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USS Elliot (DD 967) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Elliot (DD 967). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 563 crew members registered for the USS Elliot (DD 967).

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Chadwick, AdrienOS2/ E52001 – 2003
Adam, OaksSTG2Feb 2001 – Dec 2003CSADefinately miss the Elliot
Smith, Karl A.CTO3Feb 26, 2001 – Jul 27, 2004OZ
Fader, JosephFC3Mar 2001 – Jan 2003CSEGreat ship, great crew, great deployment. All the trips down to tj; stumbling back drunk. Never should have left; great days going over to dry side and playing volleyball, hooking up with midshipmans every summer..
Cannon, LennardLCDRMar 31, 2001 – Mar 1, 2003R DivisionELLIOT was an amazing ship. It was sad seeing her leave the fleet. A lot of good memories on her.
Dods, ChristopherDC#May 9, 2001 – Sep 3, 2004Repair
Bullock, Chris "Bull"STG2 (SW)May 12, 2001 – Dec 3, 2003CSAI see lots of familiar names here. Glad to see there's more than a few of us who remember a truly wonderful ship and command. Also glad to carry that onto the Fletcher. You all now know just how GOOD we had it.
Norton, AnthonyIC2 (SW)May 12, 2001 –CSEI will never forget that ship and all the wonderful people I served with.
McElhaney, JamesHT2(SW)May 27, 2001 – Apr 9, 2003R - RepairEarned my pin on her. Had a great time and learned alot. Really enjoyed the team work and feeling like a family on deployment. I know there were shirts available for decom but no ball caps.
Rivera, William "billy"GM2 (SW)Jun 1, 2001 – Aug 7, 2004CSGMiss the good old navy days, Now i am serving in the Army. Any one like to get in touch with me email me at
Kolosovsky, TroyGM2 (SW)Jul 2001 – Dec 2003CSMWe all busted ass on the Elliot and did our part to make it the best ship in the navy. I was sad to see it go, but i'll never forget my times. It was a family away from your family.
McIntosh, MattGSE3Aug 1, 2001 – Jan 1, 2003GSE
Adams, JoshuaGM1Aug 14, 2001 – Aug 10, 2004CSMSHE WAS A GOOD OLD BOAT!
Kelley, MattGSM2Aug 15, 2001 – Dec 2003MPMan time flys on by, but will always remember my time on that old DD with a smile. I saw the world on that old thing.
Tennison, Aaron "Tiny"YN3Nov 2001 – Dec 2003NAV/ADMINFirst and best of three ships. The ELLIOT crew rocked and motivated me to do what was necessary to stay in the Navy well beyond my original contract. Had I remained on small boys where I belonged I might still be in today :)
Lawver, StanDD 967Nov 9, 2001 – Jul 11, 2004S-2I HAVE NEVER SEEN THE BIGGEST BUNCH OF WINEY LITTLE GIRLS IN ALL OF MY LIFE. There were troops in Iraq getting blown up and shot at and these little girls were worried about customer service in the Galley. A bunch of girl scouts if you ask me.
Molina, GaryYN2Nov 9, 2001 – Dec 3, 2003EX/NXIt was this ship (my first ship) that had marked the standard for all Destroyers throughout the fleet. This crew was one of a kinda and wish I was back with them...
Lewis, Kyle (Aka Louie, Sweet Lew)CTR2Jan 2002 – Aug 2003OZWe complained everyday out on the fantail or in the forward windbreak ...but now I look back with fond memories. My DIVO (Wilkes) was one of the best leaders I've ever worked for. Ditto for CAPT Nolan.
Luckett, Tyrone 'Luck'STG3Feb 19, 2002 – Jul 7, 2003CSAThis was my first ship, had an opportunity to see the world and gain some lifelong friends. I look back and have far more fond memories than bad ones.
Delaney, BrianLTMar 2002 – Nov 2003CSOCouldn't have asked for a better tour! Best Department on the ship with the best officers and without a doubt the absolute best Sailors! Wish I could have deployed with you all!
Crain, RandyET3Mar 2002 – Dec 2003COMMS
McCullough, CalvinFC3Mar 26, 2002 – Sep 3, 2004CSGMy first and best ship in the Navy. I miss the good old days. email me at
Baker, JamesETC(SW/AW)May 10, 2002 – Apr 8, 2003CSE
Martin, DavidFSOJun 5, 2002 – Dec 3, 2003There were fun times aboard. I shure will miss it when I ransfer to the FLetcher.
Levangie, JohnE-4/FC3(SW)Jun 6, 2002 – 2004CSEBest ship I have ever been on. My best years in the Navy were spent on board the Elliot and with her crew. She was an amazing ship with an even better crew.
Gammage, EdgarPS3Jul 10, 2002 – Jul 10, 2006Navigation/ AdministrationOne of the greatest commands I ever worked for.
Nolan, John "Captain"CDRJul 12, 2002 – Dec 3, 2003ELLIOT was a great ship with a great crew. Battle E winner and a great ship while taking Fridays off each week inport. I couldn't have asked for a better ship to command.
Perry, ThomasFC1(SW)Aug 2002 –CSM
Paton, Joshbm3Sep 2002 – Dec 2003od1Man that was some fun, did my four, glad I'm out, but i always have fond thoughts of those days
Martin, CharlesBM2 (SW)Oct 16, 2002 – Dec 2, 2003ODO1 DeckWhats going GUys I miss being on The Elliot best command I have ever been apart Of. I miss the good times.
Gonzalez, JesusE3Nov 14, 2002 – Dec 2, 2003MPGreat memories and good times
Kindle, MarkYNSNNov 14, 2002 – Oct 8, 2004adminthis was my first command, this was a great boat, i had the honor of serving with some of the greatest minds ever, CDR Nolan, CDR Jenkins and CMC Dwyer and the rest of the crew, thanks for the memories, kindle, dip set.
Lopez, LeonelitE7/PSCNov 15, 2002 – Oct 1, 2004NXA great ship but even more important was the crew that made this ship great.
Rodenhuis, CodyE2-FNJan 5, 2003 – Dec 2, 2003MPI really enjoyed my time on the ship getting to know everyone. I have made some really good memmories and some relly cool guys. I will miss this good old ship!!
Bender, CharlesFC1(SW)Mar 15, 2003 – Nov 15, 2003CSMElliot was by far the best ship I have served on and the best crew I have worked with. Definitely didn't want to see it go. Had some great times and made some great friends.
Baker, DustinGSM3 (SW)May 1, 2003 – Dec 5, 2003mpI made alot of memories onboard that ill never forget.
Wilson, Joshua "Mouse"CTRSNMay 31, 2003 – Oct 9, 2003OZ01
Herrera, JacobSNJul 11, 2003 – Dec 2, 20031
Olivar, Michael "minnie Wheat"PSSNJul 24, 2003 – Oct 2, 2004EX/NXThis was first command in the Navy and i consider it as my first family away from my own family. I gained friends and learned a lot of things. USS Elliot, she's a very good destroyer, she's one of the finest and one of the unique ship.
Benjamin, AlGM2 (SW)Aug 31, 2003 – Dec 2, 2003CSGI came to the Elliot from the Kinkaid-Fletcher Sea Swap and I miss her. The Elliot was a great ship with the most efficient crew I've ever served with. When the shit hit the fan, I knew I could trust the Elliot crew.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1976 | 1977 – 1978 | 1979 – 1981 | 1982 – 1983 | 1984 – 1986 | 1987 – 1989 | 1990 – 1991 | 1992 – 1994 | 1995 – 1997 | 1998 – 2000 | 2001 – now

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