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USS Leftwich (DD 984) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Leftwich (DD 984). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 541 crew members registered for the USS Leftwich (DD 984).

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Nimmo, MattSTG2/E51988 – 1993CA
Harrison, NormanBM1988 – 1991DECK
McKenzie, KentOS2Jan 1988 – Jul 1991OPSDoes anyone have a photo of the "Wicked Witch riding the Tomahawk" that I painted in the crew's rec? --SKIDS
Velasquez, CoreySN/BM1Jan 1988 – May 19921stOf the three Sprunce classes that I was on the "Wicked Witch of the West" was the best. I had many great times onboard and met lifelong friends. Sad that she is gone.
Bias, Dan "Luther"OS2Jan 1988 – Nov 1991OI Had a lot of good times with all of you. I sure do miss it. Did 4 years reserve duty with seabees. Didn't even come close to the my experiance on the ship. probably not much ever will....
Waters, BobbyDC2Jan 1988 – Aug 1991RBest ship in the fleet
Rayl, William (Turtle)Bm2Jan 1988 – Jul 1992Deck Howz It! Cant' be leave I hadn't found this site before. Hope every one is well. Looking for Cory V., Jim Jam, Don Jansen, Buba Cook. or anyone else E-mail me at Late
Sellers, GreggGSM 2Jan 10, 1988 – May 21, 1992MPHello to all of my old shipmates. I saw a couple of names I remembered. Sellers_gregg or gregg_sellers
McAvoy, ShawnSTG3/E4Feb 1988 – Jul 1990CA
Sousa, DavidEn2(sw)Feb 9, 1988 – Jul 1, 1992aDam'n They Sank her? that sucks. Best ship and crew ever. Mark rosenburg, i'm in wa. look me up. Anyone else that was in a gang or eng. dept. Hope to hear from yall. Later
Rosenberg, MarkEN2Mar 1988 – Aug 1991A-GangWas doing some reminising and felt like looking up info on the Leftwich. Found this site and thought that I should register. If Geoff Sturgill ever see's this get ahold of me.
Griffith, TreyOS2Mar 1, 1988 – May 26, 1991OIThere is a Leftwich Reunion in Las Vegas July 24 - 26, 2009. Email for more information. See you there, Trey
Bruce, RonHTFR/HT2Mar 2, 1988 – Mar 10, 1992
Cahill, Sean "woody"USS LEFTWICHMar 15, 1988 – Jan 4, 1992OILooking for the boys-Randy, Rug, Kevin, Donger, Dave, etc. We drank beer, made people laugh and rocked.
Jones, BrianSK2Mar 30, 1988 – 1990S1She was a great ship, made some good friends!
Cahill, Sean "woody"OS2Apr 1988 – Jan 2, 1992OI-News WicketsWhat the HELL? Woody here and can't believe I never found this web site. Some one drop me a line, I am looking for Randy, Kevin, Rughead, Donger, Dave or anyone else I killed brain cells with. Email me.
Veatch, DavidOS2May 8, 1988 – Apr 11, 1991OIWhere are Gary and Merna?
Dwyer, ThomasGM2May 10, 1988 – May 11, 1992CGBest time and Experience. Think of you guy's often Rug Head, Hinkles, Satin Fet. I still have your number Mike and will give you a call. Drop a note
Ferguson, Brian FergboE-5/OS2Jun 1988 – Oct 1991OI/OPSTo get on the Leftwich email list send email to USSLEFTWICH@GMAIL.COM We will only send you Leftwich information regarding shipmates, reunions, memorabilia. Never spam/junk.
Doucette, BillEW2Jun 7, 1988 – Dec 7, 1989OI
O'Neill, BillOSCSJun 26, 1988 – Jul 14, 1991OIGreat crew, best I ever served with, lots of underway time and of course Desert Storm
Cupps, LinFC3/FC2Jul 16, 1988 – Jul 16, 1992CMOf five ships I've served on, by far the best.
Taylor, TyroneEW1Jul 30, 1988 – May 30, 1991OWDamn...didn't know they sank her! Had an awesome time on that bad boy! I'm in Tulsa, Jack!! Where the hell are you?
Taylor, TyroneEW1Aug 1988 – May 1991OWAwesome times on the Leftwich! OW division was the most freakin fun! I'm in Tulsa, Jack!! Where the hell are you?
Moynihan, James V.STG-2Aug 19, 1988 – Feb 1992CA
mackey, JohnFC3(SW)Aug 23, 1988 – Feb 10, 1991CM
Pine, Troy AIC3Sep 14, 1988 – Sep 14, 1992EGreat ship to have served on the crew was the best in the fleet , i could have not served on a better destroyer. Made some great friends, i will never forget them , hope that other shipmates will contact me if they see my name.I hope to hear from you
Pine, TroyIC3Sep 14, 1988 – Sep 14, 1992EWas the best i serverd on made some great friends for life that I will never forget
MacCabee, Charles-dongerOS3Sep 16, 1988 – Aug 23, 1991OIgreat friends made and good times had. desert storm was awesome, love those tomahawks.loved beating some wog ass..
Stevens, DaveEN3Oct 1988 – Oct 1991ENGWas a blast. Good times!!
Rutter, JeffFC2/1/CNov 1988 – Dec 1991CMBest ship I ever served on, my CM Division was the best. Great shipmates, fun portcalls and Desert Storm. Nothing like the sound of Tomahawk launch early in the morning! Ashamed they had to sink her.
Coar, RickSK21989 – 1992S-1I was on the best DD and the worst DD. Leftwich was the best and O'bannon was the worst.
Coleman, VernonE-51989 – 19921stWicked Witch of the West
Roof, Kevinsh31989 – 1991supplySo sad to hear she sunk.what a great crew and lots of memories. Drop me a line. Like to hear from you
Waddell, DennisEN2 (SW)Jan 1989 – Aug 1993A-GANGThis is the Wadd. Any of my homies from the ship contact me @ Looking for my boy MR1 Scott Drew and Capt. A or any of my engineering buddies.
Nance, JdCTO2Jan 1, 1989 – Jan 1, 1991Dirsup out of Navcams Eastpac1 Westpac & an IO PG tour. Loved Destroyers - hated working in an 8x12 van (the white box amidship)
Crain, John/ NiarcOS2Jan 26, 1989 – Mar 25, 1993OI/OPSWhere's NATAS AND BUG AND WHITT???
Crain, John/ NiarcOS@\\2Jan 28, 1989 – Aug 31, 1993OI/OPSGood to see alot of old names, lots of great times with alot of great friends...
Consolver, MichaelRMSN - RM2Feb 1, 1989 – Feb 9, 1992OC01Was drunk alot... but still good memories of her. I still run into guys I met on that ship. A little sad she is at the bottom.
Johnson, Dennisstg2Mar 10, 1989 – Mar 1992sonarsome the best years of my life were spent aboard this ship.....Great friends...hope i can reunite with some.....Gotta Love the Wicked Witch!!!
Pratt, Everett "Scott"LTApr 1989 – May 1992ASWO/MPAMy first ship and many great memories. Mike, Scott, Bobby and rest, great wardroom and even greater Sailors. To MP division, thanks for teaching me how to be an Engineer. From Hilo to PI - take it to the max!
Salas, MoisesE7/GMCApr 15, 1989 – Feb 12, 1993Combat GunsThe experience I had onboard the Leftwich DD 984, was filled with the desire to serve my country well, work alongside courageous shipmates, and train them well. An awesome experience! "GO NAVY"
Deke, LanceEN1-E6May 26, 1989 – May 31, 1991A DivisionExcellent Command wish I could have stayed longer
Wrocklage, TomE4/STG3Jul 7, 1989 – Aug 4, 1991ASWHad a great time in Hawaii and on westpack with the Wicked Witch of the West!!!
Hill, RichFC2(SW)Aug 1989 – Aug 1993CMA reef? what a shame, best ship I've served on. Looking to reach old shipmates I served with. Drop me a line. Currently enroute to the USS Pinckney DDG 91, Stationed in San Diego
Bourke, RobLTJGAug 1, 1989 – Sep 30, 1991OPS/CSSo sad to see her pass beneath the waves and into legend, but her place in the memories and hearts of her crew is secure.
Ricks, PeterOS1Aug 3, 1989 – Jan 1, 1992OPS/OISad to see she's now a reef... Good memories of Hawaii, serving with great people.
Thomas, Jr., ClarenceE5Aug 25, 1989 – Oct 23, 1992OCWicked witch on the map!!! Haze gray and underway. The best times w/ the best crew in the Navy!
Karas, TimEN-FNAug 27, 1989 – Sep 23, 1993Aux. Mechanic, A-gangFast Ship, Was Always under way Op Desert Sheild/Storm, Southern Watch
Rich, Michael YFC3Sep 1989 – Mar 1991
Karas, TimothyenfnSep 27, 1989 – Sep 27, 1993Engineering/ A-gangI was sent to Pear Harbor to be Detached to Uss Left wich DD-984 . My Cheif was Cheif Levya .
Hairston, AnthonyBM3Oct 12, 1989 – Aug 30, 1993odgreat ship i loved hawaii sad she at the bottom
Schmitz, PhilGSMC (SW)Nov 1989 – Oct 1992MP
Clement, Jim "Scorch"OS1 (SW)Nov 22, 1989 – Jun 23, 1992OIOnboard during Desert Storm. Served with some fine folks - Skids, Dave Veatch, Scott Stevens, Mike Smith, Mike Frick. Saw a few at her decomm. Sad to see her go, she had a lot of life left in her. Still cruising the beach in Hawaii.
Painter, AlfredFC3Dec 7, 1989 – Aug 10, 1991CMOn the 'witch through Desert Shield/Desert Storm. CMDR Garrett (Capt.), LT CMDR Kennedy (XO), LT Negalez (Div. O), FCCM Ashenfelter (CMC), FC1 Rutter

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1979 | 1980 – 1981 | 1982 – 1983 | 1984 – 1985 | 1986 – 1987 | 1988 – 1989 | 1990 – 1991 | 1992 – 1993 | 1994 – 1995 | 1996 – now

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