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USS Caron (DD 970) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Caron (DD 970). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 600 crew members registered for the USS Caron (DD 970).

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McCalister, CraigSTG31987 – 1989A great ship manned with great people. Would love to hear from old shipmates.
Crislip, CarlGMG31987 – 19893rd
O'Connell, RichardTM3(SW)1987 – Jul 1990CSGreat Ship. With some of the best shipmates I knew.
Weiss, RayQMSN1987 –NavigationI'm looking for my USS Caron shipmates: Ben Ross, Kevin Coles, Pat Vandegrift, Peter Stamps, John Schmelig, Mke/Duncan Sibert and Blaine Olmstead. Hey you guys, email me at Thanks!
McCalister, CraigSTG3(SW)Jan 1987 – Jul 1989What a great crew & ship!!!
Passe, AlanBM3Jan 3, 1987 – Aug 1, 19901sti would like to get in touch w/ dan p. quay. "p" stands for pussy. also pete asma. "pete" pete" pete.and who could forget bmsr manke. mank-gay quay. i stll am friends w/ schmelig even though he took a piss in the haze grey in the
Young, ChicoSm3Jan 6, 1987 – Jan 6, 1987Deck, signalmenI had a great time on this ship. I made good friends for life here. I learned alot. Alan passe, Kevin Coles, John schmeling, Chris perkins, randy Johnson, Greg Brooks, Timothy, raymond Moseley, Watson, miss you guys
Santoro, Joseph F.YNSNJan 10, 1987 – Oct 24, 1987Nav/AdminGood Ship
Newcomb, MichaelCTR2(SW)Feb 1, 1987 – Feb 1, 1990OTBest tour in the Navy!! Great times!!
Amedick, Michael D.ENS-LTMar 1987 – Oct 1990A, MP, CSA, CSX, NAV, CHENGA remarkable ship serving in remarkable times.
Ruble, CharlesE-4/BM3Mar 1987 – Jan 19901stWhat a great ship, was sorry to see her go like that. Spent some time underway, but a lot of time in the yards in New Orleans, what a great time. Still looking for people from 1sy division.
Jamieson, TomYN2Mar 1987 – Sep 3, 1990Nav/Admin
Ryan, MikeGSE3Mar 1, 1987 – Oct 1, 1988MP
Lopez, MannyRM3Mar 3, 1987 – Sep 8, 1989OCMy first ship and command! We embarked in a big operational journey that left a legacy of getting out of the cold war. Caron and our crew had a lot to do with Reagan and Gorbachev bringing down the wall with Germany.
Thomas, MauriceRM3Mar 17, 1987 – May 9, 1990OCUSS Caron will always be "MY SHIP". Frye, Sessoms, Claude, Smitty, Lewis, Cream, Fair, RMCS Little, Lopez, Walker, White and all my brothers of the "Can Do Caron" with Capt Harlow.
Coles, KevinstgsnApr 1987 – Jul 1989Sonar Div.Great time had funny people. Left the ship while in Dry dock, miss everyone
Rivera Roldan, JoseYN3May 20, 1987 – Oct 20, 1990ADMIN
Vandegrift, Patstg3Jun 4, 1987 – Dec 28, 1991combat systemsGreat ship,great ship mates
Sweeney, SeanCTR3Jul 1987 – Dec 1988OI
Stamps, PeterLTAug 31, 1987 – May 10, 1990DCA/COMMO"Cadillac of the Fleet" Hey Senior Chief - Black Sea, Feb 12, 1988. I have the pictures to prove it.
Schmelig, JohnBM3Sep 1987 – May 20, 1989DeckGreat times in the Med, Norfolk and New Orleans on the "Cadillac of the Fleet." Passe and I still keep in touch. Now working for Yahoo! in Pasadena, CA.
Sibert, Mike/duncanSTG3Oct 1987 – Sep 1989Combat SystemsWhat a remarkable experience and great bunch of guys to serve this wonderful nation with.
Todd, Ray JrDK3Oct 27, 1987 – Oct 27, 1990Supply / Disbursing
Olmstead, BlaineENCS (SW)Oct 30, 1987 – Sep 13, 1992AuxIt was sad to see the Caron gone. I remember ole Captain "bulldog" Stepian. He was a trip. How about when the Russians rammed us and the Yourktown in the North Sea in 1992
Novak, DenisHMCSDec 21, 1987 – Apr 20, 1991NXBest ship with the best crew I ever was stationed with!
Ebert, MichaelET21988 – 1993CSE
Gottardi, CurtOSCS(SW)1988 – 1992OI
Countryman, BradlyFC3 / FC2Jan 28, 1988 – Dec 22, 1990CGMy very first ship as a MK-86 Gun Fire Control System - Radar Technician. There during the major overhaul in New Orleans, LA.
Hodgen, AndyET 3Apr 1988 – Nov 1993CSECan't say I enjoyed my time while I was there (Underway way too much) but I sure miss the gang there. It is sad to see her go down, sorry I couldn't push the button to sink it. lol
Bardwell, Gary / GodfatherCTR1May 18, 1988 – Jun 18, 1991OTAll I can say is that it was a trip. Some good and some very bad...
Gardella, JoeLTMay 20, 1988 – Nov 20, 1991OI & OCGreat ship, sad way to see her go. At least she wasn't visibly destroyed when she sank. She still looked like a lady!
Salters, Chris "saltdog"STG 3 (SW)Jul 1988 – 1992CSAThis was my first ship and we had a GREAT time. The black sea ops, Desert Storm, Ship yards in New Orleans. Great Shipmates
Baut, RobertDC3Jul 4, 1988 – Jul 2, 1992RThose main Space Fire Drills were a killer. What good times in Trinidad. Anybody ou there from R Division?
Little, Andrew / AndyFC3/E-4Sep 1988 – Sep 1990CSV
Van Tassell, Steve (Vanman)SH3Oct 1988 – 1992Supply(S-3)Just wondering.... who still has their uniforms and can still fit in them? ha-ha. Seriously though, I am looking to connect with some of my old shipmates. I had some pretty good laughs in spite of some the hardships.
Davis, ReedOS3Oct 1988 – Aug 9, 1991OI/O1
Davis, ReedOS3Oct 1988 – Aug 1991
Fritz, EdwardFC2 NOW NCCSOct 8, 1988 – Nov 20, 1990CSVThis was one of the best ships I have served on. Cadillac of the Fleet. It was sad to see her sink.
Todd, RayDK3Oct 17, 1988 – Oct 20, 1990Supply
Fritz, EdwardFC1Oct 26, 1988 – Nov 24, 1990CSVMan I loved this Ship! New Orleans was the best. Man we had some crazy times. Everyone who remembers me email me. Retired in 2004

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