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USS Peterson (DD 969) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Peterson (DD 969). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 648 crew members registered for the USS Peterson (DD 969).

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Staley, GaryCTM2(SW)1996 – 2000OZ"Behind the Green Door"
Mark Lacic, DolfanSTG/E-41996 – 1998Combat
Hawkins, KenE2Jan 10, 1996 – Oct 7, 1996r
Coelho, StevenSM2Feb 1996 – Mar 1, 2001NAVI had some good times and bad. But overall, it was positive and fun. Things I don't miss; Sm1 (now SMC) Fields walking around berthing in his tiger striped thongs or even naked at times! Yates and his stinky feet! All SM'S on Liberty risk.
Wallace, ClayGSM1Mar 1996 – Mar 2002MPLove the Pete!!!! Retired and working at Great Lakes.
Oh, JosephSNMay 9, 1996 – Apr 26, 1998DECKHey remember me? I was like the only damn Asian there!!! LOL! Had a great time on that ship. A lot of cool people.
Brehm, JasonSTG2(SW)May 15, 1996 – Aug 23, 2000CSAI didn't think I would miss all the haze grey and underway, but sometimes I do. I don't miss the painting, but sea and anchor was always fun on the fantail. I'll never forget the Kurt Lamb days.
Marius, DamianGSCSMay 15, 1996 – Sep 1998MP
St-marseille, MichelE7Jun 3, 1996 – Jul 18, 1996
McCall, ChristopherE-6/STG1(SW)Jul 1996 – Nov 2008CSA
Kimpson, TonyGM1(SW)Jul 7, 1996 – Jul 6, 2000CSGWhat a ship. Who remembers the name Capt Wilson gave me when I challenged his authority? "Crying ass GM1". Those were the days. Wouldn't trade a day 4 nothing. Ret now in FL. Tammy I know who the evil 1 was lol. N01GUNZ
Edwards, JeffBM1Sep 1996 – Nov 19991stRetired 2004, still in VA Beach.
Hook, ChrisIT2Sep 1996 – Dec 2000OC
Bregard, Timothy profile iconE7/HTCSep 1996 – Jun 2000RR-Division LPO/ LCPO
Thompson, DavidOS1(SW)Oct 1996 – Aug 1997OI
Newton, ChrisEW2 (SW)Oct 1996 – Jul 2001OZ02
Magnis, Adam EW2Nov 19, 1996 – Jan 12, 2001OZHi
Cox, Kevin1997 – 2000CombatEven though my stay was "shortened", I still look back and miss the good times onboard. NWO 4 life. Kurt Lamb, Mo Fernandez, Shawn Doo, Gary, Mitch, and everyone else, I miss you guys. Give me a holler sometime.
Long, JosephRMC(SW)1997 – 1998OCThe NATO cruise was the best cruise i was ever on in the Navy. Some of the best people I have served with and the Ship I made Chief Petty Officer on. A time I will never forget!
Neu, CharlesLT1997 – 2000OCI grew up in PETE. I am very thankful for all of my Brothers and Sisters - it was a pleasure to serve with you!
Martinsen, SelenaDC3Feb 1997 – Mar 2000RepairI have lots of good memories of the ship. I miss my Navy days!
Ferguson, BenCTA1(SW)Feb 14, 1997 – Feb 15, 2000OZKiss My CT Ass!! Oh what memories: Crazy Ed, Mad Marty, and JGR Wilson. Too many islands and Europen ports to remember. It's great running into former shipmates and talking about times aboard the Pete.
Fridman, IzhakE3Apr 1, 1997 – Nov 16, 1999A-gangHard work, but good people. Had a lot of fun.
Massey, BenjaminTM1(SW/AW)May 5, 1997 – Sep 11, 2001Sonar Had a great time aboard!!! Best times were the talent contests on the flight deck. Made two NATO cruises, and saw alot of countries. I retired from the Navy onboard the Peterson on that fathful day 911. Yep! September 11, 2001.
Fields, BruceSMC(SW)May 27, 1997 – Sep 19, 2001OC/NAV3 NATO cruises in a row! JGRW rocks and there's no-one can deny that! I still miss all my bro's and sis's!! Anyone remembering, call or come down to sunny Florida for a visit.
Garza, Casimiro (Freakyg)OS1(SW)Jun 30, 1997 – May 6, 2002OIGreat times aboard the Pete, great cruises and lots of laughs, thanks Bruce for a wonderful time aboard this fine ship. Capt Wilson thanks for making it fun and memoriable, great to hear you on the RT circuit laying it on the line.
Hall, Chad profile iconCtrsnJul 1997 – Dec 1997OZOne of my favorite memories was playing darts while underway. Also the captain’s coffee cup was held for ransom.
Pearson, KristoferGSM2Jul 27, 1997 – Nov 14, 2001MPLPO in charge of MER2, Number 3 generator waste heat boiler set. Ran the 2 work centers with 5 crewmen successfully.
Mcgraw, KenFC1Sep 1997 – Mar 2002CSM/CSF
Berella, SteveHT1Nov 1997 – May 2001repair
Vargas, LouieGSMFNNov 1997 – Aug 1999EngineeringGreat times and memories.
Berella, DzHT2Nov 15, 1997 – May 15, 2001repairThe most memorable years of my career. So many friends, so many memories. I wish you all the best, and if anyone has that pic of me riding GSM1 Tabery's mountain bike of the VLS while in port after KOSOVO, pls send a copy.
Tabery, JeffGSM1Dec 1997 – Apr 2001MPMy absolute favorite duty station in my 20 years in the canoe club. Great people.
Saint-pierre, PierreE6/LS1Dec 4, 1997 – Sep 19, 2001S-1My first ship!!! I had a great time.
Lockney, DaveLTDec 12, 1997 – Jun 2, 2000Supply HeadThose who served during the dark days, my heart will always be with you.
Wilson, JoleenIT2(SW)1998 – 2001OCNew name Joleen Walkner
Young, SamuelIS1(AW/SW)1998 – 2001OZ
Maria, ScioneauxSH21998 – 2001supplyi had fun when i was on the pete hello to all my friends drop me a note sometime
Espitia, Michael (Speedy)BM21998 – 20011st
Parker Sr., VincentEN11998 – 2001ENGINEERINGPROUDLY SERVED ON THE USS PETERSON. WAS KILLED IN NOV. 2001 this is his wife that put this info in.
Mayoros, RoxanneDK21998 – Aug 18, Had a blast on the Pete! Miss the drama of close quarters (sometimes) Tom Cook and Rich Pleasants-where'd you go?
Quinn, VickyEM41998 –EM
Nelson, ChipET 21998 –CSE
Johnson (Kindred), Lakishi (Kiki)E-4Jan 1998 – Oct 13, 2000RHey Proud Pete crew. Hope all is well, feel free to drop a line...
Simmons, TamikaIT2(AW/SW)Jan 1, 1998 – May 15, 2000DECK/OS/ITIt was the BEST way to come into the Navy!!! Would not Change the "Pete" Experience! Thanks Alot!! Ex- Leading Deck Seaman!!
Boswell, TerrenceGM1 (SW)Jan 8, 1998 – Dec 12, 2001CSGGunz 4 Life
Reeder, LanceCTR2Jan 29, 1998 – Jan 29, 2001OZTimmy Case in the house. TIMMYYYYY! Miss all the drunken adventures in Europe and the Carib.
Tessier, DianeOS2Feb 27, 1998 – Aug 1, 2001OIHad some good times! ;') Everyone knew me as Tess...Email, if you want to chat. I am currently living in the St. Louis area with GM2 Balz...
Baker, JamesE-5/OS2Apr 1, 1998 – Mar 10, 2001OI
Dorsey, LynneIt1Apr 6, 1998 –Radio
Branson, KelliEM2Apr 9, 1998 – May 10, 2002EProud Pete Power and Lighting, The best division on the ship. We had some great times in E div. I truely had some awesome times and memories. You guys made my Naval career complete. Capt JGR Wilson truely the best CO ever. Love EM2(SW)
Fernandez, MarioFC2May 1998 – Aug 2000CSFi'll never miss the pete but i do miss making kurt lamb make out with all those nasty chicks
Smart, HeatherSTG2May 1, 1998 – Jun 1, 2002CSA
Smoot, ShannonSK2(SW)Jun 1998 – Jul
Walters, TammyNCC(SW)Jun 1998 – Jan 2001NavAdminThere was never a greater crew than the crew onboard the "Proud Pete" when I was there. The only exception was one evil person, and they know who they are! The rest were like family to me, and I miss many of them a lot!
Williams, RobinFC2Jun 1998 – Jul 7, 2000Combat SystemsI was one of the five inch gunners, you know who i am. so give me a holla
Walters, TammyNCC(SW)Jun 1998 – Jan 2001Admin/NXBest crew I ever served with!
Balsman, JustinGM2(SW)Jun 5, 1998 – Apr 25, 2002CSGDrop a line if you want. If your ever in St. Louis let me know.
Pasch, Adam (Swim Call) profile iconE4Jun 8, 1998 – May 15, 2000PropulsionRemarkable experience, very challenging, tremendous comrades to remember always and love. Thank you. I am a commercial diver and archaeologist based out of Los Angles, California. Hooyah Deep Sea!
Shinault, DarrylFC2Jun 15, 1998 – Mar 15, 2002CSEwhat it do mates
Cook, ThomasDK1Aug 21, 1998 – Mar 13, 2000S4Hey Roxy
Mundell, GaryDD 969Sep 8, 1998 – Apr 17, 2002CSAI grew up on the ghetto ass pete, and still regard my shipmates from there as family. we went through a lot when you really think about it. so here's to my sea daddy roe, jgr the best boss ever, and the peterson mafia..we were fucking crazy.
Miller, ScottFC2(SW)Oct 15, 1998 – Oct 1, 2002CSFA lot of good memories. There was some good people aboard the "Pete". Good luck to everyone!
King, KristinaOS2Nov 14, 1998 – Mar 4, 2002OISome of my bests moments were spent onboard this ship!! :)
Patterson, JasonCTM3Dec 17, 1998 – May 2000OZ
Espitia, Michael (Speedy)BM2Dec 27, 1998 – Jun 13, 2001

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