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USS Cushing (DD 985) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Cushing (DD 985). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 470 crew members registered for the USS Cushing (DD 985).

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Smith, JamesDK30000 – Nov 1, 1996S4
Miracle, JimmieFire Control Technician First ClassApr 6, 1955 – Sep 5, 1959Fire ControlI just attended the reunion for the Cushing in San Diego, October 16 and 17. 2015. Had a great time
Grove, Donald profile iconBM21977 –DeckI'm a proud plank owner.
McAfee, Macsk31978 – 1979supplyi was stationed at usn fit command pascagoula ms worked on pre-com (supply) outfitting dd969-dd975,pcs to agf3uss laselle,pcs to pre-com dd985,plankowner,pcs to ff1063 westpac.pcs change of rate to grtlakes mm1 84 meddch
Hathaway, GarySM21979 – Jan 1983Plank Owner. Member of original signal gang along with Williams, Blodgett, Davis and Carawen. 3 times thru the Panama canal, Hurricane Fredrick in Pascagola, 2 West Pac's and the Indian ocean...Ah,Those were the good old days!
Paczkowski, JimRMC1979 – 1980OPSPlank Owner Chief of the comm division, great bunch of guys, many panama canal trips and one Large hurricane
Barbor, LendenE-1 HT1979 – 1981Plankowner. I surfed Acapulco. Remember me?
Ventura, MichaelMS21979 – 1983GALLEYAwsome ship enjoyed all the cruises and making longtime friends.
Mahee, RalphRM21979 – 1980OpsI really enjoyed serving aboard the USS Cushing. Although I didn't go on the westpac (due to an operation), I did, however, cross the Panama Canal three times and sail through Hurricane Frederick off the Gulf Coast.
Wysong, SamSTG2/STG11979 – 1982CAPlankowner, with: STGCS Skip Clowery STG1 Ken "Gooch" Crouch STG1 Jerry Hendrickson STG1 Chuck Edmonson STG3 Mike Mosley STG3 Rob Butcher STG3 Frank Cordova STG3 "Still Bill" McCoy and others too many to name.
Pierce, FrankMAC1979 – Jun 1981EXEC
Skinner, David (Skinny)TM21979 – 1981WD
Medford, HenryElectritions Mate1979 – Jan 8, 1982Engineering
Johnson, BobbyE4 Master at Arms1979 – 1979MAProud too have served aboard her . From 1979 to 1983 . Great memories for me.
Galvin, KerryHT31979 – 1982R-DivI had a great time in Pascagoula
Crouch, Joseph J.d.OS 31979 – 1981OIPlank Owner - Living in Pacifica CA now. Joined the Navy at 17 in KC Missouri. First time at sea was when we took her out (pre-comm) because hurricane Fredrick was coming (LA) In and had to ride it out at sea:
Lazo, MannyE-6/EM1Jan 10, 1979 – Jul 18, 1984Plank Owner
Collins, Charles "Wayne"RM2Feb 1979 – Oct 13, 1980OPS
Sims, KevinE3Feb 22, 1979 – Feb 20, 1980EnginemanNo
Shanklin, Richard W.OS2Apr 1979 – Dec 1982OIOriginal member of commisioning crew.
Ombina Jr., Cleofas G.GSE1Apr 1979 – Dec 1982EngineeringPlank Owner
Whitehead, MarkGSE2Apr 1979 – Dec 1980MPPlankowner. First Engineer to report to San Diego. Currently involved with the USS Cushing Association reunion group.
Fausett, James "Jj"ET1Apr 1979 – Sep 1981CSEPLANKOWNER - The best crew to ever served aboard a "DESTROYER"! We had great times on the"Willie B"!!
McKinley, JimRM3Apr 1979 – Oct 1981opsplankowner. made original westpac. radio crew was great. softball team was a beast.
Chenevert, Gary profile icongse-1Apr 15, 1979 – Jun 15, 1983main propulsioni was part of the pre-com team in Pascagoula. I came aboard as a GSE-2'. The Willie B was her first nickname. call me 7028169270.
Craig, SkeeterGSECMay 1979 – Jan 1983MPPlank owner. One of the best Commands I served on. Great precom Crew.
Hendrickson, JerrySTG!May 1, 1979 – Apr 25, 1981CA
Witherspoon (Spoon), GuyYN2May 7, 1979 – Nov 1, 1981Deck/AdministrationFirst Ship - Plank Owner - Experienced Hurricane Frederick and 3 trips through Panama Canal - Great Crew
Hawkins, Jim (hawk)GM3Jun 1979 – Feb 1981CG{PlankOwner} The Gun Gang was the best, we had the best Chief to work for and the worst chief to piss off. Anybody remember then Chief Wheeler?
Torke, SamOS1Jun 1979 – Mar 1981Precomm Crew. Time in P'goula was great. Just fnd site. Saw Shanklin, Singleton, Guthrie. Look'd at history. Amazing times. Comm with Scharf periodically. Followed Viera's career
Mueller, Jeff (Mule)OS2Jun 1, 1979 – Jan 1, 1982OPS/OICame on OSSN left OS2 Precom, Commissioning1, Decom1 &Commissioning2, First WestPac were great. Went to Decom2 got to see some of the old Precom Gang. Sad to see a great ship that would not be able to fight no more.
Clark, DannyMSSRJun 15, 1979 – Sep 18, 1980I had a great time starting a new command,sailing hurrcane Fred was a blast. She was a beautiful Ship.
Hawkins, JamesGMGSNJun 15, 1979 – Jun 16, 1981CGI will never forget Chief Wheeler, may he rest in peace.
Reeves, LeeEN3Jun 15, 1979 – Oct 15, 1981A-GangPlank Owner. Great West-Pac (What I remember of it)
Maddox, RickFTM2Jun 19, 1979 – Aug 30, 1983CMNato Seasparrow Tech
Smith, GeneET-3(PJ)/ET-2(PJ)Jul 1979 – Jul 1983Combat Systems 01Plank owner. Was on her when we rode out Frederick in the Gulf.
Carawan, JerryE3Jul 1979 – May 1982OCPlank owner. Hurricane Frederick. Last US flagged warship to transit the Panama Canal before we gave it to Panama.
Smith, Darrell profile iconHT1(SW)Jul 5, 1979 – Apr 12, 1981Repair Division
Thrift, LarryHMCAug 1979 – Aug 1982NXPreCom Detail and Commissioning Crew
Singleman, DougOS2Aug 1979 – Sep 20, 1982OIPlankowner. I saw Shanklin's name on here. How'd you ever make E-5. I remember you sleeping standing up during qtrs. on the O-3 in P.I. on our first WestPac. Anybody remember,Keith Wilson, Dave Vierra, Brad Thorogh, Jeff Waller or Bob Dostaler
Hunter, Johnpn1Aug 1979 – Aug 20, 1980adminPlankowner, ran personnel and career counselor for our fitting out. Left in Aug80. Good crew good times. Call me 417-275-4766
Singleman, DougOSSN/3/2Aug 21, 1979 – Sep 21, 1982OIPLANKOWNER-First reported aboard before she was completed. Went to sea before she was commisoned to run from Hurricanes David and Fredrick. Only Spruance commisioned in San Diego. We had 2 deaths on our 1st WestPac in '81. Crazy times then!
Nielsen, AnkerHT3Aug 24, 1979 – Dec 31, 1980/Plank owner. She was a good ship. I liked chief Beards. We were a tight ship and division. I remember the BB&G in Pasagoula ..... Do you ?
Nicholas, John (Nick)ET2Sep 16, 1979 – Jun 1982CEPlankowner - Shout out to all my buddies in CE div, Auggie, Smitty, john, Larouch, Paul and the group.
Hulsey, PeterE6/PN1Oct 1979 – Feb 1981PersonnelPlankowner. Remember having to pull out of port before ship was commissioned due to Hurricane Fredrick in the Gulf of Mexico that hit MS. The ship was the cadillac of the day with the gas turbin props. Wow 20 years ago.
Augustine, Jim (Augie)ET2Oct 1979 – Nov 1983CE DivisionHi to the original crew of the Willie B
Rodriguez, MarcellinoSMSN / BMSNNov 1979 – Nov 1984CommunicationsFirst 1 1/2 years aboard Boatswains Mate then Signalman for the rest. 81'/82' & 82'/83' West Pacs. Was responsible for all the guitar whaling in the aft reel room while out to sea.
Campbell, JohnEM3Nov 1, 1979 – Nov 1, 1983E
Bales, PaulHT3Nov 15, 1979 – Sep 22, 1982I remember having a great time on board. Panama Canal, Pascagoula Ms. (Buffarillos) RL Smith. Went on a West Pac cruise. HT's rule! Don't you dare come down Snipe Alley.
Blodgett, LarySM1(SW) & NC1(SW)Dec 20, 1979 – Aug 1984PRECOMMISHINING CREWPLANK OWNER and Proud of it !!!

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