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USS Arthur W. Radford (DD 968) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Arthur W. Radford (DD 968). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 612 crew members registered for the USS Arthur W. Radford (DD 968).

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Powers, Danny1982 – 1985
McGowan, TimEMFM1982 – 1986EngineeringGood Times,learned alot and helped make me the man I am today.Lots of good friendships were made can think of Mike Nigro,Kevin Goe,Noel Tello and so many more.My email is Hate to see a good ship go down!
Powers, DannyRM3Jan 1, 1982 – Sep 9, 1985OCSo many memories, Spain, Italy, Med Cruises, Capt. Mass, and who can forget Beirut. Hope to hear from other crew members, except the Chief Master at Arms - we've talked enough.
Addison, EdDS2Jan 2, 1982 – Feb 1, 1985WEHow is everyone????
Petrimoulx, JayEW3/2Jan 10, 1982 – Jun 15, 1984CSETrying to connect with Frank Bonetti
Simenson, Jody (Zippy The PinheadEN 3Feb 1982 – Jun 1985MPThanks for the nickname Ellis Duvall. Sure wish I was able to contact some of the best friends I ever made, Tennis with George, hanging with Smitty, Ladies man Jay Black, bowling with Bomhold and all of that travel. Best times indeed
Yingling, StephenFeb 11, 1982 – Jul 16, 1985
Trader, MichaelSTG2Apr 1982 – Sep 1985CSARemember all the fun times had aboard, and the many ports visited. Remember going to "mast" and pissing everyone off by only getting restriction no matter what I did. would like to get in touch with "old friends"
Addsion, EdDS2Jun 3, 1982 – Mar 6, 1985CIC
Stanley, Don (Jp)STGJul 1982 – Feb 1985CSA
Lawson, KellySTG3Aug 1, 1982 – Aug 1, 1986SonarI remember STG2 John C Hunt as my best friend. I have reaqaunted with STGSN ARNOLD`````
Eaton, JeffSTG2Sep 2, 1982 – Feb 4, 1985CSAJust saw the Radford at the Philadelphia shipyards 9-18-2010. They are going to make a reef out of it off the coast of Delaware. If you dive you'l be able to visit her on the bottom of the sea.
Hunt, MarkSM21983 – 1986OCMany countries, many people. I saw the world. Celebrated my 21st b-day on the island country of Bahrain.
Ogle, JeffOS 21983 – 1986OPSGood times: Smoking cigars in the captains chair. , raiding the officers mess after nights out., Ports of call in Benidorm, Spain and Monte Carlo. Bad times: Cleaning, Persian Gulf cruise. I would love to here from anyone who served with me.
Gilpin, SeanGSM31983 – 1986MPMet alot of great friends.
Ross, Walter profile iconGMT21983 – 1985CSAMiss the boat, at times.
Myers, ButchGSM31983 – 1989MPAWR all the way, was the best DD on the east coast. Best crew Engineering Bearthing the best scary place on the ship, come on in with that POD! Beta Max movies, smoking and coking great times.
Rubio, AlfonsoOS3Jan 1983 – Jul 7, 1986OIThe best times of my life. train trips to Rome with buddies, beer on a barge in the persion gulf near Bahrain, Clubbing in Norfolk and Va. Beach
Grob, TravisIC2Feb 1, 1983 – May 1, 1986EWould like to get in touch with some of the old guys..miss the people
Norwood, WalterEW2Feb 20, 1983 – Oct 15, 1985CSEHad some great times, wondering how some old ship mates are doing now.
Ramirez, GeorgeE5Feb 28, 1983 – Feb 15, 1987Boot Camp was in Orlando Florida. The Captain of the ship was Capt. Gautier. I was an FC Nato Seasparrow Missile system. Toured the East Coast. My Best Friends were Steve Ostene, Pete Shaw and Tony Mineo
Vaughn, KevinGMT2Mar 14, 1983 – Jun 10, 1986ASI ran around the main deck while we were out at sea all the time.
Blackerby, RichardQMC(SW)Apr 1, 1983 – Jul 3, 1986Navigation
Mitchell, Daniel W.FC2May 1983 – May 1987Workcenter supervisor for the CSM (Combat system Missiles).
Mitchell, DanielFTM2May 1983 – May 1987CSMEnjoyed my time onboard, especially finding the "Corny Jumpers" left in the SeaSparrow Transmitter group. Really disliked FTC Joe Darrow
Seebald, MattBM2Jun 1983 – Jun 1986DeckToo many good times to remember. Hanging over the side in Monte Carlo with Mark Hunt on our first day after 16hr flight from Phili. Hanging with Jim Hubbard and Parks on the quarterdeck in Bahrain.
Levering, Robert/bobPn3Jun 23, 1983 – Dec 12, 1985OperationsSeems like I was on forever....sooooo many memories. Painting the ships' waterline at Catania. Quite an indoctrination!! Friendships Made. All of the exciting ports-of-call!!
Carson, TimSHSN/3Jul 1983 – Mar 1986S3
Randell, DonGSM1Jul 1983 – May 22, 1987MPI Enjoyed being at sea and there are many moments that I wish I was back. I had many great experiences as a young man and would do it all over again. Hello to all Man Engine Room #2 and #1 even though #2 was the BEST. I hope all are well
Raines, Thomas (Tc)GMTCJul 1983 – Jul 1987CSA4 long years, good friends and making chief was the reward.
Indseth (Now Its Davis), SkipE4Oct 20, 1983 – Aug 1, 1986CSEGood times, strange places. Like to hear from some of you. EWs Rocked! CSE division was the best division and the most fun. Anyone remember the beer barge in Persian Gulf?
Osborn, BobbyOct 24, 1983 – Oct 1, 1986ELECTRICIANAS MUCH AS I DIDNT LIKE IT I MISS IT
Fiore, Robert A. Fiore Jr.STG 21984 – 1986CSAHi Kevin and the rest of the Sonar Gang, You to Noel.
Tyree, WilliamBM31984 – 19871Best place i have been: S. America Worst Place Ive been: Bahrain Would you did it again? HECK YEAH! Buddies: Muscle Beach, Seals, Billy Mcaa, Clark, Reynolds, Rivas. if i lefft anyone out. blame it on OLD AGE! lol
Goe, KevinGSMFN1984 – 1986MHad great time, probably to much sometimes. Main engineroom #2 and #3 SSG
Nigro, MichaelHT21984 – 1987R DivCan't believe its been so long. Miss all of the great guys, would do it again in a Brooklyn heartbeat!! Give me a shout at
Williams, JohnRMSN1984 – Jan 1987OCIt's amazing how much one remembers when you see names written. A lot of memories. It's good that there are sites like this to reminisce with old friends.
Snow, SnowmanE31984 – 1987FirstRetired. Living in Florida. Just bought 2nd home. 3 Children. Youngest will graduate 5/21. Hi, Tyre, Seabault, Parks,Thorn and anyone I may have missed.
Dimino, TonyMS31984 – 1986S2I served in the navy for 14 years. The Arthur W. Radford DD968, without a doubt, was my most memorable experience. Even 30 + years later, I still remember the friends I made and think of them often!
Burnett, TomEM-1Jan 1984 – Jan 1986
Hollis, DaveDS2Jan 28, 1984 – Apr 17, 1987CSEBahrain,Benidorm,Naples,Bermuda and numerous jaunts to the Carib and Nova Scotia. Often wonder about the old CSE gang.
Fountain, LewDC2Mar 15, 1984 – Dec 15, 1988RepairGreat ship and shipmates. Great learning expierence
Williams, JohnRMSNApr 1984 – Jan 1987OCI would give anything to have those days back. It has been a long time but I miss the sea and the time spent with friends aboard the Radford. God Speed!
Brooks, DavidHT2Apr 15, 1984 – Oct 21, 1985R DivisionHad fun overall. It could have sucked worse.
Kieffer, KellySM2Apr 15, 1984 – Dec 18, 1988OCGreat Crew,Great Friends, and a lot of fun times. Became a Shellback and still have my subpoena. Been through both canal and a lot of beer. Looking forward to the reunion!
Delp, MichaelDCCS(SW)/E8May 1984 – Nov 1989RepairI was onboard for almost 6 Yrs, I have been to the north altantic,India Ocean,Caribean,around the horn Southamerica I have been thur the Panama canal and the Suez canal while on board, I love that ship and crew, that was my favorite crew.
McDuffey, JackieSTG2 McDuffeyJun 1984 – Aug 1986CAMy first ship was a great experience. Benidorm, Spain was the best of times. TC Raines, wherever you are, you taught me a lot about life. Did we have ball players or what?
Guillen, KevinE-4Jun 1, 1984 – Dec 15, 1986CAMy first ship, what a great bunch of guys in CA. thanks Gino for letting me know about this site.
Zampirri, AlOS 3 (Formly Boats Division)Jul 18, 1984 – Mar 18, 1987OperationWhats up iam the guy who found the sub, also lost in chess to sk2 williams, want to say hi to yancy,snyder,ogle,rubio,mumps,wildermuth,batts,skip,harding,johnson,dinsmoremercurio,gulf cruiser,and formly in the boats div.
Thieme, DavidPetty Officer 3rd Class / Data Systems Technician (DS3)Aug 1984 – Aug 1985CIC
Trent, JohnBM3Aug 2, 1984 – Apr 12, 1986Firsta lot of fun on ship, persian gulf cruse in 85 the easiest cruise, winter in halifax, visited naples, benidorm, good crew, learned alot from the officers, and BM1 Thorne, got out went to college and now im a lawyer. cdr cosgrief would be suprised.
Nelson, RichFC1Sep 1, 1984 – Nov 16, 1988CSMGreat friends made the experience wonderful. Never thought I would miss how deep blue the ocean looks out at sea.
Johnson, KevinOS 2Sep 1, 1984 – Sep 1, 1988OIAny of you old party boys still alive. Johnny Ford, JR Dinsmore, Kelly Kieffer, John Randall. Live in Arlington, Texas. Married with two kids. How about Benidorm?
Konny, BorisQM3Sep 1, 1984 – Jul 15, 1987ExHad a wonderful time, although at the time it may not have seemed so.
Daigle, MarcGSM3Oct 1984 – Jun 1987Main Propulsion / Engine Room 2Miss you guys!
Woodworth, NoelSTG3Oct 1984 – Jul 1986CSAWow, it's been over 20 years since I've been on the Radford, but it was my first ship. Went to Gulf, Benidorm and numerous other spots. Benidorm was the best though.
Lee, Randy (Bubba)STG2Oct 1, 1984 – May 23, 1989CSAWorked with Rob Duff, Shannon Swinehart, Egolf, and others. Miss those dudes.

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