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USS Oldendorf (DD 972) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Oldendorf (DD 972). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 633 crew members registered for the USS Oldendorf (DD 972).

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Oribello, JonathanOS21994 – 1997OITeam OLY!!! Great times
Brumley, ChrisRM21994 – 1998OCWell alot changed after I left. RMs became ITs!!!! And now the OLY is sitting at the bottom of the ocean!!!!! Its very sad. Would love to find some RMs from my time or even b4 or after. Even though the Rate name changed we all worked in the Shack!!
Falcone, ChrisFC21994 – Jul 1996CG
Williamson, ShannonSK2 - SKCJan 1994 – Sep 1997S-1I reported aboard as an E-5 and departed a Chief. Basically speaking I grew up on the Oldendorf. Great times on a great ship.
Sefchick, James REWC(SW)Jan 15, 1994 – Jan 15, 1997OB
Weldin, Don-----WELDOG-----OS3Jan 21, 1994 – Jun 13, 1997OIEveryone already knows there was no ship like the mighty Oly. Had the best time of my life while serving on her. Best of friends and best of memories. Like to hear from you.
Smith, Joshua SmittyMSSNFeb 1994 – Jun 1998S-2What a great ship and an even better crew hope everyone is doing well. Me? Living the life in Encinitas CA with my wife Heather and our baby boy Brandon. To all my friends shoot an email to me and long live Oly Spirit!
Davis, MichaelPO2 TMMar 28, 1994 – Jul 8, 1996CO DivisionThe best ship in the fleet and greatest crew one could have the pleasure to serve with. Miss the time I served with my shipmates. The Oly is truly be missed and will never be forgotten.
Haizlip, Jeffery (Robin)DK2-DK1Mar 31, 1994 – Apr 1, 1998S-4Thanks for the memories. We had a great time on the 95-96 cruise:)
Oliver, WilliamDC2Apr 1994 – May 1998REPAIR
Azhocar, Matt Aka Sugar Cuz I Rocked That Cic Mic. So Sweet Baby!OS2 (SW)Apr 1994 – Apr 1997OIWhazzup? Where the OSs at? OK, yeah I miss the OLY crew, I had a great time. We were a !@#$-hot crew, especially Ops, Ha-Ha, at least when I was rockin the mic workin' the net -slow jam style. "We were warriors at where's my Star-
Jaime, PatrickOS2 (SW)Apr 7, 1994 – Jun 22, 1997OIIt was a great ship and crew to be part of. Lots of memories on the great and mighty OLY!
Walsh, MatthewCTM2 (SW)Apr 19, 1994 – Nov 19, 1999OBI'm still in sd. look for my mug
Fields, Terry Jason "Spivy"SN TO SKSNJun 1994 – Mar 1998OD Deck to SupplySurvived the 95-96 WestPac under Chief Cahill. Served with one of the best crews to ever step aboard a ship. I have quite a few pictures if anyone is interested. Miss you all.
Drafton, JohnET2(SW)Jun 1994 – Jan 1997CEFun times, great ship, great crew. Sad to hear that she's sittin on the ocean floor.
Sanger, SeanSEAMAN TO GM3Jun 17, 1994 – Jun 17, 1999What's up to everyone! I'm now a Federal Marshal Working out of Fort Dix NJ. You don't know how much you miss......... it until you leave it. Miss all the people I was with.
Anderson, BenOS2(SW)Jul 1994 – Dec 1997OIWow, I can't believe they blew The Oly up!
Motter, MarkOS1(SW)Aug 1994 – Sep 1996OIEnjoyed my time on the Oly. Would like to hear from some of the people. Drop me a line. Go Buckeyes.
Hilyer, DonE-6/RMSep 1, 1994 – Nov 30, 1995OC
Kindt, BryanEW2Sep 2, 1994 – Mar 17, 1998OBSad to find out she was sunk as a target off least she ended up in a nice place. Hope everyone I knew is doing well. ET2 Lillard has started an OLY website ... come over and say hello to everyone that has signed up
Brown, RodneyCTRSNOct 1994 – Dec 1995OBOne of the most interesting and memorable times in my life. I will never forget the OLY! I still remember a few of you guys. "Chuck" Hall, Arp, Sarnecky, Stokes, Tillman, Gilbert, Fowler Marsh, Barr.
Stern, MikeHM2Nov 1994 – Nov 1997Med
Gillihan, MikeQMCDec 1994 – Oct 1997Nav
Boyers, JohnGSMCDec 17, 1994 – Jun 4, 1999MPI miss those DD's. They were the best ships that ever patroled the seven seas! Old pals contact me at
Crane, MichaelSTG31995 – 1999CAA life changing time. CA was family, miss you guys. I am now travelling the country as a surgical technologist and working on my surgical nursing license.
Fisher, AndyFN1995 – 1997mworked in main 1
Gourley, JoshuaSM3Jan 1, 1995 – Aug 15, 1998I loved this ship, sad to see it go. Looking for shipmates that I served with. Please email me
Dexter, ToddEN3Feb 20, 1995 – Oct 20, 1997A-GangA-Gang....indeed. I look back to my time on the Oly with mixed emotion. It was a great ship and the crew...well... some of the best people I have ever met served aboard her. You know who you are.
Walsh, MattCTM2Mar 1995 – Nov 1999OB
McKenzie, BrianMS2Mar 1995 – Sep 1998S2Early Chow...Early Chow...Eat Now or you Don't Eat!!! ,
Sledge, BarronRM3Mar 1995 – May 1997Oc
Deciantis, Chrisms3Mar 1995 – Mar 1997supplyCrazy ass westpac before I left the navy! !!!! Great times! !!!
Waldon, SyPNSR - PN2(SW)Mar 31, 1995 – Sep 1, 1999NXFirst duty station. Two WESTPAC's and a lot of memories. Sad to see her go!
Nawrocki, ShawnMS3Apr 1995 – Aug 1996SupplyRemember the Oly Ogre?
Palmer, Patrick (Weasel) profile iconIC2Apr 1, 1995 – Jan 1, 1998EE05 and CE05This was my second and last ship still in the reserves as an IC1. great times on westpac.
Owens, Paul R.IC1/E-6May 1995 – Jul 2000E & CEThe greatest ship of my career. The greatest crew of my career. Now get back to work!!!
Rubio, FrankE-5May 1995 – Feb 1999MP
Mueller, EricFC2May 31, 1995 – May 24, 1998CFLots of great times. Lots of great friends and memories.
Youngblood, DouglasE-6/EN1Jun 1995 – Mar 31, 1997A GangTo all the A Gangers I hope that you are doing well. Life is great.
Vanlaer, RobE-4Jun 5, 1995 – Jul 10, 1998A-GangI am an oldendorf survivor. Good to see so many familiar names. Hope everyone is doing well.
Schroeder, TomFC1Jul 6, 1995 – Apr 30, 1998CFGreat Ship and a Great Crew loved retiring from this command
Gray, GregSH3Aug 1995 – Jan 1998Supply
Gray, GregSH3Aug 1995 – Jan 1998SUPPLY
Bridges, RobFC1Aug 1, 1995 – Aug 1, 1999CF
Grigsby, DavidOS2Aug 1, 1995 – Aug 1, 1997OI2ND SHIP. The Oly was one of my favorite commands in my career. If i'd been anywhere else, i probably wouldn't have re-enlisted.
Bennage, JoshFC2Sep 1995 – Jul 1998CF
McNeely, ShawnOS3Sep 1995 – Feb 1997OIMy second command. Had a great time. Met and worked with a great group of guys. Made good friends. Sad to hear it has been sunk. It was a great ship.
McNeely, ShawnOS3Sep 1, 1995 – Feb 28, 1997OperationsBrian kindt and matt Walsh. And anyone else that remembers hanging out or being on board with me. Email me at
Martinez, Agapito A.k.a. MartyE-5/HT3Sep 9, 1995 – Jul 15, 1997Eng/RepairWell, I had some great memories on this ship. Imet some great people which I still talk to today. I now with Naval Mobile Construction Battalion - 22 but I still miss the sea! God Speed Everyone!
Turasky, HunterCTR3Nov 1995 – Aug 1998OB
Smathers, ChrisDC2Nov 1995 – Jun 1999RThe time spent on the Oly was a blast.
Cornell, Mark profile iconDC1/E-6Nov 30, 1995 – Oct 30, 1998R-DivisionRetired from my job and now just living a great life here in Chula Vista, CA
Williams, PaulSTG2(SW)Dec 1995 – Dec 2000CAca division..."family" we miss you Travis Weston. You have never left the hearts of those that sailed with you. hi jimmy!! i am now a hosuton fire fighter!!

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