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USS Kinkaid (DD 965) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Kinkaid (DD 965). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 723 crew members registered for the USS Kinkaid (DD 965).

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Lambert, DaveGMG31993 – 1996Deck/CSG1Was my first ship, met a lot of interesting people. Did a lot of partying and kicked a lot of ass! Lost touch with a lot of good friends. Kinkaid and it's crew will live in my memories forever.
Fowble, TyE41993 – 1996A-Gang
Richardson, RoyFC1 (SW)1993 – 1995CFCame aboard in time for work ups. Had a damn good group of guys to work with & for me as thier LPO. She was my last ship. Others were Ranger & Constellation. Went on to work & retire @ SIMA SD. 21 years total service.
Whitley, HeatherE41993 – 1993IntelPart of the Women @ Sea team.
Rhodes, BrandonDC31993 – 1995R
Renner, Brandon profile iconE-4/OS1993 – Dec 15, 1996OII can still feel my pink belly beat down. Miss you all. :)
Herrera, WallyYN3Jan 1993 – Aug 1996Deck/AdminHad a great time and made some great friends. The Kinky D really changed my life for the better. At the time I hated the Navy but now I love it!
Swehosky, DanielGSM2Feb 1993 – Sep 1994MPMan, now I feel old...
Long, MikeFC3Feb 1993 – Jun 18, 1993CGI'm devastated to find out she was sunk. She was our home for a while. My best memory was helping the cook back to the ship after a nasty bar fight in Canada. Lots o' fun.
Dickson, LloydQM3Feb 1, 1993 – Dec 20, 1996QMMy first and only Navy ship. Had a lot of fun while I was there. I met some really good people there.
Justice, Chris (Slim)OS3Mar 1993 – Oct 1995OIGood times, great friends.
Martinez, CesarioBMSNMar 1, 1993 – Mar 1, 19981st DIVFellows been looking for you guys for 12 years this is Martinez (Puerto Rico). Busto Lopez, Rhyman, Wally, Dixon, and all you other party participators I sure miss you call me so we can reunite 713-355-0336
Ty, FowbleEN3Mar 1, 1993 – Sep 6, 1996A
Fowble, TyEN 3Mar 6, 1993 – Aug 12, 1996A gang
Skolnick, ShanleyMSSN/3Mar 17, 1993 – Jun 10, 1995S-2
Bice, JeffersonISCApr 5, 1993 – Mar 23, 1996OT
Brown, ColbyGSM1Apr 15, 1993 – Mar 19, 1995mpi can't believe they sunk her
Wiltz, MaxEW1May 1993 – May 1997OTA lot of history lay within the hull down off the coast of Hawaii. But none more than Madden '91 games, 1995 Long Beach era and the heavy tunes emitting from the EW Shop.
Dupre, KennethE6/SK1May 1993 – Sep 1994Supply
Miller, ChuckGSE 2 (SW)May 5, 1993 – May 3, 1996MP DIV. /Oil LabThere is not a day that goes by that I don't think of all the hard work and good times I had. From the Club Metro to Bali and even back in Central America. Rob Glardon, Eric Powell and Jeff Goss I miss those guys!
McLean, FredrickENFNJun 1993 –
Coleman, DavidE-3Jun 5, 1993 – Nov 24, 1994Deck DivisionWe were haze gray and underway; had a lot of fun out there met some interesting characters wouldnt trade those times for anything.
Luna, LioQM3Jul 1993 – Jul 1996Nav
Lio, LunaQM 3Jul 2, 1993 – Jul 29, 19961st & Nav/AdminHad a great time with all my buddies, especially at port visits. Sad to hear they sunk the Kinkaid, will always remember her. Would be great to here from some of the old buddies.
Works, RobertFNAug 1993 – Oct 1995MPNow retired and living in Ohio.
Wronko, GeneCTR2(SW)Aug 1, 1993 – Jul 14, 1996OT01
Engel, SteveIC3Oct 1993 – Jun 1995CEStarted in deck division, went to CE division and left as an IC3. Lots of good times and some bad times, but that's the Navy.....not this ship!
Jones, Mark/jonesyCTR2Oct 1993 – Jun 10, 1995OutboardThe best time I had in the Navy. I also want to say what's up to all the CT's who served with me. Holla at your boy.
Orlando Lopez, Busta BustaE-3Oct 8, 1993 – May 10, 1997Deck ApeI remember all of you my friends regardless of division. BM1 Jones, BM1 Parkay and Bubba I remember you. Shea, Michaels, See and Martinez, and all of the deck apesters. Wish I could turn back the hands of time
Hartman, DavidFN (SW)Dec 1, 1993 – Aug 15, 1995MPIt started off ass the dirtiest job I ever undertook and blossomed into the greatest times of my life. I became a shellback and also Golden shellback on my journey. Sorry for the biggest mistake I ever made by getting high and getting cau
Girard, DanET21994 – 1998
Manley, John (Steve)SM 21994 – 1995OPSMy stay was short, but one too many knee problems let me out of the job I loved. I enjoyed the Kinkaid. Some of the best crew one could serve with on the seas.
See, ShaneSN1994 – 1995DeckJust found this place, sorry to see she's on the bottom See a few names I remember--good times
Robledo, MichaelHT31994 –RHello ye old Kinky D shipmates. Good to see some the R division gang is still kicking and hopefully raising hell. Drop a line and let Robo know how you are doing.
Peters, AntonioMSSN1994 – 1996S-2dry dock forever
Hedden, EltonHM21994 – 1997MedicalBest ship and crew I have ever served with. Was a pleasure.
Noel, SatumbagaSK11994 – 1997Supply
Helfen, RogerOS 3Jan 1, 1994 – Jun 21, 1996OIGreat group of guys in OI div.
Li, BrandonSNJan 8, 1994 – Mar 14, 1997CEHOLLA
Castellano, ArtE4-EN3Jan 10, 1994 – Nov 10, 1994A-GangHey has anyone heard from Dan in A-Gang? I have been trying to get in contact with him for years.
Varhola, JeremyIC3Feb 1994 – Oct 1997Combat SystemsWhat is happening with all my old buds from the Kinkaid? Chief Kubick I love You brother you made me who I am today. HAHAHA Everyone else what is up?
Glasscho, DavidYN1Mar 1994 – Dec 1997X
Bailey, AnthonyE4Apr 4, 1994 – Mar 5, 1996SupplyShipmate !!
D'Andrea, Brian (Droopy)OS2May 4, 1994 – Jun 30, 1997OII still have bad dreams about the girl that Gaskins meet in Thailand! I am in Socal (OC) now living the life! hit me up!
Lee, David TexQMSR TO QM2(SW)Jun 8, 1994 – Jul 1, 1999NAV/ADMINI would have to say my time on the Kinky D had to be the most fun and rewarding ever. The Crew that we had on her has been the best crew i have ever served with, I miss you all. I am now at ACU-4 as a LCAC Navigator in norfolk.
Wajvoda, Andy/wojoFC1Jun 22, 1994 – May 30, 1998CGI was the CG Division LPO. This was probalby the hardest duty I ever had. The hardest part was surviving the yard period in Long Beach.
Alarcon, Raymond R / AcornDC3Aug 8, 1994 – Jun 8, 1996rhad a great time partied alot i remember dc1 jackson and all the guys in r division
Kennedy, JosephSK1Aug 8, 1994 – Sep 19, 1997Supply S-1Had a great time on both Westpac's and all the ports we saw. I hope Jeff Barber and Ralph Gilmore goes to this web site to locate some one. Sorry to hear the ship got sank. Hi to all the S-1 gang Williams,Downs,Chico, and everyone else.
Gwatney, Jeremiah NE-3Sep 1994 – Sep 1997Eng
Yang, RogerPN3Sep 1994 – Dec 1996AdminMy first Navy ship. Had a good time and met a bunch of great people. Admin Dept was awesome. YN1 Glasscho kept us all going. WESTPAC '95/'96.
Marnitz, MatthewEW2Sep 1994 – May 1999OT
Clark, Greg L. (Bucky)GSM3Sep 1994 – Jun 1995MPOnly served a short time onboard the Kinkaid. Arrived before Wespac and departed after docking in Long Beach, got out on an early! Worked in the Oil lab. I just want to say that the Kinkaid didn't deserve to be sunk! She was a fine ship!
Dietz, JohnSTG2 (SW)Sep 7, 1994 – Sep 5, 1997CAHow was life on Kinkaid?......19 yrs old, 6 months at sea, on the other side of the world PARTYING MY FREAKIN ASS OFF! miss all the friends I rolled with on PAC (Leon, Jay, Dan, Cos, B) I'm still in SD wrkin for TSA, just chillin
Rollins, GregET2Sep 10, 1994 – May 10, 1995CE
Sicam, JohnGSE2Oct 1994 – Jun 1995MP
Niday, BryanSNOct 1, 1994 – Aug 1, 1995DeckI miss the port visits, and I miss my shipmates. WWII vet visited her in San Dog, said Nayv was the time of his life. Didn't understand then, but definitely now. Love to hear from you guys. BM1 Brown said, we work hard and party hard. Yes!
Howard, JeremySGTNov 1994 – Mar 1995OTI was one of 2 Marines serving with my brother squids during the '94-'95 Wespac. Thanks for all the memories!!
Garcia, JohnnyGSM3Nov 10, 1994 – Sep 8, 1998MPWhat's up guys!!! I will always miss the Mighty Kinkaid>>What's up Edmonds and Davidson!! OIL KINGS DO RULE!!!!!! OIL LAB!!!!!!
Morando, BenSM2Nov 16, 1994 – Aug 15, 1996CS
Binuya, ArnoldMS3Dec 1, 1994 – Jan 1, 1998SupplyLooking back at the times I served USS Kinkaid. I really had a blast and met some very cool people in and out of the service. I wish I could have handled the situation better back then but you live and learn. ARBY. Sorry

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