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USS Elliot (DD 967) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Elliot (DD 967). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 559 crew members registered for the USS Elliot (DD 967).

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Dorsey, Bill1984 –
Walton, JohnieEWCS(SW)Jan 1984 – Jan 1988OE
Olson, GregOS2Jan 4, 1984 – Aug 4, 1989OIThis was no doubt the best command in all my 20 years served. The liberty ports was the most amazing and exciting. Not like the navy nnow days. We used to take care of each other. OI division was really the best friendship I had!!!!!
Hambrick, BillHT1Jan 25, 1984 – Nov 10, 1986R1I had a great time on her. I wish I had signed up for this type of ship sooner in my career. I was amazed with the jet engine propulsion system.
Severson, RichDS2Mar 1984 – Oct 1989
Basford, StanSH2-SH3Apr 1984 – May 1986S-3good crew bad Dept Head anyone remember the loser LT Robert L Moses. what a jerk!
Wegner, BrianGSE1Jun 1984 – Feb 1989GSGreat times with great friends.
Richardson, Gary "Richie Rich"SH2Jun 1984 – Jul 1988ShipserviceMade great friend and great buddy on the old girl. SM1 Holwig (RIP) and AJ Rupe, and who can forget the skipper CMD Mooney ( MOONMAN)
Smith, RustyLTJul 1984 – Sep 1987Communications, FOX, GunsLike many other posts -- good times and bad.... CDR Tom Mooney was the best CO I served under in 8 years active duty. Great WESTPACs, great shipmates. I saw GSM2 Flippin rock Olongopo, saw the XO eat a live gecko, and drank absynthe in Sasebo...
Seaton, BobLCDRJul 16, 1984 – Jun 25, 1986Chief EngineerI was the Chief Engineer and had one of the best WESTPAC deployments of my naval career. I retired in 2001 and now work as a defense contractor in the Washington, DC area.
Beck, Bubbasr-Bm2Jul 17, 1984 – Mar 26, 19891st Oh W.J. You should have ridden a LST. SMELL-iot was a starting point. Deck was under poor managment. Over time and with a turnover from the G.O.B's and untill CDR La Fluer took over it was a good run for me. Willie.
Pedersen, GregOS3Sep 1984 – Feb 1988OI
Steidley, PattiMS1Sep 16, 1984 – Jun 30, 1986SupplyGood ship Great crew
Gonzalez, RicardoOS2Oct 1984 – Apr 1987OIHad some great times with some great buddies. Would like to know where some of the guys are. facebook Hope to hear from you.
Algarin, DougBM3Oct 10, 1984 – Apr 1, 19881stBest of Times
Depreta, GaryEW2Nov 1984 – Sep 1987EGreat memories of two WestPac deployments with terrific friends!
Marinelli, Daniel (Guidio)BM31985 – 1989Deck
Platt, RonaldETCM(SW)1985 – 1991CseThe finest ship on the water
James, IngramET3Jan 5, 1985 – Jun 24, 1989CESpent my late teens and early 20's aboard the ship traveling and learning with some great people.
Demyen, Rick (Rooster)Rm2 (SW)Jan 19, 1985 – Jun 15, 1989OCTo this day I have dreams of being at sea with her. She was the sweetest thing on the water and you could have eaten off the decks in the passage ways'. If I could do it all over again I would'nt hesitate.
Toohey, GeneGMC(SW)Feb 1985 – Jan 1987CAThe Elliot, alas she lies at the bottom of the ocean. Had a great old time on WestPac. Party On!
McClusky, Tom "Gator"BMMar 3, 1985 – Jan 12, 19871stI enjoyed my time, and the boys in the 1st Division. Goobs couldn't read. Blute was just plain ugly, and Bubba, "Howdy"!!!
Bellin, PeteFC2Apr 17, 1985 – 1988FoxWhat an great crew. great westpac times.
Gonzalez, DavidOS2Jul 1, 1985 – Mar 1, 1990OPSHad a great time on the cruises and made some really good friends. It was a great experience.
Tidwell, CoreyTM3Sep 1985 – Jul 1989ASHad a blast in San Diego found my wife there and still visit every summer enjoying beers around mission and pacific beach. Now back home in Boise ID skiing with my sons now 14&12yrs old. Time flies enjoy your me
Eckard, MattDCC(SW)Oct 1, 1985 – Jun 23, 1989R-RepairServed aboard the USS Elliot and initially reported to A-gang and then moved to R-Division.
Shoemaker, TerrySK2Nov 25, 1985 – Oct 31, 1987SupplyTwo of the best years of my life. The people, the sites and the times were great.
Hadley, Tyrone Hadley (Tc)OS3 / E-4 3rd Class Petty OfficerDec 5, 1985 – Jun 20, 1987OI DivisionI had a great tour of duty onboard the Elliott, hit some great ports, made some good friends. I wish i could do it all over again. If i could, it would be on the Elliott, she was a great ship.
Reed, BruceOS1(SW)1986 – 1989OIThe Dates are not exact. Had a great time and met some great sailors. Loved Capt. Mooney. What a great ship and crew. Some of the best I ever worked with. Our West-Pacs were the best I ever made. Too bad she was decommed.
Thibault, MarkOS31986 – 1988Wanted to add my name to this list in hopes to make contact with buddies I worked with and had fun with on the Elliot.
Reed, BruceOS(SW)11986 –OI
Gunstream, ChrisNC1(SW)1986 – 1991XAn awsome crew and an awsome ship Served under two of the greatest Captains, Capt. Mooney and Capt. LaFlur. I am sorry for missing all of the years and not keeping in touch. Would love to hear from my fellow shipmates.
Rodgers, Deedbm21986 –1st
Delucia, JamesMS2/1Jan 1986 – Jan 1990SupplyThe Elliot was the my most favorite Duty Station. CDR Mooney rocked.
Delucia, JamesMS1Jan 1, 1986 – Jan 1, 1990S-2Westpac 87 was a great cruise. Became a shellback and was able to visit Subic a few times. Now I'm a retired Senior Chief just living the civilian life.
Ramsden, ChrisLTJan 1, 1986 – Jul 1, 1989EngineeringDCA, MPA, Chief Engineer Served under three captains including Mooney and LaFleur Looking for Bill Patterson, John Scruggs, Doug Wertz, Gary Benson Trained by GSSC Poirier
Bender, ChrisBm3Jan 8, 1986 – Sep 2, 19891stCommander Mooney was the greatest guy. We had such a time, from becoming an honorable shellback to Bubba beck call our shipmates to 222. To Boyd, Guido sarduchi, Tidwell, and pretty much the whole crew I loved you all.
Sandoval, Gerald (Sandy)STG1(SW)May 1986 – Jun 1990AS / CSAI am gladthey brought the list back, I wonder what happened to the first one.
Williams, SteveSH3May 23, 1986 – Dec 7, 1989SupplyMade a lot of great friends while onboard! My only regret is not keeping in touch with many of them as the years have passed by! I wish I would have realized it then but I was having the time of my life. Great memories! Great times! Thank you Elliot!
Zuelke, Gregg EET1Aug 1986 – Aug 1988OE
Johnson, ChrisOS2Sep 28, 1986 – Feb 2, 1991OIJoin email: phone is 951-764-6213
Freeman, MarkGAS TURBINE TECHNICIAN 2ND CLASSOct 1986 – Dec 1989GSWhile onboard we put in a lot of sweat during Overhaul and installation of the VLS, Phalanx CIWS, and Towed Array systems. Then came LOE, OPPE, and REFTRA. I cherish it all and as I once sometimes cussed the ship, I now mourn its' passing.
Romley, JoeIC2Oct 1986 – Oct 1990E and CSEI had some great times on the Elliot. 2 west pacs and countless weeks of local cruising. The IC crew from my days had their names on the windbirds. I wonder how long that lasted. Wish I still had contact with you guys.
Wilson, StevenewsaNov 8, 1986 – May 2, 1988CEShe was my first. A caddilac of the sea. She was fast, agile and especially after VLS, a force to be reckened with. She took me places I had only dreamed and others I couldn't have imagined, Westpac87 and the Bearing Sea
Platt, RonET2 then, ETCM now CMC C4FNov 19, 1986 – Mar 26, 1991CSEforever the best Ship on the water
League, SeanHM3Dec 1986 – Dec 1988Medical
Luis, GregoryRM2Dec 19, 1986 – Jul 9, 1987OCWas assigned TAD for Westpac '87. Served under Cmdr. Mooney. Another good ship. Became a GOLDEN SHELLBACK on her May 25th, 1987.

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