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USS Elliot (DD 967) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Elliot (DD 967). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 559 crew members registered for the USS Elliot (DD 967).

Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1976 | 1977 – 1978 | 1979 – 1981 | 1982 – 1983 | 1984 – 1986 | 1987 – 1989 | 1990 – 1991 | 1992 – 1994 | 1995 – 1997 | 1998 – 2000 | 2001 – now

Black, KirbyGSCS(SW)0000 – Apr 30, 1995EngineeringRetired
Halvorson, HarveyBM1Sep 1966 – Jul 19691stGreat ship & crew. One the best I'd ever served with
Nolan, MichaelSTG3 to STGC(SW)1974 – 1986ASServed on Elliot 3 different times and wound up with 3 wives. Spent a good part of my carreer on her. Served with some truly fantastic guys.
Yeaman, BobGMCS1975 – 1980
Crawford, GregGMG21975 – 1978GPre-Com, Plank Owner. It was great serving aboard during the time I was there. The crew was dedicated and sharp. The perks where pretty good too. Remember Maine? There where also some very sobering moments.
Scott, Charles T. (Tom)ENS1975 – 1979Guns/CommsFirst command. Will never forget CDR Gurke and LCDR Danheim. Highlights: Trip to Maine, Panama Canal, Indian Ocean for 60 days, Following the Minsk, Seychelles, OOD when USS Ranger collided with tanker.
Peters, Steve "Pete"GSM2Jan 1975 – May 1978MP #2 MERUSS Elliot DD-967 PLANKOWNER - ENGINEERING
Pasini, RobertDS-2Jan 1, 1975 – Jan 1, 1980OPSI was one of the original plank owners. The Elliot was a beautiful ship,fast and maneuverable. I'm grateful to the Navy for giving me a love for the sea. My wife and I both have our tickets and we love to drive big boats.
Blilie, JonSTGC (SW)Mar 1975 – Jun 1980A/S
Patterson, Robert (Pat)STG2Mar 1975 – Oct 31, 1979WeaponsPre-Com Crew. Doughnuts at the tug pier. Then Haze Grey and Under Way. Remeber the motto "Wee Hours of the Morning"?
Leady, DaleOS3Apr 1975 – Jan 1980OII was the first person to report to the base. They gave me a room for the ship so others could have a place to report. I am a plank owner, which I proudly display on my wall. There were good guys and good times on board.
Sullivan, JimOSApr 16, 1975 – Jan 2, 1979OperationsEarly arriving Plank Owner. I still think it sucked that off base liberty was canceled in Panama the day Carter signed the treaty to give the Canal to Panama... The reason??? Free liquor in all the clubs.
Ison, Bernard J.E-7 MSCMay 1975 – Sep 1979supplyPlank owner love the old lady and all the great crow think about all of you often and wonder if you get that good food we would feed to all of you,s guy now ? may God Bless you all and your loved once.
Patenaude, VanceGMGC (SW)May 15, 1975 – Sep 15, 1980GPlankowner, A whole lot of good times and some bad too. A great ship because it was started in service with a ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE attitude. (WE OURS)
Sullivan, James M.EM2 / GSE2May 16, 1975 – Aug 30, 1978EPlankowner / Engineering. Recently discovered the decommissioning, and subsequent sinking, of the ELLIOT. A sad ending for such a great ship. Still have the original plank and commissioning books at home.
Navarro, DanEM2Jul 1, 1975 – Sep 10, 1978EI am a Plankowner. I served for over a year in pre-com duty at 32nd Street. I have a lot of good memories from the times. and i have been in touch with a few shipmates.
Pineda, Cipriano (Cp)ENCAug 8, 1975 – Sep 5, 1978MI was on the pre commisioning crew after pipe line training at Great Lakes Naval Station. On board commisioning on 22 Jan 1977.I retired in the Elliot after 22 years of naval service .
Braun, Carl (Spud)GSM-2Aug 25, 1975 – Apr 24, 1978M EMO1Serving as a Plank Owner with the Engineering crew was one of the greatest and memorable experinces that I have had the opportunity to do. Then witnessing the Decommissioning of the Elliot was a sad day. She was the best and served well. Thank you.
Straws, JohnLCDRSep 5, 1975 – 1977Engineering
Bates, MichaelOS 2Sep 16, 1975 – Mar 14, 1980OI5th Person to report for the Pre-Comm crew. Went through all the sea trials, 3 times through Panama canal, West Pac. A lot of time at sea. I was one of the first plankowners to report, and one of the last to be signaled off. 5 years attache
Schache, EarlYN1/CWO3Sep 19, 1975 – Nov 15, 1977X DivPlank Owner. Finest group of guys I ever served with. Sorry to see her go.
Dill, JohnET1/ETC, CWO4 RET.Oct 15, 1975 – Jul 17, 1981OELast Plankowner to xfer off, July '81. Made De-Comm Dec '03 with about a dozen other Plankowners. In 30 years, 9 CruDes ships, she was the best. Glad to see she went out like a lady, not as razorblades.
Stewart, BillEN3Nov 1975 – Aug 1977A-GangOne of the best crews I every served with. Of course a Plank Owner and I left before my time. I remember more than one name I see here and I will be attempting to get hold you! (Marty - Larry?) Carl I remember and a few others as well.
Yeaman, Bob YeamanGMTCS RET.Nov 17, 1975 – Oct 21, 1980A/SPlankowner, left a little bit of my heart on her when I departed.
Hansen, RoySM2Nov 28, 1975 – Nov 1979CommPre-Com was the best, made lots of good friends. Enjoyed my service aboard her. Sorry to hear she is decom'd, sad when the Blue Ridge is still in service. Hey Sam remember me. 1st WesPac deffinately the best. "The Apple Bar".
Franklin, Robert EGMM21976 – 1979GI often wonder what happened to everybody. Yall feel free to email me.
Quinn, Terence M.ht11976 – Sep 22, 1978repairsad to here her end. plank owner
Steinert, PatrickMS-11976 –SUPPLY DEPTPlank Owner. Lived at Snake Side Manor prior to commision. Remember alot of good times. Remember how a few mates managed to block me in to our room at the Manor. I had to walk to the ship yard that day.
Robb, JamesFTG11976 – 1981WeaponsI went on 2 westpacs. I went by Scott I worked on the Mk 86 air tracking radar from lockheed. I operated the command console and was a nuclear guard. I knew Mike Silcott, Ben Herr, Tolliver and Obermeier well.
Vietor, JohnE21976 –S2I was a plankowner
Meek, EdE2Jan 1976 – Jul 1976deck
Tucker, ClintonSM2Jan 1976 – Sep 1977OC-DIVISIONThe USS ELLIOT (DD-967) was the first of three ships that I placed in commission during my 24 years of service. I can remember some good times as part of OC-DIV, with the Radio and Signal gang.
Black, PaulGMT2Jan 1, 1976 – Oct 1, 1979ASPlankowner,On original commissioning crew. Remember being assigned before the Elliot was in the water and having quarters in San Diego.
Sharp, PhilMA1/MACS(RET)Jan 5, 1976 – Dec 10, 1979NavNot a bad apple among the crew. Best leadership of any CPO mess, best professionlism of any !st Class mess, best workers of any rate in the Navy. Bravo Zulu to everyone who served on her.
Cole, Joseph M.MSSNJan 6, 1976 – Jul 21, 1980Supply
Ottem, Martin (Marty)EN3Jan 7, 1976 – Aug 1, 1978A-GangI am a plankowner who had some great experiences from precom in San Diego, the commisioning and sea trials. I worked the desalinization plant, A/C's, sewage treatment, and what ever else went with AUX 1. I will miss her.
Forella, KennethSH1Jan 10, 1976 – Nov 15, 1979supplywas the best crew I ever served with.
Gill, LarryEN_3Jan 10, 1976 – Jul 7, 1977Engineering, Main propulsionWasn't on board for a long time, but was a plankowner. Enjoyed my time onboard and think often about my fellow shipmates. Marty Ottem, E-mail me if you read this. Has anyone heard from Bill Stewart from Sacramento Ca.? E-mails welcome!
Forella, KennethSH1Jan 23, 1976 – Nov 28, 1979supply
Scheuerman, Clifford "Cliff"Ht2Mar 1976 – Sep 1979RPlankowner Met and worked with a lot of great shipmates
Hartshorn, John W HartshornSH3Mar 20, 1976 – Mar 20, 1980supplyI John Hartshorn is one of plankowner of USS ELLIOTT DD-967 had good time while I was in the Navy
Searcy, JamesYN2Apr 1976 – Jan 1980Weapons, Admin, Engineering Log Room YNTalking about the coming of age! From all my commands, the ELLIOT....through joys and pains was the hero of them all. We the early crew was one hell of a team!
Waldo, DaleE3Apr 1, 1976 – Sep 23, 1976I was only in precom training.i left the navy in sept of 1976.....Way way to early ....I regret leaving...I got to see and tour the elliot 1 year before decommision....i now live in san diego....I remember alot of names from back then
Lambert, DougEN2May 1976 – Mar 1978a-gangac&r guru and plankowner. now retired navy en1. retired 1994
Benson, ScottE3May 22, 1976 – Jan 21, 19791stPlankowner. Had some realy weird times on that ship. It was a diffrent time, and alot of fun. Not ALL fun. But was memorable.
Hartshorn, JohnSH3 classMay 29, 1976 – Feb 4, 1980ship servicemani like begin on on the ship got see differant country that i will not see again life on the ship was good
Conlin, JosephE4Jun 1976 – Oct 1979engineeringI am proud to have been a part of serving our country.
Conlin, JosephE3Jun 6, 1976 – Nov 1980
Sullivent, SullyFC1Jun 15, 1976 – Jul 19, 1977FoxPrecom. Lots of hard training.
Jordan, James/jtLTJul 9, 1976 – Jul 22, 19781ST Divion & NavigationPlank owner
Reed, HenryE3-RM3Nov 1, 1976 – May 22, 1980OCServed about 3 years onboard. Started out as BM and strike to RM rating. Has good times shipmates, R. Glover & Guillara-Radiomen, D. (starchild) Franklin, F. (spoon) Darden, L. Benjamin, Goldie the SM. Bruce and Rodger
Altman, RobinEN3Nov 16, 1976 – Apr 16, 1981A/XOLast original Plankowner to depart the ship. Fron A-Gang to Score Conversion 1981. Now DS1, USN,(ret).
Anderson, Brucesh3Dec 1976 – 1980supply

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1976 | 1977 – 1978 | 1979 – 1981 | 1982 – 1983 | 1984 – 1986 | 1987 – 1989 | 1990 – 1991 | 1992 – 1994 | 1995 – 1997 | 1998 – 2000 | 2001 – now

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