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USS Conolly (DD 979) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Conolly (DD 979). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 407 crew members registered for the USS Conolly (DD 979).

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Nicholas, Tolliver ( T-boneBM3Oct 24, 1901 – Jan 24, 2000FirstHey Guys: It's nice to have a way to get back in touch. I will add more later.
Anderson, II, LaddysE-41976 – 1980OCGreat experience......glad i was able to go through it.....Plank Owner and Pre Com
Trotter, MikeGSMCAug 19, 1977 – Jul 29, 1979Engineering (MP)Yep......I was one of the original commissioning crewmembers. Picked her up at Pascagoula. Was an honor to serve!
Martin, TimSTG3Sep 1977 – Dec 8, 1979WeaponsEverett regret that I didn't listen to you about my wife,you were a great friend! Hope Roller fell into a hole to hell. But as to the crew, everyone treated me great other than my division. I am since an owner of my own business/air con
Chambers, Wayne / TepoCV.97Nov 9, 1977 – Aug 10, 1980
Hall, JeffRM11978 – 1982Radio GangI Conolly at Philadelphia, now I feel old.
Sadler, DarrenYN31978 – Sep 1981navWas part of Precom crew. Left in Sep 81 to return to London.
Slusher, LarrySTG31978 – 19803rdWonderful experience for my first ship, great bunch of guys had some great times, some great concerts, retired DEC 31, 2001 STGC, shout out to my sea daddy "JR", miss those talks with Bill P.
Georgio, Domenic (George)ETR51978 – 1979Electronics
Hinojosa, MikeEM2Jan 20, 1978 – May 25, 1981EngineeringPlankowner, Shellback, Great times in the bilges. I am alive and well, in Austin, Texas 2/20/09
Haines, James RSTG1Feb 3, 1978 – Apr 4, 1981CAYes I was one of the original CA Division BLACK SHEEP. Retired 31 Jan 1994. STGC (SW). Best Sonar Gang to work with!
Degraaf, EverettSTG1Apr 1978 – Aug 7, 19803rdPlankowner, spent many hours working in sonar dome trying to identify noise spokes in the Portsmouth Shipyard.
Williams, TimQM2Apr 1978 – May 1980NavigationPlank Owner and member of Pre-Comm Unit.
Garrett, Steven (Jaguar)OS2Apr 1, 1978 – Oct 1, 1983OII was a Plank Owner (Operations Specialst) and was also an Air Intercept Controller (AIC). I left the ship in Oct of 1983 from Santos Brazil while the ship was on it's UNITAS Cruise
Sobol, CurtRM2/RM1Apr 10, 1978 – Oct 1, 1981OCWonderful experience - she was a great vessel with greater Shipmates. Leading the Way!
Jensen, TimOS2May 1978 – Jul 13, 1980OIPlank owner. OI Division. Track Supervisor. ASAC. I still remember you guys and I talk about you all the time.
Sybert, JohnFCC (R)May 31, 1978 – Jul 6, 1982Weapons Dept, G DivPart of precom crew. Had a blast. Served on Conolly with pride. Sad they used her for a target. Best group of men I ever served with.
Ackiss, DarrellBM2Jun 1978 – Jun 19821STLot of good times. Hope to hear from some old shipmates.
Knight, James/jimDS2Jun 1978 – Jul 1980Combat SystemsPreCom Crew and Plank Owner. A great ship and a really great crew.
Reed, RobertYNCJun 1, 1978 – Jul 1, 1980AdminPlankowner, while assigned to USS Conolly I was YN1, now working for USN in Naples, Italy as civilian. Retired as YNC 1986.
Fortune, Louis ("Cookie)TM2Jun 1, 1978 – Mar 5, 1980AS (Anti -SubmarinePlankowner
Brown, KennethGMTSN Jun 1, 1978 – Jun 1, 19813rd divisionMe, Ralph King and Caldwell lived the Navy life in Norfolk. The finist ship, brand new, in Mississippi. Lived at the Lakeside Manor while the ship was almost done. We had a ball!!!!!
Williams, TimQMC (RET)Jun 15, 1978 – Jul 1980NavigationI see names I already know... Laursen, Rupert... HEY you guys !! What's up !! Write me !
Crouse, Buckgsm2Jun 20, 1978 – Jun 27, 1983mwhat the hell? some of you old sea dogs are still around! seems like yesterday we were doing the mid-shift thing. anyone know where derek ware is? I sure miss the sound of those engines, contact me if u can.
Colbert, DavidGSM1 & GSMCJul 1978 – Jun 1982MServed on Precomm. Went back and retired off of her
Maier, BrianRM2Jul 1978 – Apr 1980OCOriginal Plankowner. Jeez, still remember Hall, Claudio, Hinton, McClain, Sobel, and Dearing. What a bunch of characters.
Preusser, William $ BillSTG2Jul 1978 – Dec 1981Thirdsome of it magic, some of it tragic,but I had a good time all the way, never forget those times in the carribean, or any of my shipmates
Hinton, James (Jim)RM1 (RET)Jul 1978 – Jun 1979OCPre-commissioning crew and Plank Owner
O’connell, DanielOS2Jul 1978 – Dec 1981OIHoping to connect with old shipmates. Still in contact with a few and the reunions are great.
Lopez, VinceFTG 2Jul 1978 – Sep 1981WEPSPart of pre-com crew. Best group of people I ever met. Enjoyed the ship so much have a tattoo of her on my back. Too many great memories. Would be great to here from some of you.
Boozer, JoeSM2 (E-5)Jul 15, 1978 – Oct 18, 1980Visual Communication DivisionServed in OC Division. A Plank Owner on the Conolly. I was very happy to be part of her Crew. Looking to talk to anyone the was on board for the Pre-Comm.
Claudio, GeorgeRM2Aug 15, 1978 – Jun 21, 1981OPSPrecomm & plank owner - I grew up on the Conolly - came onboard just after my 18th birthday & left after my 21st. Great fun, great friends, deep impact upon my life.
Evans, MarkBM2Aug 19, 1978 – Aug 10, 1982
Lomax, Archiesm/snSep 1978 – Oct 1980communicationsBecame part of precommissioning team after decommissioning USA grand canyon. Served onboard during shakedown cruise from galviston Texas to Tampa bay Florida. Road out hurricane david during ships first cruise to home.
Moseng, ArlandGunners Mate (G)Sep 1978 – Jan 30, 1981Weapons/G DivisionWas ships Armorer,Damage Control team, Amo Elev. Expert, and basically all the other "crap" (Or at least what the Div. Chief considered them to be) assignments. Somehow the rest of the CPO'S all thought fairly well of Me
Laursen, JohnQM2Sep 28, 1978 – Mar 12, 1982navany other plank owners out there if so let me know.
Sidebottom, Richard-rick-sideSN/ANOct 1978 – 19811ST went Aviation when we got our first HeloBrought tears to my eyes just finding this site and seeing some of the names. WOW!!! Some great days Leadng the Way. Getting the hell out of GITMO. Getting kicked out of Cuba, the whole damn ship. Reunion needed !! PLANKOWNER
Evans, MarkBM2Oct 1978 – 19821st.Pre-commission crew. Plank owner went on to uss Orion AS-18 for 2yrs. Then to Great lakes as company commander. Left Great Lakes as BM1, transferred to uss cimarron AO-177 Honorable discharge after 8.5 years.
Rupert, JackOS3Oct 14, 1978 – Dec 10, 1981OIWhere have all the years gone?
Hitchcock, Howard (Milo)SN3Oct 14, 1978 – Apr 21, 19811stPlank Owner: had a lot of good times. Remember All of them, man we are old LLLLLLLL TTTTTTTTT WWWWWWWWWW. Hope to hear from some old mates.
Jones, JameyIC2Oct 14, 1978 – Mar 17, 1982EngineeringPlank Owner, Shellback. Had a great time. Would be nice to hear from some of my old shipmates. Too bad we didnt get to see her one last time. Good luck to all.
Kuykendall, CraigIC3Oct 14, 1978 – Mar 17, 1982ElectricalPlankowner, shellback, made two middle east deployments; had many great times with fellow crew members. Worked in E-division in the IC room. I hope to hear from some old friends. ROLL TIDE!!! email-
Scott, JamesGMM3Nov 1978 – Apr 1979
Shumaker, MarkHT3Nov 15, 1978 – Jun 15, 1981repairThe early days - Chief Shear, Davorchak, Steve Miller, Farnsworth, Smitty, Dan Davault, LJG Thompson Jaqu Aliska where did you all end up ?-
Kohler, JoeSMSNDec 1978 – Jul 1982OC

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1978 | 1979 – 1981 | 1982 – 1983 | 1984 – 1986 | 1987 – 1989 | 1990 – 1991 | 1992 – 1993 | 1994 – 1995 | 1996 – now

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