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USS Hewitt (DD 966) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hewitt (DD 966). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 541 crew members registered for the USS Hewitt (DD 966).

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Bake, RichSTG1(SW)1985 – 1988How is everyone. Had some drunk times on this ship...
Hutchins, ToddEW31985 – 1987OTMy first ship. Interesting times.
McCrary, LarryPN1Mar 1, 1985 – Jun 20, 1987NavRetired as a PNCS in 1997. Now working at the Navy Yard in Washington DC as the Navy's Veteran Awards Coordinator (Can't seem to get away from Navy)
Haynes, NedSM2(SW)Mar 12, 1985 – Aug 20, 1989CommunicationsI have a lot of good memories from the Hewitt, Even you RM's, ha ha. Do you guys remember Shefielbein, Preaster, Vander, Weber, Rennie Smith, Dan Holland, Summerville... call me at (513) 638-5621.
Janik, MartinSTG1Mar 15, 1985 – May 13, 1988WeaponsIt's been a long time, hard to remember everything. Had some good times and some great cruises. The memories will last forever, "GO Navy" and "GO Hewitt"
Leeder, DaveHT 3Apr 1, 1985 – Apr 1, 1988REPAIRHello and hope all is well with those I had served with.
Frey, RickEW!(SW)Jun 1985 – Sep 1989OIBest ship ever!!!!!!!!!
Duncan, Jimqm1Jun 1985 – Jun 1987navigationretired qmcs. hated eddingfield. hated keenan. had some friends there though. pn1 was a good dude. had 2 great lts. had some good guys that worked for me.
Freshwater, Billms3Jul 1985 – Feb 1987supplygreat ship, great crew
Koveos, JohnSTG2Jul 1, 1985 – Jul 1, 1991Combat Systems - ASW Fire ControlI had a great time and made the most of it!
Turner, DonaldEW2-EW1Aug 1985 – May 1989OI02Lots of pointless Asswhipes. Who could forget STG3's (medical discharge from twisting knee playing flag football) smelly feet? Or QMSN (formerly QM1) ordering a 6 pack of Moosehead longnecks/Pizza while on restriction in Vancouver, B.C.?
Lacross, Michael Lost CauseDC 3Sep 1985 – Feb 19871STServed on USS HEWITT DD-966 85-87 then USS PELELIU LHA-5 from 87-89. Left as DC 3 .
Clark, ScottFC2Sep 7, 1985 – Jun 1, 1989Fox DivisionI agree with posting about CDR Eddingfield. He was the best CO. Great crew in those days. Look forward to catching up.
Chapin, JimGSE1Nov 1985 – Jun 1990EngineeringSee some familiar names on this list. No doubt, Larry Eddingfield was the best CO during this time.
Underwood, Keith UnderwoodSTGSN1986 – 1988
Austin, Jeffe-41986 – Feb 1988bm
Mangin, Dave "Boats"BMC1986 – 19901stCapt Eddingfield was the best skipper I ever worked for. He ate a lot in the Chief's Mess. He knew where the leaders were
Carnino, RonOS3Jan 1986 – Feb 1998Opertation SpecialistHope all is well for anyones path I was fortunate enought to cross. I would love to hear from some old shipmates out there! Those that knew me I miss at times, and those that I did not take the time to allow time to know I hope the best!!!!
Carnino, RonOS3Jan 1986 – Feb 1988OS3
Sahadi, AlEN3Feb 1, 1986 –ASaw my old ship was decommissioned, it was a little sad. I'd like to hear from somebody, especially in engineering from the late 80's. Hope all is well. Email me at
McGowan, DavidSTG2Feb 2, 1986 – Mar 15, 1988CAGreat Division
Lovelace, MiltonSK1Mar 1986 – Nov 1986Supply / S1
Desautels, JamesRM3Mar 1, 1986 – Aug 30, 1989Communications"Kid" Rob, Oler, Brian, Odell, Malloy, Wink and the rest of the crew. From Grateful Dead shows to trips to Tijuanna to my house on Mission Beach. As Jerry Garcia used to sing, "Come On and Let the Good Times Roll." Too little time but
Smith, RennieSM 3Mar 26, 1986 – Apr 13, 1990communicationsgreat times great crew would love to hear from any of you at
Hochwalt, JoeLTJun 1986 – Mar 1990A, OI, NAV, OPSI had a great time on board the good ship HEWITT!!
Mueller, KeithOS2Jun 1986 – Jul 1988operationshey shipmates it's been a long time if any of you remember me drop me a line
Hochwalt, JoeCAPT (SEL)Jun 1986 – Mar 1990VariousEmail me at if you want to reconnect. Still keep in touch with Jerry Provecher, Geno Autrey, Andy Andow, Rob Tortora
Lynch, DanSTG3Jun 1986 – Jan 1990CSEThe Hewitt was my first and last ship and I will alway remeber the good times while I was on board.
Simmons, ToddSTG3Jun 1, 1986 – Jun 1, 1988ASW OperationsGreat ship and crew... lots of memories.
McNealy, KennyOS2Jun 7, 1986 – Aug 7, 1990OIHeard some real good sea stories in CIC. I was the first OS tomahawk watch stander.
Wilson, Eric "Suppo"LTJun 14, 1986 – Feb 2, 1989S-1Sensational crew. My favorite ship. Sad that CHENG (Gerry Deconto) was killed at Pentagon on 9-11. Agree with ETCS Truitt. Where is John Reeder? Same for Arnie Barthel, Dan Halstead, and Ricky Cassetta?
Campbell, Benny F.BM2 (SW)Jun 15, 1986 – May 9, 19891stGreat crew Great Ship.
Bacot, SteveE5 HT2Oct 1986 – Oct 1990R
Dees, KellyE-1Oct 5, 1986 – Apr 25, 1988PersonnelmanI'm doing good...still working. I wish my motives for joining the Navy were different ba know then..PNC Galloway told me so..I still think of you all.
Aque, EdwardET3 - ET2(SW)Nov 1986 – Apr 1990CSE-1 COMMSGreat Way to start Navy carreer, awesome crew and shipmates. Learned all the Kudos I needed to retire 26 years in service. Still around in the civil service, drop me a line....
Blount, CarlSNNov 20, 1986 – Nov 18, 1988BM
Phelps, Nice GuyEm3Nov 29, 1986 – Aug 6, 1989E divisionMy frist ship, I mets some great guys, shout out Roger, Killer Bee, Brian Williams, Robert Villa, KennMac, Summerville, Hollywood, 45 park , VFW club and base liquor stiore. keep in touch jeffery.phelps@insightbb.c
Goulart, Dean / VinmanGSM3Dec 1986 – Jul 1989EngineeringI look back now and it seems like a lifetime....Met some great people onboard the Hewitt, and enjoyed my time spent on her. Take care shipmates.
Reardon, DarylSM3Dec 5, 1986 – Aug 5, 1990CommunicationsMy time on board the Hewitt will always be my greatest memories. She was a fine lady.
Garza, FranciscoEN2Dec 6, 1986 – Aug 12, 1990A-GangHello, everybody that I served with. Would like to hear from the engineering Dept. as well as others who I serve with while I was there. Al sahadi EN3 my email is . Would like to hear from yall
Reardon, DarylSM3Dec 6, 1986 – Aug 4, 1990Deck & CommunicationsStarted off in the deck division just after the buoy incident in the bay and finished on the Signal bridge before change of home port to Japan. Best time of my life,next to my family. Thanks for the ride!!!
Rabick, Glenn(Bic)Ht1Dec 10, 1986 – Dec 10, 1990RepairAnybody still have a copy of1988 westpac book they want to sell or have pics of shellback ceremony with my mohawk
Auer, MikeOS 3Dec 20, 1986 – Jun 1, 1989OperationsHad some good times and served with great people. Sorry to see that she has been sold for scrap.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1976 | 1977 – 1979 | 1980 – 1982 | 1983 – 1984 | 1985 – 1986 | 1987 – 1989 | 1990 – 1991 | 1992 – 1993 | 1994 – 1996 | 1997 – 1998 | 1999 – now

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