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USS Moosbrugger (DD 980) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Moosbrugger (DD 980). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 467 crew members registered for the USS Moosbrugger (DD 980).

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Robert, EricGSM31990 – 1992MI had some great times and met a lot of great guys during my time onboard. I miss hearing "The Moose Is Loose!"...
Canady, Hal WoodyFC31990 – 1994CFGet your equipment at Zeke's Used Cars and Seasparrow Parts!
Meeks, TomSTG1(SW)1990 – 1992CAMany fond memories. Would be great to hear from those I served with.
Storey, BernieGMM31990 – 1992CAThis is the sweet peeta cheetha. Aloha to my lower combat systems shipmates.
McEnery, MikeGSMC1990 – 1993MLooking for old Friends. Was probably the Best and worst time in my life. Enjoyed the underway periods.
Gonthier, JimDD 9801990 – 1991Aboard during Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield
Smith, GeneDS11990 – 1992CE
Adams, MattFC21990 – 1994CFSeeing shipmates names on this list brings back some great memories while on the MOOSE!
Wilson, AnthonyE3sn1990 – 1993deckLooking for all those guys that were under BM1 Walton
De Aragon, Francisco "Frank"NC1(SW)Feb 1990 – Feb 1995AdministrationStill connected to "The Mighty Moose" through the heart & soul & the many memories! May It Always Be Loose! FYI: In Oct 2010 the ship's bell returned to Charleston SC, it's at Naval Weapons Station, Goose Creek, SC
Cason, BobGMG3Feb 1, 1990 – Mar 28, 1993Combat SystemsWow! I miss all you guys and the fun we had. Hifa(Girls & the drink abortion). The FC gang (sardines cigarettes & ashes). Jukebox, Egypt, Saudi, & an early morning wake up by Sea Wiz. Bobby & Brad & the Python. Kenbeek&the blue tru
Brown, James "Dirty"FC 2Feb 24, 1990 – Apr 15, 1994CFWOW, hearing the moose got scrapped makes me feel old. We had a lot of great times especally hearing "Secured: Go Around!" through the taped up passageways. Send me a e-mail shipmates.
Hill, Johnny "Henry"RM-3Mar 1, 1990 – Nov 1, 1993OCI stumbled apon this websight while searchin for info on the moose. Id like to get in contact with some of the guys I hung out with. Where is Chris Pappendrea?? I see Pete Pollara is here and Don Yale. give me a shout ...
Morris, Michael J.CWO3Apr 1990 – May 1993OEI owe my SWO pin and my left knee to Captain Sackett. Hard work and great times while he was Skipper! Captain Moe made STANAVFORLANT a terrific, once in a lifetime experience. (Brian, Where are you?)
Blankenship, TimFC3Apr 1990 – Nov 1992CFMk-86 Tech. "Rapid and continuous, load and shoot!"
White, KevinSTG3May 5, 1990 – May 23, 1993caBest Sonar in the Fleet. Great Shipmates that I will remember for the rest of my life.
Kenbeek, John J.ET2Jun 1990 – Dec 1, 1994CEThanks Moose for sending the link. Had some great times, even miss some of you, but not many. Wish the Jukebox was still open. Would be a great place for a reunion. Crazy K
Gadson, RaphaelMSSNJun 1990 – Jul 1994SupplyMoose on the loose! I did two Med's cruise along with drug opperation, Desert Storm and Desert Shield. The Moose was the type of ship that we stayed out too sea. I really enjoyed my four years on the Moose.
Wilson, KevinSTG2Jun 14, 1990 – Jun 14, 1994csa1It was very memorable. We did an awesome job in the anti sub warfare dept!
Ulloa, David Aka "Stupid, Estupido, Vegetable"FC2Jul 1990 – Aug 1994CFSNACK SHACK BABYYYYY!
Mazur, Michael "Rosie"FC 2Jul 12, 1990 – Apr 15, 1992CF"Who's ready for some greasy sardines in a dirty ash tray?" "Bore clear, one round expended, no apparent casualties." Miss you guys, had some of the best times of my life with you, MY BROTHERS!!!
Larson, DougDSC(SW)Sep 1990 – Aug 1993Great time, miss some of the fun we had during the NATO cruise. Can't forget about coming back from the Gulf Waf with one screw.
Berry, FrederickIC1Sep 1, 1990 – Jan 1, 1995CSE5Great crew
Rumery, ThomasGSE1Oct 1990 – Jul 17, 1995MBest time of my life. I wouldn't want to relive them again but they will always be some of my fondest memories.
Evans, RandyFC2Oct 1, 1990 – Jun 15, 1993CFBaker, Carpenter, Blankenship,...nice to hear from you guys. Keep in touch.
Rasnick, DaveQM3Oct 5, 1990 – Jul 17, 1994
Davis, DwayneOS2Nov 1990 – Jul 1992OI
Ruman, Charles (Red)SH3Dec 1990 – Jul 1993S3
Smith, Jeff (Jed)SK-3Dec 30, 1990 – Jun 1, 1994supplydamn shame to hear the moose isnt loose anymore.. but it'll always be loose in our hearts!! anyone knowing how to contact (red)charles ruman please let me know..812-701-6623
Jones, DarrylOS11991 – 1996OIWe had some great times.
Farwell, ShawnBM2Jan 1991 – Oct 1993DECKBest darn ships the Navy ever sailed. Long live the Spru-can. (At least in memory!)
Bradley, BillOSSN - OS2Jan 12, 1991 – May 26, 1993OILeft the ship in Lisbon on SNFL 93. Naval Academy bound...
Brown, Allen (Doo Doo Brown)DC 3Jan 22, 1991 – Mar 9, 1995RMan i remember kicking it in the inn club in charleston and hanging over for morning muster also hanging out with gibson, thomas, jones, leonard at the barracks and fighting over the pay phone with stevens lol and i remember puerto rico :)
Potts, Mikegmm1(sw)Jan 29, 1991 – Sep 29, 1994casee names that still gives me nightmares but its nice to see that your still alive THE MOOSE IS LOOSE. tom meeks pls write me!!!!!
Baughman, Russel, "The Bagman"GMG 3Feb 1991 – Apr 23, 1993WEAPONS / GUNNERYI KNOW WHO HAS THE MOOSE FLAG!!!Thanks to Randy for the link! I've been looking for any info for awhile! The Bagman Lives! I Remember Many of you, Feel Free to contact me! I played keyboards on the flightdeck..! Take Care, Everyone...!
Wagner, Shane/wags profile iconHT1Mar 1, 1991 – Jun 10, 1995Repair
Bolduc, Edward J JrE-6/OS1Mar 10, 1991 – May 15, 1996OII tried to think of something worthwhile to say about the Moose, Nah.
Yale, Donald "White Trash"SK3Mar 12, 1991 – Mar 12, 1995SupplyHere's to all you crazy MF's who i had the pleasure of serving with. God Speed to all of you. And remember "The Moose Is Always Loose" or at least in our hearts.
Heath, ReggiemssnApr 1991 – Oct 1994supply
Moore, ChristopherDS3Apr 22, 1991 – Feb 9, 1995CSThey called me Chucky. Not really sure if I went nuts like they predicted. I'm not even sure what I did on The Moose. Neither is anyone else. Nice to see some familiar names.
Corte, BryanGSM2May 1991 – Sep 1992Whats up brew crew
Carpenter, DonEW3May 1991 – Jun 1, 1994OWWhere is Jerry Wade? I need a copy of the SNFL Video. As Pete Pollara says "Shop at the Moosemart or you're going home in a box!!" Shout out to all those who went OVERBOARD with me during SNFL 93!!
Miller, RichardSTG1May 6, 1991 – May 6, 1994CAThe Moose is LOOSE!! Still recovering from being Moosed.... How is STG2 Mike Dunn? I'll bet still "Quite ?&*%$" Where's the keg on legs?
Lee, Robert (Robb)ET1Jul 1991 – Aug 1992CSSPS40 radar tech
Davis, TimGSE3Jul 10, 1991 – Jul 10, 1995Engineering
Borkowski, DougSTG2Aug 1991 – Feb 1995CA
Daniel, KevinOS3Aug 1, 1991 – May 1, 1993OperationsHello all, It was a shock to hear that the Moose was Decommissioned. She was a great ship to serve on.
Washington, JrE3snAug 8, 1991 – Jun 9, 1993OcEveryone call me jr, I truly enjoyed my self even with all the favoritism. What an experience will not change it for nothing. Any one my division get at mew
Horton, MichaelET1Sep 1, 1991 – May 29, 1992CE
Stewart, AndyFC2Oct 1991 – Nov 1994CF
Salyers, MarkOS1Oct 17, 1991 – Aug 1, 1996OIWhat a living hell, 5 yrs on one boat, retired now and loving life here in Michigan
Brown, RobertSTG3Nov 15, 1991 – Feb 18, 1995CAWouldn't trade the experience for the world, but wouldn't do it again.Tom I want a copy of the #@%& log!!! I'll pay for it.
Lugo, Frank "baby Doc"HM3-HM2(FMF)Dec 1991 – Dec 1993MedicalI treated many of or all of you at one time or another! all 350 crew, and I drew all your bloodwork. It was fun being your "DOC" onboard especially the SNFL cruise, and many trips to the caribbean from Charleston, SC

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1978 | 1979 – 1981 | 1982 – 1983 | 1984 – 1986 | 1987 – 1989 | 1990 – 1991 | 1992 – 1994 | 1995 – 1997 | 1998 – now

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