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USS Cushing (DD 985) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Cushing (DD 985). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 470 crew members registered for the USS Cushing (DD 985).

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Bennett, Gerald (Banuto)HT31980 – Aug 1983Repair
Ryan, Bob (Rover)ICC1980 – 1984E
Waller, JeffOS31980 – 1982OIMany fond memories.
Kepferle, DonDS31980 – Aug 17, 1984Combat Electronics3 west packs, great ship and crew
Mosley, Embry/mooseOS1Jan 1980 – Aug 29, 1984OIi was the lpo and work center supervisor of oi division.i was also the track supervisor and link co-ordinator during general quarters.i was also an anti submarine air controller.
Gilliland, BradEW2Feb 25, 1980 – Sep 9, 1981OIOne of the first three EW's that served aboard Cushing after ships commissioning. Home port San Diega, CA.
Ryan, BobICCMay 1980 – May 1984E
Atijera, JuanitoEN2Jul 1980 – Mar 1984ABest days in the Navy
Tennill, MarcEN2Oct 1980 – Aug 1982A-GANG/MP(Oil King)Great Ship!! I really miss the ship and crew. Left the ship in 82. Went into the Army for 9 years and then to the Naval Reserves and Retired out. Fair winds and following sea's to all who served this fine ship!
Galyen, MichaelFTG3Dec 29, 1980 – Dec 29, 1984WeaponsProudly served under Captain Will Rogers III !
La Rusch, JohnET2Apr 1981 – Oct 1984CEit was a great honor to serve under Capt. of times on the westpacs. shout out to will, scotty,recio, kep,merrill,augie,cam & the whole ew & ds guys & radioshack crew
Lazarus, JohnE3May 1981 – Sep 1982DeckGreat crew. Got to hang a little with Bob Doerr, Tom Keegan. I had a great time on WestPac, it was my third and last. Capt Rogers was a smart and fair man, Leutenant Craft helped me keep on the straight and narrow. Kingsbury, you're great.
Dostaler, Robert BonzoQM2Jun 1981 – Jun 6, 1984Nav
Canouse, BarryE-4/HTSep 1981 – Jun 1985RGreat fun on two WestPacs, remember nobody came down HT Alley. Snipes rule.
Kolodjeski, WayneBM3Nov 1981 – Dec 1983Deck
Woodard, TheaophilasE-2Nov 1981 – Jul 27, 1985FTMThe Navy was the best years of my life. Worked with a lot of good guys.
Allison, TerrySTGCDec 1981 – Dec 1984CAThe Golden Lion was a proud ship and she could preform ASW.
Tinder, Robert (Tinman)GSMFNDec 11, 1981 – Apr 6, 1985MPThe best of my 22+ years in the military! Great crew and officers. God bless all who served on this great ship!!!
Earl Reid, EarlOS2/OS1Jan 15, 1982 – Feb 15, 1984OIMy favorite ship and crew. We had a great group of guys in OI Division.
Dempsey, EdwardE3May 1982 – Nov 19841st Division
Powers, PeterGSM2May 25, 1982 – Jun 16, 1987MPGoodtimes ....still think about the days.
Anderson, KenOS2/OS1Jun 1982 – Jul 1987OI Div
Stone, RogerGSM2Jul 15, 1982 – Sep 18, 1987MPMER2, Oil Shack, MER1, could it have been any more fun? Alright you guardians of the underworld, after 30 years I kind of miss it, GSM2 Stone:
Mullen, KevinFC2Sep 1982 – Jan 5, 1985CGCushing was my first ship and because of that it was special. I still remember all the guys I knew there and still tell friends stories from my time there.
Chappie, JayIC3Sep 1982 – Feb 1985E2 Westpac's, Christmas in Hong Kong. Don't know how it got the name "dirty Cush" later, it was spic & span when I was on it. Served another sea tour and shore duty after I left.
Kincaid, JimBMCOct 1, 1982 – Oct 1, 1986DeckGreat ship, wonderful crew, great experiences. Enjoyed overhaul time in Portland. Would like to reconnect with shipmates.
Richardson, Merrill Or RichDS2Nov 1982 – Mar 1986combat electronics (cemy life began when i checked onboard and ended when i went to shore duty later. made the 2nd and 3rd deployments and boy, did i see the world. we had a great crew and a great reputation on the west coast. i'll remember her til the end of my days.
Ziemann, Tom Aka Seaman ZiemannE-3 SeamanDec 15, 1982 – Aug 15, 1983Combat SystemsWas an incredible period of emotional maturity for me.
Hatcher, WillET2Dec 22, 1982 – Apr 2, 1985CEEntry date: 1-7-07 First ship, great ship, great shipmates, would love to hear from my favorite EW (Spud Cannaday) and ofcourse his EW sidekick (Rick Simpson).Found another shipper (Dadaian) this week & E-mailed him.<SALUTE> Capt. Rogers.
Poulos, William T.SNDec 31, 1982 – May 17, 1987DeckIt was a pleasure to serve with Captain Will C. Rodgers III. Nice to hear from Mr. Karns, Tony Anzic, and well well YNC Kingsbury how are you?. Anyone know the whereabouts of NC1 Robert Matthews, FA Ronald Still, Chief Sellers, BMC Kincaid,Lt Burke.
Cannaday, Alan/ SpudEW2Feb 1983 – Jan 17, 1986CombatTwo West Pac's, a cruise to Alaska, and Experiences in the Pershian Gulf that will never be forgot. I must agree with the others It was great sailing with a captian as great as Will Rogers III.
Cooper, EricHT3Feb 1983 – Oct 1986RepairHi to all that served, email me if you like at
Sauvageau, Dennis J.GSM 2Apr 1, 1983 – May 1, 1988Main PropulsionAny other Snipes out there?
Deering, TimOS2Apr 1, 1983 – Apr 1, 1985OICant remeber much about this ship, probably cause i was getting married and thats all i could think about. Oh Yeah and all of the great Poker games!!!
Morse, DickICC(SW)Apr 16, 1983 – Jan 7, 1987Electrical "E"Best ship I served on in my 23 year career. Came aboard as an IC1 and left as an ICC(SW). Many great shipmates and fond memories.
Cowan, WaltFC3Apr 30, 1983 – Jun 22, 1987CBWhat a great experience!
Hayes, ChuckDS2May 21, 1983 – Apr 7, 1987CEGreat time in my life. Many wonderful friends I would love to see again
Valentino, JohnSN / HNJul 1983 – Sep 1985Deck / medGreat crew and capt. Rodgers was aces, a real tight crew and some of the best times of my life
Shull, Troy profile iconGMG1 (SW)Aug 1983 – Jul 1988CG (Best Guns in the Fleet at the time)What ever happened to GMC Henry Sellers? I can remember those days like they were yesterday. Boy did we have some fun on this boat. Capt. Williams Rodgers III, what a great skipper. Great GM's top to bottom (except one)
McKee, Cliff (Cakes)OSSNAug 15, 1983 – Jan 9, 1987OI23OCT2008. E-7 in the Army. Going to deploy to MiddleEast for third time in military career.Pray every day that I can be forgiven for the errors I made while assigned to the Cushing. Have a 1984 yearbook if you need a format to make one.
Hammerman, Tim (Teeg)GSM3Aug 18, 1983 – Oct 3, 1986MPMany worlds I've gone since I first left home. I have many adventures post Navy and would like to reconnect and hear the adventures my shipmates have been on.
Fulton, ChrisGSM3Oct 1983 – Dec 1987engineeringdrop a line old shipmates
Karns, Gary (Little Doc)HM-2Oct 10, 1983 – Oct 10, 1986NXLove my time on the ship.Was the best command I severed at with the best guys! Will never forget it.Would love to hear from anyone that was on the ship while I was. Would love to make one of the reunions.Maybe someday! Please let me know how you guys
McKay, AlOS1Nov 1983 – May 1985OIWestpac/Persian Gulf 84 LPO OI Division

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1979 | 1980 – 1983 | 1984 – 1986 | 1987 – 1988 | 1989 – 1991 | 1992 – 1994 | 1995 – 1998 | 1999 – 2000 | 2001 – 2003 | 2004 – now

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