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USS John Young (DD 973) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John Young (DD 973). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 681 crew members registered for the USS John Young (DD 973).

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Woodbury, Theron (Dean)OS21986 – 1990OI
Smith, Tim - "smitty'OS21986 – 1989OII never thought I'd miss the old girl, but the Bone was special. I don't regret a day or Bo fussin at me for sleepin thru GQ. I only wish that I would have kept in touch with everyone. Shout out to Lt "Mac", congrats on the pilot t
Shink, BruceTM2 Torpedoman1986 – Jul 1987weaponsTM2 Bruce Shink Wish I would have stayed in the Navy for 30 years.Could have been retired right now. Miss the good times on this ship.
Gahagan, WilliamET21986 – 1989Combat SystemsInteresting times. Enjoyed most of it.
Fruehstorfer, DavidPNSNJan 19, 1986 – Apr 1, 1988ADMIN
Volz, RobertOSC(SW)Feb 1986 – Nov 1989OISorry to see her sunk as a target. The Bone was a good ship and the crew was even better.
Purkiss, DavidGSMFN-3Feb 1986 – Nov 1988fwd&aft ersloved this ship still work on boats except now i am the one driving
Bugaski, RonEN2Feb 1986 – Feb 1988A GANGGreats times,nothing lasts forever, ships included, but memories do.
Diem, Steve (Dino)GSM2Feb 1, 1986 – Jul 30, 1989the oil labMy wife does the face book and showed me the site. thought id see who was on. Brought back some memories E mail me if you remember me. Looks like lots of fish be swimming in the John bone.
Wischmeier, JimEW3Mar 1986 – Oct 1987CIGreat times on the Ole Bone.
Gahagan, William (Et2) profile iconET2Mar 25, 1986 – Aug 31, 1989Combat SystemsI was a lead ET in RADAR 2, SPS-40 and RADAR 1, SPS-55. Also, crypto and Comms (NavMacs, WSC-3s, DAMA, VRC), LORAN C, GPS (magnavox), Ohmega and Data Systems. Assisted with SPQ-9, ASROC, TAS and Sonar troubleshooting.
Jones, RussENCS(SW)Apr 12, 1986 – Aug 16, 1991AThe best Div on the Bone
McKenna, JimSTG3Apr 15, 1986 – Apr 15, 1988CAI came in as a WOG and left as a mighty SHELLBACK......miss you guys.....good times
Ferguson, Ronald (Fergie)QM2May 1986 – Dec 1988NavigationJohn Young was the best ship that I served on.
Avecilla, JaimeSK2May 1986 – Sep 1988S-1/Stores
Jones, ???STG2Jun 1986 – Dec 1988Combat SystemsWhat's up Fellas from the John Bone Zack, E, McKenna, Sanchez, Dave, Queen, MCPO Duck Walk, shai,fannon Mike I miss the good times we had !!!!
Waldrop, BobbyE4/GMG3Jul 15, 1986 – Jun 14, 1990CombatHaze gray and under way. The Best Crew Ever.
Gahagan, BillET2Jul 21, 1986 – Sep 1, 1989Combat ElectronicsSPS-40, 55, Com shack. Some may remember me as a baseball player. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
Costello, PaulLTAug 1986 – Jun 1990DCA / COMMOTransferred to Naval Aviation. F/A-18C pilot 1990-97. Currently flying in the USNR.
Tabery, JeffGSMSep 1986 – Mar 1989MPThe first lady of my 20 year career. I had a great time on this ship. Had a lot of great times with a lot of great shipmates. Drop me a line. Old school Navy!
Reed, PatrickGMM1Oct 1986 – Oct 1990ASWFair winds and following seas to the "Bone". Good ship, great crew, loved them both. Hello to all my ex-shipmates, saw a lot of familiar names.
Jarboe, Johnos2Oct 1986 – 1991oiwhat up folks long time guess what now i'm in the indiana national gaurd i'll never learn
Coonrod, TonzoloneSnOct 3, 1986 – May 8, 1989Deck departmentThanks to the crew of the John Young because that is we're I started my career as a healthcare professional. had a lot of fun on west PAC and rimpac. Miss you guys. Still have pictures of us blowing up the old rigs.
Yostpille, WilliamEM3Nov 1986 – Sep 1990EE02haze grey and underway. operation nimble archer.a youth i will never get back, but glad i lived it.
Ford, BrianGMM3Nov 1986 – Feb 1987CA DivisionGone but not forgotten. A destroyer sunk by torpedo. Ironic.
Johnson, RayPN1/E6Nov 19, 1986 – Aug 1, 1990DECK/PERSONNEL/ADMINI was a frocked PN3 when I transferred from old Johnny
Brown, JohnFC2/FC3Nov 30, 1986 – Mar 11, 1991CFAlthough I hated the bone at the time, I now love it. If I could do it again...
Humphrey, JohnBM3Dec 1986 – Sep 19891st
McFall, Michael "Mcgruff"STG31987 – 1991CAWelcome to the "JOHN BONE" West Pac "89" wog party.Guys were the best. 25MM Chain Gunner.Where is Bruce McDaniel? The Best Ball Players in The 7th Fleet..Ship Yards and Angels Bar. MEET ME AT THE SCUTTLEBUT..Midnight unreps!!The best t
Mullins, LarryOS21987 – 1991
Ruidiaz-natal, Pedro (Rudy) profile iconFC21987 – Jan 1991FOXGreat ship! Excellent crew! Many good moments!
Jaegerf, AndrewET21987 – 1991Combat
Daniels, PatrickSTG21987 – Mar 1990stBeen a lot of years since the days on the John Bone. I haven't seen anybody from the old crew. Would be nice to catch up!
Wheeler, Craig D.OS1 (SW)1987 – 1992OI
Mailander, DavidLTJan 8, 1987 – Jan 10, 1990Supply
Roscoe, TonyFC2Jan 15, 1987 – Feb 15, 1991CFBest experience of my life. Would not trade a day. I am proud to be a USS John Young veteran. "Welcome to the John Bone..." Chief Floyd still smoking?
Porter, Kenneth Pc3/ Poppc3Jan 29, 1987 – Jun 27, 1989adminwhat's up everyone I just happen to visting this site and saw some names that jarred my memory. Smithy, Pete, Fox , Ray, and all the rest. I'm doing good since the last time I saw you guys.
Wallen, BrianEN2Mar 1, 1987 – Sep 12, 1990A gangI can't believe they sank her. Brings back memories, both good and bad. Any of you guys; feel free to email me: The Bone's Finest Hour:..
Walter, RichRM3Apr 1987 – Nov 1990OperationsLeft Navy in 1990 and Joined The U.S. Coast Guard (Retired from CG).
Mandell, RobertE4Apr 9, 1987 – Jan 1, 1989EngineeringWild times on that ship mostly the ports lol,can't believe they'd sink her:(. That's a big loss so crazy
Berg, JimOS3May 1987 – Sep 1990OII had many good time in all of our world travels on the BONE hate to see her gone to the bottom,
Shackelford, MikeSH3Jun 1987 – Mar 1991s3John Young.....departed !! dong dong, dong dong..... i sure miss all the good times.... don't remember the bad ones.
Mosier, CaseyDS2 (SW)Jun 1987 – Jun 1991CEI can't believe the Bone has gone tits up. I guess it's fitting that an ASW ship got torpedoed by a damn sub! I only hope that the same fate awaits the Pasadena.
Griffin, CharlesBM2Jul 1987 – Jul 19891stGreat ship with a great crew. What more can be said. A lot of good memories went down with her. Is anyone planning a reunion?
Burns, StevenGSM3Jul 1987 – Jul 1990MPThe Bone was my first and it is extremely sad to know she is gone!!!!!!!!!!!! some of the best years of my life were on board the BONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Biernesser, BeerdogLTJul 1, 1987 – Apr 2, 1990ASW OfficerLong live the bone!
Martin, ThomasBM3Aug 1987 – Jun 19911st
Martin, Tombm3Aug 1987 – Jul 19911stone great party division
Costello, PaulLTAug 1, 1987 – Jun 1, 1990COMMOHope all of you are well. A crew of Great Americans! Best Wishes.
Glass, TomMIDSHIPMAN 3CAug 5, 1987 – Sep 5, 1987Deck!My one stint in the Navy reserves, I'll never forget the John Young!
Lyons, MarcGSE 3Aug 10, 1987 – Aug 1, 1990MPWOW. I cant beleive they sank her. We had a great crew on the Bone back in the day. Loved the Phillipeans, Thailand. I am 39 now, just a kid when I served. The navy made a man out of me, it just took a while. I miss my friends I made.
Heidemann, RustyOS3Aug 22, 1987 – Nov 29, 1990Operations
Martin, ThomasBM3Sep 1987 – Jun 19911st
Radensleben, Robert( Radical Rad)EN2Sep 1987 – Jul 1989a-gang / mp2 fabulous years of good and bad times .miss all of my friends and shipmates.oil rig busters .e-mail any time the navy's loss when they sunk the mighty BONE!!!!!!!!
Rumery, EdGMG2Sep 1987 – May 1990CGBest time in my life!!! What a blast. Miss all of CG Div. Bobby W. Chuck W. Ray C. Miss ET3 Virg Delgado the most. Good luck to all.
Washington, Williesh3Sep 14, 1987 – May 25, 1991supplywash box ships store
Washington, Washboxsh3Sep 17, 1987 – Aug 9, 1990service
McDaniel, BruceSTGSNOct 15, 1987 – Oct 15, 1990CA DivisionWow, I can't believe I found the crew from the John Young - "The Bone" May she rest in peace! Great crew and even better times! West-Pac is still one of the all time greatest memories. Stories are being told to this day!
Havers, BillGSM2Nov 12, 1987 – Oct 6, 1989Main PropulsionShe was my first... need I say more. Where are my shipmates?
Ramey, JimmieGSM 2Nov 12, 1987 – Dec 29, 1990MPHey Bill Havers. Did you see the bone go ?
Ramey, JimmieGSM1Nov 15, 1987 – Jan 15, 1991MPHey Bill Havers contact me Jimmie Ramey
Gill, CliffordQM2Dec 6, 1987 – Jun 6, 1991Navigation
Carrasco, ManuelGMG 3Dec 30, 1987 – Aug 16, 1991CombatStill remember and talk about my days on the Bone. Some great times with some of the best shipmates.
Carroll, WilliamHM2Dec 30, 1987 – Jan 30, 1989AdminHospital Corpsman aboard the John Young
Heidemann, RustyOS3Dec 31, 1987 – Oct 31, 1990OI-OperationsI served on the USS John Young in the Operations Division as an Operations Specialist from 1987 to 1990. Had a lot of great friends and seen some awesome places.

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