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USS Arthur W. Radford (DD 968) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Arthur W. Radford (DD 968). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 612 crew members registered for the USS Arthur W. Radford (DD 968).

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Datsko, GeorgeGM1Jan 1996 – Feb 2000CSV96 Med. best cruise I've ever been on.
Salazar, PaulDC2Jan 1, 1996 – Jan 1, 2000R
Szerokman, JamesGM2/GM1(SW)Jan 20, 1996 – Feb 1, 2001CSV5 years and 23 days onboard and enjoyed every one of them. The AWR was always undermanned but got the job done. Survived 2 med cruises, numerous 3 month underways and of course the collision. I'LL NEVER FORGET THAT......54 straight hours awake!
Holliday, ClevelandGSM3Mar 28, 1996 – Oct 15, 1999ENGINE RM #1/mpi have to admit the big radford was fun plus i learn some life lessons,but i know it was time to get out when than oil tanker hit our ship. yes and i was on watch.peace and love to all
East, WilliamMS3Apr 1996 – Mar 2000s-2
Herrera, Japeth "Chucho"RM3Apr 19, 1996 – Aug 28, 2000OPS"CHUCHO LIVES" Had alot of good times. The collision was fun.(j/k) Good times all around.
Esparza, MartinRM3Jun 1, 1996 – Dec 1, 1997Radiojust wanted to reach some of the guys i used to hang out with in Norfolk.
Lucas, ChristopherGSE 3Jun 16, 1996 – Jun 3, 1999MP
Yagle, MikeGSM2Jul 1996 – 1999MP/MAIN 2
Lucas, ChrisGSE 3Jul 19, 1996 – Jun 4, 1999EngineeringIt was an experience I will never forget. But, I am no longer "Haze gray and underway".
Butler, EdCTR3(SW)Aug 1996 – Mar 12, 1999OTGood memories(most of them)
Walters, Jr PigpenDC2Aug 5, 1996 – Jun 22, 2000R doesn't get any better than that does it?wow where to start, well it was sure a good time on board the radford. lots of great people that i will never forget. good old DC1 Howard, chief moore, EM2 robinson crazy guy starting all those fires in the p-way something about water? and DC2 Allen.
Johnson, Christopher D.CTR2(SW)Sep 18, 1996 – Jan 20, 2000OTWas there for the collision and still enjoyed my time aboard. I'd like to get stationed on her again as a DD(X).
Coyle, DonGM3Sep 27, 1996 – Sep 28, 1998CSVIt was only two years for me but I would never trade them for anything (although I might have at the time). I thank all those who helped me out and wish you the best - Datsko, Z-Rock, Greene, and the rest of you low life Gunners Mates/ FCs
Gillman, RickieBM3Oct 9, 1996 – Oct 10, 2000OPSI had alot of good times aboard the radford. Met alot of good people and made alot of good friends. Wouldn't trade my experience aboard the Radford it was great.
Smith, Chris / SmittyOS3Oct 17, 1996 – Sep 7, 1999OPSMan CIC was the coolest job. Killed my eyes but was cool workspace
Williams, LuiePCCNov 1996 – May 2000SUPPLYAll, I did 4 years aboard her! What an AWESOME Ship and CREW! We had some great times in port visits. That 4 years was well spent. I picked up the base paper today 8/28/09 and read she'll be an artificial reef.....
William R. Fields, Billy RayFC1(SS)1997 – 1999NSSMS
Whiddon-medei, KimFC21997 – 1998CSWTruely great memories and even better shipmates! Heck I get to spend forever with one.
Bobzien, JaredYN31997 – 1997XOWay to many beers.......
Armbruster, Ricki JoQM2Jan 1997 – Apr 1998Nav.
Cisco, DaveNCC(SW/AW/IUSS)Feb 1, 1997 – Dec 31, 1999EXNot bad for my first "real ship"; COMPTUEX/JTFEX 1998 and the collision of 1999, those things are burned into my brain, shout outs to the R/F's who've kept in touch.
Sorna, KeithMR3Mar 1997 – Dec 2000Repair Snipes Baby Hope everyone is doing great!! I learned alot on that boat, and scary enough I really do miss it.. Hey fireman go get the HT punch... Ha Ha
Graham, Adam "Shane"OS2Mar 21, 1997 – Apr 17, 2001OPS/OIAhh yes, the memories and our ships band FTN (Force Track Number) Noone got it except for Capt Snell. Collision of 99 was something to tell my grandkids about. (Amongst other things) :)
Fields, JohnGSM3Apr 17, 1997 – Oct 2, 2000MP
Mattox, DaveJUNIOR OFFICERMay 1997 – May 1999CSVI was there. Learned a lot. Great trip to Europe.
Martin, DonE-2 GSM-FAMay 1997 – Sep 1998MP-1GOOD TIMES
Orsech, MikeGSMC(SW)May 1997 – Jun 13, 2001MP
Smith, LeeFC3/2 NOW FCCMay 1, 1997 – Jun 1, 2001CSEThe people on the Radford made it great. Poop, Andy, Jimmy-ho, Davey, Keith, Murray, Sully, Dave P., Willie, Nester, white and black Stew, George, Fall-guy, JMF.....too many to list. Of course, nobody could forget the crash.
Sorna, KeithMR 3Jun 3, 1997 – Jan 27, 2001Repair divisionHated it when I was there, but like the old timers told me,,,,, Miss the shit out of it now... Wow been out ten years... Hit me up...
Westfall, Robert ClayMS2(SW/SS)Jul 7, 1997 – Jan 4, 1999Supply/MSHoly Cow! I miss all the old shipmates, and boy, did we have some fun! I fondly remember St. Croix and our dive off the 0-3 level, our time in Puerto Rico (Hiya, Wendy!!) and Portsmouth. I really miss you guys. Drop me a line...
Mullett (Pierce/leclaire), RevaEMFNAug 1997 – Dec 1997E-DIV
Peffer, RyanCTM1(SW)Aug 1997 – May 1999OTHey Shipmates! Hope everyone is doing well. I'm currently a Systems Engineer at BAE Systems in NH. Retired from the US Navy Reserves in 2009.
Allwhite, LisaE-5/HM2Oct 1997 – May 1999
Libby (White), NikkiSNOct 6, 1997 – Sep 3, 1999ONI will always remember the best times on the bridge
Clark, DaveOS1Nov 1, 1997 – May 15, 1998Only 6 months onboard, great crew, piece of #$% Overall OK WardRoom, good Chief's Mess, CO is a whole different story and now he's an Admiral??? Left LIMDU, missed the crew, a group of characters in CIC between OS's, FC's and STG
Alward, Christopher "Poop"ET3/2 NOW 1Dec 13, 1997 – Feb 10, 2002CSEWell... Spent over 4 years the that pig. Loved most of it. Hated some too. Of course the people where the best part. Learned so much about loyalty to friends and shipmates. Saw 5 captains in my time there, that should some up the tour. GO AWR.
Domke, BrentFC3/2/1 NOW FCCDec 23, 1997 – Dec 10, 2002CSW/CSGThe collisioin, the INSURV year, the monkey bites in Gibralter, beer on the pier, the ship's band, Foreplay Monday, all Gay Tuesday, hump a leg Wedsday, Hug and talk Thuresday, Slap-ass Saturday, assault Sullivan Sunday.
Edge, JamesOS21998 – 2000OPS/OIThe Ship was a nightmare but I would not trade my time there for anyting
Sorensen, KevinEN2(SW)Jan 9, 1998 – Jun 16, 2001A-GangI guess I'll represent A Gang here since nobody else did. The residence was terrible but the residents were wonderful. Drop a line, I'd be happy to hear from all of you.
Fall, Ron "Fall Guy"ET3/2 NOW LDOFeb 1998 – Dec 2000CSEAWR CSE was the bomb! The people throughout the entire command made this ship an awesome tour! The Med cruises prior to 9/11 rocked! Where is everyone now? I'm in SD.
Penn, Laura J.ICC(SW)Mar 1998 – Mar 2001EOne of the best duty stations in my carreer... I will never forget the crew I had the opportunity to serve with.
Lopez, CesarSTG2Mar 1998 – May 2001CSAWow! What can I say? The time on board was hard... but a lot of fun. My service on board the Radford will never leave my heart/soul. I made a lot of good friends/shipmates who I will never forget. I miss those times... Go Radford!!!
Stewart, Raymond profile iconFC1(SW)Mar 12, 1998 – Jul 2000cf MK-86 GFCS
Pichay, RobertoApr 1998 – Jan 2001mpThe RICE MAN, It was a great party, jason hann, benitez, mohead, noy and the rest
Yarbrough, JasonE-5Apr 1998 – Sep 20021st/ S-11st and great command. Had plenty of good and bad times but it was great. Great crew I sereved with.
Robinson, Vinson "Vinny"EM2May 8, 1998 – Aug 11, 2002EWas part of a great crew and Engineering dept that went through a collison,some tough inspections.We went through allot of hard times but the good times diffently made up for them.Pigpen, Fish, Darren, Steve, Frank, Amy, Banger, JAx.
Orsech, MikeGSMCJun 1998 – Jun 2001MPThe ship of many firsts(collision, Persian Gulf, BotP). Hope to hear from my other shipmates.
Kraft, Tommy Boye-4Jun 1998 – Jan 31, 2001deckAs much as I might have hated that and more importantly the people I served with made me who I am today I wouldn't trade that time for anything. 1st Div salute!!!
Kraft, Tom (Krafty)BM3Jun 2, 1998 – Feb 18, 20011st
Ervin-east, HeatherSK2Jul 1, 1998 – Jun 1, 2002Supply
Sapp, JamesSH1(SW)Aug 1, 1998 – Aug 31, 2000S-3I was the LPO of S-3 Div and my LAST ride before my retirement. At this time I was so damn Fed up with the Navy and ready to get out. 21+yrs and Proud to have served in the World's Greatest Navy!
Dodge, KaraSTG3Sep 1998 – Apr 2000CSA
Byrd, RodneyIT1(SW) RETSep 14, 1998 – Jul 14, 2001OCO1My 3rd Ship, Radford was different. I enjoyed my time aboard her, thank you to those who made my last ship one of my best. I am retired now, last stationed at NCTS Wash DC. God bless all and RIP CDR S.
Butler, CindyENS/LTJGNov 1998 – Feb 2001CSVLike most other JOs, it was a real learning experience from workups, two C2Xs, JTFEX, collision, deployment, and an INSURV. Great crew!
Petraglia, JosephGSCSDec 19, 1998 – Oct 7, 2001MP

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