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USS Oldendorf (DD 972) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Oldendorf (DD 972). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 633 crew members registered for the USS Oldendorf (DD 972).

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Johnson, KurtET20000 – Jul 30, 1983CEET2
McIver, AnthonyGMG2Nov 1, 1901 – Nov 1, 1996CGIts sad to see that a ship that set the standards for launching missels would end up being sunken by one.
Gill, GarlynDS11971 – 1981OE
Smith, DavidGSE2Sep 1975 – Jun 26, 1979E Division
Hoxie, DonaldDS21977 – Jun 3, 1981OEI saw some familiar names listed from the original crew that brought back some memories of the good times and the good people. Seems like there was always some shipmate to tell a joke or story to make you laugh out loud or at least smile.
Venable, LarryMR11977 – 1980RI would like to contact all Plankowners, especially engineers. Anyone know whereabouts of HT1 Matlock and HT2 Hawthorne, or other plankowners? Contact me at
Graves, MichaelE41977 – 1980SHI was a plank owner. Miss you GUYS..
Graves, MichaelE-41977 – 1980S-HI was a plank owner. Miss all you Guys...
Carpenter, GeorgeSK31977 – 1980S-1
Bales, RandleLT1977 – 1980SupplyRetired 06/1998-O-6.
Canfield, KevinGSM21977 – 1979MFrom gas turbine school, to precom, through commissioning and shakedown. Great time and experience in my life. Pat Carroll, Ed Weigers, Charlie Upton and whole engineering department. Lots of memories.
Crume, DeloyJan 1977 – Dec 1979Precomm,plankowner, I miss the OLY and all my friends, please keep in touch. was at the Decommissioning too, sad Day..
Hamilton, DonOSCJan 1977 – Aug 1981OIPrecommIssioning Crew and Plankowner.
Hutchins, Walter/hutchFTG2Jan 1, 1977 – Jun 13, 1981FOXTrying to edit previous entry but system is blocking access. I am clean and sober and still married to the Aussie
Smolinski, Jeff/smoOS1Jan 7, 1977 – Oct 1, 1981OIWow, just found this site, OLY be doing under in a different manner of speakin eh. She was a good ship with a great crew, miss em both, many a good time. Yo Ronnie Mac and Skoges, drop a line.
Hutchins, Walter/hutchFTG2Jan 10, 1977 – Jun 13, 1981FoxLove to sing. Plank Owner, Shellback. Hung out with the partiers. I drang too much. GMM2 Whitaker (best friend) and FTM2 Spiro were friends and all of Fox Division. Now I am a Drug and Alcohol Counselor and Instructor.
Skoglie, MarkOS2Mar 1977 – Jul 1980OISo good to find this page.So bad OLY is going to be sunk!I would love to hear from any old shipmates.drop me a line.
Crotty, JamesOS2-OS1Mar 1977 – Feb 1979OIMy Pre-Com plaque hangs proudly on my wall. Nothing but good memories from my days (and nights) on OLY. Left OLY and went to Paradise (Hawaii for 6 years). Retired in 92 and then worked in Taiwan, Saudi Arabia and Puerto Rico.
McLaughlin, RonaldOS2Mar 1, 1977 – Mar 1, 1979OIAny old friends read this ,drop me a line. Sorry I missed the decomm ceremony.Hello to all plankowners of Oly.
Parzyk, ThomasQUARTERMASTER 2ND CLASSMar 1, 1977 – Oct 3, 1980Navigation I'm proud to be a plankowner of Oly. We named her that. Lots of good times and hard workers. Cool seeing the names of my shipmates on here One guy still owes me 200 dollars he lost gambling, but I won't go there. OLY, it's the Sailors!
Levi, JamesSM2Mar 5, 1977 – May 10, 1982OC sigsJust looking for some of the old gang. Spracklen if you get this call me.
Merat, MarkGMT2Mar 8, 1977 – Mar 28, 19803rdPrecom,Pascagoula Ms. BBG crew, Plankowner, Had mani a good times with the crew and our various port calls. Shipped over in Portland Rose festival. Went on to commission the Fletcher and the Hayler. Retired chief.
Snow, Little Doc (Don)HM3Mar 11, 1977 – Jun 29, 1979OpsThis was the best command of my entire career. The crew was fantastic and the duty was prime. I salute my fellow crew members and officers for the experience. Don Snow, CPT, USA-Ret
Schreiber, DennisMS2Apr 1977 – Apr 1979Supply S-2I was the Baker onboard, I can remember the Captain and the Supply Officer Pat Cummings coming off liberty, I alway made them something to eat. I named my first born after LT. Ryan. Best ship ever.
Manning, SteveSK2Apr 6, 1977 – Apr 1981S1OLY! Precomm, Plankowner, Pascagoula, Panama Canal, Portland Rose Festival, SouthPac. Great memories of many good times with guys who worked and played hard. It would be fun to swap tales .
McMillan, DaleTM3Apr 7, 1977 – Mar 30, 1980CAPlank Owner, from Precomm San Diego, Commissioning March 4, 1978, left March 1980, In Dec of 1995 had my retirement ceremony onboard in the Port torpedo room. Best ship in the Fleet, I sure do miss the Oly. Now living in Texas.
Lindenbaum, CurtSTG1Apr 15, 1977 – May 9, 1980CAPlankowner and member of skeleton crew in Pascagoula prior to commissioning. Had the nickname "Beagle". Hope to hear from any shipmates.
Schmerber, Rick/hobbitIC2Apr 29, 1977 – Feb 5, 1981EPlankowner/ Best 4 years I spent. Made friends I still keep in touch with.
Solak, MikeSH2May 1977 – Aug 1980S3Plankowner, Great Ship, Great Crew, Great Times, & Great Memories.. May she rest in peace...
Reusch, EdDSC(SW)May 1977 – Dec 1980OEO2/ CSE2I served two tours onboard the Oly’; as a Plankowner from ‘77 through 1980, and then again from 1984 to 1986 as we sailed this mighty vessel tor Yokosuka. I served with Rick Drago during both tours. ReUnion 3/27/18
Matzke, KyleET1May 1977 – Jun 1981OE/CEWhat's up all, anybody still in San Diego, Mad Dog give me a holler
Brady, BillRM2 (NCC-RET)May 16, 1977 – Jun 16, 1978Precom / Plankowner, first RM off. Also, USS Tattnall (DDG-19) / USS San Jose (AFS-7) / USS Jason (AR 8). Fond memories all. Now teaching NJROTC.
Korchowsky, GeorgeENS in 1977; Ret. O-6, 2007Jun 1977 – 1980Gunnery DivisionAssigned Oldendorf DD-972 Precom in 1977; reported aboard in Pascagoula early 1978, months before commissioning. Qualified as SWO in 1980 and transferred shortly afterwards with the rank of LT(jg).
Terry, DillonPN1Jun 3, 1977 – Mar 1981XiDivMiss all you guys. I retired Oct 1987. I live in Mesa, az. (
Grant, Courtney (Big G)MS2Jul 17, 1977 –MMS
Destasio, Pasquale “stash”SH1Aug 1977 – Aug 1978S3Plankowner. After commissioning I rode the ship back to San Diego. Returned to Pascagoula for PSA. Finished my Navy career and processed out at the Gulfport Seabee facility in August, 1978.
Wyatt, M.G. TrapperHMCS(SW/FMF)Oct 1977 – Jun 1980MedicalPlankowner. Finest ship I served aboard in my 23 year Naval career. Any shipmates please feel free to contact me -- love to hear from you.
Larsen, Joeen3 gsm3Oct 1977 – Jan 1979m
Lucas, MarkBM1(SW)Nov 3, 1977 – Aug 31, 1982First DivisionStarted in pre-com at BM2, made BM1 during pre-com and served on OLY during her break-down , Panama cruise and first two westpacs. Best ship and crew I served with. Retired BMCM in 1993. "OLY; it's the sailors" .
Luke, RickGMG2/1Nov 16, 1977 – May 1980"G"/CS02Precomm. Pascagoula. San Diego, Portland, through 1st WestPac. Cruise of a career. Retired in '92. Went to Decomm.
Watts, Norris (Rusty)SEAMANDec 1977 – Aug 19791st best buncha guys on earth! a-1 buffarillo hunters every damn one of them! im living on the island of bohol phillippines now, my doors open to any plank owner who wants to visit! see ya on the beach
Hamlett, JimGSM3Dec 5, 1977 – May 17, 1981M MER2Hey Fellow Plankowners! Best time of my life, just didn't know it then. Heres to the OLY, may she rest in Peace. Iam in Fayetteville, Tennessee. Feel free to drop a line.

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