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USS John Young (DD 973) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John Young (DD 973). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 681 crew members registered for the USS John Young (DD 973).

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De Leon, ArleneEM2(SW)1999 – Aug 2002EE02I had a blast working for this crew!!! Great experience thank you. Miss you guys!!!
Dettling, Bobby DGM21999 – 2002Tomahawk
Vaughn, JamesGMC1999 – 2000CG-ORD
Vaughn, Jim profile iconGMC(SW)1999 – 2000Ordnance
Middleton, RyanGM2Jan 3, 1999 – Jun 6, 2002CG
Pierson, AndyGSM1Jan 3, 1999 – May 2, 2002MP/ OIL LAB/EM01/EM02Why is it when we were all on the Bone, we could not wait to get off.. And now she is gone to Davy Jones Locker, we all want to get back on?? thanks to all ENG DEPT. you all made me who I am today. Hit me up..
Grauvogl, JoeE-6 GSM1Jan 11, 1999 – May 8, 2002EM02Came here as GSMFN, Left as a GSM 2 Worked mostly in MER 2 also did some time in the oil lab and finished in NR 3 GEN. I'm back where I started in Great Lakes. Sure miss the bone and all the crew that I served with. I'd do it all aga
Roberts, DougIT2Feb 1999 – Jul 2002OCOut of the Navy now, good memories from the JYG. Went to Monterey weather station from the JYG then got out of the Navy for a CIV job.
Graham, SpencerOSSNFeb 15, 1999 – Jan 10, 2001OI
Leon, Roberto "Rc"OS2 (SW)Feb 19, 1999 – Sep 28, 2002Big Bad OIBest ship in the WORLD. Never again will comaradarie be seen like on the JYG on any ship! Best captain we had: Capt. B. Kemp. Miss the crew, the spade tournaments. We greeted the New millenium (Y2K) in the AG. Tightest OI division. JYG4LIFE
Acuna, GeraldOS2(SW)Mar 15, 1999 – Sep 27, 2002OI01DECOM CREW; LAST RIDE!!!!
Acuna, GeraldOS2(SW)Mar 15, 1999 – Sep 27, 2002OI01DECOM CREW; LAST RIDE **IN A FADE**
England, Jason (Jlo)GSM2Apr 25, 1999 – Jul 17, 2002MP /EMO2-OIL LABShe was a great ship lots of good memories, Karber, Tempe,Grav,Pierson,Vasquez and Cora EM02!!! OH AND Senior Foldes,Chief Vanderfin
Landry, AdamFC3May 1, 1999 – Jun 1, 1999CWWas only there a short time, but made many memories.
Cutting-spurling, LindseyPS2Jun 1999 – Jan 2001ADMINFirst station/ ship .. it was amazing!
Quill, Cristi "Doc"HM2 (SW)Jun 15, 1999 – Mar 15, 2001MEDICALOh those were the days... Proud to be a YOUNG GUN on the BONE!
Herrig, RandyFC2(SW)Jun 22, 1999 – Oct 1, 2002CFWhy did they sink the "Bone"?
Pope, MarcSTG 3Jun 26, 1999 – Sep 30, 2002CAWas on Decomm crew. Good ship with a great crew, except for upper C.O.C. the last year of her life. Miss the Div. but glad its over.
Hanberg, BrittanyQM2Jul 1999 – Jul 2002AdminGood times and memories. Too bad they had to sink her as a target.
Kelly, Neil 'Tattoo'OS1Jul 1999 – Aug 2002OIWe were pirates!
Young, DeniceGMCJul 6, 1999 – Sep 27, 2002CMBest crew and best ship I ever served on...We will all miss the BONE...Best friends and fond memories were found onboard her..
Erwin, KevinOS1Jul 15, 1999 – Aug 30, 2001OILets get this %$&@@ underway!!
Nichols, John Aka AceSAAug 1, 1999 – Jul 23, 20011styeah had some great times on that ship......lets like hookin up in lifejacket gear locker...u know who u to give a shout to alex martinez (rip) krazy kid....moon..penko..
Malone, MichaelNC1(SW/AW)Aug 1, 1999 – Nov 30, 2002NAVADMIN LPO/Command Career CounselorThe LAST official Officer of the Deck Inport after decommissioning while in Bremerton. We drew straws for the Ensign, and well.....I still have it. Its in a shadow box over my fireplace, hung with pride.
Peitz, RobertOS1Aug 2, 1999 – Oct 2, 2002OI
Shepard, WayneHMC(SW)Aug 19, 1999 – Sep 19, 2002Medical
Mcclure, GordonIS1Sep 16, 1999 – Oct 1, 2002OW
Cordova, BrianGM2Oct 1999 – Jul 10, 2002CM
Vanderfin, BobGSECOct 17, 1999 – Oct 1, 2002Thanks to all I seved with on the BONE.
Gleeson, JoshET2Dec 1999 –CEWho got to push the button? MSTT For Life!! They sunk the bone? btw you do miss it. I miss all you clownshoes wearing fools!!
Carter, Jeff Aka WhoadieE-5/SM2Dec 1999 – Oct 2002OCThe best and first ship of my life, having friends from boats, to supply to engineer's and even officers like CDR Kemp i miss it so much thanx 4 the best ride of my life i never gone forget falling in love with girls in Australia. Sigs4Lif
Jeff Carter, Whoadie/sigs profile iconE5/SM2Dec 18, 1999 – Nov 2002OC02Great times and the best Captain and crew a person can love, our model always family no matter what! JYG4LIFE
Wiley, JarrodFC3(SW)Dec 24, 1999 – Sep 30, 2002CFGood times and bad, but a great ship. I'll never forget the bone.
Mangosing, GeraldSK1Dec 31, 1999 – Oct 30, 2002SUPPLYWas a weird ship to stay, where everbody knows your name. A lot of good Sea Stories off that ship.
Donahoe, JoshFC22000 – 2003CFHaven't been on ship like this since.
Aquino, MarcSN (GS employee now)Jan 1, 2000 – Feb 1, 2002DECKGreat Ship. Best time I had in my naval career.
Valdez, SandraGM2Jan 14, 2000 – Aug 4, 2002CGThis was a great ship, and I learned a lot. I will always remember my days on USS John Young.
Cooney, ToddDC2Feb 7, 2000 – Sep 19, 2002ER (Repair Division---First to Fly First to Die)My first command and overall the best command through my Navy career. The Navy just isn't like it was back then...too political now.
Kimball, TonyEN/PO3Feb 17, 2000 – Aug 28, 2002A GANG the best on the chief nesbit i you were the best chief on that whole ship.....perriman write me a message sucker peace
Keller, John (Big John)IT2(SW)Feb 29, 2000 – Oct 1, 2002OCI served with great people on the enlisted and officer side on the Bone. They decommisioned the spruances to soon.
Vincent, RobertGM1(SW)Mar 2000 – Oct 2002CG
Benavidez, Alan "Bearcub"STG2(SW)Mar 20, 2000 – Oct 2002CAThe tightest crew I have ever worked with. Great memories. I miss the DD's.
Millette, SeanFC3Apr 2000 – Sep 2000Went TAD on the Young in the summer of '00. It was the most fun I've had in my life. I will greatly miss her.
Millette, SeanFC3Apr 2000 – Sep 2000CF
Smith, NathanE-2Apr 14, 2000 – Apr 14, 2002EMOriginally assigned to MP Division, I was later transferred to EM Division.
Warren, MikeySTG1(SW)May 2000 – Oct 2002CABy far the best ship and crew!
Pate, HankFC2(SW)May 2000 – Oct 2002CFThe "Bone" was the best experinece I had in the Navy and I really felt the love after I went to a CVN
Spitz, TimothyGM3 (SW)May 21, 2000 – Oct 25, 2002cg/cm
Coop, CalebSTG2Jul 2000 – Sep 2002CA
McNeese, KenyattaBM2Jul 6, 2000 – Jul 20, 20021st DECKFirst ship great time." Betixxes the Devil & the Deep Blue Sea",Oh What A Time!!!!
Burton, ChadFC2Aug 2000 – Sep 2002CFThis was by far the best crew and ship I've served with.
Phillips, ThomasIC2Aug 2, 2000 – Sep 2002CEDecom crew. Last ride
Bunch, Frederick (Fred)EW2Oct 2000 – Oct 2002OW
McGregor, RogerSM3Oct 2000 – Oct 2002Nav
Perriman, CodyDC2Oct 15, 2000 – Oct 10, 2002DCI never appreciated small boy life and what it had to offer in memories and just good old fashioned training that only a small community on a combatant ship could give.
Watson, ShawnE-4Oct 16, 2000 – May 22, 2002Engine men
Anderson, Ryan 'Ande'IT1(SW)Nov 2000 – Oct 2002OC
Aquino, CristianIT2(SW) BUT AN OG FIREMAN ON THE BONEDec 23, 2000 – Sep 5, 2002MP Aft Engine RoomMy first and best ship i ever served on. Good friends and great memories.
Hughes, PatrickEN3Dec 28, 2000 – Oct 1, 2002A GangI've been stationed on the Obrien, but the best damn ship in the pacific fleet was the JYG. Thanks cheif Nesbit for everything. A-Gang for life. EN2(SW)Hughes

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