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USS Moosbrugger (DD 980) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Moosbrugger (DD 980). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 467 crew members registered for the USS Moosbrugger (DD 980).

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Blevins, Mark M.OS11984 – 1989OI
Bartholomay, RobertEN21984 – 1987A Gang"Dr. Distiller" "Commodore Commode" "More than required - Less than desired"
Harris, Joseph Joe HadjiOS21984 – 1988OIMiss playing Spades with the fellas!
Anderson, MikeQM11984 – 1988
Bookout, ChrisBM31984 – 1986Deck
Agosto, JoseE-5/OS1984 – 1987Ops
Young, TracyGSM2Jan 1984 – Sep 1987M Division 'Oil KingBeen along time my friends....I took 11 yrs off as a civilian and went back in, in 1999. Had to give up a ank to do so. Converted to MA and retired 22 yrs as MA1. Anyone who remembers me hit me up!!
Lauterbach, JimGSM3Jan 1, 1984 – Jan 1, 1986MPHello to my old shipmates. Hoping to hear from somebody that I was on board with.
Scoville, DougfnJan 25, 1984 – Jan 1986m divisionlooking for old buddies missing my old snipes
Risely, DavidQM2Feb 4, 1984 – Aug 15, 1987ONMy first Ship with the most memories. I am looking for a friend Steve English who at the same time as me.
Cook, RonaldMay 2, 1984 – Nov 21, 19861st (OD)I remember the Moose, I still talk about it and the memories. I was on deck when we had that collision with the W.F. Simms (FF-1059), it actually happened right in front of me. Sorry to see the Moose go but thats the way it goes.
Fobar, ScottRM2Jul 1984 – Dec 16, 1986OpsRM's were the best during this time, i had such a great time and will never forget all of the travels we had, and man we had alot of them too, would be great to hear from other RM's
Edwards, Dennis (Dink)EWCJul 3, 1984 – Dec 18, 1988OPSMiss all you guys I served with. Great family. Hard to believe our ship is gone. I still have two of the ball caps, a cruise book and pic of the ship on my wall. Really does seem like yesterday.
Neville, AdrianBM3/PNAJul 4, 1984 – Jul 4, 1987DeckIt's only remember the good times. Happy to be a part of THE MOOSE.
Schafer, BillSTG2Jul 15, 1984 – Mar 3, 1990CA Great ship, Great crew...Would of re-enlisted if I could of stayed on the Moose.
Oliver, AnthonyGSM2Aug 21, 1984 – Aug 1, 1989MHad some good times esp. summer 85. Hard to believe its been 20 years since leaving the moose. Wonder who got the antlers when they scraped her out in 07. Hit me back if you where onboard with me
Briggs, GeorgeEN2Oct 1, 1984 – Aug 1, 1988A-Gang"The Moose is Loose" shift colors. I can still here that in my head. Geetings to all my Moosbrugger Shipmates.
Dunn, PhilTM3Oct 1, 1984 – Feb 1, 1988CAWould like to hear from my shipmates.
Williams, MitchellEN3Oct 10, 1984 – Jul 8, 1987AUXILIARIES
Williams, Mitch profile iconEN3Oct 17, 1984 – Oct 14, 1987A-GANGGood to see the old shipmates, SIG, do you remember the good days in Goula amd Moss point, Thanks for the use of the blue beetle. Hit me up at
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Greiner, KeithBM3Nov 15, 1984 – Oct 1, 1986Operations / DeckThe Moose is loose!
Frey, SeanOS1985 – 1986OIThe Moose was always loose
Britt, DarylRM21985 – 1988OCFasion, Big Billy, Rat, Heard, Lee, Little Al, Jackson our LPO Watson and YN3 Burges some of the best shipmates ever; I retired in 2002 the Moosbrugger was the best, do the OSs remember getting a Class D from Radio
McCutchan, PaulFC1(SW)Jan 4, 1985 – Aug 29, 1989CSFI wrote a tremendous amount of letters during the two Med Cruises that I made on the Moose.
Tabb, Haroldsm3Feb 1985 – Dec 1989'??
Gordy, AlanSK2Feb 1985 – Oct 17, 1987SupplyWhats up fellas? SK2 Gordy here, in Atlanta and doing well. Would love to hear from you guys, too many great names to list them all. How about a reunion in Palma de Mallorca?? Just a thought
Goodfellow, William (Goody)STG1Mar 1, 1985 – Mar 30, 1987CAMany good friends, Many good times. Such a feeling of success while serving on the moose.
Frey, SeanOS3Mar 29, 1985 – Dec 29, 1986OI
Helton, IraGSCS (SW)Apr 8, 1985 – Feb 26, 1989MPLeft behind at DesRon 4 when ship left for MED in DEC 88
Ritter, Edward / BullpupSK3Apr 18, 1985 – Jun 7, 1987SupplyLoved the Moose, left sooner than I wanted. Lots of excellent friends.
Hewitt, Michael / PcPC3May 1985 – Apr 1986Admin
Fuller, Charles (Ed)AMS2 (AW)May 1985 – Apr 1987Air Det - 6 HSL-42I was a member of the air det with the first SH-60 to fly off the Moose. We did a lot of testing starting the summer of 85' right after she came out of refit. Our det and the moose made a lot of history and first in ASW. I miss the Moose.
Wroblewski, RonTM1 (SW)May 10, 1985 – May 15, 1990CSA5Best memories was out at sea, where a TM got to be a real TM. Sure did shoot a lot of 46 torps after getting the towed array system. It was excellent. Remember the BLACK SEA TRIP
Blades, Lionel"Bubba"GMT2(SW)Jun 15, 1985 – Dec 20, 1988cahey it was great seeing the names of some of you guys "pina" i miss those liguid lunches
Finton, TonyRM1 (SW)Aug 16, 1985 – Jul 31, 1989OCI was Division LPO, and we spent so much time underway with that tail, I'm still scraping barnacles off MY tail. And I retired in Jul 92.
Monfette, MichaelenDec 31, 1985 – Oct 26, 1987enginemanhey mates i was on the moose back in 85/87 living with the snipes. im looking to get back in touch with as many of the men on board at this time. please get bac to me with any info. thanks. i miss the good times
Blanchard, GregGSM!1986 – 1988MER2Wow, a long time has passed. Would love to hear from anyone who can remember that far back!
Sigman, Kenneth/ "sig"GMM2(SW)1986 – 1989CAWhat's up Mcelroy, "Bubba", Hart, St. Pierre, "Bear", Hitch, Bouchard, and the rest of CA Division. It was good to see some familiar names!!!
Mellantine, Mark (Pc)PC31986 – Jul 1990NAV/ADMIN MAIL CALL,I miss sending out that message,also I miss steering the ship in underway replenishment details,and special evolutions as Master Helmsman.Relished the time underway,and the two Med deployments I took part in.good luck to all.
Roebuck, David profile iconGSM2Jan 1, 1986 – Jul 1, 1987MWOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM OLD FRIENDS, ESPECIAILLY TONY AT DCRAS@CFL.RR.COM had some great times on the old moose.
Casalini, Michael Louis "Mic" Nickname -casGMG2Feb 1986 – Oct 1987GunneryMount 51 Rocks!
Cashwell, BrettOSC(SW)Feb 19, 1986 – Aug 10, 1988OISleep and staying sober was a issue for my time onboard. Mobile, AL boys you suck. Tony Hill e-mail me.
Murray, PeterHM3Mar 1, 1986 – Jul 14, 1988MedicalI am trying to get in touch with guys from 1986 to 1988.We should have a reunion.
Murray, PeterHM3Mar 6, 1986 – Jul 16, 1988medicalThis is doc Murray!1986-1988! Had a lot of memories,Fred Everet hey.Pina use to dive in after to dummies.Besr crew 1986-1988.Lets re-unite brothers!!!!!!
Slader, Ted (Batmite)STG3Apr 1986 – Apr 1988CA2 Yrs.I will never forget. We tracked more Commie Subs and consumed more alcohol than most do in a lifetime.From Portland ME to the Black Sea.I miss too many of you to mention names. I miss The Moose and CA div. Hope all of you are doing great!
Hinchberger, ChrisET2Apr 1986 – Dec 28, 1991I did not appreciate The Moose, until years after I left. But appreciate her and all the crew that served with me. Some great times were had. "Fallopian Dialator", " Mail Watch", " Crank down the mast", just to name a few.
Wilkins, Paul (Clyde)HT2Apr 8, 1986 – Mar 7, 1991R
Robeson, PhillipOSCMay 1986 – Jul 1988OI
Caldwell, JimSTG3May 1986 – Apr 1, 1988CA
Womack, TerryMS2May 16, 1986 – Jun 18, 1990SupplyGreat times
Pickard, Henry BOS1(SW) - OSC(SW)Jun 1986 – Jun 1991OI 01The Finest Lady Ever
Hitch, EricSTG2Jun 6, 1986 – Jul 27, 1988CACA Division man did we drink many beers at the trailer park, Charleston bars having 3 happy hours a day. Its been so long since 1988 that all I have are the good memories.
Crowe, Gene "tunney"BM2Aug 1986 – 1989OpsHad the time of my life, looking for some of my old buddies, GMC Bomar,BM1 Winston, Bubba- beer and wings!
St Pierre, Michael "The Goat"GMM2Sep 10, 1986 – Apr 10, 1990CAThe Baking Heads --The Greatest drinking team the Moose has ever seen!!Great times 2 Med cruises , good friends and 1000 gallons of beer that I'll never forget!!
Valos, BillyOS2Oct 1, 1986 – Oct 1, 1989deck

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