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USS Nicholson (DD 982) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Nicholson (DD 982). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 559 crew members registered for the USS Nicholson (DD 982).

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Stevens, MarkSN1998 – 1999DECKI Learned alot from my experiences on this Ship and I will never Forget the Night we launched Tomahawk missiles at Iraq. The Image of those Missles shooting up and the Battle flag flying is embedded in my head.
Tabor, ToddET2 (NSW)1998 –CSE 5Good times with many good people in many interesting places.
Weilbacher, Robert JamesSTG1(SW)Jan 12, 1998 – Jul 12, 2000CSACSA Workcenter Supervisor/53C Technician. Did 98-99 Cruise. Miss the ole Nicholson and its finest crew!!
Charles, Shakine/big LazySN/TM3/CTR2Feb 2, 1998 – Apr 15, 2002Deck/CSAI Nasty nick, she was a great ship! I've meet some of the best friends and people on that ship. I'm unbreakable from the exprience! I also miss the OG's ODO1 forever Brookins,Bell,Stokes,Porchia,Powell,Bowens love you all!
Ross, Leroy/sepelleTM2Feb 13, 1998 – Dec 18, 2002CSA-3I started as out here as TMSR. 2mths from begining onboard 5yrs total!And NO end of tour awards!GO Nasty-Nic! to the crew love u guys like a play cuz. best of luck
Waheed, AzeezE-5/GSM2Feb 18, 1998 – May 25, 2002MPliving in NYC, life is gr8.
Waheed, AzeezGSM2Feb 22, 1998 – May 29, 2002TrainingI out the Navy and loving every minute of it. I wanted to tell all those officers and CPO's, they were just trying to make the next grade up nomatter at what cost. And for the rest I had a great time. Drop a few lines.
Johnson, KennethET1Mar 29, 1998 – Dec 20, 2002CSEI have only been on one ship but I know that it could not possibly get any better then the "Nasty".
Meier, MatthewGMG2 (SW)Apr 15, 1998 – May 15, 2000CSGGood time and some bad times, especially when Chief Shutter almost whooped my ass in Israel (2000) lol. Take care Chief, it was good sailing with you.
Dewine-peroceschi, Dena And/or ParSTJul 15, 1998 – Feb 1, 1999ST/TMWas there short time, remember lots of 6 on/6off, dying for snail mail, hard to work out on moving ship. Gombey was my BFF, Stevenson was my chief. Loved sinking USS Turner in 98, coolest thing ive ever been part of.
White, Charles V JrGSM1Aug 21, 1998 – Nov 18, 2002MP
Lee, Samuel (Stoney) Or (flea) profile iconBM2Sep 27, 1998 – Dec 12, 2002Deckeverybody who ever served on the Nasty Nick wants to go back hated it when you were there but miss her when shes gone. so play some spades, drink one for the MV Kaleed and burn one in the captains gig, cause the Nick had the best crew around
Dixon, LuillyBM3Oct 1998 – Jun 2001Deckwhats up nick people it sure was good times in the nasty nick specially on the cruise we shared anybody thats know me hit me up I'll love to here from yall
Spencer, KennethDSC/FCCOct 1998 – Dec 1999CSE
Harper (Mencos), Maria ShakiraPS2(SW) IC2Oct 5, 1998 – May 30, 2000CSEIt was fun.
King, VictorIT2Oct 7, 1998 – Dec 7, 2002OC
Stevenson, KeithSTGCS(SW)Oct 22, 1998 – Dec 16, 2001CSACSA Division LCPO. Checked onboard STGC (prior OTAC). Made 98-99 and 01 cruises.
Smith, Raymond (Filt Goat )FC1(SW)Oct 30, 1998 – Oct 11, 2002CGYeah Connoly's right he should have went to jail
Wolosky, Brian (Champ)IT2Dec 26, 1998 – Jun 9, 2002OC2 deployments, good times, great crew, much fun. aaaahhhh.....the Nasty Nick..gone..but never forgotten learned a lot about myself
Jenkins, Felisha profile iconSTG2(SW)1999 – 2002CSAI enjoyed my time on this ship and I loved working with the crew. I hope each and every one of you are doing well. There was no place I would rather be than on the "Nasty Nick".
Miller, Cornielius HerbertGSM3Jan 4, 1999 – Aug 21, 2002MPMiller soon past away on this day August 21, 2002 in a car accident. Miller was the father of three month old child who he loved dearly. And he also left behind his feance who takes good care of there child.
Hott, KevinGSE3Jan 14, 1999 – Aug 30, 2001MIt saddens me to see her go. The memories will never be forgotten. If I was onboard with you, look me up.
Allen, Stevems2Apr 14, 1999 – May 15, 2001Galley S2 divisionTo the finest crew ever and to the most awesome cooks around we hooked the crew up good. I retired off the "Nick" and i'm proud it was her. I hope someday we can have a reunion anywhere, i'll be there. God Bless All.
King, Victore5May 15, 1999 – Dec 12, 2002RADIO
Duncan, BrianGM2Jul 1999 – May 2002CSG
McMaster, DanielDC2(SW)Jul 1, 1999 – Dec 1, 2002DC01Nasty Nick..........damn.
Paschal, ChristopherIT3Jul 7, 1999 – 2002Communications
Pierce, MarkIT1Jul 23, 1999 – May 10, 2001OCConnolly YEA we didn't end up in Jail, but we came close, I can't believe that we got kicked out the same club twice by the same bartender! Of all things BAD SINGING!
Garver, RyanDC2Jul 27, 1999 – Dec 20, 2002DC01Graet times and great friends, miss you all.
Wimbish, DannyQM2Aug 1999 – Nov 2002NAV/ADMNThe Nasty Nic......... You had to be there. I miss you guys
Anderson, PaulaSep 1999 – May 2001Deck
Bertot, JoshuaE2Sep 1, 1999 – Apr 2, 2000EngineeringHey Mathis it's bertot those sweetarts were laced with shit. Lol glad they sunk her . thanks for making them take the cuffs off me master at arms! And doc I will always cut off my cast !
Babcock, DanielMSSAOct 10, 1999 – Jul 13, 2000S-1
Keen, MacKMACMNov 1999 – Nov 2001NAV/ADMINGreatest Ship I have served on with the Greatest Crew I ever sailed with. INITIATED by the best group of CHIEFS in the Navy with the support of the Greatest Crew. You all are always in my thoughts and prayers. Mack
Robinson, ChristopherGSM2(SW)Nov 9, 1999 – Dec 19, 2002MPMY SHIPMATES I MISS EVERONE THAT I SURVED WITH.
Gisiner, Frank profile iconNC1(SW)Dec 1999 – Dec 2002NAV/ADMIN"The Great Nic" :-) I love the Spru-Cans. Retired in Jan '05 and moved back to Roanoke. Working now as a supervisor at Carter Machinery/CAT. Did anyone ever get a copy of the last cruise book? Let me know if you have extra.
Bradley, MichaelFC22000 – 2002Fire ControlBest crew ever let me hear from ya.
Curtis, MikeSTG2(SW)Jan 7, 2000 – Sep 16, 2002CSAI can only hope that my next ship will be as good as this one was! I miss the old "Nasty Nick". Thanks for the memories.
Wilson, JoeSTG2(SW)Feb 4, 2000 – Dec 18, 2002CSA1Best boat the navy ever had. I cant find a new crew any better that has anymore fun than we did. Any body remember Big Kahuna's in Deleware or 4th of July in Boston!!! Or should I say the base club down in Mayport our second home with the CO!!!!
Connolly, StuartIT1(SW)Mar 2000 – Apr 2002CommThat was a wild time. We should all be in jail.
Simmons, JamalOS2 (SW)Mar 24, 2000 – Dec 2002OII learned everything i needed to know own that ship. i wish i could go back. crew was off da hook and so was I. i'm instructing at damneck if anyone cares as of march 2004
Roman, RochelleHM2(SW)Mar 26, 2000 – Dec 6, 2002Medical/NAVAdminI loved and hated every minute on board. But I learned the most I have ever learned about the Navy on that boat. Best crew I have ever served with. They always say that your last command is the best you will ever have and it is true...
Trejos, RichardSeamanApr 11, 2000 – Oct 20, 2002ODO1This is one of the biggest and most awarding young experience that I have ever had. I now live in Miami, FL with a family and own my own business. I hope that someday i could hear from the people I served with.
Tangredi, MarcHM3(SW)Jun 1, 2000 – Aug 14, 2002MedicalI have fond memories of the Nasty Nic and the greatest group of people I've had the privilege to serve with. Nasty Nic forever!
Reed, MarcusE4Jun 10, 2000 – Jan 1, 2003DC
Close, ScottET2 (SW)Jul 4, 2000 – Dec 1, 2002CSEGood memories on the Nasty Nic. No other ships or crews like her.
Durity, Keith "deuce"BMC (SW)Jul 15, 2000 – Dec 21, 2002OD01Unforgetable memories of the crew and friends that was made. Drop me a line some time.
Ruckdeschel, William/beakerIT3Aug 2000 – Dec 18, 2002ocJust wanted to see who all still thinks about the "Nasty Nick". Yes I am still in the navy. A little older and little wiser. Yet still best of luck to all but most of all to all my boys up in Radio. "DD-982 GO TEAM HOORAA" ha ha ha.
Humphrey, DarriusET3Aug 15, 2000 – Sep 1, 2002CSEGrew me into a Man. Never will forget it. IC2 Hall, Moore,Grady,Sanders,Brookings,Abel,Johnson,Talyor we all had a blast. Im in New Jersey/New York about to graduate from rutgers. Still Married with three kids. Never hurts to hear from ya.
Guseman, Nikki (Goose)STG2Aug 28, 2000 – Dec 4, 2002CSA
Fabian, VickyPNCM(SW)Sep 2000 – Feb 2002Awesome crew & great times.
Hennington, KevinOS2(SW)Sep 5, 2000 – 2002OIBest crew in the fleet by a long shot.
Lucio, LucioSN/BMOct 9, 2000 – Dec 1, 2002OD01Hope everyone is doing well. Just going through stuff and found this site. Feel free to reach
Enrriques, ArturoEW1(SW)Oct 25, 2000 – Dec 18, 2002OWThe best crew I served with in my 20 years as an EW. Thanks Samek, Flippo, Crawford, Barka, Walsh and Smith for the pleasure of being part of a great team. I miss all of you Decom crew too. Drop me a line at
Hanson, MarcLTJGNov 2000 – May 2002CSFFire Control, Legal, and MIO Officer. MED/MEF 01-2 to Italy, Spain, Greece, Bahrain, and Gibraltar. Fire onboard MV Khalid I. The more I'm away, and more ships I visit, the more I miss the Mighty 982.
Davis, ScottLTDec 3, 2000 – Dec 20, 2002Supply82 days underway is definitely better than 6 months in the sand.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1979 | 1980 – 1981 | 1982 – 1984 | 1985 – 1986 | 1987 – 1988 | 1989 – 1990 | 1991 – 1992 | 1993 – 1995 | 1996 – 1997 | 1998 – 2000 | 2001 – now

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