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USS Oldendorf (DD 972) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Oldendorf (DD 972). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 633 crew members registered for the USS Oldendorf (DD 972).

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Peitz, BrainMS31996 – Jul 17, 1997supplyjust trying to find some old friends to bs with about the old days
Venden, ErickET1 (SW)1996 – 1999OELoved serving on the Oly. Sure miss all the great times and my shipmates.
Duvall, JasonRM31996 – 1998OCSeems like a lifetime ago don't it shipmates? If we served together - feel free to make contact. I would love to find out how some of my old radioman buddies are doing.
Nestor, DanE-4 / BM3Jan 1996 – Oct 1999ODHell of a good time on the Oly !
Kelly, GezelleHM3Jan 3, 1996 – Nov 10, 1997medicalI really learned what the Navy was about on the OLY. Thanks for the memories! Drop me a line!
Hooten, ChadFC2Mar 1996 – Feb 2000CF/CGI can't beleive she's decommed!
Barham, DanielGSM1(SW)Mar 1996 – Sep 1998MGood times, good friends, great ship!
Kalbrofsky, StuartPN3-PS2(SW)Apr 1996 – Mar 1998NXHey all, six more years till retirement! Dispite lothing my 90 days of FSA duty in the Galley, I realy did miss the OLY after I left. I hope she didn't sink easily.
Meadowcroft, GaryGSM3May 13, 1996 – Feb 15, 1997m
Magtanong, Mag / MaytagGSM3May 19, 1996 – Jun 8, 1998M DivLots of good memories...
Canter (Crain), Brandy Aka RedGSEFNAug 1996 – Nov 1998Mif you remember me, hit me up at
Linebarger, JenniferFNAug 1996 – Jan 1998ElectricianI was an undesignated fireman. One of the few first women onboard USS Oldendorf. I had a great Chief who showed me the way and a great few men to help me along. I am Jennifer Linebarger. God Speed. :)
Fisher, AndyGSMAug 1996 – Jul 1997M
Sefchick, TamaraDS1Sep 1996 – Jun 2000CEThe Oly was my best ship and tour of my career. The crew was the best I have ever served with. Hope everyone the best.
Cowgill, GloriaET2Sep 1996 – Nov 1999CE R8Great ship! Great people! Awesome memories!
Elmer, GeoffSTG2(SW)Sep 10, 1996 – Dec 31, 2001CA / DataBank
Brent/hart, AndreaMSSNOct 1996 – Nov 1998SupplyI am looking to get connected with old shipmates and see how others are doing.
Gardner (Rogers), YolandaYN1(SW)Nov 1996 – 1998NAV/ADMINOne of the first females onboard, my first and last ship. Miss my rack in the forward female berthing. Too many memories to list, made great friends! Miss the OLY very much. I am looking for FC2 Marc Hom.
Angleton, JessicaQM1Dec 3, 1996 – Jun 1, 2001NAVGreat times! Two pacs, lots of friends, and lots of memories I can't remember!
Hawkins, NashaunGSMFN/GSM3/GSM2Jan 1997 – Feb 2002MNo words can express the overwhelming rush of emotion I feel when I reminisce about my time onboard the Oly. The great people, unique personalities of an awesome crew, defined the meaning of "Work Hard, Play Harder."
Celestine, MichaelDC3, ND2Jan 2, 1997 – Sep 5, 1999ENGWhat can I say about the good old Oly. It was the best ship I have been on. There are an incredible amounts of memories I have from that ship. I am sorry to see she is gone. It was a great ship and had a great crew
Sikes, James /jimmyOS3Jan 7, 1997 – May 1, 1999OIMy mentors were Dirty Dave Grigsby, Sugar, Sly, Doc, and Woody. Chris Muransky sponsored me when I came aboard.Rick Soriano, Johnny Orabello and Don Weldin were also some good friends. JJ wright was like a brother to m
Black, Craig A.CTR2Feb 1997 – Jun 2000OB
Golman-martinez, CharlieneDCFAFeb 1997 – Sep 1997Eng/RepairMy only ship in my Navy life!! I met alot of great people and married the best one! I will always have the memories tho. Thanks to the Oly I got a great husband and wonderful son. God Bless ;~)
Williams (Will), CoreyE-2Feb 1997 – Sep 1998DeckI miss some of y'all. I wish I'd went to Westpack with you. I was chickensh**. Now I'm on Facebook, so hit me up, and if you dissed me before I left, may you die and rot in hell. Peace and 1 luv.
Falla, BrentSKC(SW)Feb 4, 1997 – Jan 1, 2000S-1
Grimaldo, MikeSHSR-SH3-SHSN-SH3...LOLApr 1997 – Nov 2000S-3Damn...What can I say...Alot of good times and alot of bad ones..but most of all alot of MEMORIES!!! My first ship and so far the best one I've been on...if only i coulda froze time.... R.I.P. Travis Weston
Iriarte, JosephGSM2(SW)May 1997 – May 1999MP
Bridge, MelissaE3May 6, 1997 – Nov 15, 1997DECK
Liverman, JamesFC1May 15, 1997 – May 15, 2002CB/CFDamn 5 years and I still didn't get to shoot a live Tomahawk!!
Harris-bailey, Elnora(Shorty)E3-DeckMay 16, 1997 – Sep 1998ODV-DECKI had the pleasure of serving on the OLY from May 1997-Sep1998. I left the ship right before wespac 1998 due to my pregnancy. I will always remember the OLY because thats where i met my loving husband BM3 Toby Bailey.
Napier, BrittanySNMay 27, 1997 – Mar 20, 1999Deck
Reed, JamesFC1Jun 1997 – Jul 2001CF/CBHowdy all. Good to see familiar names.
Bridge, MelissaE3Jun 1, 1997 – Nov 1, 1997DeckLooking to catch up with some old friends. I was on the ship for a short time, but had a blast...drop me a line...
Hines, Michael (Ketchup)OS2Jun 23, 1997 – Jun 13, 2001OIThis was my first ship and I loved it. The crew that served with me was "MY FAMILY"....I miss all of you. There will never be another like her. Would love to hear from my friends.... or
Badillo, Caesar (Bad Ass)OS3Jun 29, 1997 – Jan 19, 2001OIWhat can I say about the only command in my Navy career? I know I was remembered for more negative memories than positive ones, but I am happier and more successful as a civilian. I'm glad I was able to get out while I was ahead.
Attaya, Robert (Rob)OS2Jul 14, 1997 – Feb 3, 2001OII miss that spru-can. I'm glad I went to the decom ceremony. I never thought I'd miss the navy, but I do sometimes. I do miss my friends, so drop me a line guys.
Rush-headley, Teresa (Or Bobby)MS3Oct 1997 – Nov 19, 1999S2
Serrano, MarcusOct 1997 – Sep 1999WepsGreat crew.
Estrada, MichaelFC2(SW)Oct 31, 1997 – Dec 23, 2003CBS/CE
Le, Sy-Chuong T.GSM2(SW)Nov 28, 1997 – Apr 30, 2001MP2 WestPac & 1 RIMPAC. The best Destroyer in the Navy. Had an absolute great time & learned many great things. Drop me a line if U served at the same time.
Reside, MarlonGSCS(SW)Dec 1997 – Oct 2000ENGEnjoyed so much serving on this great ship! If you recognize me , drop a line or two.
Cooke, JustinSTG2Dec 1, 1997 – Jun 30, 2002CAIt's great to read through this and see so many of you! I can't believe they blew up our boat...I just found out. Check out dd972 dot org for another great website. Thanks for the memories and best of luck to all of you. I'll never forg

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