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USS Stump (DD 978) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Stump (DD 978). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 696 crew members registered for the USS Stump (DD 978).

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Rosencranz, MichaelEW31985 – 1987CEGood ol' ship! Great times! How about that UNITAS in '85???
Burgwaldt, BrianEN 21985 – 1989A Gang
McGuire, GerardPN21985 – Jun 1987
Foote, GregoryBMC1985 – 19891ST DivisionGreat tour, great people who made my tour great.
West, KenMSSN1985 – 1986SupplyGreetings to my friends of many years !!!!!!
Kirk, JeffreyFC2Jan 1985 – Oct 1987Weapons
Del Valle, MikeSK2Jan 5, 1985 – Feb 22, 1988SupplyHow can anyone ever forget serving time on the Stump? I definately remember the good and the very bad times. Working in supply always sucked and we were always the last to get to do anything fun, but its memories that lives within us forever.
Hampton, EugeneOS2Jan 5, 1985 – Apr 15, 1987OIThe only person below Chief with gold Hasp marks
Munoz, Humberto Jr.BM3Jan 10, 1985 – Oct 9, 1989Deck
Vignola, DavidPN2/E-5Feb 1985 – Oct 1988Pers/AdminIt was the best of times. It was the worst of times. I got to see quite a bit of the world on the Stump making two deployments. I hate to see that she was sunk and is now a reef somewhere off the atlantic coast.
Sorgi, KevinHM2Feb 1, 1985 – May 7, 1987Have many fond memories of the Stump & Unitas Cruise.
Hogoboom, JamesFC1(SW)Mar 15, 1985 – Jul 31, 1989CFHave some great memories. I would like to back in touch with the guys I ran around with. It too bad she's going to be sunk after all the blood,sweat and tears that went into keeping her safe.
Inman, RaymondHT2 (SW)Apr 1985 – Sep 1988Repairhow is everyonr doing?
Angle, TedQM3Apr 1985 – Jun 14, 1987NavigationI still tell sea stories from that 85 Unitas cruise. What a time that was. I am glad to see the Stump still sailing.
Ney, MickeyOs2Apr 1985 – Feb 1988OIYo yo yo! Miss my ship and all the crazy crewmen who served with me!we had some great times! No regrets for joining the navy thanks to all of you!
Schmitz, JimFCCSApr 1985 – 1988FoxServing on the USS Stump was challenging and exciting. It enabled me to grow professionally and personally. Truly miss all the guys. Lots of memories. Sad to learn how she ended her service as a target..
West, KennymssnMay 5, 1985 – Oct 10, 1986supply S-2R.I.P MIGHTY STUMP !!!!!!! Best wishes to all my friends and fellow STUMPERS !!!!!!!!
Snearly, GregGMM3(SW)May 15, 1985 – Feb 4, 1989CSI miss Kings Head Inn!!
Maury, AlAG2(SW)Jun 8, 1985 – Nov 15, 1985COMSOLANT STAFFI was the TAD Weather Guesser during UNITAS/WATC for 6 months in 1985. Great memories and great friends. I'm retired from the Navy now.......wait, aren't we all. Live in Biloxi, MS now.
Reams, Brett ASTG1Jun 10, 1985 – May 24, 1988CA
Popham, MarkEW3, 2, SN, 3Jul 1, 1985 – Aug 9, 1989EWJust adding my name to the list. Haven't remembered some of these names for almost 20 years.
Sullivan, KevinQM2Jul 17, 1985 – Jul 16, 1998NAVIGATION
Angle, Edward (Ted)QM3Aug 1985 – Jun 15, 1987Navigation
Blair, TommyJO3Sep 1985 – Apr 1988NavBoatswains mate turned jo . . . always found a great tan on the stump. solid crew. good times. Made a real difference to people after hurricane hugo. hello to all the old shipmates & best to all.
Guard, JackSM1Sep 18, 1985 – Nov 20, 1990OCI remember my Stump days very well and hope that all my shipmates are living the high life and doing well. Many great times aboard Stump----many I still can barely talk about legally...I retired from the Nav in 98.
Mitchell, DennisBM SNSep 19, 1985 – Sep 28, 1988deck wow, the gal is gone from the fleet.... had some good times and bad ones as well... meet some good friends ...wish them all the best....any one who remembers me e-mail me at
Antonucci, J. TonySTG3(SW)Oct 1985 – Apr 1989CS
Gordon, JoeOS2Oct 1985 – Dec 1988OIAbiza 88 was the best port! Stump had the best C.O. in Xefteris and the best crew.
Elmore, Jeff (Mo)OS 2Nov 1985 – Apr 1989OPSI really was shocked to see they had sunk our boat as a target. It was one of the better ships at the time in the fleet. I really miss all the guys. You make a lot of friends and suddenly there gone. Im proud to have served in the NAVY. MO
Lorang, TimSTG3Nov 1, 1985 – Nov 16, 1986Combat SystemsLooking for MAC Shelton who was Master at Arms on Stump when I was onboard.
Brague, Jr., BobEN2Nov 8, 1985 – Jun 14, 1987A-GangWould like to here from anyone from that period.
Lara, OscarSK3Dec 1985 – Aug 1988S-1
Adams, AlexEN2(SW)Dec 1985 – Jun 1990Auxiliaries (A-GANG)
Ramsey, SamSTG3Dec 10, 1985 – Apr 4, 1987CA
Antonucci, Fat TonySTG3(SW)Dec 12, 1985 – Apr 8, 1989CSGood Friends, Great times.
Beard, Royce Mr. B.BM3Dec 15, 1985 – Aug 4, 1989DeckI really miss driving Ms. Daisy,, at the helm & L-Helm,, plus the small boats down in the tropical parts of the world. Loved visiting other countries with my fellow crew members. Cant never forget the Persian Gulf.
Wing, Calvinic3Dec 15, 1985 – May 1988cs
Baker, DanielEWC1986 – 1991CE/OW
Wesson, Terrygsm 3Jan 1986 – Apr 1990mCan't believe the old girl is gone!! Lots of good memories and not so good ones. After my 8 years in the Navy I continued in civilian world as a turbine mechanic, today my son set sail on the USS Enterprise for his 1st
Lafleche, TimothyET2(SW)Jan 1, 1986 – May 1, 1988Combat SystemsGreat ship and Great crew, and Great times.
Brown, Maurice "Moe"BM2Jan 15, 1986 – Feb 8, 1990DeckI can't believe the "Old Lady" is out of service. Sure going to miss being behind the helm doing manuvers 25 kts "all ahead flank-one". But it's time for me to retire now too (now IS1). To all those who knew "her"
Pickering, TimLTFeb 1, 1986 – Apr 1, 1989SupplyServed as Asst SUPPO/DISBO. Came aboard in Metro Machine and left soon after our Med/PG Cruise in 88 and our drug interdiction mission that followed soon afterward. Great ship, great crew and memories to last a lifetime.
Wyche, JasperE4Feb 16, 1986 – Feb 16, 1990A-gangHope everyone is doing good
Brooks, MikeHM1(SW)Mar 1986 – Sep 1988NAVN. F. B. S. Med/Persian Gulf '88
Hickman, DanielSTG2Mar 1, 1986 – Apr 9, 1990ASW
King, RobIC3Apr 1986 – Jun 1988CS
Maguire, LarryLTMay 15, 1986 – May 7, 1989SupplyBest Supply Department in the Navy. Won the ship's first and second Blue "E" ever. Best full crew on any ship for Caribbean Sea, Mediterranean and Persian Gulf ops
Oskowski, Ron, "ski"FCSN/3 (SW)Jun 1986 – Mar 1990CFWow, I really miss all you guys!, A lifetime of memories in 4 short years, It really hit me pretty hard when I got word that they sank her.
Maguire, LarryLTJun 5, 1986 – Mar 2, 1989SupplyWe'll miss her. I was suppo when the great Supply Division team won the blue E. We had lots of support from the Engineering "A" gang. Capt. Xefteris was Skipper.
Taylor, RogerEN3Jun 9, 1986 – Oct 6, 1991A-Gang / EngineeringUnreal. Hard working ship -- never knew how much difference a CO could make in the morale of a ship - this one was an object lesson. Hi Ifford! Where's crash?
Carr, ThomasFC2Jul 1986 – Nov 11, 1990CFI never thought I would say that I miss the Stump until I was on vacation and went on a tour of the Mighty Mo, it brought back alot of memories
Hartman, DaveFC3Aug 1986 – Jun 1989CFwho knew i'd stick around long enought to retire?
Taylor, IffordEN 2 (SW)Oct 13, 1986 – Apr 10, 1990A-GangBest Ship Ever. Gonna miss her. This is where I learned how to be a man.
Garrett Jr, James L Gee MoneyE4Oct 20, 1986 – May 15, 1990EngineeringI hope all fellas are doing well. I miss all the good times and the bad, but doing very well for myself.
Collins, BenET1(SW)Nov 15, 1986 – Sep 17, 1988OE

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