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USS Briscoe (DD 977) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Briscoe (DD 977). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 598 crew members registered for the USS Briscoe (DD 977).

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Bartholomew, DeanQM31991 –Nav/Admin
Knowles, LarryET3Jan 1991 – Sep 1993CE
Bishop, TravisBM3Jan 1, 1991 – Feb 1, 19931ST
McLaney, MichaelOS2Jan 2, 1991 – Dec 4, 1992OIBest group of guys I ever worked with.
Bishop, TravisBM3Jan 17, 1991 – Jan 29, 1993DECK APES!Great ship, Great Crew, Great memories, Great to have been a part of her History!
Combs, DarrenFC2(SW)Mar 1991 – Jun 1995CMLooking back it wasn't as bad as it seemed at the time. We had a blast and got paid for it. Good memories. Where is everybody???
Turner, John profile iconEW3Mar 1991 – Jun 1994hey, still remember the good times from the NAV. hello to everyone who I still talk about, Boone, Hoop, Sesack and the GA crew in the EW rank. Hope everyone is doing well.
Boivin, JasonFC1Mar 1, 1991 – Aug 31, 1996CVMy first small boy. Have to say us Destoyer sailors are a different breed compared to the AEGES cruisers.
Foley, MichaelDS3Mar 21, 1991 – Sep 5, 1995CSEThe Briscoe was 'SIMPLY THE BEST'. Iam still at home in Niles, Ohio. Hope to hear from anyone. '
McPherson, DonFC2Apr 1991 – Jun 1995CMToo bad they sunk her. Met some great guys there, Mumbles where the heck are you? Combs, Sullivan, hope you're all doing well.
Schulte, RogerOSCApr 2, 1991 – Apr 3, 1996OI DivisionCame to the Briscoe as a junior OS1 and left as the LCPO. It was the hardest and most rewarding tour. The people I met on the Briscoe are still in my life 15 years later.
Turner, BillSTG2May 1991 – Sep 1994Combat SystemsGreat memories... MIF 92 and 94... setting the record for most ship boardings in the Red Sea... The ferry fire incident... alot of good friends. At the time I never thought I would say this but I really miss her.
Gant, Jim / "G" AntGSE2May 1, 1991 – Jun 1997MWould do it again in a heartbeat. Met some of the best crew / friends anyone could ever have. Proud to have served with all of you. The memories are will last forever. Hope to hear from all my shipmates. SIMPLY THE BEST
Patterson, GregGMG2May 5, 1991 – Sep 1, 1993CGBest ship I served on. Went on to make GMC and have now retired. Briscoe was a fighter and those guns shot like the devil. GMC Figgins was one of the best Chiefs that I had the pleasure to serve with.
Bozovich, RichardITCSJun 1, 1991 – May 1, 1993OCMy first ship as a PO1, earned my ESWS pin there. Deployed to Red Sea as part of MEF, conducted embargo enforcement against Iraq. My name is probably still inside the CMS User safe in radio. :-) I'm interested in received memorabilia from the s
Shock, DavidFC2Jun 7, 1991 – Jan 23, 1995CM
Spears, PaulRM3Jul 1991 – Sep 1994OCUSS Dolin
Kenneth, MountcastleSTG2 (SW)Aug 1991 – Nov 1993CSSeeing some of the names here brings back memories.
Wiggins, ClevelandET3/SWAug 5, 1991 – Mar 15, 1995CELove the memories,Still telling Navy stories.
Thurber, JasonSTG3Sep 1991 – Sep 1995CAThis brings back a lot of memories. Had a lot of fun on the 92 & 94 deployments. I remember doing boardings in the red sea. Made a lot of good friends. Had some good times...
Harrigill, PatrickEN3Sep 1991 – Nov 1992A-Gang
Gilchrist, JohnnyMSSN / MS3Oct 1991 – Jul 17, 1995SUPPLY DEPT./ S-2yeah me, G-MAN, bad times & great times aboard the Briscoe. 2 cruises, enjoyed Haifa,Jordan,Palma & Barcelona Spain, and Hurghada, Egypt. Shout out to all MS's,Rice, Birdman,Sloan,Ren,Fat Cat,Joey. whut up, Ruiz, Big J!
Rose, StevenDCC(SW)Dec 22, 1991 – Oct 29, 1996REPAIRBest ship and crew of my career. As a member of Grapple I had to tow her to Philly's boneyard. She fought the whole way and dragged that little ARS all over the bay. Knowledge of her helped with DDX weapons testing on Peterson and Caron as well.
Rink, Russell (Russ)GSMC (SW) Retired1992 – 1996M
Grimmer, TomFC3Jan 1992 – Apr 1993CMMIF 92 was great. Hey to all the CIWS tech out there.
Godfrey, NateDK3Jan 11, 1992 – Mar 27, 1994Disbursing
Godfrey, NateDK3Jan 11, 1992 – Mar 27, 1994Disbursing
Gonzales, Rick (Gonzo)OS1Feb 1992 – Feb 1994OIA good ship and a good crew, I had a blast. I still laugh about the cover of Time Magazine.
Childers, RobertSTG1 (SW)Feb 1992 – Feb 1994CAI made some of the best friend I would have known. We worked hard, partied harder. Played a good softball. The Red Sea was hot as hell. MEF 94. Carribean 93 still way cool. Miss you guys. Bill, Davey, Thurber, Rob, Mike, Huber. Take care.
Moore, MikeMS 2Feb 22, 1992 –S 2I had A great time on the briscoe. Many great memmories the best was in palma spain and the trip to jerusalem.knowing crazy Wells,and Slone.and seeing Jeff Rice make Chief.and seeing MS1 Sweeney drunk all the time.and drinking all the beer in hurgada
Gonzales, Rick (Gonzo)OS1Mar 1992 – Feb 1994OI01
Sherrod, ShawnBM3Mar 4, 1992 – Mar 4, 19941stT. davis from N.Carolina or P. wagoner from Indiana email me.
Sears, JonathanseamenMar 17, 1992 – Mar 17, 1994deck division
Keith, RohloffSK2May 7, 1992 – Nov 21, 1996S-1
McKean, JasonGMM2(SW)Jun 11, 1992 – Oct 1, 1994CVAssisted on bringing the VLS System online. Worked with Mike Maciejewski,Joe Casista,Jim Pelgen,Darren Shehan, and several others that I haven't forgotten. My memories are still strong as ever and I hope somday to see them again.
Bunn, RickSTG3Jun 22, 1992 – Nov 20, 1994Combat SystemsShe was my last ship while on active duty and I feel honored to carry her hull number as my employee number in my current job.
Norton, EricFC2Jul 1992 – Oct 1994CG
Klepp, JasonETAug 1992 – Jun 1994CENeither the branch nor the vessel made the memories lasting, it was the unique people.
McGuire, DavidSTG3Aug 10, 1992 – Mar 6, 1995Sonar
McGuire, DaveSTG3Aug 19, 1992 – Mar 4, 1995seems like an eternity now. Some great times were had. MEF OMG another boarding!!! Good guys meet there Bill, Thurber, Curtis, Mike, Bob the loudest guy I have ever known a great guy!!!!, Bill T. I cant believe they sank her.
Rivers, PatE-6 / OS 1Sep 1, 1992 – Jul 1, 1994OIGreat time on that ship. Sad to see it go down. Feel free to drop me a note to catch up..those that know me :)
Bettis, Joe SmooveEN3Sep 12, 1992 – Jan 1996A Div
Knable, ShaneBM3Oct 1992 – Jul 19951stHad a great time and met some great people. I'll never forget the time I spent on the Briscoe. And I remember Groundhog days in the Red Sea!!!
Cunningham, RickSNOct 1, 1992 – Jul 1, 1994DeckI had a great time on that ship and learned alot. BM2 Walker helped me out alot and I still use his teachings in the ARMY!!!
Kipple, DwayneENS-LTOct 15, 1992 – Feb 9, 1996CG, NAV, CAGood ship, should still be in commission.

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