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USS Stump (DD 978) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Stump (DD 978). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 696 crew members registered for the USS Stump (DD 978).

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Tegeler, JimMR31992 – 1993RThe ship and the NAVY were a great experience.What a time we had together, best wishes to everyone.
Fayson, "Big Steele"DC31992 – 1994RI miss the Ole Stump. I hear now that her days are over. i wish I had one more deployment. Got out right before Unitas 1994
Pavlyik, MichaelE-31992 – 1994If anyone is around, drop me a line at
Krause, KenET21992 – Jun 7, 1995CEWe had alot of fun on her: 2 Med/Red/Persian Gulf tours, 14 Tomahawk launches, 1 UNITAS & a bunch of LEO-OPS. Hard to believe they sank her. Currently living in Troy, IL working as a Network Analyst @ Scott AFB. Married 17 years w/2 sons.
Agnew, Robert (Spiro)OS21992 – 1996OII really enjoyed my time aboard! It was a lot of fun. I had many great friends from my time onboard.
Waltz, LeighET31992 – Apr 2, 1996CEHard and Great sea and ashore. I miss my shipmates. cruise missiles on Iraq '95 then i went to Tikrit with my reserve unit '05.
Boehm, Jeff Aka BoomerGM1992 – 1996CS/CGWow. It has been a really long time. I was given the nickname "Boomer" one night I was driving the ship, and it has stuck with me for over 15 years now. Some good times and some long days on water restrictions.
Fabel, AdamSNApr 1992 – Apr 1994DeckNever thought I'd say it but I miss it
Costley, TroyGMG3Apr 1992 – Feb 1994G2Cant believe they sunk her, had some good times onboard weres every body at now days. Still in VA married with 2nd child on the way
Rocha, JesusGSM2Apr 1992 – Apr 1996M DivI really do miss the Stump. Some of the best yrs of my life. Got out as a GSM3, joined the reserves and made GSM2. Married with 3 kids. Been working for the local Sheriff's Dept. now for about 12 yrs.
Kessel, Richard/rickMS1Apr 15, 1992 – Aug 20, 1996S-2 Just found this site. Liv'in large in LA.
Stewart, MikeDS3Apr 28, 1992 – May 20, 1996CEI served onboard for a long four years plus change, but it has provided many stories that bores my students to tears.
Stackpole, DougGSCM(SW)May 1992 – May 1994EngineeringNext to last tour, many good times and long days with the Snipes.
Phillips, JamesGSM2Jun 1, 1992 – Jun 22, 1995MLooking for friends who served with me.
Conner, ChadE3/BMJun 1, 1992 – Mar 20, 19941stI'll be smoking in the starboard break or singing on the fantail! Lol
Marek, DanielYN3Jul 21, 1992 – Jan 14, 1994AdminThe STUMP was a great command with a lot of friends made. I miss the friendships made over the years.
Grad, PaulQM3Aug 1, 1992 – Jul 1, 1996NavigationThe STUMP was a great ship. Lots of great times and people. Couldn't believe they sunk her. Retired from the Navy 2008 myself. Hope all are well, QMC(SW) Grad(ret).
Stelley, DougDS1Aug 10, 1992 – Sep 10, 1996CEGood Times
McKinnon, BrianMS3Aug 10, 1992 – Aug 5, 1995S2Hello Shipmates.
Moore, TonyMSSNAug 20, 1992 – Nov 22, 1995supplyHi to everyone. Anyone want some Midrats? Had some good times onboard.
Bethea, NorrisPN2Sep 1992 – Oct 1997N/X
Burress, BillSK1SWSep 1992 – Sep 1996S-1Retired and ready for one more Med cruise. Yes I've been told I'm mental.
Costley, TroyGMG3Sep 1992 – Feb 1994
Rivera, Angel (Paco)e-4Sep 27, 1992 – May 15, 1996ePaco is here uss stump memories
Pletcher, TomE4Sep 29, 1992 – Feb 2, 1999EngineeringI really enjoyed the days on the Stump especially my late nights in the officers lounge. LOL Anyone from my days hit me up some time. I am now a Police Chief in Oklahoma
Ramirez, SantosGSE2 @ ACTIVE DISCHARGE GSE1 IN USNROct 1992 – Aug 1997EM05Wow its great to see alot of the feloow stumper here. Those were some days.. some good some bad... but memories and lessons engrained forever. To all Stumpers I say thank you for some of the bes memories ever!! Lets get in touch very soon
Jandreau, Curtis / SpankyYNSNOct 20, 1992 – May 15, 1996DECK/NXWow, Can't believe this ship is being decom. Had some good times on her.
Darrow, ScottDS1Nov 1992 – Mar 1995CE
Keto, DarranSTG2Dec 31, 1992 – Nov 23, 1993CA
Nieratko, MarkIC21993 – 1998CE
Blowers, GaryRM31993 – 1995Operationsanybody that may remember me can get ahold of me at living in oregon now, driving truck and riding my harley!! Had great time on my shellback on her!!
Gilbertson, ShaneIC-31993 – 1996CSdidn't know they sank the old bird. alot of good times at the bottom!
Brewster, Mathew (Punky)e31993 – 19961stman there some names here i havent heard in a long time Chavis, Quinn, Irish, brings back alot of memories that i barely remember.
Edgerton, EdgeBM31993 – 1997DeckWhat's up Stumpers!!!!!!!!!
Pletcher, GSM3GSM3Jan 1993 – 1997M
Irwin, ShawnE-3/SNJan 1993 – Nov 19941stCan't believe I actually miss some of those days. I still have fond memories of Unitas. Miss some of the boys as well, Seamus, Chavis,"Punky", "Tex", "Stretch", and most of all Boats.
Braxton, DouglasSNMar 1, 1993 – Oct 1, 1994DeckWhat a time...
Bartlett, Tracy "Bart"OS1Mar 25, 1993 – Jun 30, 1995OPS/OIHad to redo everything-forgot password. doing ok here in PA. Hope everyone is doing good. See they sank the old girl. All 3 of my ships are gone now. Take care. Drop me a line if you like.
Fezell, EricOS2May 1, 1993 – Feb 7, 1997OS
Ferguson, ScottGSM2(SW)Jun 1993 – Oct 1997M Div
Siliado, Reyton (Silly)OS3Jun 10, 1993 – Jul 20, 1997OIhated the actual moment I was active, but learned alot. miss everyone. became a part of the navy boxing team from 1996-97 kicked tons of butt, and had my butt kicked alot too. I moved back to hawaii and currently work for Raytheon-Solipsys.
Davidson, JimFC 2Jun 21, 1993 – May 27, 1997CFI was on the Stump for FOUR years. I saw a lot of places, met a lot of people, and cleaned a lot of passageways. I also made the best decision of my life; I asked Jesus to save me. Best wishes to those I seved with. Let us now serve Him together.
Matthews, Sean "Jersey"EW3Jul 1993 – May 1996OperationsGreat times, great people....much love to all.....JERSEY
Parker, ByronOS1Jul 2, 1993 – Oct 1995OI01Unitas 93 was the most adventurous and intresting deployment I ever had the whole 20 years in the navy
Northrup, Mike profile iconGSM2Jul 12, 1993 – Jan 25, 1995MCrazy times but a lot of good times
Howell, DougCAPT (LT then)Jul 13, 1993 – Jan 3, 1995Deck and Nav-AdminMet and miss a lot of amazing shipmates in Stump. My first real experience with Fleet ops and deployment. I see some familiar names here! Hope you're all well.
Chionchio, Jon (Chonch)OS3Aug 1993 – Aug 1997OI
Wofford, Robbie "mighty White Nighttrain"FC2Aug 1993 – May 18, 1998CFBeen a long time...Met great people and made close friends. Wish we had stayed in touch better. My fault. At the time I thought I would never have let people slip away. Miss Ya'll
Keller, WayneSTG3 (SW)Aug 31, 1993 – Aug 31, 1997CSSoftware Engineer working in Florida. Would love to hear from any Combat Systems guys. The rest of the ship was pretty weak.
Leverett, DavidMSSNSep 1993 – Nov 1995Galley second homeLooking for old friends I was the one who constantly got boxes from the wife with cookies and brownies and my Ex brother in law was Jamie Bushey ET3 at the time
Scafidi, SalBM3Sep 13, 1993 – Jun 12, 1997OAHello to all my BM buddies who served aboard the USS Stump from 93 to 97. A special hello to BM2 Eberhardt "Spoon?" You all were great I will remember you always.
Gorsuch, JasonE-3/SNOct 1993 – Aug 19951stI started my career on this ship and learned how to be a sailor. I will never forget the berthing fights or the UNITAS in 1994. How many generators can we break? I can still hear BM1 today, "Ahh, get up there! My little Fundaroy's, my Toota-Loo
Chavis, Billy/ IndianBMSA-BM3(SW)Oct 1993 – Nov 1997DeckI really miss the crew and the good times! I have fond memories of berthing wars and when the lights went out on the ship, the price you paid to come into deck berthing!!!!!!!!
Hansen, JeffGSM3Oct 5, 1993 – Mar 12, 1997MGOOD TIMES WITH THE BEST PEOPLE!!!
Deverna, Harry / Bm1BM1 E6Nov 1993 – Nov 1995OperationsBest crew and best ship of 6 commands
Quinn, SeamusE3/SNDec 27, 1993 – Jul 7, 19951stHow 'bout them Yankees?

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