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USS Leftwich (DD 984) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Leftwich (DD 984). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 541 crew members registered for the USS Leftwich (DD 984).

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Cook, RonGSE1/GSEC1980 – 1984MPBest ship I ever sailed on, best group of Engineers to work with. Sorry she came to such an end
McGhee, DouglasQM31980 – 1982NXI see that after all these years that Emig is still a jerk! Hi Steve. Hey Danny.
Harlos, RichardFTM31980 – 1982CICMaintained Sea Sparrow and Harpoon weapons, computer and radar. Served with G.Hinojosa, G.Grant, M.Pressley, R.Karbowski and others; would enjoy hearing from them, or any other shipmates that remember me, or just want to reminisce.
Harmon, James1980 – 1985MPour ship, our ship, its a fish house now....
Asquith, CharlesSTG31980 – 1984CA Great memories....great people.
Engelman, JohnNC 11980 – 1982ADMINIt was the best 2 years in my navy career. I was on her maiden cruise. My XO CDR. W. H. (Bill) Parkes was one of the finest Naval Officers That I ever had the pleasure to work under. I would love to re-connect with him.
Gardner, DaveRM3Jan 1980 – Nov 1983OPS/communicationsanother radioman/ INTQNR32@AOL.COM
Davis, CainRM2Jan 10, 1980 – Nov 16, 1981CommunicationsServed as a radioman
Davis, Cainrm3Jan 15, 1980 – Nov 15, 1981radio shackGood to see our old shipmate, please call 352.871.4555
Davis, CainRM2Jan 15, 1980 – Nov 15, 1981RadiomanLooking for old shipmates
Eastgate, Dan profile iconQMSRFeb 1980 – Feb 1984Still crazy after all these years!
Van Dyke, BillBM3Feb 1, 1980 – Apr 1984Boatswain MateWhere is everybody?? Any one remember dry dock in the Phillipines? Tim B, Steve ? Bear-your here, contact me-, any one else!! Email me, please.
James, RobertGSCMMar 1980 – Jun 1985MP EMO3
Foster, MichaelFTM2May 1980 – Dec 1980CSM
Mulalley, CarlHT2Jun 1980 – Jul 1982R/ER09This was my first ship and the best. I will truely miss her.
Douglass, ScottET2Jun 1980 – Aug 24, 1982CEJust found the site. Wow blast from the past, I have the best memories of that ship and the crew I served with. I really grew up while in and would do it all over again.
Chisholm, GeoffIC 2Jun 18, 1980 – Jul 10, 1983ELooking for Fouad
Jackson, DougMS3Jun 30, 1980 – Apr 13, 1983Supply/CookLot's of fantastic memories on the Ole' Leftwich; can't believe she sits on the bottom of the ocean now though!!!
Bankston, RoyGSM/2,3,FN????Jul 1980 – Sep 1984aft engine rmhate to the wich is gone! lots of fun memories, we will go on!! say hello guys!
Schreiman, RickIC1Jul 6, 1980 – Jan 1, 1985EEnjoye my time onboard DD 984, some of by best memories were during that time.
Broxton, GeraldE3Aug 27, 1980 – Jul 21, 1984Deck/Ship servicemanWas tough at first. But later got easy as eating cake.
Reinhardt, MarkEN3-EN2(SW) NOW ENCS(SW) RETSep 13, 1980 – Jun 13, 1983Auxiliary (A-Gang)The Witch of the west was a great ship. Of the 9 West-Pac's in my carreer none were better than the 82-83, 9 ports and the longest time at sea was 17 days. It was the best ever. I have lots of photos.
Vrabel, BobGSM1Oct 1980 – Jun 1985MPThe best and only ship I had. Everyone I met, while on board, were the best. I miss you all. 3 WESTPACS all the ports and great times. They were the greatest times of my life!!
Bartlett, BrianET1 (EVENTUALLY)Oct 1, 1980 – Jun 1, 1987CEHeck the retired her, they retired me. At least they didn't use me as a target!
Beck, BarryRM2Nov 1980 – Jul 1984OPSThe one and only ship I ever served on. I left a lot of great friends when I left. The time spent on- board was memorable and enlightening. Worked hard but played hard. "Life's lessons learned" Send me an e-mail.
DeRusha, MikeOS11981 – 1983
Benningfield, Don/benwaGSM2/FR1981 – 1984mplot's of memories, mostly good.Dickhart,stanaford,donny joe, & me. 4 misfits that made it look good. Hey to cheif Cook if he's out there.
Yeaton, LincolnE11981 – 1985gmgi loved that ship and had some good friends but when they busted me they went overbored . but i still miss it. gomes , mellvin, love to here from you guys. gb wich and mt51 gun crew
Losasso, JerryDS21981 – 1984CEI often remember these good 'ole days. Great bunch of guys that I served with.
Chan, RayGSE31981 –MPlankowner
Giffen, KirkSTG2(SW)1981 – 1983Combat SystemsHad good times, remember the bats in PI?
Sarles, Benjamin then ENFN-EN 3 Now Sgt US Army Cav scout1981 – 1985AUXILLARY A-GANGhey to everyone that i served with in was the best time of my life.wish i had of stayed in,hey to mark, rudy and the general. get back to me if your out there.i still miss the land of P.I.
Anderson, Rickos1Jan 5, 1981 – Feb 1983oiboy do I remember that collision with the Edison. I was in cic right across from capt burke. the next thing he said was the are not any rocks out here,and ran to the bridge yelling general quarters.and pi here we come.
Haaversen, Dale S.E-3Feb 1981 – Apr 1981
Gomes, JeffreyFTG2Mar 1981 – Feb 1984CGMy first ship. Lots of good memories. Fouad Higazi you owe me $20!
Malec, DaveMS2Mar 5, 1981 – Aug 4, 1987SUPPLYMY BEST NAVY MEMORIES
Schoors, DennisMSSNMar 10, 1981 – Apr 10, 1983
Frisbie, WayneET1(SW)Apr 1981 – Oct 1984CELooking back they were probibly the best 3 and a half years of my life.
Palmer, Owen ( O.j. ) profile iconGMT 3May 1981 – Jun 1982CAMy first ship to go to. out of boot camp to glakes training center graduate of Gunners a school and awhs c school
Blanton, RobertGMT1May 26, 1981 – Dec 20, 1984CAMy fisrt Spurance, loved the WestPac's, worked and played with some great people. "When you care enough to send the very best" The ASROC logo on the door, said it all.
Kehoe, JeffLTJun 1981 – May 1985Operations
Woodruff, DonQM2Aug 1981 – Jun 1984Navigation
Namchek, JamesRM2Oct 1981 – Dec 1982OPS
Lee, Donald, JoeFNOct 1, 1981 – May 9, 1984OIL KINGDammit....I missed the ship..AGAIN !!
Davis, BlakeYNOct 15, 1981 – Nov 15, 1982AdminGreat crew! The Leftwich was the cadillac of the sea. Sad to learn about DD984 sitting on the bottom of Pacific.
Woodruff, Don "Woody"QM3Oct 15, 1981 – May 15, 1984NavigationI can't believe the ship was used for target practice, now rest in peace at the bottom of the ocean.
Sturtz, KenMR1Nov 1981 – Jun 1986r-2came aboard non-rated snipe, left MR1(SW)-best ship ever
Richman, LeeWAS BM3 KNOW A BMC USNRNov 1981 – Dec 1984OD/DeckHad a lot of fun aboard her, too bad they sunk her. Email adress is
Bankston, RoyGSMNov 1981 – Oct 1984aft engine rm. rules!!! hey kloph, coke and benningfield. higasi you owe me 40$. great times. hello everyone!!
White, RogerSTG3Nov 15, 1981 – Sep 6, 1982SonarIt was a very nice ship especially compared to the USS Downes 1070. Many of my classmates were plank owners. If I had not pulled Shore duty before sea duty, I probably would have been a plank owner.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1979 | 1980 – 1981 | 1982 – 1983 | 1984 – 1985 | 1986 – 1987 | 1988 – 1989 | 1990 – 1991 | 1992 – 1993 | 1994 – 1995 | 1996 – now

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