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USS Arthur W. Radford (DD 968) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Arthur W. Radford (DD 968). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 605 crew members registered for the USS Arthur W. Radford (DD 968).

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Jenning, MichaelTest1999 – 1999TestThis is a test entry...
Ellershaw, PatrickFC1Jan 1999 – Oct 2002CSM
Jules, CelestinEM2/EM1Jan 1999 – Jun 2002It was a great expirence. Like most ship's it has it's ups and down, but the people on board made in enjoyable. Shouts out to the Guys and gals in E-division and A-gang.
Jones, ChrisOS2Jan 4, 1999 – Aug 3, 2002OIGreat People well for the most part...ship's condition sucked but the crew made up for it....
Turner, MichaelOS2(SW)Jan 4, 1999 – Feb 14, 2003OICan't say I loved the ship, but I enjoyed serving with the crew. INSURV definitely made us a bastard child of the Atlantic Fleet, but watching the video of Chow falling off the moped is a thought that makes it all worth it.
Luchsinger-geistel, JackieDC2Jan 9, 1999 – Aug 12, 2002RWas a hell of a time but the crew made it all worthwhile. Had I been on a different ship, I never would have learned how to fix so much stuff!
Dawson, EdENCS(SW)Jan 20, 1999 – 2002
Larkey, BillIC3Mar 3, 1999 – Mar 17, 2003Other email a no go. Great time on the radford. Great people.
Campbell, MichaelSTG2Jun 1999 – Mar 2003CSA
Oneill, MattDC2Jun 1999 – Jun 2001RCouldn't stand being on that ship but I miss the hell out of the crew and the fun we had. Drop me a line,
Donnelly, ChuckyE-5Jul 4, 1999 – Mar 23, 1999DECKI was there good and bad times, I wanted to thank the BM's who raised me and the young guys I molded.
Krueck, AndrewIC2/E-5Sep 6, 1999 – Sep 1, 2002
Medley, Robert (Med Dogg)FC2 (SW)Sep 29, 1999 – Mar 1, 2003CSW/CSMWho knew that someone could miss a ship that went through so much! I wish that they would enclose all mast on every Navy vessel. Long Live AWR!!
Riden, Nicholas "ui"BMSNOct 22, 1999 – May 15, 2001OD01Great crew. Wonderful times. I just wish it could've lasted longer. This ship was definitely a great experience.
Heuring, Chuck "Fish"DC2Oct 28, 1999 – Feb 18, 2003RepairCrazy. I remember converting the cage into a bar
Jones, Jason (Junk)BM2Nov 1999 – Oct 2002OD01HELL YEAH
Desantiago, VictorGM1Nov 1999 – Dec 2001CSWNot too fun of a tour, but good deployment to the Gulf.
Cretella, TrinaEW2Nov 11, 1999 – Mar 18, 2003OT
Jones, JasonBM3Nov 22, 1999 – Sep 18, 2002OD01Good times
Rayburn, Zackery ' Banger'HT2Nov 24, 1999 – Mar 14, 2003RepairThe 'Crashford' was the biggest P.O.S. to sail the seven seas. Met a lot of good people onboard. Learned skill's I still use today. I remember the 'cage' too Lacy! Yall e-mail me if you want.
Weggel, RobertLIEUTENANTDec 1999 – Dec 2000Anyone seen (ENS) Mike Green?
Larkey, William C. IIIIC3Dec 15, 1999 – Mar 4, 2003CSELoved every minute of it!!!
Westerlund, KerryFC32000 – 2002CSG
Heath, BrewerE-3/SN2000 – 2000Deck
Smith, ThomasFC1Jan 2000 – Sep 2002CSV
Oldrich, GlennGSM2(SW)Jan 2000 – Jan 2003EngineeringI worked in the forward engine room and spent too much time in the tool cage.
Sams, RobRM3Feb 2000 – Feb 2006OPS
Filio, JulisaSN/OS3Feb 3, 2000 – Feb 1, 2003deck/opsloved the crew, very admirable group of individuals who worked as a team(HAHA) to achieve success. oh, yea, don't forget the techno crew
Vergiels, JeffCTRCS(SW/SG)Feb 14, 2000 – Dec 28, 2002OTGreat crew! Great Chief's Mess!
Reeser, DouglasIT2May 3, 2000 – Feb 20, 2003OCThe days were long, the work was hard, but we got through it! For all those that served on those last deployments... good luck in the future.
Stasko, WilliamCTM1(SW)May 11, 2000 – Feb 28, 2003OT
Robinson/mcknight, Darlissa McKnight/robinsonYN2May 14, 2000 – Sep 10, 2002EX AdminMy time on board wasn't that long but I've never had a duty since with such good hard working people I miss everyone.
Parkhill, JasonFC2(SW)Oct 2000 – Mar 2003CSEThe crew I served with was the best I've ever had the pleasure of working with. When people ask me where I've been, I tell them about the Radford and her last crew. I'll never forget watching mast on site tv.
Fordham, Antonio (Baby_kanye)YN2(SW)Oct 2000 – Mar 2003EX/ADMIN (#1)My first command and it is a most memorable one. I learned so much there, even though, we went through hell we still managed to pull together, get the job done and have a good time. My e-mail is
Medinamendoza, SamanthaSHSNNov 2000 – Feb 2002unforgetable experience the people were great wil always remember the mighty radford!!!!
Alvarez, AlmaFC3 (NOW IT2)Nov 21, 2000 – Mar 2003CSM
Benjamin, OliverFNDec 15, 2000 – Feb 27, 2003MP
Reynolds, MichaelENS2001 – 2003MP
Parker, Jacquelynbm22001 – 2003topsideLoved my job loved the things ive learned love my shipmates the military made me a better person hope everyone is well and live long and make lots of money...stay blessed
Horne, ScottIT1(SW)Jan 3, 2001 – Mar 19, 2003OL/OCINSURV was rough but I sure do miis the girl, and the crew that was the best.
Serrano, DonatoGSM1Jan 10, 2001 – Mar 18, 2003MP
Wyatt, RichardDK1Feb 2001 – Mar 2003Supply
Duncan, RobertGSMCFeb 15, 2001 – Jun 22, 2002MP
Gonzalez, NathanGSM1Mar 1, 2001 – Jan 23, 2003Main PropulsionWhat a wonderful experience!!! My first deployment, and an awesome one. Without a doubt I would do it all over again, great people, and 7 yrs later I haven't served with a crew like the Radford's Crew!
Caban, JoseSM2/QM2(SW)Mar 20, 2001 – Mar 22, 2003NavigationI can't say I didn't enjoyed my time on the Radford. The first crew I served with and probably the best one too. I learned everything I know there. I wouldn't change that experience for anything.
Abell, Venise / Chocolate kissCTR1May 4, 2001 – Mar 20, 2003OThi all send me a e-mail chat about the good times in turkey...
Pacella, Thomas (Pac-Man)SH3Jun 2001 – Mar 22, 2003ship storeloved the crew hated the ADUB had a great time on board inspections were a bitch but we pulled together. (general quarters major fuel oil leak)
Lacy, Paul/amazonGSM 2Jul 2001 – Mar 2003mpi remember the cage
Lacy, PaulE-4Jul 2001 – Mar 2003engineeringLots of work. Tons of fun
Ramirez, Ruben G.OS1Jul 2, 2001 – Mar 15, 2003oi01good crew, good cruise...INSURV the dreaded word made it a close knit crew.
Chiusano, ChrisGM2Aug 2001 – Mar 2003CSG (the real gunners mates)remember the insurv(s), how much that time sucked. snfm cuise 2002-2003 was fun.
Chiusano, ChrisGM2Aug 2001 – Mar 20, 2003CSG
Faulkner, BrandonCTR2(SW)Sep 2001 – Feb 2003OTStrongside, Topside
Quaintance, BridgetDC3Sep 2001 – 2003DC
Jackson, Marcus (Jack)IT1Sep 7, 2001 – Mar 19, 2002OC01Best danm crew, in secondflt. There was only one, and Im proud to say I served on a legend.
Zamora, J. MarissaCTR2(SW)Oct 4, 2001 – Feb 17, 2003OTDoes anyone remember the name of the Captain before the last Captain? His first name was Bill. The one we had all the insurv. fun with prior to the last deployment.
Hall, JacquiSNOct 6, 2001 – Feb 19, 20031stgreat crew ,had a blast
Carlton, JonathanGM3Oct 10, 2001 – Mar 18, 2003CSG
Barton, CharlesOct 13, 2001 – Feb 21, 2003What I remember most about the Radford was the blackouts and their extreme frequency.... I'm talking about the loss of ship's power of course.
Shupperd, JoshuaSM2/QM2Nov 17, 2001 – Mar 18, 2003NavigationThis crew was great had a lot of fun in Navigation the best of times. anyone wants to chat my email is
Singleton, Tiffany "Sing"QM2Nov 19, 2001 – Mar 2003NavigationI miss the old crew This was my first ship and I will never forget working on the weekends. If anyone wants to chat my e-mail address is
Miller, WilliamFCC(SW)Dec 2001 – Mar 2003CSVWhat a tour! Not all good times, but not all bad either. The people are what I remember most, and the fun we had while on her final cruise.
Ize-iyamu, IzzyGSM2Dec 1, 2001 – Mar 15, 2003MPAn old ship but one with seasoned memories,a great crew something i have not seen since Radford.Hope you all holding it down,Deployment was one i would never forget.
Shlaffer, TimCTA2(SW)Dec 21, 2001 – Mar 19, 2003OTTOPSIDE! STRONG SIDE!!!!

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