the Happy Harry especiall going pn Westpac in 1984
Currie, TheodoreDK3May 17, 1983 – Mar 10, 1986S-$What's up shipmates. The Hill was the best of my seven commands. We had the best crew ever to be assembled. It is really great to see a lot of the names on here. I have some of my greatest memories from the Harry W. Hill.
Veasley, Jamesbm3,snMay 17, 1983 – Apr 22, 1988deckman the times we one could handle the crew of the mighty hwh.the best times i ever had i still tell people about it to this day.
Dubetsky, PaulFC1(SW)Jun 4, 1983 – Sep 23, 1987FOX
Potts, MikeGMT2/1Jun 30, 1983 – Jun 30, 1985cagood ship great friends drop me a e-mail would love to hear from anyone who remembers me
Ullery, TomIC2Jul 14, 1983 – Apr 27, 1987E divisionEnjoyed my years on the Hill, and my time in E division-many great friends like Art Dominguez, Wade Stephens, Karl Ahola and many more--great west pac and good times in subic bay
Chermak, Rick (Earl)YN2Aug 11, 1983 – Dec 14, 1986Nav / AdminI met alot of great people and enoy looking through pictures of the "Booze Cruises" in Hawaii, the "Peanut Club" in Bali and July 4th in Kodiak, Alaska. Thanks to everyone I served with - especially my friends from the Ship's Off
Cheeseman, BarryGMG1(SW)Sep 20, 1983 – Mar 6, 1988CSG2
Harber, ReginaldE-5Oct 3, 1983 – Mar 19, 1985A DIVISONI RAN AUX ONE FOR THREE YEARS
Tindle, ArtET2Oct 5, 1983 – Jan 15, 1987CEShe was the best ship I was on in my career. Only because she had the best crew. Good times
Green, KentonOS3Oct 6, 1983 – Oct 6, 1986OpsRetired from E-System
Coleman, DwightEN3Nov 10, 1983 – May 18, 1986A-gang, AUX-1WEspac 84 party pac was great. TO MUCH MOJO!!!!!!
Wenn, JefferyRM21984 – 1986oc
John, HoganMR11984 – 1988R-DivThe HW Hil was my 2nd tour. 1st was the Inchon LPH-12. Harry W. Hill was by far my best tour of duty. West Pac's were awesome.. Miss those days!!!
Kennedy, MikeEN1Jan 1984 – May 1986A-Gang/Oil ShackHad lots of fun on here. Party Pac 84. Bali was awsome! That was the best Pac I ever made.
Getman, JayFC1Jan 1984 – Nov 1986CG
Holbrook, GranvilleE-5/OS2Jan 10, 1984 – Nov 25, 1985O.I.I Was on Board the Hill in 1984. It was the third ship I was stationed on. I'm sad to hear it met such an ignoble fate. I had a great time while serving on-board the Harry W. Hill. What's up Jay Yoder?
Graham, RichardE3Apr 5, 1984 – Apr 10, 1987NavyI just missed the west Pac in 84. Looks like good times
West, CodyGSE3May 1984 – Jun 1986MPMet the Ship about a month before our visit to Pada Beach Thailand during West-Pac 84. Had a great time during that cruise and also the visit to Kodiak Alaska were Harkness made history. The best ship and crew I served with!
Minnix, Patrick profile iconPC 3May 15, 1984 – Jul 25, 1986AdminWas my second Destroyer and by far the best! Had a great time. Enjoyed coaching the basketball team. We had a lot of great wins- miss all of those guys and the entire admin division. Would love to hear from my shipmates
Albrecht, SteveE5/OTJul 1, 1984 – Aug 5, 1986Tass IUSS Not exactly sure of the exact time frame I was attatched to the hill (We were det to 4 ships in 2 years). But it was intresting. Like the time we flooded the sonar room while in Kodiak Alaska.
Holguin, DavidPN3Jul 14, 1984 – Nov 15, 1987SHIP'S OFFICELooking for ole Happy Harry shipmates. I recognize a few names on the list. Living in Houston, Tx. PNC(SW) RET
Samendinger, MikeFC1(SW)Aug 1984 – Feb 1989FoxGreat Ship..Fantastic crew.. alot of hard work and lots of good times. "Americas' finest Destroyer".."Givem Hell Harry"
Yoder, Jay A.EW1Aug 1984 – Mar 1989OIHarry W Hill was truly America's finest Destroyer. Have alot of good memories and a couple of not so good ones, overall very proud to serve.
Swihart, DennisFCCAug 1984 – Feb 1989Fox
Samendinger, Howard ( Mike)FC1(SW)Aug 1984 – Feb 1989FOXGreat Ship-Great Crew
Freese, JimCWO2Aug 23, 1984 – Jan 26, 1989CSGreat ship under Capt.'s Dan Salinas and Cutler Dawson. Tight crew that knew how to fight and have fun. DECOMM was very sad. Lots of good friends and fond memories.
Hayes, JeffE2Sep 17, 1984 – Feb 15, 1985A gang
Gray, SeanGSM2Oct 22, 1984 – Feb 6, 1988ENGINEERINGGREAT FIRST SHIP
Bryan, MoeFC21985 – 1989CSF1Was a very interesting time. Was recently in Hawaii and was strange to see her just sitting there
McCombs, Vance (Beau)1985 – 1987
Jackson, Jeffrey Jackson SrMS31985 – 1988supplynight baker underway..port watch captain in port.
Bapties, Danielbm/e31985 – 1989third
Reed, DavidSNJan 1985 – Dec 19861stWould love to reunited with the Kabuki Warrior Cosmic Blood Brothers.
Andrews, TimFC2Jan 10, 1985 – Mar 17, 1989FoxI had some great times and met some great guys and some of them I am still friends with and in contact with. This was the only ship I was on and I wasn't sad about leaving. Feel free to contact me. I'm still in SD.
Pempeit, PeterEW2Mar 1, 1985 –OIFirst boat in the Nav, won't forget it, had some good times. Yards in Seattle, Seattle was good, yards not!
Chisum, John (Gq Chiz)E-5Apr 30, 1985 – Jan 27, 1987A-Gang
Thorstad, DavidGMG 2Aug 10, 1985 – Apr 20, 1987Had great time and memories on the hill. Sad they sunk her. If any body have video of the sinking of Harry w. Hill would love copy.I see my old lpo Barry Cheeseman on list would love to her from you.take care everyone.
Cordero, AlexHM3Aug 23, 1985 – Sep 23, 1987XThe Hill holds the fondest memories of my time in the Navy. I don't think I've ever drank as much beer as with this crew. ( Rainier Beer -- Seattle, Wa.)
Winnick, Bill/olagpo BillYN3Oct 1985 – Jun 1989Ship's OfficeOne of the Saddest Days of my life was leaving that Tin Can. All good memories!

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1979 | 1980 – 1982 | 1983 – 1985 | 1986 – 1988 | 1989 – 1990 | 1991 – 1992 | 1993 – 1994 | 1995 – now

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