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USS Stump (DD 978) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Stump (DD 978). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 699 crew members registered for the USS Stump (DD 978).

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Gagne, MarcET21983 – 1986CEProud to have served and lucky to be part of a great crew. Shout-out to all my shipmates.
Williams, Jim/willieGSM3, GSM21983 – 1987MPWorked with some of the best Snipes I've ever worked with. Lots of great memories. Who could ever forget Brooklyn Shipyard or UNITAS.
Engen, RenoOS21983 – 1986Old School - Had a great time in South America.
Dise, RandyEN31983 –A Gang
Gotell, Kent (Tilla)E3 SM1983 – 1985CommunicationsHey what's up guy, looking for Willie Arnold,Jay Morretti, Eddy Cooly, signal crew, I got taken off stump in PR, But loved South America , Jamiaca, was a great ship hope all is well with the crew, did so many things
Sweeney, AaronEW2Feb 1983 – Feb 1986Lots of good memories. I'd like to hear from the guys I sailed with. I'd like to find Rick Murphy and Pat Parr.
Sweeney, AaronEW2Feb 1, 1983 – Feb 20, 1986Great ship - travelled the world. Does anyone have a list of where we travelled during the above period? I have a rough idea but would like to know specifically where we were. Does anyone know what happened to Pat Parr or Rick Murphy?
Peck, ArtMS2Mar 1983 – Dec 1986S2
Peck, A. W.MSCM(SW)Mar 7, 1983 – Dec 12, 1986S-2Stump was my 1st ship...great memories of Unitas!
Duncan, KeithENS-LTjg-LTApr 4, 1983 – May 4, 1986Repair and GunsOn board for Pina Colada cruise in Caribbean, yard period in Brooklyn, UNITAS, and WATC. Stump was last of the Spru-cans. There is a scale model of her on display at Nauticus Waterside in NORVA.
Brown, RodE1Sep 1983 – Jun 6, 1986A Gang
Atkins, KevinICFNOct 10, 1983 – Jun 12, 1986Engineering
Chartrand, LayneOS21984 – 1986Ops
Eveland, SamYN21984 – 1986Nav
Kirk, JeffFC21984 – 1986CG
Glidden, BillFC11984 – 1988CF
Kirk, JeffFC21984 – 1986Weapons
Konkle, Davide51984 – 1988boatson mateI am looking for my old shipmates. Moe, Alex, and all. They called me Boone.
Beltrami, DonFC-1 (SW)Jan 1984 – Jun 1989CG/CFToo early an end for a great warship- makes me feel old. Hey wait, I am old! Lots of memories- The bus ride in Freetown, Sierra Leone. (Frank P. you know what I'm talking about) Persian Gulf 88, etc. etc.
Bailey, Don "Beetle"EN1Jan 1984 – Dec 1986A-GangI Remember some of the Gang listed here. What I remember most is that we had some awesome talent. If it broke, we fixed it anywhere, anytime. Remember ENC "Beeno" Blattle? Beeno liberty for you chumps!
Kellar, Tonybm2Jan 2, 1984 – May 28, 19861st
Smischny, GilbertHT2/HT1Jan 10, 1984 – Apr 9, 1987Repair/MaintanceCertified welder on board.
Gimbel, BrianGSM3 (TWICE)Feb 1984 – Jun 3, 1987MFirst ship. Have yet to find a group of people who were more fun to serve with. Hartley, Chase, Cossey, Crash.. You are all responsible for all the coruption in my life. Am now an LDO LT. Who ever would have thought that.
Mase, TerryGMG3Apr 1, 1984 – Aug 3, 1987FCHad a blast with everyone lol, even the dirty tricks we played on each other, right Bill, lol.
Pesik, CraigDS3Apr 8, 1984 – Jun 13, 1988CEHad lot's of fun
Drydale, LloydDS3Apr 9, 1984 – Apr 7, 1986Combat Systems
Chartrand, LayneOS2Apr 16, 1984 – Jul 16, 1986OperationsServed on board the Stump, doing INSERV at Getmo, Caribbean Ops, UNITAS '85...and left when she was in the Yards in Norfolk.
Thompson, JackSeamanJun 1984 – Dec 1984Deck
Maldonado, DomingoSH3Jul 1984 – Dec 1988S3Farewell to a great ship and to the greatest crew of them all. Lot's of unforgetable memories "God Bless" everyone of this fine sailors that served with pride and always strive for perfection onboard the best West Virginia State FlagShip
Williams, Travis "wally Gator"PNSNJul 28, 1984 – Nov 15, 1985NavCan't believe she's gone!!! I'll never forget the BMs and ships office - UNITAS ruled -becoming a shellback; Capt's Mast on my 3rd day, that's me. Sleep well James Wiese. Thanks to you and Miller for my first beer/hangover
Prather, WayneHT3Aug 1984 – Nov 1987dosnt seem like she was that old i hate to see her go
Pruitt, DarrinSTG 2Sep 1984 – Jun 1986CAGreat memories. UNITAS, West Africa and Ft Liquordale. Did a lot of growing up and a lot of not growing up too... Still talk about some of those days.
Prentice, ShaunDD 978Sep 1984 – Nov 1988EngHey guys! Ill never never Forget a great time in my life and great friends. Good Ride. Hope all is well!
Wyche, PhillipFC3Sep 18, 1984 – Nov 11, 1988too early an end for such a fine ship.Sorry to see it go so early
Greenfield, JonRM2Sep 21, 1984 – Feb 26, 1988OPS
Deschamps, KennyHT3Oct 1984 – Jun 25, 1987RepairWhat a wild ride.Met a lot of great guys.I'll never forget the "Shellback initiation".Sorry to see she's not with us anymore
Shelby, Mike profile iconE-3Oct 1984 – Aug 1987CAFinally found out from my Congressman how to get my medal. I need my shipmates to resubmit the paperwork and everything should be approved. Thank You in advance. Mike Shelby.
Flesher, WayneOS1(SW)Oct 1, 1984 – Oct 31, 1989OII went thru a lot on this ship.... Personally and carreer wise. Bunch of good guys there. All the boys from OI....drop me a line. Would love to hear from. Elmore, you still in Gaffney? Y'all come on down to Mobile and I'll buy the 1st rou
Drebenstedt, JamesHt3, HT2, DC2, DC3Oct 1, 1984 – Sep 29, 1989RI'd have done it all differently, but it was great to do it the way I did with you guys.
Ash, DanFC2Oct 1, 1984 – 1985FoxHope all are doing well. Seeing these names brought back a lot of memories.
Sarratt, Gary (Ratt)FC2 (SOMETIMES)Dec 28, 1984 – Apr 21, 1989FoxHey guys, gimme a buzz., or 256-996-2262.

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