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USS Oldendorf (DD 972) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Oldendorf (DD 972). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 633 crew members registered for the USS Oldendorf (DD 972).

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Jones, ThomasET11991 – Oct 31, 1992CELong beach yards, earth quakes,
Kaufman, MatthewCTR3 (SW)1991 – Oct 1994OB
Simonson, Simogmm21991 –combatMiss you guys, had fun on the oly
Blanton, Ronaldrm21991 –opsi enjoyed the time on the oly i would like to find some old crew members that served with me during desertstorm/desert sheild.
Ryals, DavidE-1 undesignated1991 – 19931st DivisionMy time onboard was one of the most educational times of my life. I met many wonderful people. My experience with TEAM OLY helped me understand a lot. G.I. bill went to good use.
Shelton, KimIS1 SW/AW1991 – 1994OBSpent my first year TAD to the USS HALSEY and back to back deployments to the gulf! Great ship, great CO, and first rate Division!
Dahlager, MarkFC31991 –CMSpent most of my time in Dry Dock in Long Beach.
Gjermundson, AaronET2(SW)Jan 1991 – Feb 1995CEI remember the Yokosuko days and the Iraq Pac 91' Became a shellback and received my surface warfare on good old Stalag 972.
Henson, MichaelPN3Jan 3, 1991 – Aug 15, 1993AdminGreat lifelong memories!
McCloskey, Richard (Rick) (junior)CTT3Jan 15, 1991 – Jun 15, 1994OBDang they sunk her ...
Utter, PatrickTM3Apr 1991 – May 1994CAGreat times conducting VBSS(1994).
Basler, JeffreyBm3Apr 21, 1991 – Mar 21, 1995OD/1ST
Martinez, AdolfoSTG2 (SW)May 1991 – Dec 1993CATo all the great times on board and out to sea. I had the privilege of sailing with the Navy?s best. To all the guys in CA Div that stood 50 cal. watch and who could forget BMC Cahill.
Martin, ChristopherJun 1, 1991 – Jan 28, 1994OIGreat Time looking back over seas. Miss some of the OLY boys, what a party at times.
Braun, BryanFCCS(SW) E-8Jul 9, 1991 – Jul 1, 1994CSHardest three years of my 27 year career. Oly could do anything.
Taplin, TravisDK3Sep 6, 1991 – Sep 4, 1993Supply DepartmentJust looking for some of the other members of the crew while I was onboard.
Dunn, BillET2Oct 1, 1991 – Sep 1, 1995CE
Northcutt, Jim profile iconMAC(SW)Nov 1991 – May 1993Life was good aboard Oldendorf.
Copley, ErikFC3Nov 1991 – Dec 1996CB
Ingram, TimothyFC31992 – 1994cgmk-86 ngfs. I loved the system and the sailors I served with.
Krieger, KevinGMG21992 – 1994I can be located on Facebook by searching for my name or searching using this group name: Mighty Warship USS OLDENDORF DD-972
Fellows, RandyOS1Jan 1992 – Aug 1995OIA great ship to complete a career in the Navy
Aranda, PeterPC2 (SW)Jan 12, 1992 – Dec 20, 1996S-4/SupplyTwo WESTPACs and many beers later I still think about the good old Oly!!!! Any of you crazy kids remember the times drop me an email.
Shepherd, JimPNFeb 1992 – Apr 1995ADMINGot in a lot of trouble aboard the Oldendorf...... but I had A LOT OF FUN!!!!
Thomas, ShawnEW2Feb 1, 1992 – Nov 10, 1994OIEnjoyed my time on OLY. Shout out to Jason, Allen, Brian, Travis, and EW1 Walker. Hope you guys are doing well. What's up EWC Sefchick?
Ackerman, Vincent (Ack)STG2(SW)Mar 1992 – May 1995CAWorked forward on the 53B. Great times and fun travels. Great group of guys.
McDowell, KellySTG1Mar 3, 1992 – Nov 28, 1995CSA1Well, that's a sign that you're old when you find out the last ship in your career has been turned into a reef. But I liked the Oly. She was a good sub hunter and a good feeder. She'll be missed.
Kleppin, MarkSTG1 (SW)Apr 1992 – Aug 1994CA
Martig, TimYNJun 1992 – Nov 1995AdminFun times, crazy times, but learned a lot and made some good friends.
St. Pierre, JoeyEN3Aug 1992 – Sep 1994a-gangWOW.......Not alot of engineers on here......Shoot me a message at
Murphy, MikeGSE2(SW)Aug 16, 1992 – Oct 21, 1997MGreat ship and crew. I really miss all you clowns from ENG. We had some very good times!!! Sorry to see her decom. She will be missed.
Murphy, MichaelGSE2Aug 16, 1992 – Oct 15, 1997MMiss those days on the ship, had many crazy memories, met many good people and made a lot of great friends
Hernandez, FerdinandHM1Nov 1992 – Dec 1994MH01I served in the OLY as "BabyDoc" with HM1 Hawks. Learned my sickcall skill, and earned my ESWS. We have SN Picon and SN Sheppard as strikers. I sleeps in supply berthing and watch movie in medical. I did my first CPR while in shipyard.
Hart, EvanisSTG1(SW)Nov 25, 1992 – Dec 6, 1995CA DIV
Moses, JasonFC2Nov 26, 1992 – Jul 29, 1996CF combat systemsTowed drone units did not stand a chance against our CIWS. Have many great memories aboard the Oly.
Hoad, TylerPN3Dec 1, 1992 – Sep 19, 1994Nav AdminGood times.
Salinas, Juan / JohnnySTG 31993 – 1994casaying hello to the family on dd 972
Wiggins, Wesley WigginsGSM31993 – 1997eng
Conley, ChristoperGSMC(SW)1993 – 1998MPGood ship, Great crew! Miss you guys!
Sefchick, JamesEWC(SW)1993 –OB
Nordstrom, JohnGSM1(SW)1993 – 1995MPI would have gladly served another two years here. I never felt more appreciated and supported during my progression to GSMC.
Pinkham, JamesBM31993 – 199701Just found this site. Kinda miss the old Navy days. I joined the Army in 2003. Didn't have as much fun in Afghanistan in the Army as I did in Thailand in the Navy!
Hoad, TylerPN3Jan 1993 – Aug 1994Nav
Sharpe, FrederickSHSR-SH3Jan 1993 – Jun 1999S-3My 1st ship and my best one had alot of fun there and made some new friends hated to leave it
Hall, CharlieCTO3Jan 18, 1993 – Jan 18, 1996OB
Rocha, JohnnyGSM2 (SW) RochaFeb 6, 1993 – Jun 6, 1996M-Division
Lawrence, JosephOS2Feb 10, 1993 – Dec 20, 1996OI
Lawrence, JosephOS2Feb 10, 1993 – Dec 20, 1996OILooking for some old friends, Jaime, Weldin(LUUCIUS), Soriano, Woody (Your the man), Maestas, Azochar (Sugar), Muransky, BIG BEN(THE VIKS STINK), FIG. You guys made that ship what is was. Drop me a line
Maloney, ChrisDC2Mar 1993 – Aug 1997R
Sauers, TimE-4Apr 1993 – Jul 1995A-GangI can't believe they sunk her. I actually loved being on that ship and all the guys I served with. I found out they sunk my other ship as well (USS La Salle AGF 3) Hope all my shipmates are well and glad to be on the site.
Weilbacher, Robert JamesSTGSA - STG2Apr 4, 1993 – Aug 10, 1996CAMiss the good old friends onboard my first ship. 2 Westpacs and alot of Stories. Mike Betsch, Jay Rothboart, Johnny Salinas, Avalos, Isaac Alvarez, Mike Davis, Pete Deleon Guererro, Pat Utter and many more. Drop me a line sometimes.
Hoffman, DavidDC1Apr 19, 1993 – Apr 17, 1998R
Sauers, TimE4 ENGINEMANMay 1993 – Jul 1995Engineering
Soprych, GregAT3May 1993 – Aug 1994ODSN struck AT3 with HSL-45 Det 6. Went to the Kittyhawk. Got out in 96, went to college. Now a structural engineer. Miss my days on OLY and will never forget CDR Bouchard. Awesome skipper, remember him in a Stanford shirt at Steel beach
Palmer, ChrisFC1(SW)May 13, 1993 – Sep 1998CB/CFI met alot of great people. Oly was the ship to beat on the West Coast. Over 5yrs on board, couple of WestPacs, lots of ports and so many friends. Drop me a line.
Sheppard, DerekE-5/HM2Jun 1993 – Apr 1995OD/MEDWas a Seaman Striker Masterhelmsman
Lapikas, DerekE-4/RM3Jul 15, 1993 – Jun 6, 1995OCDid a little less than two years on the good ole Oly. Currently living in Las Vegas. Drop me a line sometime. Got married October 2007, have a ten month old baby girl. Future Bears and White Sox fan.
Proctor, TimFC3Oct 1993 – Nov 1994CM
Bean, JeromeSNOct 1993 – Jul 1995Deck DivisionMan can't believe she is gone. Been along time now. I am police officer in Lexington Ky. Miss the guys I served with a lot of memories.
Smith, TimET2(SW)Oct 1, 1993 – Aug 24, 1994CELast year of my Navy career on the Oly. Crazy Crew, Crazy WestPac, Great Year!
Woodworth, Willis (Woody)OS2Oct 12, 1993 – Aug 17, 1998OI
Wittwer, KenDS2Nov 1993 – May 10, 1998CE
Catron, Kat DaddySM3/SignalmanNov 11, 1993 – May 30, 1997OperationsMiss my san dogs! Who can forget BMC Cahill, Comm. Nesselrode and Bouchard? Had a hell of a time there. I'm a cop in St.Louis now and I start working for Homeland Security in a couple of months. I can still here Cahill!
Adams, MikeET3Nov 13, 1993 – Dec 20, 1996Repair 8, CSE1, CSE4Sorry to hear she's gone.
Hansard, MattRMSN(SW)Dec 5, 1993 – Jun 17, 1994OC
Flournoy, Ramond/floIT1Dec 31, 1993 – Dec 17, 1997OCMy first and only ship. Met some of the best people I have ever encountered. This ship was the real deal. DO THE OLY RUN THIS MUTHA****A. HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

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