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USS Cushing (DD 985) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Cushing (DD 985). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 468 crew members registered for the USS Cushing (DD 985).

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Cavanaugh, WilliamE41995 – 19981st DeckLooking to catch up with old shipmates
Johnson, CalebE-3Jan 1, 1995 – Feb 1, 1998SUPPLYSHIPSERVICEMAN
Ellis, TomEMFNFeb 1995 – Mar 1998Iit this was the best and hardest working people I have ever been around and I wish I would have kept in contact. Heaven doesn't want us hell is afraid we'll take over.Grab,Charlie,Dennis,Costa,Paul,Nigel.
Fritz, Andrew (Fritzdawg)GSM3Mar 31, 1995 – 1999MPWe all had some good times on that ship. All of us will remember all kinds of stories, forever. I salute all who served with me on the DIRTY CUSH
Young, Lamar (Regan)ET3(SW)Apr 1995 – Jul 1999CEServed on the Cush for 4+ years traveled on it from Pearl to Japan, installed the LAN system on the ship The original EHF tech onboard Played on the Basketball Team Currently working as a Cisco Certified Network Associate in the real world
Grabenstein, KeithEM2May 8, 1995 – May 13, 1998ECC...Just remember GSCS
Glaspell, HarrySK2(SW)Sep 3, 1995 – Sep 12, 1999S1 (The only ONE!)Great times and great friends. I still miss the hell out of her. I can't beleive she was sold to the Turks!. I'd rather see her at the bottom of the ocean.
Cook, WillieETC(SW) RET.Oct 1995 – Nov 1998CEOne of the Best Crews I ever served with, definitely the tightest CPO Mess.
Ramirez, AbrahamIC2Nov 1995 – Nov 2000CEWe had some good times and a whole lota crappy ones...but it was all good when we were able to go out and enjoy liberty. Drink up all you guys from the DIRTY CUSH.
Roe, Matthew Shitbag profile iconHT3Nov 8, 1995 – Nov 7, 1999Rwas up to all my homies on the DIRTY CUSH we worked hard and we drank hard.I will never forget the day chris my friend died it still to this day bothers me what happend.
Kwasiborski, Chris0S2Jan 1996 – Aug 16, 1999operationsenjoyed my years on this boat. wish i would of stayed in.
Allison, Rog. AlizeSHSNJan 3, 1996 – Jan 3, 2000S3Loved every minute onboard. Miss my brothers
Durkee, RobertBMCS(SW)May 16, 1996 – Jun 1, 2000OD/DeckIt brakes my heart so to see such a fine ship that has been through and accomplished so much be decomissioned. Well done to all who made who she was. Fair Winds & Following Seas.
Beamon, TerranceTM3/ Torpedomans MateJul 10, 1996 – Mar 13, 1998CAServed with a great bunch of guys from all walks of life. Currently still serving this great country of ours and building new vehicles for Ford Motor Company.
Miller, JimGM3Aug 1996 – May 1999CMGreat 3 years!!
Hagen, JerryGSM2Nov 7, 1996 – Nov 7, 1996MPCurrently working in power generation
Vukosa, GARY "VUKE"GM1997 – 2000
Henderson, KevinSTGC(SW)1997 – 2000CAGreat ship and even greater crew. Sad to see the mighty Cushing laid to rest.
Hicks, Robert "Chili"NC1(SW) - NCCMJan 1997 – Mar 1998Career CounselorGreat tour, lots of great Sailors. Preparing to retire in December '06. Best wishes to all
Strothman, NinoFC2Jan 1, 1997 – May 15, 2000CEI can't believe all you complainers who couldn't wait to get out of the Navy are now wishing you stayed. Me too! Loved hanging out with my Cush brothers. I'm in Chicago working at a physics lab, smashing atoms. Look me up.
McNealy, KennyOS1-OSC (RET)Jan 3, 1997 – Jul 1, 1999The Dirty Cush. Those was the good old days.
Sweeney, Jason profile iconMS3Jan 6, 1997 – Aug 20, 2000SupplyLooking for John Bueller, William Smith, Albert Walker, Francais, Don Sumlin or anyone from the dirty Cush I served with
Richardson, SidGSM3Feb 1997 – Dec 1999MPSome of the best times of my life. It was truly an honor and a privilege to have served with some of the finest people I have ever known.
Conrad, DennyDC2Mar 9, 1997 – Aug 15, 2000RepairSome of my Best memories are from the time and People I served with on the Cushing!
Richardson, BrianCTR3/2Mar 26, 1997 – Apr 11, 1998OWFirst ship, and it was great. Had someof the best times in the Navy. "Dirty Cush" will always bring a smile to my face when I meet others that served on her.
Holden, JasonSTG2Apr 1997 – Jun 2000CA Division
Wright, DavidSNApr 3, 1997 – Jun 9, 2000CGBest 3 years 7 months of my life. Should have stayed longer. The Cushing is still the BEST ship in the fleet!
Reed, PaulDC2 (SW)Jun 23, 1997 – Aug 15, 2000RepairHad a blast, wish i was still hitting ports with the guys.
Easley, Greggpn3Jun 24, 1997 – Jun 24, 2000navigationgood times glad im done miss pnc rosario, mgill, topete,yungman,endfinger, zarate, and all the riders on the dirty cush sorry to hear she is gone.
Zarate, ZE-3/DC3Oct 15, 1997 – Jun 15, 2000RHad some great times on the dirty cushing. Best wishes to all my shipmates.
Magee, RickFC1/E-6Oct 20, 1997 – Nov 1, 2000CFKinda miss the old ship.
Bartrug, Joe "barslug"GSM2Oct 28, 1997 – Oct 30, 2000MPTo all the guys I served with, I would like to say a big Thank You. You were and are the best bunch of guys I have ever known. So heres to you: Denny, Chief Millsaps, James, Josh, MavRick, Nate, Romero, DooDoo, Grissom, Kris, Sam, Paul Ect
Brock, JasonCPO/FCCNov 2, 1997 – Dec 14, 2001CG
Clark, RaymondHTFNDec 1997 – Sep 2000RepairHad a great time while I was part of this ship. Probably too much fun. There were some really great people that I encountered on the way. DC2 Gardner (Dewey), DC2 Conrad (Red), HT2 Eric Morgan (kept me in line), and DCC Trevor. Fair winds.
Connelly, ShawnFC2Dec 1997 – 2001CESo glad to be out! Working as a supplier risk analyst for a global bank in NYC. Hope everyone is doing well with their life.
Holic, WilliamBM2Dec 31, 1997 – Sep 15, 2000OD01I had the best time of my Career on this ship. I seen alot and did alot!
Grigsby, DavidOS2Jan 1, 1998 – Jan 1, 2000OI3RD SHIP.
Lane, AnthonyPC2Mar 28, 1998 – Mar 2001OD/S4To first navy navy family i enjoyed my time on the dirty cush. but say that around BMC Durkee. I miss the good times we shared in Japan. I will never forget the 985
Negron, MiguelGM3Apr 21, 1998 – Apr 21, 2001CGGreat Times! Great people. Will always miss ol' dirty.
Morton, JohnLTMay 1998 – Aug 2001OPSThe best of times and my favorite tour in the Navy. Served with some of the best people on earth!!!
McDowell, BrianEW2(SW)May 17, 1998 – Sep 1, 2001OWGood times partying with Ussery, Z, Solo, Bergerson, Hawk, TM, Vasquez, Bies, Frank, T-Nuts and 6 Duece. Great memories.
Thomas, RobertE-5/FC2(SW)May 20, 1998 – Mar 10, 2000CF
McPhail, WilliamSTG2(SW)Jul 1998 – Jun 2001CABest crew and basketball squad I ever was a part of in the Navy! Made a lot of good friends on the Dirty Cush!!
Greene, BrianE-4Aug 1998 – Nov 2001Combat Systems
Gibson, Travisms 3Aug 10, 1998 – Oct 10, 2001deck/supplyMan on man great times in this ship learned a lot and what a waste of a great place. The leader of the pack.. Big ups to my yakota crew.
Torres, AaronGSM2Aug 25, 1998 – Aug 12, 2000MP
Mauldin, SamSTG1Oct 1998 – Oct 2001CA
Topete, JavierPS2Nov 23, 1998 – Dec 11, 2001NX01
Clea, JamesOS2Dec 31, 1998 – May 19, 2002OII agree with Bufford, That boat was like hell. I did had a few good times. I made some good friends. KC, GOMEZ, SANTOS, BUFF, KENNY MAC, KYON, D-BO, COLLADO, FISH, KWAS, BIG FRED, DESPUES, BULL, ROBBIE, RICH, SPOON, CLARK, LOGAN, REAGAN.

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Point of ContactPlanned datePlanned locationRemarks
Scott LoucksOct 27, 2023Where everyone would like.I loved the Cush " AKA Dirty Cush" as she was known as when she arrived, our crew from 1999-2003 rebuilt her from stern to fantail. What a awesome ship!!

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