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USS Cushing (DD 985) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Cushing (DD 985). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 470 crew members registered for the USS Cushing (DD 985).

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Ortiz, ChristopherFC2Jan 2001 – Jan 2004CE
Westphal, ScottIT2(SW)Jan 15, 2001 – Jun 29, 2005OCFrom the events that stunned our nation on September the 11 and through the Global War On Terrorism, the Cushing led the way to keep America safe. I am honored to have been a part of it......
Holder, JacobOSFeb 2001 – Jan 2003OI
Moore, JosephYNSNFeb 3, 2001 – Jul 10, 2003NXTrust me it was good times and bad times on the Cushing for myself but I survived two mast visit. I can't forget the times undeway whooping on Jeff in Madden and all of his BM's back aft. Currently I work for AT&T fooling around with phon
Velazquez, CrashOS2Feb 14, 2001 – Feb 14, 2004OIWell what to say about the cush it has been a trip for me i just wanna thank everyone who was there july 05 2002 the day the sea king went down on the deck and over the side. To this day i still wonder how we all surived. May God bless us all..
Ludwig, StevenBM2(SW)Feb 21, 2001 – Feb 22, 2005OD01Talk about a tight crew...BM1 Ken Platt, BM2 George Beck you guys are great friends. I loved being homeported in Yokosuka Japan. I'd love to get a reunion of all the crew members of my time together.
Hosmer, Wayne..hos.the Big ShowDD 985Mar 1, 2001 – Jun 5, 2004OWCleaning stations Cleaning stations. Thanks for the the good times. Good people. Quality leaders. Cant say that for all though. The tour changed my life. Wish I had a shot to do it over. What I miss the most? is my ricky socks I left on Stubbs rack.
King, BeauSTG 2May 10, 2001 – Jun 15, 2005What can I say about the 'Dirty-Dirty', It was truly the best of time & the worst of times. I made some life long friends and a few short term ones as well as saw a lot of the world. It was and always will be a life changing experience.
Dunkley, StanleyEMCMay 31, 2001 – Oct 31, 20033MGreat Ship, proud to have served on her. The crew was one the best I had in my 27 year career,especially the Chief's Mess.
Lewandowski, FrankHTC/MACSJun 17, 2001 – Jun 15, 2003ER01Great ship and a great crew. The time onboard went by fast but it seamed some of the days lasted forever!
Huron, ArmandoBM3(SW) HURONJul 4, 2001 – Aug 1, 2005OD01I had a great time oboard and toward the end we had a real good command..just like to say thanks to the old XO Charles Johnson..thanks for everything sir..BM3(SW) HURON
Ross, TrollDC(SW)2Jul 10, 2001 – Sep 1, 2005RepairWord people Word
Tholson, DamonFC2Aug 2001 – Jan 2005CGHad some good times, made some friends that I should've kept in better touch with. I'm out and civilian now. The mighty Cush was a miserable fucking place at times but I wouldn't trade the experiences I had for any in the world.
Berry, BlakeE-5/EW2Aug 1, 2001 – Aug 1, 2004OWPride of the Pacific Fleet
Kime, MichaelEN1Sep 1, 2001 – Jul 5, 2003A GangIt was real and it was fun, but not real fun, fair winds and following seas, Mike
Stickroth, RobertSM2/SM1/NC1Sep 10, 2001 – Jul 16, 2005NAVOne of the best commands I've had. It had it's problems from time to time, but over all it was good. Sometimes, just the crew made it worth being there.
Hernandez, RonnieSK1(SW)Sep 10, 2001 – Jul 5, 2004S-1
Bufford, Raymond (Buff)EW1Sep 12, 2001 – Dec 4, 2004OWAfter reading some of the comments I'm not sure what ship these guys were on, but it definitly wasn't the Cush. I met some pretty good people but for the most part I hated my tour and I have been on a Sprucan before.
Murphy, KennethFC1Oct 1, 2001 – May 30, 2003CM
Okebata, NdukakuOct 8, 2001 – Dec 4, 2004MPGreat Ship! Had a good tour.
Weaver, EdwardE-5Oct 14, 2001 – Oct 22, 2003A-GangVery tight crew, really miss the old days...
Bynum, BenjaminYNCNov 1, 2001 – Dec 1, 2004NXI will always remember the dirty CUSH. I was in a HELO crash on the 2002 deployment in the GULF and I went to mast at this command. I guess I grew up there. Thanks to everyone onboard that made my tour a successful one. I will never forget!!!!
Raught, DerekGM2Nov 19, 2001 – Aug 31, 2004Combathey guys fun times... fun times.
Variglotti, VincentLTJGJan 22, 2002 – Dec 19, 2003CM
Cruz, LouisSH3(SW)Mar 15, 2002 – Dec 29, 2004Supply?S-3Hated it from the start but still went underway, should of gone UA my first day onboard, currently working for a DOD contrator in Tikrit, Iraq side by side with the Army.
Green, PaulDC1(SW)Apr 4, 2002 – Sep 14, 2004The Navy's Greatest RepairWhat a wild ride. Two Gulf deployments, a helo crash, a training cycle and too much Jim Beam!!
Sharp, Markcs3Apr 18, 2002 – 2005supplyThe Cushing wa the best ship nI had ever been on. I still have alot of good memberes. This ship was a good example on how the navy should be. I learned so much while being apart of this great ship. Shoot out to Mac&S2
Cargil, Jon WayneCTT2Jun 4, 2002 – Aug 4, 2004OWDIRTY DIRTY was the best ship I ever served on and the best crew I ever served with. Hosmer was not the only one that left ricky socks on Stubbs rack.
Browning, EricSK3Jul 14, 2002 – Jul 14, 2005SS01
Gromer, JohnHN/HM3/HM2Jul 20, 2002 – Sep 22, 2005MH01Surviving the Mighty Cush was no easy task. I worked with a tremendous crew. Though times seemed ardous at most, it was an amazing experience, and helped shape me to the person I am today. Now off to Iraq. Hoorah!!!!!
Williams, RobertE7/OSCJul 21, 2002 – Sep 22, 2005OIOUTSTANDING CREW
Preston, BrandonE1Aug 5, 2002 – Sep 3, 20039700
Williams, Robert WillieE4/FC3Aug 26, 2002 – Jul 15, 2005CEBest crew and ship ever... Being back in Norfolk makes me realize how good we had it and how the whole work hard play hard mentality is dying in the navy... GLAD TO BE OUT! Go Intel!
Lundeby, TravisQMSN-QM2Oct 2002 – Apr 2004NN01She was a fine ship manned by a fine crew. She'll always sail in my heart and soul. Things were tough sometimes, and people were stupid. But wasn't doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I wouldn't have changed a thing.
Garcia, JoshuaE4/SK3Oct 17, 2002 – Aug 13, 2005SS01I never thought I'd say this but it would be nice once in a while when people would just be courteous in the messdecks and lessen the use of profanities. Both from senior and junior sailors.
Garcia, JoshuaE5/SK2Oct 17, 2002 – Aug 12, 2005SS01
Eckles, RichardMA1/MACNov 15, 2002 – Sep 21, 2005CMAAMy First Ship. I enjoyed being at sea and the crew was great. Had an awsome CO, XO & CMC for a final Chain of Command before DECOM. Would serve with them again anytime.
Falk, JosephEW3Jan 10, 2003 – Sep 22, 2005OWMy only ship, met some amazing people and lifetime friends! Miss it every day, and proud of what we did.
Falk, Joe (Dzul)EW3Jan 12, 2003 – Sep 22, 2005OWGreat crew, first and last ship. Now an IS2 in reserves but would switch back to Dirty Dirty days anytime.
Comer, HaleCTO1Feb 14, 2003 – Sep 22, 2005OWFirst and Last ship. Had some great times and some very memorable ones (not so good). Will never forget the "Dirty Dirty".
McClelland, Matthew "Cletus"GMSA-GM2Feb 23, 2003 – Jul 1, 2005CG
Wilson, GeorgeCS1Jun 14, 2003 – Aug 12, 2005What can I say, those of you who were furtunate enough to serve aboard her know what a blessing it was. I loved every minute of it.
Winter, MarkGSM3Jul 3, 2003 – Jun 23, 2005ENG/MP/MER2Two years pushin' the Cushin thinking yeah those DDG's must be great... Boy did they have me fooled. It was dirty, broke, and rusted but at least the food was edible, and common sence evident in the design.
Parker, WilliamIT1/ITC (SW)Sep 5, 2003 – Sep 22, 2005OCWhat a blast! Damn what a crew, from the Wardroom to the CPO Mess to the Mess decks! I enjoyed my time onboard. "This is what I think & this is what I know" LMAO OC-Baby...!!!! Thanks to the best shack in FDNF!
Sturdivant, Kelly/stuBM2Nov 2003 – Jun 2005ODO1What's up Cushing

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