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USS Hewitt (DD 966) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hewitt (DD 966). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 541 crew members registered for the USS Hewitt (DD 966).

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Golla, SteveGSE31990 – 1992mp
Golla, SteveGSE31990 – 1992mpMy first and best ship i've ever served on, fairwell to a fine lady
Umphrey, JonLTJG1990 – 1990OPS
Callahan, AnthonyRM31990 – 1994OCThe best ship I have ever been on with an awesome crew. Congras on your Telecom company Cannady. If anyone would like to contact me my address is
Brown, KentLT.Jan 1, 1990 – Dec 24, 1992M / ASWAny body have a copy of that photo of Hewitt's bow cutting through a huge wave taken about 1991/2? Only the gun mount is sticking out. Tough times, good times. Cheers.
Kulengosky, MichaelGSM-FNJan 1, 1990 – 1992machineloved being foward deployed ,seen the world, worlds finest strike destroyer,and crew
Smith, TimET3 Jan 10, 1990 – Jul 20, 1993CSE
Ward, MarcusFC2(SW)Jan 29, 1990 – Apr 12, 1992Combat SystemsI would love to hear from the old crew from SanDog 1990 through the Yokosuka port change 9-22-1990
Ward, MarcusE 5Jan 29, 1990 – Mar 18, 1992Combat SystemsThis is FC2(SW) Ward For all of you who know me out there drop me a line.
Ward, Fc2 (Sw) MarcusFC2 (SW)Jan 29, 1990 – Apr 4, 1992Combat SystemsThe Hewitt was a great time in my life...I got to see many places I never would have dreamed I'd see. The crew was like a family. Even though we used to fight each other from time to time :-)
Nester, DavidGMC(SW)Feb 1990 – May 1992CGReally enjoyed this ship, great Chief's Mess.
Debarros, Frank (Tony)TM3Mar 1990 – 1995Combat Systems
Crawford, TravisSNMar 29, 1990 – Jun 15, 1992DeckI enjoy the trip with all my crew members
Frost, Robert L. JrE-5Mar 31, 1990 –S-3
Hug, JoseHM3(FMF)Apr 1, 1990 – May 1, 1992MEDICALOn 31MAR06 I will retire after serving 20 years. I have been blessed with many friends, fond memories, and learned lessons assigned at Medical facilities, USMC units, and this ship. Write me if you remember me. ~Jose D. Hug, B.Sc, M.Sc., MBA, NREMT
Lachman, DaveGMG 3May 5, 1990 – Jun 17, 1992CSGMy favorite ship.
O'Neal, BillBMC (SW)May 20, 1990 – Sep 15, 1991DeckI had a good time on that ship. I had some great Petty Officers, and the CPO mess was the best I have seen in the Navy. I retired BMCS in 1999. Currently living in Spain as the Port Services Officer
Winter, ChrisOS2May 23, 1990 – Oct 6, 1991OII'm now an OS1 with CNSP in the Navy Reserve.
Gage, RobSTG2Jun 1, 1990 – May 23, 1992CSAHad a great time being forward deployed in Japan. The Hewitt was great ship.
Paul, GoertzenOS2Jul 1, 1990 – Aug 3, 1992OIWhat a MF'ing time we had!! Hard working and hard drinking!
Clements, RobFC2 (SW)Jul 20, 1990 – Jul 6, 1992CSGI miss all of my friends from the days onboard. Email me so we can get back intouch.
Horton, GaryOS1/OSCAug 1990 – Aug 1994OIGreat memories from this ship's crew. I had more fun than any one human being should be allowed. Still on active duty and will retire in 2010 and remain in Hawaii.
Bigler, ScottDK3Aug 1990 – 1993DisbursingBali, Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia ect..... Lots of work, Lots of fun
Golla, Stevegse3Aug 1990 – Jun 1992mpbest time of my life
Cannady, Ray RayRM3Aug 11, 1990 – Sep 16, 1992What's up to all the homies! I miss Yoko a lot and especially all my JN's. I'm back in the Bay Area. I have my own Telecom company.
Kochera, John profile iconOS2Sep 1990 – Nov 1992OIHighlight of my time with the command was being Maritime Interception Force (MIF) commander Red Sea performing boarding operations in support of Desert Storm. Miss the crew. Great command.
Hansen, Jason (Panther)RMSNSep 1, 1990 – Mar 1, 1993RadioI miss that tin can!!!!! robert hoover, john tarrent, big will... miss all you guys
McNeil, CharlesOS2Sep 22, 1990 – Sep 20, 1993OI
Murdoch, RobertETCSSep 24, 1990 – Jan 1, 1992Combat SystemsDPC
Burdic, JamesFC2Oct 1990 – Nov 1993CS
Takahara, LyleDS1(SW)Oct 1990 – Oct 1991CSE
Burdic, JimFC2/SWOct 1990 – Nov 1993CSM
Breese, JimmyEN3Nov 1990 – Oct 1994A-Gang
Wootton, KerryET1(SW)Dec 3, 1990 – Aug 17, 1992CSGreat ship. I had a good time. Kerry
Verostek, MartyGMC(SW)Dec 7, 1990 – Feb 28, 1994CSMServed onboard twice. Second time was 09/97-08/99 (retired date). Really enjoyed being homeported in Yoko. Would like to see if anyone has old crews book/videos or the decommisioning ceremony that I could get a copy of. Be Just and Fear Not.
Duby, KevinBM2Dec 27, 1990 – Dec 19921stI will definately never forget my time being on the Hewitt,not only being my first ship but being involved in the infamous "Wog Rebellion"HA!HA!
Brown, BrianGSM2(SW)1991 – 1994subic,phuket,hong kong.........slick and his crazy tattoo machine.
Cooper, TroyE31991 – 1993DeckServing on board the Hewitt was a wonderful experience for me! Thank you so much to all my shipmates who helped it be so wonderful! How are you Kevin Duby?
Gullickson, Stevegsm21991 – 1993Mstill on a 3 day skate
Johnson, ScottOs31991 – 1994OI
Howard, Daniel (Duck)GSMFN1991 –EngI still have the quote books
Giffen, KirkSTGC(SW)Jan 1991 – Feb 1994CAYokosuka was a great place to be stationed. What a great command and crew! The cruises were something I will never forget. Remember Hurgada Egypt?
Delgadillo, Federico (Del)DC2(SW)Jan 1991 – Jan 1993R DivisionAfter getting off the Midway, this was the perfect ship to go to. I had a great time on the Hewitt and it was an honor to have served with all of my shipmates.
Johnson, ScottOS3Jan 15, 1991 – May 4, 1994OIBest friends I had and the best time I ever had.
Greene, DarylGSM1(SW)Feb 1991 – Aug 1993MShoffner, Foss, Ambramski-Brown, Gullickson (I married a Wisconite!!!) where are you?
Girardi, RichSTG3Feb 1991 – Feb 1992CSAFive minutes after I stepped on the brow, I grew up. I don't think I'll ever forget what I went through. I regret not finishing my hitch.
Fry, BryanGM2Feb 1991 – Jun 1996Combat
Fuller, KeithEM2/SWApr 8, 1991 – Sep 1, 1992EMy last and best ship in the Navy. Shouts to Bart, Foss, Margliotti, Golla. Time does an amazing thing. I love you guys and have the fondest of memories. I have a beautiful wife, three kids and a good job for 8 years now. God bless U all.
Boice, PhilEWSN/EW3May 9, 1991 – Jun 15, 1993CSE
Boice, PhilEWSN/EW3(SW)May 15, 1991 – Jun 21, 1993
Virgilio, JoeIC3Jun 1991 – Jun 1993Great two years spent on that ship, can't believe it was 15 years ago.
Duncan, CarlSTG2Jun 1, 1991 – Jun 15, 1993CSABeing stationed in Japan and independent steaming was the best command during my time in the Navy. There were some incredible people on board the Hewitt and some once-in-a-lifetime places to visit.
Szostak, John / StakSTG3Jun 23, 1991 – Mar 10, 1994Combat SystemsWhere else could you find: "Steel Beach Picnics"? Crossing the equator? .50 cal gunwatches in the Gulf and the Red Sea? Minesweeping in the Gulf? Launching Tomahawks at Saddam?
Doty, LeeFC3Jul 1991 – Jul 1993CSM
Eveland, EdwardSM2Jul 10, 1991 – Sep 19, 1995CSDid over 4 yrs on her. I was a signalman. Had a great time.
Dillon, MarkDC2Aug 1991 – Aug 20, 1992RepairWas only on her for a Year but had a good time in Japan and all other ports. Has anyone Seen Rob Daniels????
Landis, Steve profile iconEN1(SW)Aug 1991 – Sep 1994Auxiliries A-GangMuster A-Division in Aux One with ENC Coverdale!
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Barnes, NathanHT 2Sep 1991 – Aug 1994RepairSome called it West Pac, We called it home. its great to see some people keeping in touch if anyone remembers me get in touch, love to catch up some of us from my time already are.
Hazel, Shad profile iconSTG3Sep 1, 1991 – May 2, 1993SonarGreat people and great times.
Eveland, EdSM2Sep 15, 1991 – Sep 14, 1996Navigation
Eisenberg, Jonathan (The Iceman)OS2(SW)Nov 17, 1991 – Dec 24, 1994OIWhattup Shippies? Got an awesome interactive commerce biz and LIMDU LCPO at SWRMC, SD, CA. We were MASTERS OF THE FDNF/WESTPAC UNIVERSE-COULDN'T TOUCH US!!!!!
Cheeseman, Mike/cheeseFC3Nov 26, 1991 – Feb 17, 1993CSMNice to see familiar names. Was FC3 now FCC. I remember good times and great friends, and JimBo's venicin jerky from home. Take care all and give a shout if you need anything. BE JUST AND FEAR NOT!
Morrison, TravisGMG2(SW)Dec 1, 1991 – Dec 1, 1994CSGAlways has been and will continue to be my favorite ship and best memories. Hope everyone is well. To absent friends and fallen Shipmates.
McLaughlin, LarryET3Dec 19, 1991 – Jan 6, 1994CSESome call it WestPac, we called it home.
Woods, JerryRM3Dec 20, 1991 – May 26, 1995OCJust saw this online today. It was my first ship and the best one so far. The crew was the best. Good Luck.

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