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USS John Young (DD 973) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John Young (DD 973). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 681 crew members registered for the USS John Young (DD 973).

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Prentice, WendellGMT11984 – 1987CA
Berry, Dave (Bear)GMT21984 – 19873rdPretty wild to see all these names. Bret and Phil, how did you get so fast identifying targets? What great memories (or lack of such). Yeah the San Miguels were great and lbfm's better. Blast me an e-mail if you recognize me.
Jones, CalvinEWSN1984 – 1985OPS
Steele, JeffRM21984 – 1987OperationsMan good to see Vick and Thompson on here
Harris, Joseph ASAJan 1, 1984 – May 15, 19841SThAD A GREAT TIME WHILE ABOARD
Harris, Joseph (Doc)Jan 1, 1984 – Jul 15, 19841ST the best the lastlooking for allen duncan from texas and robert ilguinis from some where from the north east
Kendrick, Charlesyn3Feb 19, 1984 – May 29, 1987admin shhip's officeI feel good to have served on uss john young (dd-73) destroyer. So many memories on the sea traveling to hong kong, philliphines, australia (sydney & brisbane) and up and down the coast of cali in da lbc Long beach
Burgoyne, KevinSNApr 1984 – Nov 1986deck
Cooper, Ronn/ CoopshsrApr 1984 – Apr 1988SupplySinking John Young doesnt seem right. All will agree she was a fine ship that we all was proud of. I miss all of you and think back to those west pacs and laugh. "ding ding" John Young departing!!
Brown, JeffreyBM 2 ( SW )Apr 8, 1984 – Apr 8, 1988DeckWhat a E ticket ride. Meet Rory Walker and its been all most 25 years later and we are still great freinds today.Am sure sometime today we will have a cold beer together and talk about the John Young and all the good times we had.
Williams, CraigGMG1Jun 1984 – May 1986
Stiles, RobinOSC(SW/AW)Jun 1, 1984 – Dec 31, 1986OIRetired after 21.5 years of active duty, you know you are getting old, when they use your first ship as a target. This was a fun ship to be station on, and we had a great crew.
Wilt, RichardFC1Jun 1, 1984 – Dec 1, 1988FCA lot of great memories....mixed in with a few I would just as soon forget. Sad to see her put down in such a way...but I'm glad to have sailed on her with such a fine group of people!
Cella, PaulDS3Jul 1984 – Oct 1987CEWe were the best!!!..Good people, a lot of good times and some great memories. I get a pit in my stomach evertime I see those Sink-Ex pictures!!!!
Smith, TerryGSE2Aug 1984 – Aug 1989MP/EM05The absolute best group of guys I ever worked with...hard working, hard playing, 3 WP's of great memories!!!
Gorman, FrankFC(SW)1Aug 17, 1984 – Oct 15, 1988CG/CM/CODamn, they sunk the JY for parctice. I guess she served until the end. Looking at this list of names really brings back great memories.
Von Behren, JosephIC1Aug 31, 1984 – May 9, 1988EWhat a sad sight to see her go down. She may have been tough. It is wonderful to see the name of my shipmates from so long ago. I had more fun on her and the numerous underways/deployments. We had fun you all must admit. Keep in touch.
Walker, RoryBM2Sep 1984 – Apr 1988boats!!!!!looking for old mates.
Yearwood, StevenOS1(AW)Oct 1, 1984 – Aug 10, 1986OII can't believe they sunk the bone
Frontz, ToddET1Nov 1984 – May 1988CELoved and hated her at the same time. Was proud to serve on her. Came back for second tour in 1991-1992, and made final Pac before getting out of the Navy. She was Bad to the Bone. Really miss shipmates and times spent while on the USS John Young
Leblanc, RandyEW1(SW)Nov 1984 – Dec 1998OPSGreat Ship... Though some of the Zero's were a real PITA... Had good time. Shame on the Assholes that had it targeted and sunk... Hell of a good ship....
Chambers, BillE-6/GSE1Dec 1984 – Nov 1989MPI'm still on Active Duty.
Karlsson, SteveBMSNDec 15, 1984 – Apr 30, 19881stWondering where all my ship mates are in this world. Would absolutely like to hear from the men I served with!
Murphy, RobertFTM2Dec 16, 1984 – Jan 16, 1989CF DivisionHated it while I was there, miss it now and sorry to see it go.
Kolasch, TimDC21985 – 1989"R"served with buddies and men that will always be a part of my life. always.
Hoch, Russfc1985 – 1988foxhit the bone as a e2 left as an e1. thanks for the ride
Marino, CarlSTG21985 – 1987CA
Moreno, CurtRM3Feb 17, 1985 – Dec 18, 1990ocgo navy
Coble, ScottGSE 1Mar 5, 1985 – 1987MP
Hagthrop, John (Hag)HT1 (SW)Mar 15, 1985 – May 19, 1991R
Queen, Rodney TravisSTG3Apr 1985 – Apr 1985CAThis is where I grew up. My shipmates became my family. I will miss her.
McCoy, TimCDRApr 1985 – Sep 19871st / OCI still remember Megaphone Lima screaming to the NAV, "GIVE ME MORE WATER!" when we were churning up mud OUTSIDE the channel on the way past Point Loma. She was a good ship!
Stevens, Keith(Stevie)BM3May 1, 1985 – Dec 31, 19881stI've served with some extraordinary men onboard the J. Young
Schmidt, KenFC2May 7, 1985 – Aug 22, 1989CFI remeber the BONE dearly. Had a great time there. Sill on active duty.
Armie, Armstrong, RalphBM 3Jun 1985 – Sep 1989DeckWow, just found the site. Waz up all you shellbacks and deck apes. Cant belive the bone sent to the bottom. Had some of the best times on that boat. Haze gray and underway. Next stop PI and the D Rock.
Roberts, TimothyDS2Jun 1985 – Nov 1989Combat ElectronicsServed two deployments to the Persian Gulf. Operation Earnest Will.
Fox, MikeQM3Jun 24, 1985 – Jun 29, 1989navigationany one from the "bone" is welcome to e-mail me!! ding! ding!"JOHN YOUNG, ARRIVING!" ding
Bartz, BradMS3Jun 25, 1985 – May 26, 1988supplyI flew to the Phillipines to meet the "bone" and it was my 1st ship and 1st Westpac. was a good ship and loved working for the Captain and officers as their "chef" . Great ship.Miss the snipes alot and the HT's,my buds.
Gardner, VictorBMSNJul 7, 1985 – Mar 3, 1989DeckArmie Armstrong and Tim Smith man call me 601-467-9618
Strainovici, PeteQM2Aug 1985 – Apr 1989NavigationBest Damn Destroyer to ever sail. I am proud to have served aboard the John Young. Subic 87' D'Rock Nav/Deck party, Mojo, women and song! Best 4 years of my life!
Jeffares, ChrisET3Aug 1985 – Jan 19881st WestPac...Some of the best days of my life!
Jeffares, ChrisET3Aug 1, 1985 – Apr 1, 1988Combat SystemsThis was my first ship & I did my first West Pac in 1987.
Almon, JimHT1Aug 9, 1985 – Oct 1, 1988RepairHad a great time and learned alot
Doherty, DennisBM3Sep 1985 – May 1987Sorry to hear they deep sixed the "BONE"... Good times and great memories...
George, Vickers (Vick)RM3Sep 1, 1985 – Feb 22, 1989operationsGreat time, glad I found this list. I just found out about a possible reunion. Hope to be there, I would love to be contacted by you guys. How about those oil riggs. Anybody hear from Brewster, Mabry, Trantor.
Thompson, SteveRMCOct 1985 – Oct 1989OCWhat a ride!
Floyd, SamFCCOct 1985 – Oct 1988CGShe was my last ship and it was great to see all my old shipmates. Retired 1992
Pogue, Dwayne / Kc Or PogieskOct 15, 1985 – Aug 15, 1987StorekeeperWas a supply puke (skate), but hung out with alot of snipes and my best friend "swoop" (cooper). Also loved and hated alot of others.....after 20 years it's all good! would not mind hearing from any of ya .GO CHIEFS
Gage, EverettMS3Nov 9, 1985 – Apr 23, 1988S-2Getting ready to retire and thought I would see if anyone I new was on here
Anderson, CharlieET1(SW)Dec 1985 – Oct 1988CEGood ship - Great Crew! Damn, having the Bone sunk as a target almost calls for an "Attitude Check"! I remember some really great times from my time aboard the Bone. I said goodbye to the Navy ten days after Clinton took office. Good luck to
Burns, AndyPN1(SW)Dec 27, 1985 – Aug 6, 1989AdminLeft the 'bone in '89, joined back up in 1991 and went back to sea on USS Nassau out in 1996. Love to hear from all you guys! I know my initials are in everyone's Service Records!
Stevens, MartinE6 / GSE1Dec 28, 1985 – May 5, 1990MPNow Working for GE Power Systems
Stevens, MartinGSE 1Dec 28, 1985 – Jun 27, 1990MP EMO2 SupervisiorI couldn't believe they sank her. One fine ship. Alot of good times and some bad times. Bill Chambers stay out of trouble and stay out of the battery charger room.
Burns, AndyPN1(SW)Dec 29, 1985 – Aug 6, 1989AdminArrived onboard as PNSN, Left as PN2(SW). Got out, reenlisted a year later. Ended career in April 1996 as PN1(SW).

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