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USS Elliot (DD 967) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Elliot (DD 967). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 559 crew members registered for the USS Elliot (DD 967).

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Wanserski, ChuckGSM21982 – 1986GSA ship at sea is a ship for me, says Barnacle Ski, the sailor!
Krier, TonyQM21982 – 1984NAVWe always got to where we needed to be...
Poole, KevinOS31982 – 1985OIwow, 2 west pacs, kal 007, subic bay, cpla reftra's, what a ride. we drank a few beers didnt we boys?
Dill, Todde-31982 – 1984ewhats up shipmates its been awhile hope your doin alright
May, RickRM2Jan 1982 – Jun 1985OCWESTPAC 83 was fantastic, best ship I served aboard, would be cool if there was a reunion.
Cooney, JamesSNJan 8, 1982 – May 12, 19841 stJust wanted to be a part of the Elliott history. I worked really hard as we all did. Anyone still out there?
Graslie, JamesETCS(SW)Mar 1982 – Aug 1986CEBest tour I had in 30 Years in the Navy. Found out too late about her decomm was planning on going. Retired January 2000, currently working at Ship Repair Facility Yokosuka Japan. Visit me at my website
Waldron, TimEN2Mar 1982 – Aug 1986A-GangWhat an experience, saw some far away places and had some great fun. Sad to hear she's on the bottom.
W, JBMApr 1982 – Apr 1984Deck/1stAbsolutely the worst ship I have ever served on. If you were not one of the 'good ol boys' in Deck, you did not stand a chance. Glad they gave the Elliot the heave-ho. No tears shed here.
Peeters, TedOS2Apr 1982 – Nov 1986OIIt's been almost 20 years since I left the ship. Times on board were sometimes challanging, but I have a lot of good memories of the ship, and it' s crew. I got to go to some great places, and have plenty of sea stories to tell my son.
Auzenne, Ken (Ozzy)FNApr 21, 1982 – Feb 10, 1986GSElliot, what a ship and what a crew. Anyone remember going up on the jetty in Seal Beach, then to San Pedro and the old girl was put up on that elevator. Some good times aboard Elliot, and now she is artifical reef in the Coral Sea.
McMillan, DanFTM2Jun 1982 – Jul 17, 1984FoxWas a great learning experience for the future and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Had some good friends I will never forget ... through some of the best and worst of times ... and I miss them all. Blessings to all of you. Good Luck!
Johnson, DennisET1Jun 1982 – Apr 1986CSEGreat electronics crew; deserved the comm E every cycle. ETs on Elliot rocked. DSs kinda came along for the ride. EWs were there. Just kidding-you guys were all great. 2 great WestPacs. Hey Galindo "The YN1"????
Hamilton, Frazier/hamboneE4Jun 1982 – Apr 4, 1986OI OPERATIONS
Gaynor, Kevin (Spike)stg2Jun 1982 – Nov 1985asRemember all the great times on Elloit,some bad but wouldn't trade them for anything
Marzolf, RandyDS2Jun 1982 – Jun 1985CEWhat a ride! Still have fond memories to this day. WestPAC, KAL007, swim call off Luzon.
Wilkins, Donald (Gonzo)Gmm2Jun 18, 1982 – Oct 17, 1984weaponsI was not old enough to drink beer, whats up,?
Knight, EricOS2Aug 1982 – Jan 1987OIDreaded her then..miss her now.Two WESTPAC tours and many friends as well as memories. Tootall, Albo, Kevin, Ted, JOE, Joel, Greg, LT Kapcio, LT were the best.
Ell, James (Lima)Sm3Aug 25, 1982 – Nov 30, 1984NavI had the time of my life aboard the Elliot... until I made the mistake of my life. Who remembers what happened?
Schmidt, EarlFTG2Sep 1982 – Mar 4, 1985WeaponsOnce a squid always a squid! Wes Adwell,Gonzo,Matt Porteous,Bobby Gregory,Scott (StickMan)Stockings,Grandpa, Chief Porter,had some fun times,still think of Senior Chief Danielson. The standards in civilian life have been easy to meet after the Navy.
Reimer, CharlesBM2Sep 1982 – 19851stthe best!!!!!!!!!!!!!some of my best memories was with the best shipmates ever. I'm proud to have served with you and honored to call you my friends for life
Bobinski, DanGSM1 (SW)Sep 20, 1982 – Nov 3, 1987GSSpent 5 years, 2 months, and 14 days assigned to USS Elliot. It was the most transitional time of my life. Had many successes--and mistakes--but learned from them all. Many great memories. Blessings to all who served on her.
Winters, Fred profile iconEM2Dec 1982 – Sep 1986ETwo WesPacs, Lots of great times and friends, (Most were snipes) By the way Miller, it was "409" on those million Un-Reps, haha. Remember KAL-007 and those LONG Un-Reps refueling USS BROKE, too lazy to refuel in Pearl.
Kisner, JoeBM3Dec 1982 – May 19881stsome good times,some bad times,would not trade for any of it.sorry to hear she is on the bottom.Better than being scraped.
Scruggs, JohnLT1983 – 1986OC/A/GSServed as Communications Officer, Auxiliaries Officer, and MPA. Westpac '85 was highlight of my naval career. Resigned in '89. Now a professor.
Miller, WarrenEN21983 – 1986A-GangTwo West-Pac cruises. Alot of good memories and friends. Man how can anyone forget the ship in a parking lot in Long Beach . Don't forget all those unreps "I can't Drive 55" I still hate that song....
Adwell, WesleyFTG21983 – Mar 1985FOXBest memories are of all the good friends I met & the good times we had in San Diego, Mexico and on West-Pac(especially PI, Thailand, Hawaii) Biggest regret was not extending for 1 more West-Pac. I remember the good and forgot the bad.
Samuelson, DanielEW21983 – 1985CEGreat Time
Zarzycki, JohnSNFeb 1983 – Nov 19841st
James, RussGSM / GSE 3Feb 2, 1983 – Apr 1986Engineering MER2Loved my time on board.... KAL 007 was a stressfull couple of weeks but memorable to this day. Great friends on board ... Ozzy, Jonesy, Ken Horacek, and Scott Hamilton all great people. Touch base when you find this !!
Stout, MarkEW3\EW2Mar 13, 1983 – Sep 1, 1984CS1West pac 83 rock'n'roll
Mason, JonEW2Apr 1983 – Jan 1986ceBest experiance in my life. Would like to here from old aquaintances
Galindo, "The Yn1"YN1Apr 1, 1983 – Oct 15, 1985AdminWhen I left the ship, I was admitted to the hospital at Clark AFB Philippines. I was medically retired in December 1986. Would like to hear from you.
Galindo, Yn1 TypeYN1Apr 2, 1983 – Oct 14, 1985AdminI was ship's sec. Went into hospital (Clark AFB Philippines) in OCT 1985. Would like to hear from you.
Auzenne, KennethGSMFNApr 15, 1983 – Feb 21, 1986gsmet some great friends, just wish we would have stayed in touch, maybe now we can
Robillard, DonPC-3Apr 24, 1983 – Nov 5, 1987After twenty-years did a google search, was suprised to see her sunk. Although I thought it was possible while going through that typhoon during WestPac in 87. Some great places and even better friends. Where has the time passed.
Ainsworth, David J.HT1Aug 5, 1983 – Feb 5, 1985RepairRan the ER09 DC shop. Great class of ship. I am looking for a cruise book (or digital facsimile) from the '83 westpac.
Flippin, MikeGSM2Sep 1983 – Sep 1988EngineeringIt was a love/hate relationship. But the ship was fast & CDR Mooney really let it rip for the drills. Nothing like running the halls (walls) at Flank 2 Hard Starbord! We had a band in the Fwd Sonar Room from '85-'87 & played out in O
Dangelo, KenE-5 SMOct 1983 – Mar 1987OperationsOne of the best experiences of my life.
Dangelo, KenSM2Nov 1983 – Mar 1987OPERATIONSSad to hear about her fate, good memories.
Parker, SteveSM2Dec 20, 1983 – Jul 20, 1986NAVGreat ship and crew, bad division officer(Ensign Smith).Had a great WESTPAC, made a lot of great friends.

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