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USS Hewitt (DD 966) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Hewitt (DD 966). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 541 crew members registered for the USS Hewitt (DD 966).

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Barth, DarrylBMSN1980 –decklookin for old ship mates from 1979-1981
Barth, DougHT21980 – 1981repair
Beecroft, Petesn1980 – Jul 19811stused to bunk by snoop and weisbrod
Buehl, JosephSk31980 – 1983Supply
Thiel, ChrisEM3Jan 1980 – Oct 1980EWOW! - What a great time!, wouldn't trade it for anything, great people & great memories!
Mitchell, Anthony (Larry)OS2Jan 24, 1980 – Jan 25, 1984OIMade 2 west pac's and survived Dry dock along side USS New Jersey in long beach. I have many memories that will last a lifetime.
Wharton, SteveEM1Mar 1980 – 1985EGreat Time, Great ship. Retired as EMCS and now live in Charlotte NC
Smith, Braxton (Aka Tuna)OS2Mar 30, 1980 – Jul 1, 1983OIMan! Over 20 years have passed, and looking at these names brings back memories like they happened yesterday! Did 2 Pacs on Hewitt and a year in the yards @ Long Beach. Do email to hook up and catch up.
Cardona, Paul ComnavmexpacGMTApr 1980 – Aug 1981Weapons
Orsik, GregEM3May 5, 1980 – May 6, 1983DeckI'm looking for Dale Keefe. Its been a long time. I hope all is well with all of my former shipmates, Keefe, James, Full, Strauss, Kirby, Tex and many others. Thanks for your support when I reported for duty.
Huster, Ed Aka Moon DoggieIC-2Jun 11, 1980 – Mar 2, 1983ElectricalWhat a Rad ship. West PAC, and retrofit yard period. We managed to earn a battle E. Put in lots of hours, and keep the IC gear purring. Enjoyed being a D-jay,
Hammonds, Kenneth (Kenny Hambone)GSE1Aug 7, 1980 – Aug 1, 1984M divisonSome of the best times in life. Shipmates Leroy, John, Tim, Kevin, Pavek, Ski, Tombaga, Chief Brown and the rest of Enginering. WesPac's 80 & 83. Be Just and Fear Not. for im the Warship USS Hewitt
Dunning, DeanGSM1Aug 20, 1980 – Oct 24, 1982oil and water King
James, MarkBM3Oct 18, 1980 – Oct 18, 19831stTo all my buds,email me.Dale Keefe,John Leeder,Mark sterner.
King, BrettSNNov 1980 – Nov 1982DeckDetaching date a little shakey. Sonny Lawrence BM2 you out there dude?
Bujanovsky, Roy ( Ski Buj )MS3Nov 1980 – 1984supplystill takin my jabs at life. Id have to say that our era was the best time to be in. wouldnt trade the memories for anything.
Blood, ChuckE-5 YeomanDec 1980 – Aug 1983AdminHopefully someone remembers me
Hickman, JohnSH21981 – 1985Washed alot of dirty skivies on that ship.!!!!
Chycinski, MichaelSN1981 – 1982
Cook, LarryEN11981 – 1983A-GangThe ride of a lifetime! I was glad to be a part of our Naval history.
Wells, KennethBMC1981 – 1982Deck
Fullingim, Russtm31981 – 1985combat system
Nauta, DjDS2Jan 1981 – Mar 1985Combat SystemsHow does it go?? "It was the best of times and yet the worst of times" Don't miss those endless days out to sea but I do miss the ports and my running mates... Good memories that always bring a smile to my face.
Butler, GeorgeFTG2Feb 1, 1981 – Mar 23, 1984Fox / Gunswould enjoy hearing from old shipmates, or possibly a reunion
Sterner, MarkEN3May 10, 1981 – Aug 11, 1983A-GANG
Hill, DaveFTM2Jun 1, 1981 – Nov 5, 1984FoxLove to hear from some of my old shipmates.
Prulhiere, Glyn/frenchieEN3Jun 1, 1981 – Jun 1, 1984A GANGLooking to find Dale Keefe, Mark Sterner, Mark James, Bruce Cosby and Chief Janazuski.
Meighan, NET3Aug 23, 1981 – Aug 23, 1985ETLong time ago always think about those days. Miss the guys Rick, DJ, TJ, Mike Banker, Sandy, Mark and all the rest.
Bryant, RoySM1Sep 10, 1981 – Aug 9, 1985ocAs a signalman enjoyed our style of communications. With fine ship mates the sea time went smoother, and we sure enjoyed the port visits.
May, TimothyGSE2Oct 1981 – Jun 1985EM03 - GSE ShopLooking back it was a quick 4 years. I would love to hear from anyone I served with. Where are you Kevin Dorrance! I finally settled in central Illinois. "Be Just And Fear Not!"
Nicholson, MichaelOS3Nov 1981 – Mar 1985OIThose were the days... seems like yesterday.
Fisher, Kevin (Aka-fish)OS21982 – 1984OIWest-pac 1983
Hunter, Stephen (Happy / Hungry)OS21982 –OIDamn this brings back memories. And they scrapped our boat!! Heafy!! Hernigle!! Where the hell is smitty?? Remember those log books with the poetry stuffed under the deck plates in CIC.. and the Unknown Laureate!! Damn.
Ross, Thomas/roscoGSM2Jan 1982 – Apr 1984MP-Div
Mcwhally, TallyGS1Jan 1, 1982 – Feb 2, 1985GS
Spink, BobNC1Jan 13, 1982 – Aug 1, 1985N/XHewitt's First NC, the best crew and ship of all my ships with the most memories. Remember our XO (LCDR Lafleur) now is COMPACFLT (or should I say was, he's now retired).
Joel, GoddenOS2Feb 1, 1982 – Jun 1, 1985OI
O'Meara, Mike profile iconSTG2Feb 1, 1982 – Oct 31, 1983Combat SystemsSome of the best days of my life were serving with all my buddies on the Hewitt. Had a hell of a good time and made a lot of great friends.
Dorrance, KevinGSE2Apr 1, 1982 – May 22, 1986EngineeringGreat ship, great crew, great friends! The GSE shop was the best group of sailors I have worked with in my Navy career. I miss those times! I would love to hear from anyone.
Johnson, WarrenIC2Apr 15, 1982 – Jul 16, 1985E2 west-pacs on board
Hernigle, RonOS1Jun 1982 – Jun 1987OIThe Best ship I was on, Capt. Larry Eddingfield, best CO. AIC/ASAC/SAS Team w/Don Hendren/Best bunch of guys I ever worked with.
Sterner, MarkEN4Aug 11, 1982 – Sep 16, 1983A-gang
Combs, DarrylSROct 1982 –deck Only on board for a short time a few weeks out ,halloween in Frisco at the wharf. dry dock in Long Beach. Moved on to USS America cv66 seems like everythings retired but me.
Alexander, Robert / Bob profile iconht3Oct 1982 – May 1986repairbeen a long time,my e-mail address is my phone # is 270-843-5666
Hubbard, DanIC1Oct 10, 1982 – Feb 17, 1988E
Hubbard, DanIC1Oct 10, 1982 – Feb 17, 1988EI doubt I would recognize many of you today. Looking back it was a good time.
Turner, KyleEN2Oct 10, 1982 – Sep 20, 1984A-gang
Sandaker, DeanET2Oct 23, 1982 – May 10, 1986CSE3Ship's cleanliness before combat readiness! Like to hear from my Radar/Comm buds. In Florida building radars... scary, huh!
Howell, JefferySKSNOct 24, 1982 – May 31, 1985Supply Support (SS01)
Williams, ScottE3/YoemanNov 1982 – Sep 1984Personal Office
Nesselhauf, TjGMG2Nov 10, 1982 – Sep 1, 1985GOhhh those PI moments, and those day jaunts to Viet Nam for weeks at a time. West Pac 83 crew you were the best! Ahhh the days when sobriety was an unknown event. Hey lets have a reunion!! Contact me to get something started.
Heafey, John (Dog)OSDec 3, 1982 – May 19, 1986OI

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