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USS Nicholson (DD 982) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Nicholson (DD 982). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 559 crew members registered for the USS Nicholson (DD 982).

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Eckert, Christopher D.YN31993 – 1994Nav/AdminServed aboard as MWR Secretary and Assistant Ship's Yeoman.
Gaines, RonMTCM(SW/SS)1993 – 1996CMC
Schoen, ScottFC3/FC21993 – 1998CSFThe "Nasty Nick" Great times and Good people! Miss ya...Ormond, McDavid, Poston, Zuidema, "Woody". I made FCC!
Weaver, MichaelSM31993 – 1997OperationsMiss EVERYONE ! my e-mail is
Hill, RobertRMCJan 15, 1993 – Aug 31, 1994OCLast ship of my career, Lots of Memories of a Great Ship and an even Better Crew.
Morris, RyanEN3Feb 1993 – Jan 1994A-Gang
Hancock, Michael profile iconOS3Mar 1993 – Aug 10, 1996OI DivisionI miss the good times we use to have. After I got out, I later got my master's degree in public affairs at WCU and worked 15 years at SSA before I became disabled. You can reach me at 336-317-6250 &
Moore, Timothy V.Apr 1993 – May 1995Deck
Jackson, AlanOS3Apr 1993 – Nov 1996Operations
Benavides, JudeLTMay 1993 – Mar 1995CSA Officer / ASW OfficerA learning experience to say the least. Very sad to see her decommissioned.
Peterson, JeffreyE-4/SK3May 1, 1993 – Dec 20, 1996S-1Hey if anyone knows where Waymon Hardamon, or Darryl Butler is. E-mail me. Please
Craft, RobertOS2May 1, 1993 – Sep 21, 1995OI
Mack, AndrewE3Jun 10, 1993 – Jan 24, 1995Eng/MER 1
MacK, AndrewE3Jun 10, 1993 – Jan 24, 1995m
Doperalski, Brad (Ski)BM3Jul 1993 – Nov 19931st
Emery, MichaelEM3Aug 1993 – Aug 1996E -Enjoyed my time onboard the "Nasty Nic", and wish all who served with me the best of luck. The good times are easy to remember, but what we accomplished together when the Navy didn't mind and we didn't matter is what will be cherished
Emery, Mike "pretty Boy"EM3Sep 2, 1993 – Sep 8, 1996ELife began after getting out from the Mafia-like thumb of Senior Chief Harmony. What a head case! The Nasty Nick was filled with great people who knew it was mind over matter. They didn't mind, and we didn't matter. Hope everyone is we
Colston, MichaelFC3Sep 3, 1993 – Mar 10, 1995CSFGreat Times! Great Friends! Loved Charleston. What's Up Slayman, McKee, Ormond, Schoen. Hope all is well..
Weaver, MichaelSM3Oct 1993 – Jun 7, 1997OPERATIONSMan, I do miss those days! Actually, I miss everybody! Those were the good ol days.
Dubois, JohnQM1Oct 12, 1993 – Jan 3, 1996NNwas so happy to leave the ship, but the navy gave me orders to return to her in April 2001 and stayed until she DECOM. I really didnt like many of you guy glad to see gonethe first time around and really hated it more the second. retiring soon
Riggins, Gerald A.EN3Oct 15, 1993 – Nov 15, 1995Aux.
Sublette, BillyQM3Nov 15, 1993 – Jun 1995NAV/ADMINHad a blast onboard the Nasty Nick while I was stationed on her. It's good to see so many familiar names. Heard that the Navy used her as target practice and that really sucked.
Hooper, Fred Hoop DoggOS31994 – 1996i was on the nasty nick when it ran aground in the sue. canal
Bennett, JasonYN 31994 – 1996administrationSad to see that she was decommisioned and sunk...remember T-rex, hahaha what a deuche bag. Dorch and the guy that was killed with him RIP. Hazen, home town hero.
Beveridge, David profile iconFC21994 – 19973rd
Wagle, MattLTJGJan 1994 – Jan 1997Guns, Deck
Page, RobertSK3Jan 13, 1994 – Jan 12, 1997SupplyI enjoyed my three years aboard. I will always remember and never forget. Lastly, I'll never forget my close shipmates Brandon Maughan, Rodrigues, Big Debo, Greg and many more
Holmes, NoahGM3Apr 1994 – Dec 1996WepsHoly shit! The Nasty Nick lives on, online! Work hard, play hard... those days will never be forgotten! I think about my shipmates all the time and I miss you guys! Look me up, the world is a smaller place these days. Peace! GM3 Holme
McLaren, DonnieE4Jun 1994 – Oct 1998Auxilary
Nichols, Chris (Nick)E-4/DCJun 1994 – Jun 1997RHad some great times and will not forget about the many friends I had.
Zuidema, BretGSM3Jun 20, 1994 – Jun 20, 1998MChavis,donnie,postman,chucky weav,landman,big MOE,miller,wright,gonzo,jackson,ross,patterson, ginhart, mack, hump, aquino, ganzon, emery, brown, castillo, platto, mannuel, and diana thanks for the memories. gsmsc bankstin you can still kiss my ass
Arriola, StephenLTJul 1994 – Dec 1996STRIKE-OGood times...
Rodriguez, FernandoDK2Oct 15, 1994 – Apr 4, 1998Supply/S4even though I hated my first year in the Nick, I grew up to love ship life and even cried the day I transfer. I miss the ship and sorry that I missed decom day.
Lester, Jason/moeEN 31995 – 1999A gangSad to see her go .If anyone knowns where Mike Miller,Glen Gauvin, Diana Weaver ended up let me know. Had some great times on the nasty nick hope to hear from some of you
Loose, LonDECK APE1995 – 1997deck
Butler Jr., DarrellSK21995 – 1998S-1Just join the page and i really miss some of the guys in supply dept. I see Jeff Peterson on the page. My email address is
Gossett, KeithSm2 SW1995 – 1999OperationsFinding this brings back good memory's. Miss you all. Like to hear from you guys.
House, DuaneEW2Jan 1, 1995 – Aug 16, 1997OW
Cheney, Randy (Bigg Gunns)BM 3Jan 7, 1995 – Nov 6, 1998OD/DeckHad alot of fun, worked hard and played hard. SAR swimmer, deck PO, small boats. BM'S hold the ship together and everyone else just rides along. I was glad to get off, but sad to see her go.
Tolentino, Carlos A (Little-t)MSSNJan 25, 1995 – May 23, 1999SUPPLYTROBLEEEE TROUBLEEE TROUBLEEE
Slayton, Matthew D.BM3Feb 1995 – Oct 1997OD/DeckServed aboard as DCPO and won Blue Jacket of the Quarter once. He also was an integral part of UNREPS, small boat ops and flight quarters.
Miller, Michael S.E-4/GSM3Mar 1995 – Nov 1997MIf anyone knows where Ted Herbert is, tell him to look me up.
Castillo, RomanDC2Mar 1995 – Sep 1998DC/RNothing can top the days of The Nasty Nic
Wright, AndyGSM3Apr 2, 1995 – Jul 26, 1998MOh the memories.
McGrew, KenRM3May 20, 1995 – Jun 6, 1998OCThe ol' Nasty Nick! Traveled to alot of different places on that tin can..but most of it's a drunken blur!!!
Hanes, ChristopherDC3Jun 1995 – Nov 1999 Hello to all the old crew. Pat O'Hare, Mike Tice, bret Zuidema. Good times, bad times. Miss all the drinking partners. Should have been in jail or dead!
Cimineri, DaveBM2 SWJun 1995 – Jan 1999Deck/ODWhats up "NASTY NIC". Miss all the good times but dont miss the bad. Say hi to all the crew,Cheany,Shank Daddy, Ted H, Lil Weave, Landman, Miller, Z Man, Wirley, Cheif Z, Graves, Kehner, Slayton, Gosset, Chavis,and can't forget Commer!
Long, J.p.EN3Jun 1, 1995 – Aug 23, 1997A
Dupre, ChrisEN3Jul 1995 – Jan 2000auxillary/oil labWow these are some old names from the past... Hope every one is alive and doing well
Session, Jarrett ( Sesh Dog)MSSNOct 16, 1995 – Oct 20, 1996SupplyThe Good Ol Nasty Nic, I remember those dayz, MS 2 Carter, Tolentino, Gaskins and all the other dudes rodzilla, is was good times!! Would trade it for the world
McDavid, DanaFC1(SW)Dec 15, 1995 – Dec 8, 2000CSF/CSEWCS for CSF4, then LPO for CSF and finally for CSE my last year onboard. Great ship, great crew, two good cruises.
Grzybowski, Brian GrizSTG3Dec 16, 1995 – Jul 14, 1997CSAGood times!
McDavid, DanaFC1(SW)Dec 20, 1995 – Dec 31, 2000CSF Combat SystemsIt was a great ship with a great crew. We made a couple of deployments, with the last one seeing us launching Tomahawks in two different theaters.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1979 | 1980 – 1981 | 1982 – 1984 | 1985 – 1986 | 1987 – 1988 | 1989 – 1990 | 1991 – 1992 | 1993 – 1995 | 1996 – 1997 | 1998 – 2000 | 2001 – now

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