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USS John Young (DD 973) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John Young (DD 973). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 681 crew members registered for the USS John Young (DD 973).

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Davis, KevinEM31993 – 1997
Fox, ShaneFC31993 –Weapons
Huglin, BrianE-31993 – 1994AIR
Millett, GeorgeEM31993 – 1996WOW! I did not realize that they sunk her, anyway I miss The Bone a little, mostly miss the people I knew, hit me with an email if you all remember me.
Morris, ErnieBM3-BM21993 – 19961st"The Bone" awesome to see some of these names. The Best Command and Best Crew I ever sailed with. Glad I looked it up.
Johnson, AllanEN 21993 – 1997EngineeringHello to all my engineering ship mates
Manly, Manly ManE4Jan 1, 1993 – Jan 1994Operations
Wheeler, DavidDK3Jan 10, 1993 – Sep 1, 1994SupplyVery enjoyable time of my life. Met some really crazy people. Saenz, Stippich, Blancard. Give me a shout.
Yonts, KrisBMSNFeb 1, 1993 – May 31, 1996The Bone.. Here Is Someone You Thought You Would Never Here From. Had The Best Years Of My Life There. See Ya
Bair, TerryPC3Apr 1, 1993 – Jun 1, 1995SupplyLearn alot and met some great people.
McIlhatton, "Mac"E-5/EW2May 1993 – Nov 17, 1997OWWho can forget "THE BONE"? I think those good and bad times every day, but wouldn't trade it for anything. I met some of my best friends while on board and am thankful for that.
Rieman, SteveMR1Jun 1993 – Jun 1997RI see alot of familiar names here! We had some good times. Sad to see she was sunk recently. Im still in San Diego. RETIRED, Livin good!
McConkey, ScottE-1 E-4Jun 19, 1993 – Oct 16, 19971st
Rawley, ChrisLCDRJul 28, 1993 – Sep 9, 1996Gunno, CSO, NavAhh, the Bone! You guys rock. Two fun west pacs and several "interesting" CO's. Still sailing in the Navy Reserve.
Brown, ChristianSTG3Aug 1993 – Feb 1997CAI can not believe the John Young is gone. I still remember some of the guys: Shouts out to Rios, Hadnot, McKenzie, Feller.
Whitlow, DavidCTM3 (SW)Sep 1, 1993 – May 1, 1994CT Det.Nothing but great memories.
Robert Belton, BobFC1(SW)Sep 25, 1993 – Oct 3, 1998CG
Wyman, DavidFCC(SW)Oct 1993 – Mar 1997Good times and good shipmates Now living in Las Vegas having fun
Rudolph, Chris (Rudy)AE3Oct 15, 1993 – Mar 15, 1994HSL-43 Det 8Served onboard John Young during the 1993-1994 WESTPAC. Now serving in the Army as a Aviation Powerplant Repairer.
Kaufmann, CharlesGSM3Nov 7, 1993 – Aug 9, 1996MPWow hated being on it but now I miss the fact that I can never see her again. Would like to know how Lt. Peterson made out.He was a good man that got caught up in the micromanaging at one time.
Benitez, Orlando/benyBMSNNov 15, 1993 – Sep 18, 19951STWESTPAC 93 1st div, BM1 Murphy, Taylor, Smithy, Garcia(the rock) Brighto, Getch, Pinkerton, Malone, Thompson, Torres, Rios, Yonts, Spade tournaments and diving of the forecastle in port. Tijuana weekends Contact me when in miami, peace
Costello, JoeyHTFNNov 20, 1993 – Aug 16, 1995R
Kramer, Bradford "Kid"HT3Dec 1993 – Sep 1997RepairThose who served on the USS John Young will always carry a part of her with them. (dang that that stupid "CHT" system!)
Trigilio, FrankHT 3Dec 1993 – Nov 1997
Pittsley, Kevin profile icongsm3Dec 1993 – Apr 1998mpdischarged in 1998. moved to spokane, had a second child born Katie, Haileigh was in San Diego then got a divorced. now remarried and living in Coeur d' alene idaho. work for the air force as a pharmacy technician as a dod employee
Mullen, Johnny BoatsBM 3Dec 17, 1993 – Dec 16, 19981stNO BOOM BOX.......... captains mast with white hair. desert dome, tobasco charlies, beer on the peir. Rice and chicken bro.. and what ever happened to Keyes, Too much to remember.. Man the boat deck!!! Flight quarters every three hours.
Davis, KevinEMDec 20, 1993 – Feb 12, 1998EMiss the good old days...
Malhiet, MichaelSnDec 20, 1993 – Jun 2, 1995Division 1 to adminSaw some great sites and net some amazing people. Learned so much and I wouldn't change it for anything in this world.
Rendt, PaulFC11994 – 1996Tomahawk
Smith, PatEN11994 – 1998A-GangGreat crew but what a rust bucket. Anyone else remember the deck in Aux 1 rusting through to the fuel tank? DFM and AFFF everywhere!
East, WayneGSM31994 – 1997mpit was fun but not that fun brad kramer if you are ever in south ms again look me up you to doug tran.
Whitcomb, GionEN31994 – Feb 1, 1996A-Gang
Parry, KurtisE-2Jan 1994 – Sep 19951st
Wilkerson, RayET2Jan 1, 1994 – Jan 31, 1999CEHated the ship, but I made a few lifelong friends. Some people, that I hated at the time, believed in me enough to keep me from getting kicked out. You know who you are. Thank you.
Wilkerson, RayET2Feb 28, 1994 – Jan 1, 1999CEThis was a very LONG tour.......
Schantz, EricFC3Apr 1994 – Aug 1995WeaponsI got off the ship just before Monday Night Football. I need to get back to San Diego someday and learn how to surf.
Canady, MarkLTApr 1994 – Jan 1997DCA and 1stI had some great times onboard with a great crew. I could have done without the engineering probs though. DCA and First Division rocked. I'm still in the Reserves and having fun.
Brooks, RobDC 3Apr 15, 1994 – May 15,
Johnson, China/jaySIGS/SM3Apr 21, 1994 – Jun 22, 1998ocHad a ball on the bone..Miss my folks-fellas you know who you are and ladies you too-Tonya (shortie) Wilson,Jayme (red) Monks,Mercado,Langston and the rest. Peace and stay up!
Scannell, ChristopherIC2/E5May 1994 – Feb 1999EE/CENever thought I would see the day that "The Bone" went down!
Cataline, Mike "Cat"OS1(SW)Jun 1994 – Jun 1996OII miss the division moral, glad to be gone from the ship, but sorry to see the John sunk.....
Cataline, MikeOS2(SW)Jun 1, 1994 – Jun 1996OI Div
Amavisca, NachoBM1 (SW)Jul 3, 1994 – Sep 9, 1999FirstFrist division we went thru losts of B.S. and had lots of fun. The rumbles at night to name a SKI and noodles too.Sponging the decks and painting too.I was proud when they came. How we were the best looking on the waterfront.Fairwinds and turn 2.
Berg, KristianFNAug 1994 – Dec 1995EE02You remember when the CO "stole" the boat and took us to Canada? How about Monday Night Football?
Berg, KristianFNAug 1, 1994 – Dec 1, 1995EE
Bruggeman, ChrisBM-3Sep 1994 – Mar 21, 19971stwould have stayed longer, if it wasnt for chief morris.
Corley, Andrew/squirrelGSM3Sep 1, 1994 – Mar 1, 1996EMO2Vic is right, I would never trade the experience for the world. Yes, I remember the helicopter. Vic, Charlie, Pete, Jason, Matt, Wayne, Roger, "War Baby", And Smuffy" are some of the few that I had the honor to serve with.
Sather, ShawnBM3Sep 12, 1994 – Feb 10, 19991stGreat ship, made alot of friends, to bad it is at the bottom of the sea with Davey Jones....
Griesmeyer, M. MarciaMS1(SW/AW)Oct 1994 – Nov 1996S-2Retired and loving it. But occassionally I miss the Navy. Not the standing watches but, some of the people.
Bradshaw, ScottCTM2 (SW/AW)Oct 1994 – Apr 1995ow
Blevins, DougBMNov 17, 1994 – Nov 16, 1997ODMiss you guys. It was great
Collett, ScottOS2Dec 1994 – Jun 2000Great crew, Great ship, Great Time.
Young, Paul/chickenBM3Dec 1994 – Sep 19961stGreat Boat and Great Crew. Alot of great times both at home and abroad.
Lee, ChristopherDSC (SW)Dec 1, 1994 – Dec 31, 1996

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