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USS Stump (DD 978) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Stump (DD 978). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 699 crew members registered for the USS Stump (DD 978).

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Paske, BillBoatswain's Mate Second Class1943 – Oct 31, 1945TThis is my dad who left notes of knowing Admiral Stump well.
Scafidi, SalBM3Sep 13, 1975 – Jun 12, 1993OAGood people great times! Bad generators and evaps! God Bless All! Where"s Rodrick and E-B-De-B?
Carpenter, James / JimDS1May 9, 1976 – May 9, 1982OEPlankowner, aboard from pre-commissioning thru first two major deployments (Med and S. America) I have very fond memories of this ship and her crew and the 'adventures' we shared. I'd love to here from any old shipmates that remember me!
McAdams, Gary (Doc)snJul 1976 – 1978medicalPlankowner. H. corpsman misdirected to Bsn mt. Had a blast with the pre-comm in Pasgagolla Miss. GREAT damn bunch of lunatics I've ever met. George Wagner (SN).... O.T. ..Lt.Cmdr "Snuffels"...MHC "spiderman"....
Bassatt, NelsonPO3Aug 1977 – 1979F & G Division
Dorsey, BillSTG 2Aug 14, 1977 – Feb 1980In Waxahachie, Texas now...wouldn't want to live any place else.
Dunkelberger, Samuel D.GSM21978 – Nov 1980Plankowner, served aboard as a member of the Engineering Department, Main Engineroom #1.
Collins, ChrisGSE21978 – 1981MP
Moseley, JimEN21978 – 1979A GangPlankowner
Clarkson, RickET31978 – 1981OEPlankowner-Came onboard as an ETNSA-Mess Cooked-stood Sea @ Anchor detail with BMs-then Nav.Detail with QM gang.Took ealy retirement as an ET1SW.Had a good time on the ol Stump!
Wiggins, JohnLTJG1978 – 1981SupplyPlank Owner. Disbursing, Sales Officer. Only ship I ever served on. Retired from Naval Reserve 1998 as CDR. Living in SC. Last saw ship at DK1 Alberse's retirement ceremony.Would love to hear from shipmates.
Ford, SteveEmFn1978 – 1980EReported to Portsmouth yard a week late with a broken leg, Club Med Gitmo, Mardi Gras Mobile, Spring Break Port Everglades, All Ire in Montego Bay. Playing guitar in the TACTAS compartment. Battery acid in the eye.
Stevenson, MichaelET21978 – Feb 1982OE DIVISION (Operations Electronics)Served as Electronic Technician (Communications) aboard for 3 Gitmos, 1 Unitas, and 1 Med Cruise. I have nothing but the fondest of memories of ALL those in OE Div., and throughout that era's crew of the USS STUMP DD978
Allinson, BobSH31978 – 1981SupplyPlank owner Would love to hear from anyone from the pre comm crew thru 81. Did anyone get a piece of the ship? I thought we were supposed to? Did not realize she was decommissioned sorry to hear that. 610-216-0380 i
Howland, Jim "Jim Bob"STG1Jan 15, 1978 – Oct 30, 19802nd/SonarPlankowner and the best time of my life. Made some good buddys then. Looking for some of the original sonar gang; Paul V, Johnny T, Mark C, Rawles, Victor C, Bill D, Wayne-O, Crow. Where are you guys? Drop me a line shipmates.
Cooks, SamBM3Jan 17, 1978 – Aug 20, 1981servicemencalled me dancing sam
Kissell, SteveHT2Feb 18, 1978 – Feb 17, 1980RCan you belive it? I came back in the reserves just 4 years ago and went to the decommisioning! See you at the next reunion!
Moon, CliffDSMar 1978 – Jun 1982OEPlankowner. Great ship! Still keep in touch with Dennis Ventura, Mike Knight, "T" White. Would like to track down other OE and OPS folks. Rick, Jim, Keith, Tim - where are you?
Grimm, DarrenBMSNMar 1978 – May 1981IstPlank owner who did a lot of growing up while onboard. If any of you remember me my E-mail is
Hansen, EmilMSMar 1978 – Dec 1981supplyI am a plank owner and could not believe it when I saw that they had trashed this great ship.
Swafford, JohnIC1Mar 1978 – Jan 1983ePlankowner, remember Collins, Studer, Stock, Broden, Doc Williamson, Perry. Can't believe she is at the bottom of the ocean.
Rickards, RandyEM 3Mar 1, 1978 – Sep 1, 1981engineeringGreat time serving on the Ole stump we had a band "Country 978" played pulling in and out of port with Chief Hemsley long live the band
Carpenter, DonaldGMG2Mar 15, 1978 – Jan 5, 1981wepswas mount 51 gun captain. remember dunn, marvin, brooks, mcgerk and duvall. this had to be the best ship i served served on. be looking a long time to find something about her.
Blocker, Garry G.MS3Apr 1978 – Jul 1981SupplyPlank owner. Would like to hear from other plank owners, or anybody that was on her from 1978 to 1981.Does anybody know where Raul Herrera Storekeeper Extraordinaire?
Roberts, William "Rob"STG2Apr 1978 – Jan 19812ndSo glad to see this up! The official Navy site had one up for awhile, but shut it down. Sorry I missed the decom. Who'd have thunk it would have happened this soon?
Foshey, KeithET2Apr 1978 – Apr 1982OEThe Tiki club, just a fifth of Tequila away from Lakeside, an exceptional start to the best of friends on the best adventure. We really did that?
Richardson, Larry profile iconMR1/MRCApr 1978 – Jul 1979RPLANK OWNER. Retired in 1994 as the Chief Engineer on the USS Santa Barbara
Stevenson, Chief SteveETCApr 9, 1978 – Dec 15, 1981oeall of you et ds ew get your pms done and start field day
Reno, DavidEN1Apr 23, 1978 – Dec 14, 1979APlank Owner. The Stump was my 2nd ship a lot of great memories. Hi to all of my old shipmates. Served 8 years on active duty then went reserve where I served another 18 years. Living in Chicago area now.
Dunkelberger, SamGSM2May 1978 – Oct 1980MMember of PreCom unit and served in MER 1
Carson, BarryEN1May 1978 – Aug 15, 1979A-GangPlank owner,Oil King. Wish I'd known they were sinking her. Great trip to Mardi Gras in Mobile in 79. Never paid for a drink that weekend. From Pasc to Norfolk in Aug 78, 75% of crew had never been aboard ship. Puke fest
Bush, JohnBM3May 1978 – 19811st. DivisionSex, Drugs, and Rock-N- Roll. Looking for BM3 Cliff Ullrich or Kenneth Bush, Danny Souls. Anyone remembering me please get in touch would love to hear from you. E-mail me at
Evans, JonahE4May 10, 1978 – Jun 23, 1981first
Finch, TimRMSNMay 21, 1978 – May 6, 1981OCI was a late arrival,just after commisioning, but i feel like a plankowner,Like to talk to all the guys who remember me, i was kinda hard to forget, Right Capt Anderson??
Blevins, David , Sr.SK1Jun 1978 – Apr 1980S-1Plank Owner
Peterson, PeteGSCSJun 1978 – Dec 1982E, M, A
Antos, DavidGSE2Jun 1978 – May 1981EngineeringPlankowner. Remember Jose Aboy (GSEC), Chris Collins (GSE2), Larry Edwards (GSE2), Ted Uchiek (GSE2), Paul Lasby (GSE2), Larry Mahl (EM2)
Stout, TonyRM2 (RETIRED LT)Jun 1978 – Jan 1981OCPlankowner! Attended the Decom 10-19-04. It was great to see some of the old (and I mean old) faces!
Bridges, GeorgeGSE1Jun 1978 – Jul 1980MPWhat a cast of characters we had for commissioning! Nobody could forget you, Stew!
Bendtschneider, DavidRM2Jun 1978 – Jun 1981OCPlankowner! It was always Ravioli for midrats, and RM1 McCormick upchucking Mardi Gras onto the bottom racks while making a port of call in Mobile during the New Orleans strike. Sheesh, what a mess. Ah yes, I remember it well.
Foissett, JohnBMC (Retired LCDR)Jun 1978 – Apr 1980First Division1st division had the best group of guys I have ever served with.
Crowell, ChuckCDRJun 1, 1978 – Sep 1980Engineer OfficerWhat a tour - from precomm to commissing to Gitmo to first deployment - things you can never forget. Mardi Gras - Capt Carl - Med ports - Istanbul - bunch of SUPER Snipes - blowing thru Engineering exams - red hankies
Swailes, ScottHT3Jun 3, 1978 – Apr 11, 1980Engineering Decommissioned? Man, it only feels like a few years ago the we commissioned her. I would like to hear from anyone who may remember me. 919-741-8930
Marks, Harry ELTJun 15, 1978 – Jun 15, 19802nd
Broden, Dave (Dave-bob)HT 2Jul 1978 – Aug 1980R-divPlankowner; Came with Capt. Carl from the USS McCain. This was a dream crew that worked hard and played hard. SNIPES RULE ! Great times with Swafford, Studer, Collins, Bridges and Doc. Was not aware of the reunion !
Crowley, DavidBM-2Jul 1, 1978 – Feb 15, 19811st/deckplank owner would like to hear from any of my shipmates e-mail me at
Skaggs, JerryOSCMJul 1, 1978 – Aug 1, 1981OICommissioning Crew Command Master Chief. My last sea Tour. Loved the "Stump", Saw her decomm'd. Couldn't believe she was at the end.
Stewart, RandyGSE-3Jul 3, 1978 – Jul 29, 1981EngineeringDavid Antosh, you forgot me! I wish I had known about the decommissoning. I wonder if the AC Satrter/controller box still had my "RTS was here!"
Uchiek, TedEM / GSE 2Jul 10, 1978 – Apr 1983E divisionI was a young sailor back then and enjoyed myself and being on the ship.
Ramirez, JoaquinOS2Jul 14, 1978 – Jul 22, 1980OIPlankowner///departed ship in Barcelona Spain in 1980. Best ship served on. Served on USS Hull DD 945 and USS La Salle AGF-3
Mello, JohnRM3Jul 20, 1978 – Oct 18, 1980
Morris, StephenHT 3Aug 1978 – Nov 1980RepairWould like to hear from some the the crew during this time I have talked to a few from repair in the last year. This ship has left me with lots of good momories May God Bless this Vessel
Robert, RogerETR2Aug 1978 – Aug 1981OEOf the 5 ship's I served on she was definitely the best! Though I missed commissioning, I spent 3 years with the commissioning crew. What a great bunch of guys!!! I retired ETCM(SW) Sep 97. Mr. Wykowski would never believe it!!!
Maurer, RichLTAug 1978 – Oct 1980Eng.The first ever Stump reunion will be held in Mobile, AL Feb 2, 2008. Contact me for details.
McMaster, KeithOS2Aug 1978 – Aug 1981OIPlankowner. Enjoyed my time onboard. Looking forward to the reunion.
Herrera, Raul SK2Aug 1978 – Mar 1982S1im 58 years old and im still looking good as ever and still partying like always. i haven't forgotten many of you guys.I think about those days when we use to party. I hope to hear to from 1 of you at least.keep in touch
Hill, LarryFTM3Aug 1, 1978 – Sep 1, 1980
Royal, Jeffrey (Oil)EN3Aug 18, 1978 – Feb 6, 1981A GangPlank Owner Looking for his ship mates. Call Me (804) 529-9225 I left Colorado and I'm Back In Virginia a couple hours from Norfolk. I have Phone#s for Sciscilo, Bisbee, Cooks,
Homme, JonGMT2Aug 19, 1978 – Dec 20, 19802ndASROC rules!
Nickell, DavidEM2Aug 19, 1978 – Aug 1981ElectricalI took a military leave of absence to go on active duty and went back to work for the same company I started work for. My wife, Pam and I will be married 30 years in April of 08. Our son is a graduate of Texas A&M. We never had other kids.
Marvin, RichardGMG2Aug 19, 1978 –weaponsi am looking for a shipmate Billy R. Duvall (Doobie) i am a plank owner
Ingraham, AbeLTAug 20, 1978 – Feb 1, 1981NavigationLt Rich Maurer is planning a reunion. Mobile Nardi Gras once again! You can reach me at
Lytton, John R "Jack"ETCSep 1, 1978 – Apr 12, 1980OEWorking for captain Anderson and experience
Thomas, FloydGSM2Sep 11, 1978 – Apr 15, 1981EngineeringStill Sworn
Britton, JoeEWNov 1978 – Sep 1982OENow that was a crew! My only regret is that I missed being a plank owner.

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