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USS Oldendorf (DD 972) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Oldendorf (DD 972). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 633 crew members registered for the USS Oldendorf (DD 972).

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Falkenstein, DanGMG21983 – 1985
Roberson, Cliff (Troberson)GSE 31983 – 1985Gas Turbines Electrical and MechanicalWhat a great time we all had. I read one post about being 20 and on the way to Subic Bay, how true. Fun hard work and very good friends. The best, brightest people, and most dedicated men I have known. What a ship, what a class act all around. Genki
Rothchild, HerschelFTM 2Jan 1983 – Mar 1987CMIt was a lot of fun and hard all at the same time.
Rothchild, HerschelFTM 2Jan 1983 – May 1987CMIt was a blast
Schmuhl, KenSTG2Jan 4, 1983 – Jan 14, 1985ASWThey sunk the OLY? Gheesh. Waste of tax dollars. It was like a floating Hotel compared to my previous ship. Just put some new gear on it and keep it underway! I met my ex-wife while in Yokosuka, and have a beautiful daughter. Many memories.
Conway, Patrick/docysonHM3Feb 1983 – May 1986got out, went to college,(R.N.),joined Army Nurse Corps for first desert war. Never got to go, the war was over before my paper work, where were Sanchez and Sissom when i needed them. Rutledge retired after distinguished career
Wuebben, MikeHT3Jun 1983 – 1986Engineering
Sharp, Jeff profile iconSN, BM3, BM2Jul 1983 – Jun 1986DeckAnyone remember BMC Readlead
Sissom, ArronYN1Jul 1983 – Jul 1986NAV/ADMINGreat ship! Greetings to the gang that took her over to Japan. Crazy O's & E's. What ever became of our XO John Pine?
Hedrick, Robert (Slammer)RMSN- RM2Aug 1, 1983 – Aug 1, 1986OCFirst ship and enjoyed every minute of it especially the comeraderie, port visits and the HONCH!!! "TEAM OLY"!!! Second to none.
Derocher, Robert (Bob)ET2Sep 1983 – Sep 1986CEHi all, I retired as ETC in 1982, and am now teaching IT's the SHF Operator Course at TSC San Diego as a contractor for JHT. Had lots of fun times being forward deployed to Yoko...
Gay, ThomasMa1Sep 1983 – Jun 1984Nav/AdimOly was my First command after I crossed rated to MAA. It was a big shock after coming from the Seabees. Yn1 Sessions and Lcdr Pine were a big help MA1 Gay (Ret)
Imhoff, DonIC3Oct 1983 – Oct 1985EThe best thing about being "forward-deployed" in Yokosuka was going to Olongapo several times a year!! "I love you long time, no s**t!"
Regan, Larry 'lawrence'SK3Nov 1983 – 1986SupplyFirst and only ship in the Navy I served on, miss it. Great experience for a youny man just out of High School. Nice way to see the world and apprieciate what you have at home.
Huberty, Paul (Hubie)HT3Nov 6, 1983 – Apr 1987R division
Dean, DanaQM3/21984 – 1988Nav. /Admin.Excellent ship. I enjoyed many cruises with my 'mates - including a few "Honshu-500's".
Drewery, JamesFN1984 – 1986EngeneeringMY first and last ship of a ten year haul. The Oly was my favorite Navy home. A lot of great people. after leaving The Oly I went to Hospital Corpsman school and spent the rest of my enlistment as a corpsman.
Marshall, JohnEW21984 – Jul 1986OW01Great memories of being stationed in Yokosuka, Japan! Reenlisted under the screws while in dry dock!
Mitchell, StephenGMT1(sw)1984 – 1987CA
Brooks, TerryOS21984 – 1986OI
Farley, BobGSE11984 – 1988MGreat times Onboard the Oly. Work hard - play harder.
Fahey, JohnNCC1984 – 1987NAV/ADMINThe Oly was a great ship and a great crew. Saw a lot of places. Australia 75th Naval Anniversary, 200 warships in port Sydney Australia, China. Send me an email shipmates. I retired in 12/1996.
Bauman, FrankRM11984 – 1986OC
Chapman, JeffEN31984 – 1985B
Newman, AndyOS3Jan 1984 – Apr 1985OII still remember the giant OLY inflatable beer bottle!! Good times
McPhedran, JohnETJan 13, 1984 – Jan 25, 1986CE
Adams, BobGMT 2Feb 1984 – Feb 1988CAEnjoyed my time on the "OLY". Japan, PI, Korea, Australia, and the India Ocean.
Davis, MarkSH3Mar 1984 – Mar 1986SupplyHad a great time in Yokosuka, especially during the overhaul when OLY was in dry dock and I lived in town. Hope to hear from old friends. You may remember the skunk stripe I had bleached into my hair far a period of time.
Shorten, ScotSNApr 1, 1984 – Feb 1, 1985DeckWas my first assingment out of "A" school and was one of the best crews to work with while stationed in Japan.
Caudle, BobFC3May 1984 – May 1986CFIt was the best of was the worst of times. Never knew how great it was till later years. Still keep in touch with some of the guys. Still surfing for alot of the others. Still remember the Wog Day Revolt, The Best!
Caudle, BobFC3May 1984 – May 1986CFIt was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Never appreciated it until years later. Remember leading the Wog Day Revolt we led on O'Country. and Keep in touch with some of the guys. Surf'n for the others. THe Liberty...Wow!
Bruner, LarryRM1Jul 1984 – Aug 1986OCWill never forget "Team Oly!" Retired in 97. Living in Virginia Beach.
Scogins, RobertGSM1Jul 1984 – Aug 1987
Long, DanCTJul 1984 – Aug 1986OB
McCombs, JasonDS2/E5Jul 19, 1984 – Jul 3, 1987CEFinally retired out of the Reserves in January 2006 as a FC1. Have a lot of found memories about the OLY and was very sad to see she was sunk as a target. Will miss the old girl!
Lopez, RandyQMCJul 24, 1984 – Nov 18, 1988NAV/ADMINmany adventures. live in oklahoma near marty briggs see pete mcann yearly and used to see ken treadwell
Elliott, RichOS1Jul 25, 1984 – Jul 25, 1987OI
Wajvoda, Andy/wojoFTM3 THEN FTM2. WORKED ON THE MK86 GFCS.Jul 28, 1984 – Oct 9, 1987CGThis was my first ship. I got onboard her after she had been in Japan for only 2 weeks. It was an experience and a half to be in "Battle Group Alfa", on the "Cutting Edge of the Sword of Democracy" with the USS Midway. sn00pydwg@ho
Lilya, JohnDS2Aug 1984 – Aug 1986CE
Vosburgh, DonaldBM3Aug 1984 – Sep 1985Retired BMC(SW)
McAnn, PeteQMCAug 1984 – Oct 1988nav/adminbetter known as quarter millon calories
Scogins, RobertGSM1Aug 1984 – Aug 1987MGreat ship, had lots of fun in Japan, met some great people. Kevin Tucker, e-mail me. I talk to Mike Matthews occasionally, owns a cycle shop in JAX.
Gebbie, MomSM1 (SW)Aug 1984 – Jul 1988CSOLY was my first Spruance class shiip. 2me she was the MG of the U.S.N. I was shocked the day the USS Little Rock sent us a message asking for a race. Ooooops! Captain Streeter gave them a horizon head start. ha ha
Reed, Robert / RexMS2Aug 15, 1984 – Jul 29, 1986S-2I retired from the US. Navy on 30 June 2006. Out of the seven ships I served on, DD-972 was by far my best ship duty I ever had the pleasure to serve on. The crew was a very close net and would like to here from my former crewmembers.
Noeltner, Keith / Buddha profile iconEM3Aug 15, 1984 – Aug 15, 1987E Division
Andresen, JohnETCS SWSep 1, 1984 – Jul 1, 1986CE3M Coordinator
Furman, Wlliam (Bill)HT2Sep 10, 1984 – Jul 27, 1986OLY was my second ship. I was an HT2 In charge of ER09 during my tour on board.
Andresen, JohnETCS(SW) / CWO2Sep 15, 1984 – Jul 1, 1986CEWestpac Yokosuka homeporter. Excellent duty and the Liberty was even better!
Falknor, David (Face)TM3Sep 16, 1984 – Sep 16, 1986WeaponsWish I knew about the decommisioning ceremony! Good ports, good friends, good times!
Quitevis, Ken "Q"ET2(SW)Sep 24, 1984 – Oct 24, 1986CEThose were the days!! Best in a life-time. Now a DoN CIV working at HRMC PH (aka FTSCPAC/MOTU-1/etc.) doing the same stuff as before - woking on COMM gear. To think, I just did an INSURV on the ship that sank our One & OLY!!
McAnn, PeteEN1Nov 1984 – Apr 1988A GANGLIVE IN MIGHIGAN
Schaffer, JimRM2Nov 15, 1984 – Oct 15, 1987OC01I enjoyed travelling to the Far East and beyond aboard the OLY.
Gilbert, ManuelIC3Nov 29, 1984 – Nov 30, 1986ENG/COMBATMan I just learned they took old OLY out of commission and that's too bad. I really had the time of my life onboard that ship and wish I could've rode her to the end. RIP old friend miss the fun in Japan.

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