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USS Kinkaid (DD 965) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Kinkaid (DD 965). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 723 crew members registered for the USS Kinkaid (DD 965).

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Conner, FloydGM21999 – 2002CGWell Well Well!
Voss, Robert profile iconET31999 – 2002CEShe was an old tin can, but a good one, and I miss sailing the seas. Sorry I left when and how I did. Email me at PS I met my only true love at A school and let her go -Collier- still on my mind.
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Shores, Walter (Beaches)E-5/FC21999 – Dec 10, 2002CSMiss the people I met on board and sad to hear about the ships demise. Got out in 2002 and am currently a Supervisor with Customs and Border Protection in Upstate NY. Email: CIWS!!!!!!
Dowling, DontaeE11999 – 2000UndesignatedMartina Carter what's up stranger? I was thinking about you and thought I would try and find you. This is Dowling, Dontae. I don't know if you'll remember me it was a minute ago.
Chambers, Christopher N.AT3 - AT2Jan 1999 – Dec 1999Air DetachmentI was with HSL-49's best air detachment "Det-6"
Edmondson, MarkFC1(SW)Mar 1999 – Jan 2003CF,CE"Permission to speak freely, sir??"
Johnson, Jeremy "jay"PN3-2Apr 1999 – Feb 2001NAV/ADMINWestpac 99 was definitely interesting. Worked with some very interesting people. It was definitely a time that I will always remember. I would definitely enjoy hearing from some of the people that shared that time with me.
Smith, JackGM1/E-6Apr 29, 1999 – Aug 14, 2003CGW stuck on the ole kinky D for a four and a half year prison term. Enjoyed all the friends I made.
Bowen, TimothySN E3May 1, 1999 – Jul 28, 2000BoatswainsSeriously some crazy times on this boat. Sorry I was a d-bag... I'm much better now.
Iriart, BrittanyIC2 (SW)May 18, 1999 – Jul 5, 2002CE
Adair, SeanGSM 3May 29, 1999 – Sep 8, 2002MP
Meyer, MarkFC2Jun 9, 1999 – Jul 2003CE/CFFor those that recall how much I hated the Navy while I was in...Guess what? I'm working for it again. This time I'm a welder at Puget Sound Naval Shipyards in Bremerton, WA. Stop by and say Hi if your in the Area.
Deleon, JayEN3Jul 31, 1999 – Oct 23, 2002A-gangCan't keep it too real, you may get into trouble, hehehe
Apple, ChristopherFC2(SW)Aug 1, 1999 – Jan 7, 2003CFA long time onboard, but some of the best memories I will ever have, with some of the best people I will ever meet.
Ferrin, RyanSTG2Sep 14, 1999 – Jun 27, 2003cahello mike avants you bald boy remember me from nuke school? email me at if you are lucky
Kearns, BradFC2(SW)Oct 1999 – May 2003cgstill in seattle but i traded in the big guns for some smaller ones i get to use more...
Gronowski, SteveGM2Oct 25, 1999 – Jan 15, 2001don't remember2 deployments. Was a good time. Worked on the VLS (which means I played the Playstation mostly), did VBSS while in the Gulf with over 180 boardings, visited 7 countries and 13 ports on this ship. Now, she's a reef...
Stevens, PeterGMC(SW)Nov 10, 1999 – Jan 7, 2003Guns/VLS/CMAAFantastic Ship with an equally fantastic Crew. I am proud to say I have served with you all.
Erin, ZepkowskiBM2 (SW)Dec 1999 – Jul 8, 2001Deck
Cordero, RenatoEN1Dec 1999 – 2001A-GANGBest ship I've been too. I has been and always will be a thin can Sailor. Hooraah!!!!
Williams, JeromeE2Dec 9, 1999 – Jul 19, 2000san diego
Fenske, TammyE-4/HT3Dec 20, 1999 – Dec 14, 2003Repair
Beg, Nighat/ The B.e.g.QM1 (SW)Dec 28, 1999 – Jan 7, 2003NAV/ADMINServed with Capt Mike Ferrio Best CO ever, out of 3. Had fun West Pac 2001 with HBC, best buds IT2 Alli Dafran, IC2 Brit Iriarte, and CTM1 LaShaun Void. Thanks to the Chart House Crew QMC Rodnedy Thomas, QM2 Greg Shaffer and LT Debra Loomis
MacAlma, BenjaminMS1Dec 31, 1999 – Jul 31, 2003Supply-S2Decommisioning crew
Perez, LoriCTO12000 – 2002OTO1She was an oldie but a goodie. I'm glad I got to part of a great crew.
Sumpter, DerickBM22000 – 2003had a very kick ass time there are alot of unforgetalbe time and shipmates that will always have a place in my heart (not to be soft hearted )
Houtz, SarahHM32000 – 2002medI found this site with luck. email me at
Herrero, DanielSTG2Jan 2000 – Jan 2003CSAHey everyone. Its "Dougan". I have many good memories from being onboard that I hope to never forget.
Sullivan, RobertAAJan 9, 2000 – Nov 10, 2000Deck
Dunn, Jeffery, Dunn GunGSM3Feb 2000 – Jun 2003MP
Fuller, TroyGSM1Feb 6, 2000 – Jan 7, 2003MPWe had her running strong up until the end, she was faster than the DDGs!!! She had at least one more WESPAC in her, I would have liked to seen her fire off tomahawks in GW2.
Trigg, DavidBMCFeb 15, 2000 – Aug 2003OD......Best Damn DeckGood Times and some not so good goes on and all is well.....hello to all my friends.
Trigg, DavidBMC(SW)Feb 15, 2000 – Aug 12, 2003DECKGOOD Times.......and some not so GOOD Times.....but the Deck Dept was Awesome!! Thanks everyone.
Deaton, DavidIT2..............NOW CIVILIANFeb 24, 2000 – Aug 24, 2003CISup everyone, Had some great times on the westpacs.But boy did work suck on the kinky-d. Life is much better as a civilian :) no more deplyoments and having "duty" screw that ha ha take care dave
Aakre, Anthony/ TonyE-5Mar 5, 2000 – Apr 13, 2002Ahey all feel free to email me AT flsurfer23 at or call me 1-561-632-7355. Take care and i hope you are doing well
Ambler, DavidGM3Mar 7, 2000 – Jan 7, 2003CGWell it was a trip I will never forget and never want to forget. I could have never asked for a better ship or a better crew to sail with. To all of you still sailing good luck in all you do.
Moody, JesseSTG3Jun 4, 2000 – Jan 15, 2003CA
Masoner, Isaac "Mase"OS2Jul 3, 2000 – Jul 31, 2003OIHOT DANG! folks its nice to see some of your names again! we had some good memories indeed. enjoyed the time spend on ole' Kinky D but the best part of all was the people I met matter how irritaing some might have been at the time.
Hermogino, EdgarHMC(SW)Aug 6, 2000 – Jan 13, 2003Med"BIG DOC" Lots of memories and experience..decom crew, first Independent Duty tour... memorable CPO Mess positive support.. 2 WESTPACs
Stephens, VeronicaCTR1Aug 25, 2000 – Oct 1, 2001
Wilhelm, ShawnGM2Aug 28, 2000 – Jan 7, 2003CGI can honestly say that this ship was the best time I had in the Navy. No ship will ever compair. Look me up sometime
Rackowski-smith, ShantelleE2Sep 2000 – Mar 2001Deck
Ebanks, KemalE4/GSE3Sep 21, 2000 – Jan 7, 2003MPHA HA
Joubert, ScottFC2Oct 2000 – Jun 2003CF Div
Ramsey, PamE2Oct 19, 2000 – Dec 22, 2000DECKKinkaid was my first and only ship. Hung out with wrong people wrong time. I miss everyone though. Will always remember the Kinky D!
Walker, DeborahGM2Oct 28, 2000 – Aug 23, 2003CMI'll never forget the friends or the memories I made associated with that Kinkaid. I wish you all the best and invite anyone to write a quick note to say hello. I learned alot there, thanks to everyone!
Gayle, JonathanBM2Oct 31, 2000 – Aug 14, 2003OD0-1/DeckRemember the good times on the Kinky-D. Working on an Air Force base waiting to make BM1
Kanda-perry, DrezlynneFC3Nov 2000 – Feb 2002CFI miss the some of the crew that I served with onboard the Kinkaid. Hope one day some of our paths will cross again, the Navy after all is a small world. =)
Sandersfeld, RobertEN3(SW)Dec 2000 – Jan 2003AGood ship. good times email me at
Traylor, CurtisET3 TraylorDec 5, 2000 – Jul 1, 2004Operations
Ellis, StephanieE-5Dec 26, 2000 – Aug 1, 2003OI

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