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USS Nicholson (DD 982) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Nicholson (DD 982). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 559 crew members registered for the USS Nicholson (DD 982).

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Updegraff, William "Don"LCDR1985 – 1987
Hall, Buddy L.HT21985 – Dec 17, 1988RMade some great friends; Cip, Boo Boo, Ears, Wash, Minor, Litton, Stu, Palacio... You and the Nick hold a huge place in my heart. Anyone know whereabouts of Runion, Minor or Palacio-let me know. Come see me at
McCullen, Larry (Sasquatch)BM1985 – 1987OPSwhile there were a few whom should have been used as fishing bait most of the guys i knew while aboard the "NICK" were great men whom i willnever forget
Gresham, JamesET 11985 – Jul 31, 1987cseretired fm nick and navy 1987
Lucero, TonyBM21985 – 1987
Mueller, ScottGSE31985 – 1986EngineeringGreat crew myself excluded. 1st & last assignment so alot of great memories of the Nicholson.Waited in Charleston for ship from Brklyn. Went to GITGO.Swim-call st.kitt.. Worked in fuel lab for a while.Got sick and was medically retired.
Ware, MikeQM31985 – 1989NAVADMINmiss the good times anyone know about a guy that we called big jake or james medley was onboard around 1986 -1989
Gaffney, MikeEN31985 – 1988A gangYeah Mark, I remember that very cold chill water. Burrr!! Remember a small electrical fire back aft. Made guys suffer thru Led Zep in IT Shop. Bummed a cigar from CPO Mess. ENC Matson, sorry for being selfish.
Bowman, PerryFC2Jan 5, 1985 – Aug 30, 1989CSF
Taylor, ArtPNCM(SW) COMMAND MASTER CHIEFFeb 1985 – Oct 1987Command Master ChiefWe had a great crew. The overhaul in Brooklyn was a killer. Our old skipper Captain Lopacinski is buried in Arlington Cemetery. Believe, that all the old Spruance class destroyers are now gone. What a great platform. God Bless the old crews!
Washington, JamesDCFNFeb 1, 1985 – Apr 1, 1989Repair
Washington, JamesDC1Feb 10, 1985 – Jun 1, 1989R DivisionMy First ship, was best ship
Hodges, DavidHM3Mar 1985 – May 1987NAV/ADMIN
Henry, FrankGSECMay 10, 1985 –Engineering
Williams, BlakeE-4Jun 1985 – Oct 1989CSE
Yannuzzi, SteveFC1Jun 1, 1985 – Nov 8, 1987CombatSad hear the Nickel Bag is on the bottom. Had some fun, except for a couple a weeks in the gulf with no fresh water!!
Gresham, JamesET1Jul 1985 – Jul 31, 1987combat systemsretired off nich
Anderson, GusLTJul 1985 – Jun 1987CICO
Smith, RandyIC2Jul 1985 – Jan 1991ESad to hear she's gone. She was a big part of my life ( 5.5 years). Until I got married thats the longest time with any great lady.
Campbell, Charles F.MACS (SW)Jul 5, 1985 – Jun 15, 1987Nav/AdminGreat ship and crew, Don Updegraff was the best XO in the world. If CDR updefraff sees this, email me
Watson, J Stan profile iconFC1(SW)Aug 7, 1985 – Apr 27, 1990CSFPanama Canal, Suez Canal, Unitas, GITMO, Persian Gulf x 3
Watson, Jimmy ( Sausage Jim )FC1 ( SW )Aug 24, 1985 – Apr 27, 1990CSFShe was a fine ship ( NONE FINER ), She and her crew held true to the name. PG86,LEO87,GITMO87,UNITAS88,PG90 Good Times and Lasting Memories. Sad hear she went down, May her rest at the bottom be peaceful
Willoughby, KeithSH2Sep 1985 – Feb 1990s3I enjoyed all the good times we had back then.I hope that I can get in touch with some of you and catch up.
Davis, JohnLTSep 1985 – Aug 1989E, CSGGod blessed me with a lot of great experiences, and a lot of great people to work with. I still think of many of my shipmates with fond memories. I don't think I would be able to serve in ministry as I do without the things I learned.
Nichols, Mike Aka. NickEN3Dec 1985 – Jul 1998M, A, and BIt's awesome to see that time on the Nicholson was a good experience for more than Just my crew. I was sad to see she was a target, but The experience was a big part of my life. I'd love to hear from any of the old group. Fortes Fortuna Adj
Hartman, MarkEN2Dec 1985 – Aug 27, 1987A-GangBest time I have ever had in the Navy. Remember the water hours, Person Gulf was hot. Gaffney remember the chill water in the face. A-Gang was the best, Had fun with the Boats never let me down. What happened to Bear.
Caldwell, JohnMS3Dec 2, 1985 – Mar 16, 1987SupplyHad fun on the Nick. We won the basketball championship on that ship. To my boys on the team, Washington, Foster, Hardy and the others. To the MS crew, Ted, Baines, Mike, Watts and the others, remember Palma, Spain. Drop an e-mail.
Meeks, EdOSCS(SW)1986 – 1988OIServed aboard as OI Div. LCPO.
Weaver, KentSM31986 – 1989
Bermudez, JohnDS31986 – 1990CSE
Anderson, Ronald DavidGSE21986 – 1990GS
Williams, Richard LeviEN1 RET.1986 – 1992Hi A- Gang I'm still alive Gaff Rodney Nick.
Anderson, RonaldE-51986 – 1990GSServed in the GS division as a GSE2. Known as "Buzzy". Served as NIFTI operator in Rep 5. Stood watch in 1 main. UPS Battery room and After IC were our spaces. Did two Persian Gulf and a Unitas, LEO Ops.
Barton, MarkIC1Jan 1986 – Apr 1991E DivMany fond memories...Met some great shipmates and learned a lot from them Proud to have served aboard The Nick.
Love, StacyBM2Jan 16, 1986 – Nov 1, 19891stPersian Gulf 86, UNITAS 88-still have the jacket, I'm still in 2006, BMC at the Naval Academy. Great times on and off the ship.
D'aloisio, RaymondSK1Jan 29, 1986 – Jun 1, 1989Supply/S-1 Supply Support
Wohlfarth, Steven C.OS3-2Feb 1, 1986 – Jan 10, 1989OIHad some great times and made some great frinds on the NIC, many LEO's to the Carb and a UNITAS in 88. Hugo in SC. So much.
Hocutt, MichaelRM2Feb 1, 1986 – Aug 5, 1989OCGrew up on the "MIGHTY NICK"/PG CRUISE86/LEO OPS/UNITAS 88 and countless others. OC Div was great so were the officers. Sad to hear the Nick is decommissioned but she'll alway be remember...GO NICK THE MIGHTY MIGHTY Nicholson DD982
Munczenski, ScottSTG2Mar 1986 – Sep 1992CSALooking for old friends!
Weaver, KentE4Mar 1986 – Dec 1989OCEnjoyed my time with everyone on the Nick. If anyone has a Nick shoulder patch please contact me. TKS
Johns, BradDS2Mar 1986 – Feb 13, 1989CSE
Hocutt, MichaelRM2Mar 1986 – Aug 1989OPSGreat Ship, even greater ShipMates! 86 PG Cruise... 88 SOALANT. 12 Years, Now in the IT Security Field... Hope to hear from everyone....Looking for OS2 Jackson who became an officer..
Branch, JeffFC2Apr 1986 – Aug 1990CSFWow what a surprise to see all those names of friends from long ago. Seems like yesterday. PG '86 UNITAS '88 PG '90. I'm in the FAA now and still in Missouri. Send me an email.
Meeks, EdwardOSCSApr 1, 1986 – Apr 2, 1988OI
Zimmer, KarlFC2(SW)Apr 21, 1986 – Sep 15, 1989CF
Barrett, ChristopherGSEC(SW)May 1986 – Nov 1990MFond memories of the GSE's/M's - Shue, Pookie Carlson, Buzzy Anderson, Tony Monforte, "Pugsly" Adams, Jake Jacobs, GSM1 Henry & Aaron - Mellonhead Morse and Ensign/LT Biglin
Johnson, ChristopherFC2Jun 1986 – May 2000CSFThough I was too young and immature at the time to realize it, the Nick was one of the best periods of my life and I made some of the best and closest friends of my life-I miss the crew!!--Now I see they sank my ship--uggghh
Tucker, MarkIC3Jun 1, 1986 – Mar 2, 1990E Div
Davis, MichaelFC3Jul 1, 1986 –CF
Jamison, DavidOS2Jul 7, 1986 – Sep 4, 1989OI divAll shipmates onboard were like family. Each and every sailor treated others and there families with utmost respect. All the enlisted men and the officers were very professional. I would go back and do it again.
Sloane, WhitSK2Aug 1986 – Dec 1989SupplyPersian Gulf, 1986 Unitas 88 Lots of Carribean Gitmo 89 alas, good times!
Norris, CaryRM3Aug 1986 – Apr 1988OPSPersian Gulf 1986
Kennedy, KevinMS1(SW)Aug 1986 – Dec 1990SupplyJust looking to hear from anyone I served with on the Nick
Paul, TerryTMC(SW)Aug 1986 – Dec 1989CSAI have pics of the decommisioning. Looking for anyone from the TM gang. TM3 Smith, Wilson, Steverson, ect.
Piriz, LouDD 982Aug 1986 – Mar 1990supplyI have many great memories on and off the "nasty nick". Great experiences for anyone at my age. after the nick, I did 4 years in Air Force, then 5 in the Army.Confused?Yes! Now i'm still crazy and working for the New York State Police.
Steve Wilson, BoTM3/SWAug 1, 1986 – Aug 10, 1988CSAHad some very good memory's of those days. God bless to all. Fair winds and following seas. Steve
Crandell, DavidBM3Sep 20, 1986 – Apr 17, 1989deck
Crandell, DavidBM3Sep 20, 1986 – Apr 17, 1990deckend of gulf, unitas had great times, sorry to hear about the mighty nick
Cipriani, RaymondHT2Oct 1986 – Dec 1989RHad great times aboard the Nick. Persian Gulf 86, UNITAS 88,great times in the Caribbean. Had alot of great friends and met alot of great people. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything. I'm sorry to hear she was used as a target and sunk.
Meyer, MarkFTG2 (SW)Oct 22, 1986 – Jan 12, 1989CFThe greatest cruise that still stands to date for me was UNITAS 88. Also, the FC's were the best I have served with.
Ellington, DanielEM2Dec 1986 – 1989ElectricalRead the Nicholson is a reef now! Too bad , was a good ship to be on. Lots of good memories And shipmates.
Fick, WilliamPC3Dec 8, 1986 – Jul 27, 1988DECK / ADMINThe Nasty Nick- Great Crew, Special Thanks to all that served in Mount 51. Michael Hording was our mascot. Best Gunners in the NAVY. The Nicholson Lives in us all.
Hood, Gregory ScottGMG2Dec 26, 1986 – Jun 14, 1990Combat SystemsSaddened to hear of the passing of LT John Rowan on today's date. 8/5/03
Pickard, BillE-3Dec 27, 1986 – Dec 23, 1987A-gangLong time

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1979 | 1980 – 1981 | 1982 – 1984 | 1985 – 1986 | 1987 – 1988 | 1989 – 1990 | 1991 – 1992 | 1993 – 1995 | 1996 – 1997 | 1998 – 2000 | 2001 – now

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